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/ Series / The Incubus System
The Incubus System
The Incubus System
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4.5 (165 ratings)
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An 18-year-old poor college student tried to apply for a job as a tutor but his life almost ended as demons' meal. In his last breath, a mysterious woman gave him a strange power. When he opened his eyes he had turned into a demon with a system that will turn him into... A pervert.

Now he must live with his dual identity as a model student named Ethan and an incubus named Damian.

>Cover by commission Tekatosant from

Demons Hiding True Identity Incest Incubus Monster Girls Non-human Protagonist R-18 Tentacles
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      Status: chapter 17. envy
      Jun 26, 2020

      Alright so.... confession time. I started reading the story because I was expecting a lot of s*x scenes. There I said it... But, there is more to this story than just smut.

      This story has a lot more to offer. It is not just about him mindlessly having s*x. There is character development, moral issues, family issues, and a plot that is much bigger than you may have initially thought.

      I don't want to shed too much light into the story. I want you to read this story with whatever precognition you may have about it, and be blown away by some of the best story telling I have ever seen for a story about a guy having s*x. 

      If you can get over the s*x, and over the tags (which were quite enticing lol) and read this story for the plot, yes the plot, not the s*x... you are going to be very pleased by it.

      I hope you give it a try. It is definitely worth a read... now excuse me. I have to, um, "relief" my self. 


      I don't know if it's just me, but doesn't the head of the girl in the cover picture for the story look like it is floating off the body? Almost like her hands are holding it and not her neck? It was throwing me off so I wanted to make other people see it too. Then I won't be the only crazy person 0_0

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      Status: c13
      Aug 26, 2020
      I started reading this with my wife on a road trip to keep us awake, she doesnt really read and was not eager to read this out loud on the trip. By the end of the trip we both agreed that the author needs some editing on the early chapters, but we were actually interested in the plot and had fun.
      It was also precious seeing her have to stop from time to time beet red out of embarassment at the things she had just said.
      10/10 would wife again.

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      Status: chapter 39
      Sep 23, 2020

      I like the direction and speed of the actual plot, but when it comes to the characters. It's a modern day fantasy world and the world shares the same universe as another novel by the same author (which is in my to be read list)

      But I feel like their bodily descriptions are like test dummies. Hell the only thing I know about the MC is that he is either skinny with brown hair average face or swimmer buff with with blue hair and pretty face. That's not much to go off of. 

      Example I met my neighbor who is a elf wearing a dress.... their is no bodily description shoot she could even be a dark elf or a light skinned elf with a huge rack, blonde hair that's long enough to reach her knees oh she's also only 5 ft etc etc or

      I the MC am a dark skinned African man, skin almost black as oil, with a small afro. Skinny but still have muscle and your average height and weight. You could say I'm your average dark skinned male etc etc. 

      The MC could use the basic type of description cause the MC is more of a vehicle but the world and side characters should be detailed before they have actual plot involved or just give us a actual picture. 

      Love the story so far but my mind has to fill in the MAJOR gaps on what the characters looks like and the world. 

      Other then my guess of a modern world there's nothing to go off. It could be a fantasy world with modern or just a "normal" modern world. Shoot they could have trains powered by magic cause its the fantasy based instead of scientific based. 

      Its crazy Im saying this (I have read a lot of "curltured" novels) I need more character and world development for my "plot scenes". 

      Now I might have missed some paragraphs of character bodily description. If I did I'll reread and alter rating. 

      But at this time it's bugging me so much that the author didn't offer any world building or any description for the characters other then the most basic information of name gender and race. 

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      Status: chapter 9. this soft feeling ~
      Jun 14, 2020

      an awesome novel so definitely recommend this to all the men of culture..

      but need more chapters author-san~

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 39. guilt
      Sep 10, 2020

      This is basically a “smut + plot” as I've seen other people referring to the smut novels on this site. You can tell the smut is the central aspect of the novel, though the plot development is enticing enough to make you want to keep reading chapter after chapter.

      Our protagonist is a hard-working young man that cares for his sister, though Lady Luck hasn't really favored him throughout his life. During a job interview, he's assaulted by demons, and saved by a mysterious succubus that grants him, what I personally call, “the horny system, ” and now he has to f**k women to survive.

      Surprisingly, for a smut + plot, the main character has some depth to his personality – he's not so unbelievably dumb (though he's conveniently obtuse on occasion), and he's not that much of a pushover, especially in the +18 scenes.

      Moreover, he at least has some degree of character development, going from being terrified due to suddenly becoming a demon, then struggling to merge his newfound identity with his former self, to deciding to use his power to protect those he cares about (mostly the ones he has s*x with). The other characters, however, are mostly one-dimensional with the exception of his sister. On the other hand, the short length of the chapters doesn't really allow for much character development. We'll have to see.

      The s*x scenes are good. Clearly, the author has no qualms about incest or kinky tentacle play, among other things. They're definitely boner-worthy, but I wouldn't say they're at the level of making my balls explode in agonizing pleasure, partly due to what I'll explain now – probably my main problem with this fiction.

      The grammar and writing style. Now, it's abundantly clear to me that the author is not a native speaker of English. More than misspelled words (of which there aren't any as far as I remember), it's the use of the wrong tenses and the awkward phrasing of some lines. Additionally, the author's writing style is somewhat plain and uninspired. I think that I'm very picky when it comes to grammar in novels, and I was about to just drop it 10 chapters in, but then I started to notice that it got progressively better as I kept on reading. I mean, sure there are still a lot of the aforementioned misuses of tenses and awkward phrasing, and it could certainly use an editor, but seeing the author's determination to keep getting better at writing, and how much I started to like this novel, I can let them slide without bothering me that much. They're not really a deal-breaker to me, though it might be for you, especially if you are a native speaker.

      I genuinely think that the author is onto something special right here. Granted, they might not be the most verbose and eloquent writer I've seen, but for some reason, I'm oddly attracted to the characters, the plot, and the world of this serial.

      TL;DR: mainly a smut, I like the plot and characters, but the grammar mistakes and rather mundane writing style might be a turn-off for some readers.

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