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/ Series / Second Life as the Sister of a Goddess
Second Life as the Sister of a Goddess
Second Life as the Sister of a Goddess
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4.2 (231 ratings)
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In his 60 years of life, he'd built up a good legacy and looked on to spending his later years quietly teaching his students the martial arts he'd cultivated over the years while working as a nurse for his day job. He'd long since saved enough for his retirement, but he just could not leave the profession of helping those who needed it.

In his younger years, he'd traveled the globe and, during his time in Japan, learned a historical preservation of a martial art that claimed to be Ninjutsu. Although, as he would learn, it was actually a Samurai art that the Ninja supposedly learned to infiltrate. Bottom line, it was effective.

His son had even enrolled his granddaughter into his studio in the kid's class. After practice one day, he decided to take his granddaughter for ice cream. This is when everything went wrong.

After the accident on the freeway, he was fine. His granddaughter was not. It was at this moment something supernatural happened. A ghostly vision claiming to be a fallen goddess promised him she could take his vitality in order to heal his granddaughter. In so doing, he would die but his granddaughter would live. Regretting his actions which caused his granddaughter's predicament, he agreed immediately. Next thing he knew, he regained consciousness in the womb of what would be his new mother, and next to him was his twin, a twin he would later discover was the very goddess who helped him to save his granddaughter.


This story has been discontinued and rebooted under a new name. If you would like to check out the new rebooted version of the story with far better writing, pacing, and characterization, please check out "Key to the Void."

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMartial ArtsMatureSeinenSupernatural
Age Progression Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Clever Protagonist Confident Protagonist Cute Protagonist Dragons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Female to Male Male to Female Medical Knowledge Modern Knowledge Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Non-human Protagonist Previous Life Talent R-15 Race Change Reincarnated into Another World Sword And Magic
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      Status: chapter 35: no longer together
      This novel is like watching a cat take three hours to decide to go outside, meowing about the place to make sure you super srs 4 sure know it wants to go outside, but it never quite gets out the door. Then when it finally does go outside, it rushes back inside to meow at you again. It's a cute cat and you want to love it but by god, just go outside already!
      Interesting setting, but it's too slow and boring for my taste as it feels like I'm reading a teenager's essay more than half the time. Terrible pacing, suffers immensely from 'show don't tell' syndrome, with info-dumps constantly interfering with pacing, usually using exposition in the form of someone asking a question then getting an answer (and it never stops happening). Then you have rather pointless facts like what bacteria makes someone's vomit smell a certain way as the author goes into superfluous detail about trivial things that don't even need explaining, or things so far removed from the plot they don't need mentioning. I get it, you really thought hard about the story and shored up plot holes, but you don't need to preemptively justify everything, just let it flow.
      As for the goddess herself, she hardly appears to even be a character, and more like a crawling encyclopedia who is only there to tell the MC things. So the story is less like sister of the goddess and more like "I reincarnated as an elf girl with an all knowing goddess by my side"

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      30 Likes · Like
      Status: too much

      I found this story incredibly hard to read. The pacing is incredibly slow to the point that I found it boring. I love the concept behind the story though, I really wanted to like it, but several factors made it uncomfortable to read for me. The first was the pointlessly long descriptions of unimportant events. The second was the double spacing between paragraphs. The third was the excessive commentary offered by the author to justify the horribly slow pacing and pointless descriptions of unimportant backstory elements.

      I don't want to be entirely cruel here, even though I only gave 2 stars for the review. The story idea is fantastic and with a few adjustments to the pacing and editing for format the story could be really good.

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      26 Likes · Like
      Status: Beautiful

      Have you ever watched paint dry? Well, me neither until I read this story. You get to watch the paint dry at a speed of 0.25x in all its glory. You get to see paint hardening and slowly getting its structure. Then once it's done and you can finally make out what it is, you see its exactly that. It's a beautiful painting of you making out for the first time. Those precious feelings you felt all return to you when reading this novel. The novel starts off slow but once revealed it's a masterpiece. 

      If you are not in a rush and can handle assiduous strokes of world-building and character development. I guarantee you will love this!

      I wish I could write this well.

