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/ Series / Godsforsaken
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A Dark Lord rises, a Chosen One steps up to challenge him. That's the way the world works. Except Felix Tailor isn't a Chosen One. He never was. When he begged the gods to give him the power to avenge his home town they spurned him. So now he's made it his life's mission to prove the gods wrong and do their Chosen Ones' job for them.

But it's tough to stay a bitter, jaded cynic when a beautiful elf all but forces herself into his party. And anyway, Chosen Ones are supposed to be arrogant bastards, so why does this new Chosen One have to be such a nice girl?

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Adventurers Beastkin Confident Protagonist Dungeons Elves European Ambience Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Goblins Gods Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lucky Protagonist Mythology Polygamy Possession Religions Sword And Magic
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Table of Contents
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    Status: vol.2 ch.4 – falling for her

    Very good story. The writing is clean and clear and the story is engaging. The MC is native to a fantasy world with typical (and some creatively, engagingly unique) creatures. One of the more interesting aspects is that many pantheons of the gods are represented -- Greek, Norse, Celtic, etc. Plus, the gods show up, much to the MC's disgust. I won't give away the background, but he's a mercenary adventurer who hires out to help Chosen Ones defeat Dark Lords, but he has little respect for most Chosen Ones or the gods who choose and bless them. It's a structure that allows for some real personality and humor to show in the MC, and the author delivers.

    As a harem novel, there's always the question of how the MC gains members of the harem. Well, in this case, it's through relationship development over time. In other words, a slow burn. After the first woman joins him, she's the one to initially suggest the second, and it seems (at this point in the story) that the third will join due to mutual attraction by all parties. So, no insta-love and no magical domination.

    Finally, there's a big picture story that's foretold and the author sets up interesting plot and character developments. For example, at the point where I'm writing this reveiw (Vol.2 Ch.4 - Falling for Her), the MC and his "mates" are helping a very disagreeable and unsavory Chose One that they were warned away from by both a goddess (whom the MC neither respects nor trusts) and a clerk of the adventurers guild (whom he did respect and trust). Yet, they agreed anyway, partially for money, but, to me, also partially because the MC really doesn't want to see more villages like his destroyed by Dark Lords. So, it's personal. But the setup with the no-good-nik Chosen One is fun.

    Bottom line: If any of this sounds like your kind of story, give it a shot. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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    Status: current

    In my personal opinion this story is one of the better ones on scribblehub. The fights are amazing, the grammar is decent, the characters are well done and relatable, and the s*x scenes are enjoyable. The protagonists isn't your normal harem douche, and the romantic interests aren't door mats. The fights flow and are intelligent. The world is interesting and I look forward to seeing it fleshed out. Honestly if you're looking for a polygamous relationship action adventure novel this is it. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: Yume is best girl

    This story has been a blast to read. The erotic scenes are well written and 9/10 timrs feel original. Story development, character development, clearly defined personalities. 

    A big plus is the author DOES NOT make the 2 most common mistakes most amateur writers do. One is overly explaining every detail of something/someone. Two is repeated explanations of the same things in various chapters to fill in space. The author progresses the story in a very smooth fashion

    My only complaint is, CAN WE PLEASE GET SOME ARTWORK OF FELIX AND ATHENA IN THE GLOSSARY? No homo but I like being able to properly visualize the authors characters

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 12: sharing

    Interesting premises so far. No major grammar errors. Good character development. I would like to see the two main women's history more fleshed out, but that will surely come in time as the story progresses. The few smut scenes so far have been enjoyable reads.

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