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"You may now kiss the bride."

But no kiss ever came.

I'm ripped from my wedding and thrown into a medieval fantasy world with game-like elements. It may seem like a game, but that doesn't matter to me, because this is my reality. The pain, the hunger, the cold, the fear, it's all real to me.

Alone, without knowing why I'm here, in a world where I know nothing and nobody, I decide to buy a Blood Slave to have someone I can trust. She brings me comfort and so much more. She helps me raise my head high again and bravely move forward. Together, we'll grow stronger. Together, we're unbreakable. But she won't be the only one by my side. We need more than just each other, for I know that my purpose in this world can't be accomplished with only her help.

Monsters and dungeons plague the land, forcing civilization to protect themselves from the hordes with tall walls and fierce determination. Killing monsters is a daily need, but they aren't the only enemy here. I have a powerful "Gift" that allows me to change my "skill points" at will, but if others were to know about it, there would be many that would try to use me by any means possible.

Step by step, moment by moment, day by day, we keep moving forward, always aiming to improve our strength. One day, we'll meet our Fate, and we'll be ready for it. Swords held high, shields tightly strapped to our arms, wings spread apart, spells at the tip of our tongues, minds focused like blades, and our hearts hardened like steel. We'll take on whatever comes our way!


**New chapters Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8PM US East. At least 3k words each.**

*Additional Tags*: Psychological, Romance, Magic, Male Lead, Portal Fantasy/Isekai/Transmigration, Polygamy, Slaves

*Content Warning*: gore, profanity, sexual content (male/female, female/female, and human/non-human (*not for the faint of heart*)), traumatizing content

*What to expect*: Slow story focused on the day-to-day life of a transmigrated man rather than on the plot.
The plot exists but it *very slowly* becomes relevant.
Also, *slow* character progress. It's a long journey, so don't expect a hero to grow in just a few chapters.
Detailed environments and extensive world-building.
Realistic and tactical combat instead of flashy.
Protagonist with a cheat but far from overpowered.
*Lots* of descriptive sex scenes, it is treated as just another part of life instead of merely fan-service.
A harem where the members actually enjoy living with each other.
Occasional weird wording and grammar, English isn't my first language.

This story is also on Royal Road (*most of the sexual content is censored*), Novel Updates, Hentai Foundry, Webnovel, MoonQuill, Archive of Our Own, and Literotica.

ActionFantasyHaremIsekaiLitRPGMatureRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Adventurers Animal Characteristics Appearance Different from Actual Age Clever Protagonist Cute Protagonist Dragons Dungeons Early Romance First-time Intercourse Game Elements Harem-seeking Protagonist Level System Magic Magical Technology Male Protagonist Marriage Master-Servant Relationship Mature Protagonist Monsters Perverted Protagonist Polygamy Slaves Transported into Another World Unreliable Narrator
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Table of Contents
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    Status: to many idk 6?

    Never touch this trash. 

    MC talks to a girl. She wants his d*ck. why? No reason, she just does. 

    Writer literally treats his first love interest like an actual object and even said themselves that their relationsh*t is "just comfort it doesn't mean anything" 

    Goes into extreme detail about how the world and its gods works. Then throws that all out with the window to give the MC Bullcrap reasons to interfere with events that QUA the worlds rules and Gods degrees goes against everything they'd thus far laid out. Just so the MC can step in and be the "nice guy" or "the savior" 

    for starters. The inn keepers daughter, hell if I remember any of these characters names. 

    "Boo hoo, I have to get married, I'm so sad it's not you, the random guy I've literally spoken to 3 times other than taking your meal orders. If only I had a choice" 

    Oh wait, you do have a choice. QUA the rules of the gods and the land you live in, no one is allowed to force you to do anything. Else they literally could get Cursed or SMITED by the actual gods themselves. Who are very active and even nosy. 

    These gods aren't nebulous, mysterious or distant entities. They are a very real and common thing in every day life. People literally get smited for being too much of an asshole or breaking too many laws but aren't ever told an exact limit so people cannot game the system. 

    SECOND!! Alice breaks literally every rule of the world. No one is allowed to be put into slavery by force unless they are a criminal, and most only become slaves in the hopes of working for someone rich or to get a legit better life. 

