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/ Series / There is Something Wrong with This Game
There is Something Wrong with This Game
There is Something Wrong with This Game
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4.7 (410 ratings)
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Year 20XX.
Technology had advanced and Virtual Reality sufficiently developed and become the new mainstream of online games. Now every MMO games uses VR technology, rendering 3D MMO extinct.

Our Loli, Yasaka Ruri (18) was one of the players from a VRMMO game called Ascension.
But, for some unknown reason, she was able to bring out items from the game to the reality.

Now, what will our Loli do?

This story is only posted to ScribbleHub and my blog (
If you see it anywhere else, then it is stolen.

EcchiFantasyLitRPGSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernatural
The Adventum Contest
Apathetic Protagonist Conditional Power Crafting Cute Protagonist Dishonest Protagonist Exhibitionism Female Protagonist Futuristic Setting Game Elements Gamers Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Level System Living Alone Loli Misunderstandings MMORPG Nudity Overpowered Protagonist Ruthless Protagonist Secret Identity Selfish Protagonist Special Abilities Twisted Personality Virtual Reality
Table of Contents 117
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 32

    Despite not having English as the native language, this author creates a fairly detail-rich yet mysterious environment in which our tastefully loli... protagonist?... traverses the worlds. Typically, loli-celebrating stories written by authors with cute names are overly simplistic and immature. That is not the case here. Your IQ will not be irreparably damaged by this story. The System is quite detailed, but don't worry - the most major infodumps are skippable without too much detriment, if that happens to be your inclination. I would, however, recommend at least reading the smaller System information boxes. It gets a lot less info-dumpy after about 5 chapters.

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    24 Likes · Like
    Status: a012 – joining a party

    The MC is a rich blacksmithing evil magical ninja Kuudere loli and then some. She can't grow anymore because of the elixir which saved her life from cancer! SHe is metal bending and inventing the wheel or so to say, while also being the big boss player that no one can touch! Lol, I am loving it so far, the author has another loli MC novel to though not evil nor is in a VRMMORPG.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: plot

    The plot does not show tell how the MC got  so overpowered.

    It is in just the standard overpowered story, you encounter.

    But the each event and development is excellently detailed.


    One chapter has  the MC do 1, 000, 000 to 2, 300, 000


    If you love overpowered main character and a detailed story.

    This is for you

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: c010 – mana clone and accident

    A different loli genre that I've found in my entire reading life.

    You're tired of lolis being just good? How about a little bit dose of psychopathicness? A loli betraying her guildmates; comrade, you're in for a ride. Crafting and Magic; hehe bois. Not so freakin' overpowered; blin, this stuff is BABUSHKA approved!

    Anyways, some comedy here and there, light there, a bit of darkness there, fluffness and everything nice over here. This is obviously a win-win for us.

    Lastly, this novel is naturally----


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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: c30

    Funny novel. In general, it can be described in words - the daily life of OP evil loli in an MMORPG... Well, I decided to drop around 30 chp. To be honest, although I can recommend you to read it, I still think it's a wasted potential. 1) There could be a lot more humor here. Humor should be the basis for such work. And so it is. But only 20% of the potential is used. 2) There is neither plot here, nor MC has goal. Just a series of events. 3) There is no Yuri here. Not that it must be here, but its presence could compensate for previous shortcomings..

    P.S. The author has a strange quirk on system messages, dialogues, selection of pictures and even imitation of sites. Just go and play some dnd-based game... or create your own game... 

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    5 Likes · Like

    MC is fun to read and all but she's ultimately unambitious and doesn't seem to grasp the true potential of being able to take things out of a fantasy game. I mean imagine having the potential to turn yourself into a demigod or stronger IRL, yet spending all your time backstabbing and stealing gold coins just so you can be even more ludicrously rich than you already are. Heck, if that's how she really wants to play it she could even bribe (invest in) the developers with her money and ask them to make a special Apple of Eden item for her as thanks for her large investment. 

    In a nutshell, MC needs to think bigger.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: C002 - The Orc Village

    It's such a nice story and its so interesting as well, I can't wait for the next update!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: b013 – for the greater good

    Good stories..

    Nice MC, with a little betraying complex.

    I hope you write about MC got independent, Loli MC still on the parent house right ?

    I mean, why dont get out from there and cut the ties with her uncaring parent ? Why you dont wreck them and destroy them. 

    While MC sick with leukimia, the 'parent' having fun with their d*ick and pu*usy.

    She betrayed by her family, before she betray others why dont you take some revenge on the 'parent', uncle&aunt or whoever MC loli deemed guilty.

    Thats the only regret I feel, ,

    Also, she can help the sick, and get the money. Experiment diluting the elixir ? To minimize trouble.

    I prefer she fix the life in IRL first. After all done and free, you can do what ever you want author.

    So please please fix her life. So we can read with ease..

    Anyway, nice work Author.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: b020 – reset skills

    The author is amazing, I have enjoyed every chapter and I love how the author goes the extra mile by adding images, tables etc. Author you are amazing, continue to keep up the great work!

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: ℙ001 – just another virtual reality game

    This webnovel is quite good, the vrmmo leveling is satisfying and the main character is also pretty unique. She's a misanthropic loli (more distrust then hate) who's legal and ingame acts cute but is actually backstabbing the guild she is in. Stealing from the rich has been her thing since she has gotten the game, and isn't it even better that you can cash out the items for real world money? Oh also she can take items inside the game into the real world for some reason which is what solved her leukemia, and is also the reason she's a loli because of the potion side-effect she takes daily. All of it is very satisfying and I'm just waiting for her backstabbing to be revealed, who would think that the guild's loli mascot could be so viscious?

    Though I do have just one gripe which is why I'm putting this at 4 stars and not five. There is just not enough chapters of her real life even though its so interesting. Her parents don't love her because of a forced marriage so she lives all alone, and later in the game we meet some people who are suspected to be one of the parent's side family before they were forced into marriage, but nothing happens with it. I mean we've been through 70 chapters and there is barely any plot progression on this side. Also, one of her classmates is part of the guild in vr and they're uh kinda friends (they know their vr identities cause here people look similar in vr), so uh how are you going to consider the effect on the betrayal of that side author? I know she goes to school through vr but its going to be realll awkward when it happens.

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    3 Likes · Like
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