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/ Series / This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder
This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder
This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder
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4.3 (476 ratings)
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On the surface, Xi Tianyi was the only son of Sword Empress Xi of the Buzhou Immortal Sect, the number one expert in the Huang Realm. His birth was noble, his status exalted. But the truth was that Xi Tianyi was actually a reincarnated man from a world known as Earth.

On Earth, he was no one special, but with his new life, Xi Tianyi aims to reign invincible: past, present, and future. Among his goals was to travel back to Earth and reunite with his family.

However, as Xi Tianyi proceeds further on his Immortal path, he discovers that rather than the protagonist, why does he seem more like the cannon fodder villain?

Volume 1 is now available on Amazon!

Volume 2:


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Antihero Protagonist Body Tempering Cultivation Dao Comprehension Famous Parents Fantasy World Fast Cultivation Handsome Male Lead Heavenly Tribulation Immortals Late Romance Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Mythology Pragmatic Protagonist Reincarnated into Another World Strong to Stronger Sword Wielder Transmigration Unique Cultivation Technique Xianxia Xuanhuan
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    New Shinji
    Status: chapter 447: the envoy

    Best xianxia I've ever read in the top 5, both by this author are on this list

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    New RandomReviewer
    Status: Chapter 400: Flamecloud Peak

    I believe chapter 400 is a good stopping point for this story. I doubt I'll come back now that the series has shifted into another genre entirely. There isn't even an MC anymore.

    This story is bad. It starts off incredibly good, and it has an amazing premise, but it ultimately falls far short of it's true potential. There are many great ideas, and great world building for the story's direction, but almost all of them are underutilized or doesn't live up to its potential. A great example of this is the way antagonists more or less spawn in left and right. The reason behind it is great, but the execution is awful, and we end up with tons of braindead, boring, and insufferable characters, and it becomes even better when the author runs out of ideas and decides to write 20 chapters in a row from their perspective, despite the top comments saying "skip skip skip" every chapter. The cherry on top when some of these characters die in very unsatisfying ways, leaving you feeling empty. 

    I simply can't recommend this, it has its good moments where things go exactly as you want, and then you get teased by 3 incredibly good side chapters, followed by 20 unrelated awful filler chapters. The cherry on top is finding out those 3 good chapters turned into a paywalled spinoff series, and then the extra cherry on top, is realizing that the author spent multiple chapters introducing this character and 3 more, separately, specifically, for spinoff series' and nothing else.

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    Status: 112


    It's good and if you like cultivation novels I would highly recommend this.

    Another point is, the MC is overpowered but it never feels like plot armor because of how different his cultivation is to everyone else's, in fact it would feel completely wrong if he couldn't beat people a whole realm ahead of him. I at least consider that point a big plus

    Update112 : at around chapter 100 this story feels like it's degrading, there's a lot more nonsense where half the chapter is redundant explanations and random people praising and commenting things we, the readers already know, it's a really common move in Chinese novels, I guess they do this to lengthen the story, I hate that type of brain dead filler, almost feels like I'm being told I'm stupid or can't remember what happened last chapter. 

    Example: MC blocks with palm: page of how great palm art is and comparing it to universe. Enemy attacks: another long explanation, attack is blocked, page explaining both enemy's and MC's emotions and thoughts, then page of random idiots saying the exact same thing we just got from the last 3 pages just with interactions between themselves "So amazing, " the last 2 fights with MC that happened back to back were the worst 2 since the start of this novel, I literally felt like I was forcing myself to read them in hope this novel regains quality... well, I actually like this story and hope the author gets their act together, maybe slower release schedule or a break? 

    Just saying for fiction quality always beats quantity

    If anyone disagrees with me I'd be happy to hear your opinion

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    Status: c139

    I came to drop low rate only because of the bad end of the chapter 95. Nothing more cliche in xianxia than a villian forgiven at the end of a case, to cause problems later as retaliation

    --chapter 139,
    The same enemy escaped for the third time after being cornered, like most Chinese clichés where enemy keeps escaping like cockroaches and causing bigger problems later, this shows the author's inability to follow the course of his story without appealing to the same villain over and over again, I almost decide to drop it in this chapter, but I'll do it differently, I'll just read it for the slice of life and skip any cultivation and action bullsh*t going forward.

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    30 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    Meh, truly was interested in a xianxia for once until it became obvious that both the MC and Daoyi are from Earth. Yeah, another person from Earth just happens to be at the same exclusive banquet, to be noticed by the MC, and become his mother's disciple before he knows anything about her in one of his extremely rare visits outside of the sect. She drops a bunch of hints about her origin that readers instantly understand but for some stupid reason, the MC doesn't even become slightly suspicious so the reveal just gets dragged out for no good reason.

    I seriously hate forced plots. Xianxia authors rely way too much on pure coincidence to drive the plot & romance. They all do it, and it's so damn lazy. This web novel has also copied other terrible habits of xianxia novels: repeating yourself for absolutely no reason and stating what is completely obvious. Seriously, why do you feel the need to constantly repeat exactly the same thing except just worded differently? Why do you waste your reader's time by explaining stupid sh*t? This isn't Quidan where wordcount is king, so why are you doing it? Edit: I've discovered that this is actually a webnovel original which explains everything... wish I'd known that before I even bothered to start reading. 

