Chapter 36 – Love Is in the Air ❤❤
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I can’t help but stare at Cornelia’s slim, well-toned body. She looks so damn seductive in this purplish negligee. I thought that she finally made up her mind when I saw her enter my room like that, but it looks like she still can’t voice out her intentions properly. Well, I guess it’s time to play the disappointed victim card.

“I see. I promised and I will of course deliver. So, what do you need my help with?” I ask her calmly, like her visit in those clothes is nothing new.

She still keeps rubbing her arm around the elbow and looking away.

“Usually, the girls helped me with my theories and experiments. We talked a lot and discussed various things about your Class and unique physique. They always said that no matter what they did, it always felt really good with you. It’s just… I don’t think I can move any further in my research with just pure theory…”

Cornelia tries to put logic and reason behind her actions to make herself sound more professional. She keeps stealing glances at me, especially at a certain area around the lower half of my body.

“I thought there were lines you weren’t going to cross for the sake of knowledge. Last time you expressed yourself pretty clear about not wanting to use your own body in the tests,” I try pointing out her recent behaviour during our last session.

She visibly panics a little and hesitates. Her eyes dart around the floor and walls while she keeps her head to the side, most likely looking for some sound excuse. She finally turns her eyes to me and shows a wry smile.

“I know what I said, but… it’s just… sometimes we need to sacrifice something to gain another thing. I thought I would be able to learn enough without having to, but in the end, I realized I have to do it. I know you will be gentle with me so that reassures me a little… I just… I think a lot of valuable data can be collected if I do it with you. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass on and I think it’s worth it, even if I have to sacrifice… my…”

I assume a slightly disappointed and dejected expression and sigh heavily. I drop my gaze down onto the desk and speak without looking at her.

“Of course, I understand. I’m a man from another world, a Hero with a somewhat unique Class. I’m a really precious study material for you. I can see how this is forcing your hand quite heavily, considering how much you love studying mysterious things.”

I try to make a sad chuckle while slightly shaking my head.

“And it’s not like you would want to do this with me because you like me or something. Don’t worry, I won’t get the wrong idea here, I’m just a curious unknown. You already told me you came here so you can observe me more on the day you offered your help to me.”

She starts panicking even more when hearing my words and seeing my disheartened expression. She drops her arms down and curls her hands into fists while her lips begin trembling a little. 

“No!” she shouts while taking a single step forward, but then stops and hesitates while a tinge of red appears on her cheeks. “Yes! I mean… Of course, hahaha…”

At first, it seemed like her feelings finally pushed through, but they retreated back into the scientific shell. She’s clearly torn and it’s visible through the language of her body. She keeps avoiding my gaze and she starts rubbing her hands together. I can see beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Her mouth keeps opening and closing as if trying to convey something.

“It’s not just that. As a woman, it’s obvious that I would be curious about sex and I’d want to try it. I never was with a man before. And the other girls are always talking with each other about how great it feels when your… your… hot thing… pokes around their… insides… Especially Sirgia. She could go for hours when asked to describe what she felt.”

And she again tries to cover everything with excuses and even tries to put part of the blame on others. She then realizes what image of herself she was presenting and turns up another shade of red while frantically waving her hands at me.

“Ah! But I wouldn’t do it with anyone! It’s special! Yes! You are special! Very special! That’s why I can use you to learn more and at the same time, experience what they all are talking about and confirm it myself. Right?”

It now sounds more like she’s desperately trying to convince herself more than me. I stand up and make soft but nervous laughter, slowly walking towards the window, and gaze outside into the starry sky.

“Hahaha, that’s true. It’s really convenient for you. I told you that I understand. You don’t need to go to such lengths to explain your reasoning. Well… I consider you my very precious first friend and you helped me a lot during my time here so I guess I’m fine with being used like this for the sake of your experiments.”

I start turning around to face her again.

“I’ll try my best to keep it professio—”


Just as I finish turning my body, something slams into my chest. Or rather somebody. And that obviously is Cornelia. As I was speaking, she must have run towards me and jumped at me when I turned around. She hugs me very closely from the front, throwing one of her arms above my shoulder and the other one under my armpit, and grasping the back of my shirt tightly. Since we are of a similar height, she rests her chin on my other shoulder. I can feel her whole body shaking as she tries to squeeze me with as much force as she can muster.

