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/ Series / Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
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4.2 (443 ratings)
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A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions of souls. He took advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune to become the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life, one filled with female disciples!

© 2020 Kirbyisgreen, All Rights Reserved.

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AdultAdventureFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMatureSlice of LifeSmut
Accelerated Growth BDSM Beautiful Female Lead First-time Intercourse Fox Spirits Handjob Harem-seeking Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Master-Disciple Relationship Masturbation Nudity Outdoor Intercourse Paizuri Polygamy Pregnancy R-18 Seduction Sexual Cultivation Technique Threesome Toys Voyeurism
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Table of Contents
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    New Hari
    Status: 22. treasure hoarder

    Everything is good females get good character development, background story's, uniqueness, personality difference etc but I complain about MC development I understand MC has struggled to become immortal and had suffered to much due to his secret treasures and techniques but even after becoming immortal he is just some small character in this so much bigger world which is hinted in this novel MC has technique which has so much potential but is still stuck in low rug story also I not slow and personally I like this pace not slow not fast and filled with good stuck along with some good action and story and character development but if you go like this you will have trouble in future because by then MC would have got too many female companions and will not be given much time for everyone and MC himself already have smallest growth what will happen then 

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: waste of potential

    So lets start of by saying I do enjoy the novel. But this does not mean its a good novel.
    First of I love the premise of your novel. You had me sold with only the Title & Synopsis so that's a big +
    But then after reading the first few chapters I already started to regret reading this, the MC acted like a wimpy 12 year old.
    To make a long story short he had no spine whatsoever and got walked over like a door mat. I already considered dropping the novel right then and there.
    Because I don't know about you guys but I can't be asked reading another beta CUCK MC.
    So I gave it a few more chapters and never stopped.
    I can't be asked writing a super long review so ill give you some bad points now. One of the biggest problems is that we barley get anything about the MC. Sure we get some SNU SNU chapters (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (which I obviously like) but that's about it.
    I feel like the author tried so hard to give the "disciples" some personality we get noting about the MC. And the further I get in the novel the less MC we get.
    I don't know about you guys but I don't read a novel to get 5+ chapters of no MC. This is a BIG deal breaker for me personally. So I read about 170 ish chapters in two days will catch up to the current chapters later today but I wanted to write the review right now because I'm upset at how the novel is going right now.
    We get so many chapters about the sh*ttiest of the 10 disciples.
    First of all her character design is the worst one of the 10.
    For some reason she is running a whore house. (go figure) And we get so many chapters about this... (I don't care about this sh*tty part in the novel its so bad like for real bad) First off there is no logical reason for her to run the whore house. You might think there is but there is non as of now.
    1. To make money for the sect? (NO if anything it probably costs more money then it makes)
    2. To what save them? (NO if MC just killed them all (the owners) the problem would have been solved long ago) (if anything they are suffering more now because it gets dragged out so much)
    3. To get intelligence "like a spy network" (NO, MC has his shadows)
    4. To further her awful character design (NO, Just move on to another character, you could have developed the other ones in less chapters)
    5. To help her cultivate? (Maybe, but I'm sure there was a better way)
    Can we please move on like for real its so boring to read about this.
    Lets not forget MC is still only At 2/7 Spirit Lord Realm !!!!!!!!!!!
    200 chapters in and MC is still SO WEAK!!!!
    We need some development for MC!!!!
    So my problem is we get all these side adventures that do noting for the main story except add chapters when MC is still super UNDERDEVELOPED.
    I get that he wants to add more personalities to his disciples but he already did a really good job in 9 out of the 10 disciples.
    Its just that we keep getting these useless chapters where Lin Qingcheng is trying to run a whore house. That has no reason to even exist. And to make maters worse she is BRAIN DEAD.
    To give some perspective how weak MC is this is the cultivation we know:
    • Body Refinement Realm
    • Mind Focusing Realm
    • Spirit Initiate Realm
    • Spirit Lord
    1/7 Spirit Lord Realm <-- MC STARTED HERE!!!! CHAPTER 1
    2/7 Spirit Lord Realm <--- MC IS ONLY HERE AFTER 200 CHAPTERS!
    3/7 Spirit Lord Realm
    4/7 Spirit Lord Realm
    5/7 Spirit Lord Realm
    6/7 Spirit Lord Realm
    7/7 Spirit Lord Realm
    • Spirit King
    1/7 Spirit King
    2/7 Spirit King
    3/7 Spirit King
    4/7 Spirit King
    5/7 Spirit King
    6/7 Spirit King
    7/7 Spirit King
    • Spirit Emperor
    1/7 Spirit Emperor
    2/7 Spirit Emperor
    3/7 Spirit Emperor
    4/7 Spirit Emperor
    5/7 Spirit Emperor
    6/7 Spirit Emperor
    7/7 Spirit Emperor
    •  Spirit Overlord
    1/7 Spirit Overlord
    2/7 Spirit Overlord
    3/7 Spirit Overlord
    4/7 Spirit Overlord
    5/7 Spirit Overlord
    6/7 Spirit Overlord
    7/7 Spirit Overlord
    • Spirit Master
    1/7 Spirit Master
    2/7 Spirit Master
    3/7 Spirit Master
    4/7 Spirit Master
    5/7 Spirit Master
    6/7 Spirit Master
    7/7 Spirit Master
    • Spirit Saint
    1/7 Spirit Saint
    2/7 Spirit Saint
    3/7 Spirit Saint
    4/7 Spirit Saint
    5/7 Spirit Saint
    6/7 Spirit Saint
    7/7 Spirit Saint
    • Spirit Demigod
     low? Demigod
    Med? Demigod
    High? Demigod
    we know noting yet about this realm
    • Higher unknow realms
    MC has never even looked for resources for himself!!!
    Like common give him some screen time and let him go on and adventure or two and let him level up a bit...


