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/ Series / Villain: The Play of Destiny
Villain: The Play of Destiny
Villain: The Play of Destiny
3.55M Views 79434 Favorites 401 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 4903 Readers
4.6 (464 ratings)
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Update Schedule:

Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday on WN, SH, MSB, and RR.

As for the Patrons, almost Daily updates with guaranteed 25 new Chapters each month.



Keith, a vieux riche, spoiled and cherished, heir to the Demiliore Consortium, lives his life at large. Power, Wealth, Fame; He has it all.

But is it all just a dream?

With a set of memories, the knowledge of the future, in a play orchestrated by Destiny, knowing well that he is born to be a Villain, will he prevail? Or is he going to fall at the hands of the Child of Destiny just like he did in the nightmare that haunts him?

Author's Note:

Yes, the story is heavily influenced by Urban-Fantasy Chinese Novels. Don't read if you have a problem with those types of plots. 'Cliche' plot elements are bound to appear, so if you easily get triggered by such things, keep away. And I would advise you to not even start the story if you are an ardent believer of 'Good shall prevail over the Evil'. Keep away! MC here is a Villain! But yes, he is not someone deprived of emotions, even though he is a Scum. So, do not expect an outright Evil MC either.

I don't write Netorare. Don't worry about it!


> Incest
> Dark Elements
> Sexual Content
> Traumatising Content
> Gore
> Manipulative MC
> Sexual Abuse
> Parallel World (Almost a New World)
> Fantasy Elements (Full-fledged Fantasy later)
> System
> Slavery

ActionAdultFantasyHaremMatureMysteryRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Clever Protagonist Cultivation Evil Protagonist Family Family Business First-time Intercourse Handsome Male Lead Incest Loyal Subordinates Male Protagonist Modern Fantasy Obsessive Love Older Love Interests Polygamy Possessive Characters R-18 Ruthless Protagonist Sexual Abuse Sexual Cultivation Technique Slaves Younger Love Interests
Table of Contents 401
  1. Chapter 401Jun 14, 2024
  2. Chapter 400May 26, 2024
  3. Chapter 399May 26, 2024
  4. Chapter 398May 26, 2024
  5. Chapter 397May 26, 2024
  6. Chapter 396May 26, 2024
  7. Chapter 395May 22, 2024
  8. Chapter 394May 15, 2024
  9. Chapter 393May 15, 2024
  10. Chapter 392May 8, 2024
  11. Chapter 391May 8, 2024
  12. Chapter 390Apr 28, 2024
  13. Chapter 389Apr 28, 2024
  14. Chapter 388Apr 28, 2024
  15. Chapter 387Apr 19, 2024
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      Status: 52

      The author clearly has no imagination as every time he doesn't know what to write he just adds another member to the harem for no reason. This is just another mediocre harem collecting novel hidden behind a poorly written second chance novel.

      What disappoints me most is that the start of the story is pretty good but starts decomposing and turning into this crappy run of the mill harem novel that throws away everything that was good about the novel in the first place.

      The biggest problem is that the author keeps introducing new side characters and ends up forgetting about the old ones so you end up never feeling a connection with any character since they barely show up for one or two sentences a chapter then disappear for the next 5 just to be mentioned in passing so that we don't forget they even exist.

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      39 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 56

      The story has over 100k words now, and I felt that it was the right time to review the story so far. 

      It is an interesting plot with a set of characters that are very well portrayed. I won't talk much about the MC, since the tags on the story say it all for him. But the Female Leads that have been introduced in the story are all unique on their own sense! It is a breath of fresh air since most Harem novels tend to have very one-dimensional characters. 

      The story is developing slowly but surely. There's a lot of foreshadowing in it, which makes me believe that this is going to be a very long novel. It makes me worried and excited at the same time since the story so far has been written to perfection! What worries me is that it might lack in quality if it is dragged for too long. However, I am more than willing yo put my trust in the Author. Hopefully, everything will turn out well.

      Something that I think I must talk about is characters interaction and the relationship development in this story. My God, Fate! You are nailing it! 

      There hasn't been a single chapter where I have been disappointed with the interaction between the characters. It is just too good. 

      The story has only just started, and I already have a bunch of favourite characters and that make me root for them! 


      Go Team Venessa!


      Now, let's talk about the negatives!

      There are minor grammatical errors which can easily be fixed by proof-reading and by running a check on some grammar App. It is so well-written that you barley notice them, but they are still there. And they must be fixed!

      The release schedule of three chapters a week might sound decent for most novels, but not for this one! Every chapter leaves you wanting for some more, and three chapters are just not enough! 

      The story definitely contains elements that might put off the readers, so if you are jumping into it without taking a good look at the tags, only you are responsible for the harm it causes you. In simple words, it isn't a story for everyone and only the readers that can keep can open mind about certain taboos of our society must read it. 