    Alice breaks every rule laid out as she was apparently RAISED to be a slave, Just so our special boi MC can show her compassion and tender love to show her that she doesn't need to be a slave anymore, she's his equal. blah blah blah. All the things she should have already known and were made very clear were always expect to begin with, not as virtuous or special. But the BASE LINE HUMAN DECENCY to be expected. 


    She also is hinted as having a VERY close relationship to the Chief of the beastkins. Which is literally the same position as a KING. 

    So why the ever-loving hell would she ever be the one forced to grow up as a trained slave. And for the matter, TRAIN SLAVE? that literally goes against the gods rules. Oh wait. sorry I expected the writer to remember literally anything about their own world for a second there. silly me. Where was I... oh yes. So she was TRAINED to be a slave. Which means she MUST know of the rules, and MUST know that being treated with basic human decency is expected as the absolute minimum from a master. While yes the master is allowed to have s*x with them since they were put up as agreeing to be that type of slave. Another thing glossed over is that they need to agree. But still the master isn't allowed to abuse her. Yet she acts like she's expecting to be oppressed or to be treated in less then Humane ways.


    The MC is stupid. Literally the dumbest MC I've ever had the displeasure to read about. 

    Guy is given the chance to literally use ANY skill out of QUOTE "THOUSANDS" yet he only tests out your every day elemental control spells and some very basic buffs or utility spells. 

    Never even browses for anything else once he works through your basic magical elemental powers and a few of the most basic of weapon skills.

    We were even shown for the brief moment he was actually looking. That there was an entire fighting style. Like, AN ACTUAL FULL STYLE OF MARTIAL ARTS. Yet the MC glosses over it like "oh what's this? idk, my dumb brain can't think of any reason this could be useful."

    Later Edit:
    So the writer replied to me about the fighting style. Long story short the writer revealed they have literally no idea at all what a fighting style is. Literally, no, idea, at, all. and based on reading his other replies I've definitively concluded this guy probably lives in a mental word somewhere specially designed to house people who never learned anything about the world. Because he literally doesn't know any of the most basic common knowledge you can find taught in any school, or displayed in most western AND eastern television shows. 

    Moving on

    So you're telling me, Out of THOUSANDS of skills. ranging from Physical, Magical to Misc, which itself has skills like "Hawk eyes" and "magic vision" This boi never even attempts to play with the system. 

    Yet you expect us to believe that this MC is "Sooo smart, and sooo curious guys, look he even got a blessing from the god of knowledge for figuring something out" that Literally anyone could have done by accident over the last tens of thousands of years. Let alone the fact these people are trying their best to be knowledgable about these things.  But nope, HES JUST SPECIAL AND NO ONE EVER THOUGH OF IT BEFORE!!!

    Hell I'm getting angrier every passing second I have to keep thinking of this dog CRAP. 


    Writer tries to claim his MC is smart and a total ladies man. When in reality he's bland as hell and makes half assed attempts at learning anything, even forgetting important stuff flat out like that time he had to ask about the gods TWICE. and the writer just forces everything with a clit to swoon for the guy if he even looks their way. He literally treats them like Objects or tools and literally thinks that a girl talking to him MUST mean she's into him.

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    83 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 48: the darkness – part 1
    I really like the story and novel for the most part, but I'm dropping it now. Main reason being the insane amount of s*x scenes that I feel just keep up taking more and more of the story.
    I have stuck with it so far because I enjoyed the rest of the story and didn't mind the s*x, but I feel as if it's just increasing.
    It almost feels like half the chapter is them having s*x or talking about s*x and it's just too much to stay interessting, if that isn't what you're here for, while the story seems to slow down immensely.
    In the description it says "*Lots* of descriptive s*x scenes, it is treated as just another part of life instead of merely fan-service."And it is a lot. At this point it isn't just another part of life, it's nearly everything about the life that is descript.
    I generally don't mind s*x scenes but this has become almost a porn novel that also has a story rather than a story that contains s*x.