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    91 Likes · Like
    Status: 138. equivalent exchange (i)

    WARNING to all readers who hate RAPE, this novel has tons of it. Somehow, this novel doesn't have the RAPE TAG, go figure. Most of the villains in this novel, if not all, are rapists. If you love rape, you'll love this novel.

    First of all, the writing quality is good. It is rare to find grammar and spelling mistakes. There are a few info dumps to explain cultivation and stuff related to it. You may skip it if you like and just focus on the story. The smut scenes are well-written and won't disappoint. The pacing of the story is also decent, giving enough background before delving deeper into the story.

    The whole plot of the novel is centered on the MC's harem. The MC has two roles, the first is having s*x with his harem most of the time, and the second is to guide them in their cultivation. The story progresses along based on the wishes and personalities of the girls in the MC's harem. The girls themselves are lovable and unique, and it is quite easy to distinguish who is who and who is good at what.

    The MC just goes along with the ride and doesn't really have any ambition or goals for himself. You won't see him trying to improve his own cultivation as he is too busy thinking with his d*ck. I am not exaggerating here as every moment where he gets the chance to ogle women or have s*x with them, he will do it. If there's none, he will find a way, seriously. Sometimes it becomes too much, as the overall vibe of the story becomes dark but the MC is still the same one-dimensional lecherous guy. It will put you out of your immersion as it is just an inappropriate time for fan service.

    The villains are no better as they are cut from the same cloth as the MC, minus character development. Most of the time, villains will be rapists whether they are human or not. They only have one goal and that is to plug every woman's hole. Cliché scenes will be frequent, usually with women being s*xually harassed or abused. Although there is no NTR, the absence of one bad thing doesn't necessarily make this novel any better.

    Overall, this novel doesn't really have anything special to offer. It can be a good time waster if you have nothing else to read. The premise of the story had great potential, but now this novel can literally be described as "MC and his harem VS rapists." This is the exact opposite of the meme, "I came looking for copper and found gold." There are better R-18 novels out there, keep looking.

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    26 Likes · Like
    Status: nine tailed fox

    Really nice story, with a good development and spicy scenes mixed for the reader pleasure. 

    I really like the different backgrounds and cultivation methods for all the girls that the MC founds because it adds a lot to the story, and even the sect development part is enjoyable. 

    I just wish that the main character (his powers, his motivations, his background,...) are explored or explained a little bit more, right now the MC is just like the title says: Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples, because currently he is only a name that could change and the story wouldn't be any different.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: 390. banishing evil

    First of all, this novel contains adult themes. This includes mentions of rape and ntr, but our MC doesn't get ntr'ed, but they are mentioned. If these are deal breakers for you then this novel isn't for you.