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    23 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 129: donghai longzi

    If u take out chapters 87 till 95, this novel deserves all the love and praise it gets from the readers. (I give it 3 stars only because of the mini-arc later on that).I would say cultivation novel done in a much better way than those Chinese sh*t novels. No repetitive plot, No idiotic young masters and their clans (ch.87-95 exception), solid world-building, and character development, plus a lot of mystery that drives this story in the right direction, fight scenes don't take 10 chapters for one blow to finish and it's really entertaining if u like cultivation novels but don't like those bloodthirsty (MC in this novel kills and has no problem whit it but only when it's needed), harem seeking, humble-arrogant moronik mc`s then This novel is for u. Some pros-cones just for fun


    Xi Mengfei (just love here character), Relationships (it's much better than in most of the same genre type), a lot of mystery, a decent amount of comedy, the plot progression pace is perfect, the heavenly Dao vs Tianyi, and Mengfei whit the middle finger ;)

    Cones: not enough character development on side characters and antagonists. Not enough  Daoyi (need a lot more love from authore) And the so-called Lovespot mini ark (chp 87-95). This mini ark almost destroyed the novel and that is not just my opinion. WARNING MINOR SPOILERS

    I don't even know where to begin whit this one, from the beginning till the end it's just pure Trash, I almost quit reading the novel. Now I don't have a problem whit the conclusion but everything that leads up to it is illogical overcomplicated BULsh*t. I hope the author will delete or revrite this ark if his gonna publish it because I guarantee that the pages will end up in the fire. The author ruined everything in this mini ark, from a logical world-building to characters and even the image of the sect.i could write down all the things that went wrong and illogical but it would take me a book to finish it so I just say that this ark NEDS TO BE DELETED AND REWRITTEN. Hope the author takes this as constructive criticism and rethinks all the happening of the ark.

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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: c95

    A really enjoyable story about a transmigrator who is trying to find his path to an unfettered life by escaping the chains of the past and overcoming the Heavens. 

    Literally. The Heavenly Dao is out to get him. But with his insane level of Dao comprehension and general cultivation badassery, he carves his own way to immortality. 

    Coolest Young Master with a heart of purple-gold working through his own disfunctional social skills and building truly heart-warming relationships with his absolute unit of a mother. Had me in tears during certain parts. His power creep is done rather well as its mostly focused on Dao comprehension, the talent for enduring painful cultivation, and seizing on karma that he builds up. 

    The novel goes downhill around chapter 90 with the whole rapist young master scandal as it just completely contradicts the earlier worldbuilding. First off, MC has an unparelled status within the sect. He's absolutely a future immortal and probably Divinity. Not to mention that the rapist in question is allowed to completely insult, demean, and then destroy the sects dignity both internally and among allies? Yeah, no. Not even MC could get away easily from that... And supposedly the otherwise astute and kindly Sect Master is actually DEFENDING that sh*t? Also so, the entire female upper echelon wanting him dead means nothing? Unlikely. The whole thing is just too contrived. I might expect it from a sub-standard trashy xianxia that you can find anywhere, but not here. This story had too much going for it. But I'm dropping it as of now, it just completely broke the immersion for me. 

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 93: three charges

    Everything up untill the Lovespot arc was refreshing and tightly written but recent chapters has noticeable drops in quality. It feels like the author was changed in a few parts and it feels jarring. It just feels like its starting to turn into another dime a dozen cultivation novel.

    Read More

    11 Likes · Like

    In the beginning this story was quite fun and the world building was pretty good. 

    Unfortunately the big problems are that the narrative gets quite cluttered and the MC constantly fails to actually kill his enemies, which feels like and attempt to artificially increase the stories length. 

    In some cases this is fine as they have strong artifacts or powerful cultivation, which makes it understandable that it'll take time to deal with them. 

    However as it keeps happening over and over, it just becomes annoying when enemies and disgusting characters get away constantly. 

    The worst example is Lovespot


    who has the ability to mind-control women into being attracted to him with his titular 'lovespot' (a mole on his face like that one character from Irish mythology) and is revealed to have used a lot of beautiful women from both his own sect and vassal sects as Living Pills (basically absorbing the womans cultivation by r*ping them, which also kills them) or in some cases just r*ped them for enjoyment. 

    We even get a scene in which we 'see' him r*ping a girl and she's begging him to stop. 

    He has also disfigured and either crippled or killed several male deciples from various sects because they were more handsome than him. 

    He got away with it as his crimes were hidden by his grandfather, who's the Elder in charge of the Sect's Punishment Hall. 

    Yet even after some of his crimes come to light, his grandfather lets himself get punished in Lovespots place and Lovespot just gets away scot-free. 

    After reading about him getting away with it, I skipped ahead and it takes like 60 chapters before Lovespot finally gets what he deserves.


    The fact that it took dozens of chapters for such a disgusting character to die, despite him mostly being a minor antagonist, frustrated me so much that I dropped the story. 

    That and the MC's overly passive attitude. 

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 11: immortal scripture repository

    As a xianxia fan that has read web novels such as Desolate Era and I Shall Seal the Heavens this novel fits my taste. The author knows the common tropes of xianxia and even references them and pokes fun at them. The main character feels like a person who has actually transmigrated into a cultivation world with how he views too much cultivation as tiring and he does not have a double standard like many common MCs and feels prideful but not arrogant. Looking forward to more!

    Read More

    8 Likes · Like
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