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      11 Likes · Like
      Status: book 2 chapter 50


      • Very descriptive
      • Very clear and well done genderbent child protagonist with an adult mind. The author pretty much does all the things right most novels do wrong. Thank you for that
      • Worldbuilding is very solid and well thought out, though I wish it was delved into more than perhaps the history of the fey court and other miscellaneous things.


      • Pace: Pretty much as slow as possible. Like I understand having a slow pace when a lot is going on and the situation's complex, but the problem is it's slowly paced regardless of the situation
      • POV chapters: I am not saying POV chapters are a bad thing. I like them as they usually add more to the story or progress it in a different point of view. 5 POV chapters of the same events with very little new details is the problem. Stuff like that is better handled is a switching viewpoints type of chapter or just a 3rd person narration. 
      • Tangental Details: So by this I mean a lot of the story involves details that have nothing to do with the current situation, and as of chapter 50 I still don't see their relevance.
      • Focus: This one is a little more personal, but there's just not a lot of action in this book. I think there was 1 fight scene that was actually interesting. The others were just including combat as a backstage scenario. The author said that it had a fairly normal amount of fight scenes compared to cultivation novels, but they should realize that cultivation novel chapters are much shorter.
      • Goddess: To be honest, I hesitate to even call the goddess a side character. While she does have a few important points of action, for someone who is in the title and creates part of the initial appeal, she plays very little part in the story apart from helping the MC with his cultivation troubles. Honestly, the other stuff I can forgive and just push past, but this one I can't. The two boys play a more active role than the goddess, which is ridiculous given that the goddess was set up to be a main character of sorts from the start. It is thoroughly disappointing.

      Overall, this story is interesting and has a clear and well thought out plot and world. The lack of action and conflict, as well as extremely slow pace, hurt it.

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 24

      •The author does a good job of balancing the slow pace with interesting descriptions. Although normally I dislike switching perspectives from the MC, it's written in a way where you can see the purpose and shows why a character is acting a certain way. 

      With the MC having split but intertwining personalities, they "interact" in a way that is different from other reincarnation novels. The readers can actually see the process of these two personalities merging and it clears the way to show the character development. 

      Along with that, the effort of researching is shown by the different knowledge on topics like myths. This isn't included in a boring way however and can actually be understood.

      Besides the occasional misspellings, this novel is really good if you are tired of repeating plot lines. One thing I would say is that if you pick this up as your first reincarnation novel, some of the comments or "cliches" that are avoided might be confusing. 

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: book 2 c3

      One of The most realistic Novel you will find in fantasy genre. The realism of character behavior & development has been well thought. But the world building, Writing style is lacking a bit. For a logical novel such as this, the synopsis and the title is very bad. I have ignored this novel just for its name twice already. This name of the novel is long a f. This is what I hate about japanese styled novel. At first I thought the writer was a noob. But he is not. 

      I m not fan of time skips in "Child protagonist" tagged novel. They timeskip but the character never grows up in power nor in mentality. But in this novel theres no unecessary timeskip. But The character development is over the top here. MC's power up feels slow. But I know its not. Shes still a kid. Still I wanted MC to become strong in fast pace. 

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: v2 c32

      The story has a nice background and character ideas. But its completely without direction. It also often focuses on stuff that just aren't relevant or important. Especially the last few chapters were dreadful to read as they were purely about thoughts and muh! Feelings! 

      I have no problem with and even love to read technical stuff and detailed descriptions of things, but reading  chapter after chapter about for example the MC's relationship to her birth mother is just to much even for me. I suggest rewriting this story and focusing more about actions and less on thoughts and feelings.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 40: from nymph to dryad

      I like it a lot, there's a lot of description which is good, but some people would be put off by the slow age pacing, but personally, I find it better, the thing I hate most in stories is constant big time skips

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 33: organizing

      I love this story.  This is a brilliant story that brings a twist to the whole isekai genre and has some pretty interesting and fleshed out characters.  I can't wait to see what happens next.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 33: organizing

      I like it very much! It is carefully planned and deliberate! Few if any grammar mistakes! Interesting and large world! The caracters are likeable! The MC is very kind! Come and read it! Worth it!

      Im not really used to write a review and im a beginner at english so sorry for my mistakes! But I had to write one now to show my appreciation and my thanks for the author!

      By Fufufu

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