    This novel is about a dude who becomes a sect master, but is a pervert so he only accepts female disciples for obvious reasons. The novel clearly states and presents itself as such a novel so alot of focus is on the sect and the disciples.

    One thing im bothered by with other readers is how much bias they have going into this cultivation setting novel. They expect the MC to speed through cultivation, blow sh*t up and crap. Like I've said, this novel is about his disciple and sect, if you are looking for a copy of other cultivation novels then this novel also isn't for you.

    Another thing, people really hate the first disciple. I'll start by dismantling XxX's review of her.

    1. The intention of the branch sect was never to make money and is enough to be self sufficient.

    2. Yes to save them, but it is clearly mentioned in the novel that immortals should not be too involved in mortal affairs. This is where the blow sh*t up cuz youre an immortal bias appears for other readers. The first disciple learns nothing if the MC just murders everyone.

    3. Again, immortals do not get involved in mortal affairs like that. This was established very early on. The MC gains nothing from doing that and it stops the first disciple from growing by overcoming the issue herself.


    though in the end this was immediately solved by an immortal anyways.


    4. She isn't the greatest character, but that's ok. She learns and matures through this. In fact, it's because she is a hugely flawed character which makes it more interesting. Since this novel is about the disciples, if each disciple was perfect along with a few cliches, it'd be boring. She is simply not what you expect or want her to be, that's why you think she is so awful.

    5. If you're so sure there's a better way at least put in effort to think about one.


    her dao involved orgasms to increase her cultivation. She is the mistress of a prostitution business, but doesn't serve the customers. People who are so experienced with pleasure is a really good material for her to study.


    First disciple isn't an intelligent character, but that's okay. Many of the disciples are soft hearted and some people think they are too soft hearted. As they develop within the novel, hopefully there is a balance between soft and cold hearted for them while maintaining the soft-hearted origins they developed as a disciple.

    I understand how stupid characters can get annoying. I dropped the author's other novel, treasure king, because how dumb the MC was. But the MC here isn't stupid and the disciple is allowed to make mistakes because she is still learning. Mistakes and decisions that would normally halt the character's progress and development aren't just wished away because de deus ex machina, but because she is a disciple and her master covers her mistakes so she can learn. The MC's flaws are also shown, but that's also okay as he also developed and matures.


    for the MC, it's that he spoils his disciples or isn't harsh enough. It's slow, but slowly he is fixing that. This is shown only in the recent demon arc where he makes some of his disciples fight demons.


    Finally MC cultivation was a huge issue for people here. This is the result of more bias from previous cultivation novels. In the setting, Mc's cultivation is actually quite high and his speed is an extreme genius, but it's slow from a story telling standpoint. Even so, this story isn't about his cultivation even though every bit of information we get about it is really rewarding.


    in the immediate area around him, spirit lords are at the top and spirit kings are at the peak. The number of spirit kings can be counted with your fingers. In order to put more focus on the cultivation of his disciples and less about the MC, the MC has a unique dao that allows him to pretty much skip sitting on your ass and cultivating. His dao of the soul boosts him with every victory. This is great for the story as more focus can be put on the disciples who don't have this dao to progress their cultivation. In addition, it's mentioned in chapter 291 that all his souls are technically cultivating, so he is technically always cultivating. Its just that time in the novel passes so slowly compared to the amount of time it takes to cultivate and reach the next level. To all the people inpatient about the MC's cultivation speed, you would be terrible cultivators.


    This is a story about a perverted sect master actually doing his job and raising disciples, overcoming the problems in the world for his sect and his women. There's some cliché perverted young master crap here and there, but they are never the main focus. There is always an overarching problem the MC is trying to overcome. The side stories are refreshing, especially 251 about the sect industry. It threw me off guard because it felt peaceful. Peace in a cultivation novel felt so alien and unique because so many cultivation novels is about climbing up and making enemies.

    Certainly this novel isn't perfect, especially in the very beginning, but in the end, this is a free web novel. It's unique, so it doesn't appeal to everyone, but if you find the themes suitable enough, you should be able to enjoy it.

