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Apr 9, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 9, 2019
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I'm a dude. I love writing. I love anime. I love manga. I love films. I love offbrands. I love swimming. And you can hit me up at RoyalRoad under the same name.

nightbreeze00 · Apr 27, 2024

any chance of your return next month?

EnroItzal · Author · Apr 5, 2024

Welp, work stuff popped up. So, I'll be going on a break for a month or two. It might even be longer. I will be uploading on my Patreon if my time and energy allow me to.

Tonatsi · Apr 5, 2024

Good luck!

esThr · Apr 5, 2024

Hope for the best

nightbreeze00 · Apr 5, 2024

going to miss your story its one of the ones i actually look forward to reading

Serkadion · Apr 5, 2024

You do what you need to do.   What you give to us is free, so we have no grounds for complaints. 

Rootbeerguy · Mar 18, 2024

How about an audible release? Or something, need me an audio book version.

EnroItzal · Author · Mar 18, 2024

Tbh, I don't know anything about audible.

Emanyzal · Nov 20, 2023

Hello, I've been binging "A Sword Saint's Second Life As a Fox Girl" and made an account to get clarification on a detail that really confuses me.

In chapter 1-9 it says Erin is 236 years old but based on her conversation with Regitta in chapter 4-13 she should be 40-50 in human years, is she actually middle aged for a Fae or is my math way off?

EnroItzal · Author · Nov 23, 2023

Yes, she's middle-aged. But Fae views age very differently than humans.

am0078 · Oct 8, 2023

hey just want to ask about your other novel "The Hitman’s second life as the Demon Prince" are you going to continue it?

checkmate23 · Sep 27, 2023

Hello are all the sex scenes in “The sword saint’s second life as a fox girl” between women only? It doesn’t have the “girl’s love tag” but I noticed  it’s only been girls so far. I’m on chapter 1-28 Cognizance.

EnroItzal · Author · Sep 28, 2023

There will be F/M smut but in the much later chapters. 
I did but Girl's Love in the subtags because I ran out of Main Tags.

checkmate23 · Sep 28, 2023

Does that involve the MC?

EnroItzal · Author · Sep 30, 2023

Yes. MC will have one male in her harem but she's the only male she accepts.

Serkadion · Sep 23, 2023

Are you in the US? If so, I can probably send you at least a basic older laptop.  

EnroItzal · Author · Sep 24, 2023

It's okay. I have already sent my PC in for repairs. Just some RAM problems and need some cleaning. I can get my PC back in 2 days. But thanks for the offer.

EnroItzal · Author · Sep 23, 2023

PC broke down and I have no access to other pc in the meantime. So, no updates for this week.clear.pngclear.png

Zeighost · Sep 23, 2023


thrx01a · Sep 23, 2023

repair you pc fast

EnroItzal · Author · Apr 2, 2023

I'm back! I have originally intended to post this message along with my uploads but I forgor. *tehepero*

I have settled a lot of my irl stuff but it can never be truly settle as long as I'm on this mortal coil.

Also, due to my new and increased responsibilities at work, I will have to reduce my weekly uploads to only one chapter per week for both of my stories.

Serkadion · Apr 2, 2023

Thanks for the update.  Keep in mind that this should stay a hobby that you do for fun, not something that's as stressful as work.  

Tonatsi · Apr 2, 2023

I'm so glad to see this wonderful story updated again
It was a painful few months without!

Ambly · Apr 2, 2023

WELCOME BACK MAN! It's fine, life is a bitch

Irlina · Apr 2, 2023

Welcome back! Hope things go well for you. 

MemeDarg · Mar 22, 2023

gonna start readin 2nd life as a foxgirl, looks neat, hopefully we can also get some more of your dragon story soon too :)

AnimeShadow · Mar 14, 2023

Does anyone by chance have a .pdf or something of The Sword Saint’s Second Life As a Fox Girl because I don't feel like doing it myself. 

Tonatsi · Mar 13, 2023


I hope the break has done you well! 

Will we be able to get an ETA on resuming Sword Saint? 

EnroItzal · Author · Mar 17, 2023

April 1st if things go well. I have already resumed writing but still working on a schedule.

valk · Jan 24, 2023

when are you going to update reincarnated as a dragon 

EnroItzal · Author · Dec 30, 2022

clear.pngclear.pngHappy New Year in advance everybody and stay safe.clear.pngclear.png

Clayton4956 · Dec 30, 2022

clear.pngMerry belated Christmas and a too soon Happy New Year!clear.png

Ambly · Dec 31, 2022

Happy New Year!

EnroItzal · Author · Dec 30, 2022

Will be going on a minimum two-month break starting next month. Reason is that I'm relocating for work due to a promotion which I was force to take or risk getting laid off.

Queen · Dec 30, 2022

2 month's clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Have a happy new year and stay safe. We will be eagerly awaiting your arrival clear.png. And here,clear.png have a cookie 🍪clear.png and just chill.✨

Irlina · Dec 30, 2022

Good luck with moving and work! Take what time you need. 

Serkadion · Dec 31, 2022

There's a lot worse things to happen than a relocation, especially if it's a job you actually like. 

Ambly · Dec 31, 2022

Take care man

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    I'm a dude. I love writing. I love anime. I love manga. I love films. I love offbrands. I love swimming. And you can hit me up at RoyalRoad under the same name.

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