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/ Series / Demon Lord’s Succubus
Demon Lord’s Succubus
Demon Lord’s Succubus
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Eve had a perfect life. She was a princess from a prosperous kingdom and had a crown prince from neighbourhood kingdom as her future husband who loved her so much. But her life changed on her wedding day. Her husband betrayed her. He killed all her family, took away her kingdom and worse... He made her sacrifice to Lord Damon, the strongest Demon Lord from the dark dimension.

Bored being trapped in darkness, the Demon Lord offers her a deal "If you are willing to be mine, I will give you the power for revenge."

As soon as Eve opened her eyes she found that she had turned into a succubus. Now she was wandering around to suck men's energy and essence to get Lord Damon out of the darkness...

>The chapters are short. You're warned.
>There will be a lot of smut scenes, including rape, yuri and gore scene.
>I'm not a pro writer, there will be a lot of errors.
>Cover by commission Nyanbunya from

Army Building Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Bisexual Protagonist Brainwashing Demon Lord Demons Female Protagonist First-time Intercourse Non-human Protagonist Perverted Protagonist R-18 Succubus
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