    Message to the author


    don't give in to the pressure that the MC needs to progress his cultivation. Of course he needs to progress, but at the pace you're going, it shouldn't be surprising he hasn't reach certain levels yet. The MC is so young afterall. What I'm trying to say is that this novel shouldn't be about cultivation. Its about his disciple's growth. His relationships with them. Cultivation is merely the decorations in your novel. Certainly needed and vital to this type of novel, but they'd be nothing without the foundation which are the characters themselves.


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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: c356

    I am 100% agree with #XxX review.

    This Novel is not good not bad just a body without any soul. I won't recommend anyone to read. You can give it a try if you have nothing to read.

    In the start I was enjoying reading this. Some of the chapter I didn't like but I still try to continue. I thought next chapter will be good. I forced myself to read. In chapter maybe 260-280 (One Spirit king plan with another Spirit king to kidnap MC 10th disciple) I lost all my focused and couldn't  concentrate anymore. You can read XxX review for more details. 

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: up to the latest chapter

    Alright, so I just finished binge reading up to the latest chapter and I really enjoyed it. It's a unique wish-fulfillment type smut novel that doesn't take itself too seriously and that's completely fine. The idea of building a sect and training (and f**king) a bunch of powerful waifus is super appealing.

    The writing is good and the pacing is great. The characters are definitely some of the best parts. For the most part, each relevant character is well-defined and have their own roles and personalities. I don't mind things like Lin Qingcheng acting like a 2-year old or Jasmine tsundere personality because it makes them unique and that's good in harem novels. The lovable characters are lovable while the hatable characters are hatable. Nothing complicated.

    I do have a few issues tho, most of them relating to the MC. Okay, to get to the point, despite the girls being excellent characters, the MC is certainly not. We know very little about him (which wasn't a bad thing until the chapters kept coming and we still know nothing) and his cultivation speed is about as fast as Mad Snail's chapter releases on TDG. Like seriously, 2 small realms in 200 chapters? Yeah... that needs to go up fast lest he gets annihilated out of existence from some old ancestor's fart.

    I have a few suggestions and ideas for the novel. I would personally go full in on the "MC is lucky as hell" gimmick that you've got going. You know... make it to where he and his disciples are constantly coming across some heaven-defying treasures and legacies that allows them to power up at a faster rate or allow them to fight people multiple realms above theirs. 

    This is especially true for his disciples/lovers. Make it to where his waifus have some kind of extraordinary ability or constitution and have the MC train them to become reliable and badass hotties. It's more entertaining reading about useful and independent women than it is unless and dependent women who do nothing but hold the MC back. I know that this idea has already been explored like with Chengcheng's physique and Jasmine being a Nine-Tailed Fox but how about doing something like the Ice Girls coming across an ancient ice god-related legacy, Wu Qianye's Pain Dao being some sort of 1/1, 000, 000, 000, 000 thing that makes her insanely power or something similar along those lines? I'd find it extremely entertaining.

    Overall tho, the novel is a fun, non-serious, half-porn and half-story. I'm going to emphasize again that this type of story shouldn't be overly serious or edgy. It's for this reason that I can overlook a lot of the flaws within the story. Most people reading it (like me) are probably horndogs who just want a good self-indulging harem story with hot girls, a badass MC, porn, and a tint of good story-telling with strong character development.

    Yeah.... sorry for the rant. Super entertaining read and I look forward to what you've got in the future. Oh write, the s*x scenes are pretty hot too :)

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: 27 chapters

    Not worth reading, bland s*x scenes and a lot of problems with the plot. 

    Read More

    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 302. Shocking News (II)

    This is exactly my type of cultivation novel where there is a plot that gets spiced up by the occasional romance and smut. If you like ATG, Naked Sword Art, Grasping Evil you'll enjoy this. Only suggestion I have is to increase (preferably) the chapter sizes or/and the release rate.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    Yun Che as sect Master? If you liked the harem in atg this would be a perfect fit for you. The MC is decent, the story is alright. Some of the girls are explored and it reads really well. My only complaint is that I feel like the author could spend alot more time on sect development and staying with the girls instead of having big fights. But overall it is great

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
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