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/ Series / Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
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4.5 (156 ratings)
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A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions of souls. He took advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune to become the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life, one filled with female disciples!

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AdventureFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMatureSlice of LifeSmut
Accelerated Growth BDSM Beautiful Female Lead First-time Intercourse Fox Spirits Handjob Harem-seeking Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Master-Disciple Relationship Masturbation Nudity Outdoor Intercourse Paizuri Polygamy Pregnancy R-18 Seduction Sexual Cultivation Technique Threesome Toys Voyeurism
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      Status: nine tailed fox
      Apr 17, 2020

      Really nice story, with a good development and spicy scenes mixed for the reader pleasure. 

      I really like the different backgrounds and cultivation methods for all the girls that the MC founds because it adds a lot to the story, and even the sect development part is enjoyable. 

      I just wish that the main character (his powers, his motivations, his background,...) are explored or explained a little bit more, right now the MC is just like the title says: Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples, because currently he is only a name that could change and the story wouldn't be any different.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c149
      Jun 5, 2020

      High quality writing, nuff said.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: unfortunate power (ii)
      Jun 29, 2020

      Good story progression. At first there were some stupid characters and their actions, but author improved on this.

      Characters actually are not retards like in almost all other novels, in which they only see one way of improving yourself: fight for resources and find cultivation techniques. They dvelve by themselves on their cultivation path, try to invent cultivation techniques and use unorthodox methods to achieve that.

      Love stories are good, women have different life circumstances and MC is taking that into consideration.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: glacier palace (i)
      Jun 27, 2020

      The best cultivation novel I have ever read, all his woman have different personalities and the interaction between his disciple is pretty lovely (especially the s*x scenes 🤭)  

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