      Lastly, I understand that the story is in the introductory phase, but a lot of characters have been introduced too early. So far, it has worked out well, but I hope you won't neglect those characters later in the story. Each of them deserve proper development and as a reader I want to explore them more!

      I will update my review when the story hits 200k words!

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      31 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 30

      Another great story from Fate!

      I've always been looking for novels with a Villain MC, cruel to his enemies but very caring to his loved ones or well let's say "possessions", so this one is really precious to me.

      Never been a fan of Good naive MCs or fake "Evil" but in reality just edgy JP MCs. 

      I'm really glad I've found this gem.

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      23 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 89

      As a supporter I have read up to chapter 89 and thought now would be a good time to do a review.

      BTW, please Ignore the 2 star review. That guy is a clown if he's going to read 52 chapters and over 100k words of a story only to give 2 stars lmao.

      There will naturally be some character bloat if many characters are introduced. However, the Author does a good job of letting us know what they are up too and never forgets them.

      The characters are likeable and well written. Each one has their own distinct voice.

      The setting is interesting and has many potential plot points. The Author does a great job of delivering.

      Ultimately, this is a wish fulfillment story. It's tastefully written and I'm enjoying the ride.

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      16 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 30

      One of the best villain-harem book I've read in quite a while.

      As a lurker that come and go between this site, royalroad, novelupdate, KU or even mtl site for almost 4 years. All I can say is this book is one of the best you can get if you want to read the reincarnated-villain-harem-smut story. It hits all cliches in the right way. The story flows well, not too fast nor too slow. Love-interests are likable (so far), the plot points are interesting, but most importantly, MC is not stupid, he actually uses this brain and acts maturely which is super rare in this genre for some reason.

      keep up the good work.

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      11 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 110

      The story is pretty good if you like an OP protagonist or a protagonist who's not a weak personality. It's basically combines a number of old but interesting ideas into a single plot, but it does it well. The characters that matter generally feel quite fleshed out and believable. There's often a jump between chapters though where you feel like you've missed something and the pacing of the story itself can be a bit inconsistent. 

      The author's methodology on the other hand, I'm personally not a fan of. Roughly half the chapters are released, and the other half are behind a Patreon subscription. Which seems fine, everyone needs to earn some money. I'm not a fan of subscriptions myself and prefer actual donations. They aren't long term commitments you have to continually keep an eye on again and again for each decent author. The paid hierarchy and slow boil method of keeping ever increasing chapters in reserve don't tickle my fancy either.

      As is it will take 7 months and counting to release all the completed paid chapters as free ones at the current release rate, 3 per week. An artificially halved release rate to keep the stock of paid ones ever increasing. (Which is when the audience at large will point out the grammar fixes that slipped the net.) The length of the chapters as is is rather short, under 2000 words average, which at least feel like they're getting shorter the further you get into the story. 

      It all comes across as a purely business operation, (rather than writing from interest). Mass release, 23 chapters in 4 days, and get a bunch of chapters out early, just enough to start hooking people on subscriptions. Then continually dial up the amount of paid content to really put pressure on everyone to get a subscription. By that point paying the average price for a complete paperback book every month for an incomplete book on the internet sounds alright. A bit predatory but effective, and sadly common.

      I like the story. I've easily binged the chapters in a day. I'll favourite the story and check back on it in a few months if I remember it. 

      I hope the author does well in his business. 

      Edit: Dammit, this business guy's story is actually pretty high bar compared to a lot of what I've come across on this site. Plus there's been no horrific surprises a lot of authors like to put in untagged. Star +1

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 30

      As of chapter 30 this is the best introduction into a villain MC I have ever seen. It immediately makes us feel his kindness to his allies while hinting heavily at the carnage to come for his enemies. I love it. 

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: c61

      One of the best I've read on SH. Fate seems to have everything planned out very well. MC is great (his frankness is the best quality imo). Story development shaping up to be great. The women are being given depth as the story progresses though I do feel he had introduced a few too many too early on. But he's focusing on a few rn and it's going well (you'll be very satisfied). Can't wait for a time skip in the ~ch70s. 

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: c179

      Potentials there for this to be a pretty good story. Personally, I found no particular problems with pacing, cliches, grammar, world development, char development, or plot holes.

      Looking forward to more updates.

      I don't know if its intentional, but I'm imagining this like a cultivator + mafia world and I like it.

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      8 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 148

      I just  don't know what to say, first of all; Nowadays this type of novel are actually pretty common but this novel is "type of rare" under this troupe of novels and the plot is freaking interesting and I just loved it how the author write everything from the nook n cranny in this novel....

      So, definitely gonna recommended if u wanna try something unique in the 'villainous young master' troupe.......😻😻😻

      Read More

      7 Likes · Like
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