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    46 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 39: scholar – part 2

    I have to agree with most of the top reviews. The author starts going insane with the amount of smut vs actual plot progression and instead of taking the criticism he starts telling readers to go somewhere else instead of trying to improve a story that had promise. Don't waste your time, and definitely don't waste your money. There is more detailed or fulfilling smut on this site with Patreons that actually have some story to them, paying for this would be like paying to watch some classic pizza guy plot level porn online.

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    42 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 50: rest – part 3

    Since the Author refuses to put it in tags or even warnings and to save you from reading half the story if you're a sane person:

    This contains HEAVY bestiality. Story goes from virtually vanilla at start and devolves almost entirely half way in into bestiality in every orgy. MC fox a fox and a lizard and who knows wtf else later, next likely candidate being a monkey... 3 star story, starts good, gets pretty dry about 20 chaps in, 1 star for wasting time and adding that crap outta nowhere.

    MC is pretty pathetic as well, faints in every battle and most of his harem belongs more to one of his slaves than him. 

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    28 Likes · Like
    Status: c31

    There's a great story hidden in here but it died an early death, murdered by the author's out-of-control fetishes. The story started out with an excellent balance between plot and s*x scenes, but s*x scenes started to take over. First the excessive s*x scenes started to get repetitive, so it looks like the author tried to compensate by increasing the amount of unnecessary detail and continually adding new fetishes rather than dialing back on the s*x and focusing more on plot / characterization / world building (the parts of the novel which are otherwise excellent). Keep this story bookmarked in case you ever need a handy example to prove that yes, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Rupegia makes a perfect case study in the value of moderation.

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    25 Likes · Like
    Status: c45
    A starts off as a decent-ish SoL fish out of water ero adventure but been honest...

    Bestiality becoming a regular and is as cringe as you imaginine it to be. Also the character merging I'm seeing is rather sad, all the girls were a trope but that wasn't a bad thing, you don't need to reinvent the wheel everytime, and can easily write about the interaction between tropes BUT all the females have  warped into one trope, "your horny bis*xual". Interactions between the world and the main cast are going to continue to suffer in quality because they've become the same character +- one or two traits


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    23 Likes · Like

    This is pretty bad. I was hoping it would get better but it never did. The MC is a beta simp. His thought process is... I can't even think of a word to describe it. I guess the closest word would be inconsistent. He claims to be a robot scientists but is as dumb as a brick when it counts. He is emotionally unstable and keeps having nightmares about killing goblins. f**king goblins. It happening once is OK but it happening every night? Come on man. It's explained away as it being a trauma but then why is he still killing goblins. Hundreds of goblins at that and still having nightmares about it. 

    Weak willed MC are never fun to read. But we keep reading because we expect the MC to grow a back bone. I don't think this MC will do this. In fact I think he will start clinging to her harem and become a mega beta. I didn't read far so I don't know for sure but based off the other reviews, it seems to be true.

    Anyway, this story hurts my brain and I will read no more. The only good thing about this story is the mechanics 'level up system' and the fact that it has long chapters. Other than those two, this story is trash.

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    16 Likes · Like

    Author really tries to make his MC into some kinda edgy teenager when it comes to s*x when his exploits are all laughable. Keeps repeatedly saying that they’re all depraved but when you look at the actual content you can’t help but think, “really? That’s the best you could come up with?” Feels like author just really sucks at making his s*x scenes or general atmosphere of arousal actually good and tries to make up for it by throwing random sh*t in there in hopes that someone will like it.

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: c35 p3

    Look, normally I would never consider doing something like making an account, much less writing a review. 

    Getting involved with any community like this is something I am far too slothful for. I preferred festering in the dark while drinking in the degeneracy one chapter at a time, like many of my other brethren.

    For me that is just testament to this fictions greatness, and the sheer enjoyment I get from reading it. 

    I am by no means a littérateur, and Slave Harem has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, despite being a chore to read at times, so I may be a little biased. But I believe this novel perfectly encapsulates everything I enjoyed about that series, as well as combining many other great elements I enjoy from web/light novels.

    In summary it's great read it. 

    Go read it now if I've convinced you with just this instead of continuing, because this is going to be more of an essay than review, like I think I've put more effort into this than any of my assignments. Heretics stay behind, class ain't dismissed, you can suffer through the first review I've ever written until you are convinced.

