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/ Series / Faith, Lust, and Hypnosis
Faith, Lust, and Hypnosis
Faith, Lust, and Hypnosis
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4.3 (49 ratings)
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Gin, a regretful man in his late 20s, tragically passes away just as he discovers a newfound motivation for life. Filled with a desperate desire for a second chance, he beseeches the goddess of virtue to grant him the opportunity to live again in the same world, but with the ability to choose his own power.

“…Is it not possible?”

“No. It is not possible.”

To his dismay, the goddess reveals that such a wish is beyond her capabilities, leaving Gin disheartened. However, unwilling to abandon his dreams of living on Earth with extraordinary abilities, he formulates a different request: "Grant me the power to become a god."

Thus, embarks Gin's journey in another realm as he strives to return to his original world, driven by Faith, Lust, and the intertwined forces of Hypnosis.

WARNING: Will contain HEAVY Futanari, Gender-Bender (Male/Female to Futa), and Mind Control/Mind Break in later chapters (Read the tags)

AdultAdventureEcchiFantasyGender BenderHaremMaturePsychologicalSmut
Antihero Protagonist BDSM Bisexual Protagonist Brainwashing Corruption Enemies Become Lovers Exhibitionism Futanari Game Elements Godly Powers Harem-seeking Protagonist Hypnotism Incest Loli Male to Female Manipulative Characters Mind Break Mind Control Perverted Protagonist R-18 Rape Reverse Rape Sexual Abuse Slave Harem Slaves
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 13-3 (will of love)

    If you've any interest in witnessing an ostensibly average man, albeit one disillusioned by the every-day, begin a slow descent (ascent, by some regards) towards full-blown degeneracy (something greater), dragging along with him all those souls fortunate enough to cross his path, then read ahead.

    I will admit that I, myself, am irked and offput by some of the content here. And yet, just as one may find their gaze helplessly drawn toward an impending train collision, so too am I unable to avert my eyes from the madness and depraved freedom the main character has begun to embody.

    The prose is nothing spectacular, but it suits the story. As a bonus, the story does not suffer from the grammatical issues that plague so many others in this space.

    I am writing this review as of binging the entirety of book one (13-3), and I am eagerly looking forward to how the rest of the story pans out.

    So, fellow readers, so long as the tags aren't to your utmost distaste, I encourage you to join me.

    And, to the author, you have my sincerest of thanks for writing this filth so that I have the opportunity to eat it up. Please continue!

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