    Just to list some things I love off the top of my head:

    1. The chapters are all substantially meaty making for an enjoyable read. So you aren't reading chapters so bare its a crime to call it a chapter, but not so much you get overwhelmed and start scrolling through mindlessly. My opinion.
    2. The story is great and enjoyable, not much else to say but read it.
    3. The characters introduced, particularly the heroines, are all genuinely charming and well... "developed". (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    4. The dialogue is... really nice and fun. I find myself audibly chuckling at least once a chapter. A rare occurrence in my usually soundless basement.
    5. Why are you still reading this you weirdo it's already been over 400 words. You are free. Go read the novel if you have time for my garbage.
    6. This ones more debatable. There is genuine conflict and struggles in the novel, but Rupegia definitely is a good part slice of life. No constant world ending plots, or comically overpowered battles. Just the MC and his crew making a life for themselves. This I like because I feel the novel is more focused and "real", but this by no means implies the novel is boring.
    7. I am a man of culture. I enjoy the "educational" content in my novels like I enjoy the Cheeto foam on my 3rd Mountain Dew this past hour. I hate it when a novel is literally a flimsy wrapping used to contain terribly written and corny smut, with a main lead who is literally a walking phallus, so the author has just enough time to jam it down your throat to stop the oxygen from reaching your brain, preventing you from closing the damn window. Rupegia's good stuff somehow manages to be hot but also funny/charming at times, and almost always a great read. Despite the one or two times reaching levels of degeneracy even a monster such as I normally wouldn't be able to handle, I still manage to read on because the characters are just great. Also how are you still reading this.
    8. MOST IMPORTANTLY: I like to think I've read a lot of novels in my times and I've encountered some not so pleasant stuff. But the one thing I am most sensitive to is cringe. Cringeworthy dialogue that may only bring a slight frown to a person has me physically squirming in pain. Yet despite all the warning signs this novel's tags gave me, I have yet to cringe once. Yay.


    Ok what? You want an apology? Is that why you're still here? It's been 650 words. I A P O L O G I S E F O R M Y T R A N S G R E T I O N S Now go, you are free men.

    If I were to complain about one thing in this novel, it would be the blurb is really weak. It does not do the actual story even a lick of justice. I actually almost didn't read it cuz of this.

    Also pet peeve: Unlike the blurb states, the MC would definitely fall under the OP category (which normally is bad in my OP), in a particular sense. He can do things no one else can, which gives him an insane edge. So no mass genocide and razing mountains with a single swing, but people would still kill to have what he has.

    Look, if you've managed to read up to this point, congratulations and thanks for listening to my rambles. Here have a cookie. Also if I've pissed off anyone somehow then sorry this is all my opinion and I respect everyone has their own.

    I hope this author keeps producing more amazing stuff, and gets the views and support he deserves. 

    Like if he published Rupegia I'd buy it in a heartbeat, as long as the cover art ain't cringey, like Blackthornes, I mean no offence but my god. I love the art from Mana Manasong currently has going, it makes me think 'Rupegia', whatever that means.

    If you like Ace_Arriande's stuff or 'My Sister The Villainess' or any others as great as them, I think you'll love this. Also if you haven't read the stuff I just listed do it, it's amazing, what are you doing you madman.

    Now excuse me, I need to go apologise to the world.

    Read More

    13 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 49: lit by a flame –...

    (Review edited because author updated the story description.)
    You will note that the five-star ratings were done by early readers, as compared to the lower ratings that this story is getting now.  Story started pretty well, with decent action sequences and interesting fantasy elements.  However, it QUICKLY devolved into a harem @#$%fest with about 75% or more of the content focused on the various threesomes, foursomes, orgies that occur twice or thrice daily for the MC.  The author had to go to ridiculous extremes providing outrageous magical abilities to enable the dumb amounts of s*x the MC was having... unfortunately, at the expense of any interesting storytelling.
    If this story has any hope of being resurrected, the MCs harem needs to be wiped out (yes, kill them all, otherwise the story won't progress past the mess it has become), causing the MC to realize that he has been a nymphomaniac....  Otherwise, author has excellent writing skills and ability to formulate coherent storylines.  Alternatively, rather than write an adventure/fantasy story, author could go write scripts for adult films.

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    12 Likes · Like
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