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to say that! I really didn’t! I don’t know why I did it! I’m so stupid! I’m so sorry! Please, believe me! I really don’t think of you just as some tool to use for my goals!”

I place one hand on her smooth back and use the other to brush over her head, patting it gently. She trembles in my embrace and starts sobbing a little.

“Shush. Calm down. Of course, I believe you. I knew from the beginning that you didn’t really mean all that. I’m sorry for keeping this up for so long. I shouldn’t have pushed you so far,” I calmly whisper to her ear.

Her head shakes sideways on my shoulder. “No. That doesn’t justify me saying such rude lies. If only I wasn’t so stubborn…”

I chuckle a bit and pull her back by the shoulders a bit so that we can see each other's faces. I use my thumb to wipe the few tears that appeared on her face and smile kindly.

“We can work on that together. I don’t dislike this side of yours. I think it gives you a bit more charm when it doesn’t escalate to today’s levels.”

She smiles too. After calming down a little, she realizes the position we are in and begins to back off, but before she does that, I pull her back using my hand placed behind her waist, making our bodies lean on each other closely. Her face grows even more flushed. It’s enough of this game. 

“Do you like me? I mean, like like, not just like,” I try to convey my message in a bit silly way to lighten up the mood.

She chuckles a little and glances to the side for a moment but then takes a deep breath and answers while trying to look me straight into the eyes.

“Of course I do, you dummy.”

I slowly move my face closer to hers. Her gaze jumps a few times between my eyes and lips and she also begins shortening the distance between us with an embarrassed smile. We meet in the middle with a gentle peck. I graze her exposed back with my hand as we kiss softly, making her body shiver a bit. She moves her hands to my chest and clutches my shirt again.

We separate our mouths soon enough but still stick our foreheads together, looking each other into the eyes. Cornelia smiles a bit wider and brushes my cheek with her hand. I place mine above hers.

“I see. I’m glad. But also, a little bit sad. Or rather anxious.”

She furrows her brows and a bit of worry appears in her expression.

“Eh? Why?”

“Because I also like like you a lot. Perhaps even a bit more than just that. I’m really happy that you are the same, but…” I sigh and drop my gaze, “you understand who I am… I would really like to be a proper man for you, yet I know it’s not possible. There are many girls around me and there will definitely be a lot more in the future. And it’s not just about sex. I’m sure that I won’t be able to have feelings only for just one person. I can already see myself falling for Sirgia a bit. You are a great woman and you deserve much better than this.”

She sighs too, much more heavily and soundly than I did. Then, she puts her hands on both of my cheeks and pulls my face up to match our gazes. I see a beautiful smile painting her lips.

“You dummy. Biggest dum dum I’ve ever met.” 

Cornelia initiates a kiss on her own, pulling herself closer to my mouth. She dives in for a bit deeper one than before, trying to softly push through the defences of my lips. I let her in and she affectionately entwines our tongues. It’s sensual, but at the same time, I can feel her caring intention in its movements. 

After we separate, she throws her arms around my neck and hangs them over my back.

“I don’t care. I fell for you partially because of that kind heart you show to everyone. It’s obvious that I would resolve myself about not being the only woman in your life before deciding to pursue you. I learned all about your personality during our time together in the castle, and already back then, I predicted that you would win over the hearts of many girls. Really, I’m fine with that.”

She joins our lips together again, this time inviting me to take the lead. I naturally fulfil her wish and lovingly explore the depths of her mouth for a good minute. We both pant a little after splitting up again. Cornelia still continues her monologue.

“Honestly, I was never completely sure if you too think about me the same way I do about you or if you just love teasing me all the time. You never made any serious advances on me. I know it’s not exactly your style and you don’t like forcing yourself on girls, but I was really worried about it all the time. I’m so relieved to know it’s the former that I could cry.”

The moonlight falling on her face from behind me illuminates the beautiful smile that’s formed on her lips. Just a few minutes ago she was trembling from emotions, but she now looks mystically composed. Cornelia chuckles a bit seeing my enamoured gaze.

“Besides, you are a Harem Lord, aren’t you? I think that if someone can have a happy relationship with many girls, that person definitely has to be you. And it’s not because of some special Title or abilities but because of who you are. I truly believe so.”

I wait for a moment to see if she wants to add something more, but seeing that she has finally let out all her thoughts, I pull her into a close hug again and we graze each other’s backs for a bit while enjoying our embraces. Backing off a little, I put my hands on her alluring waist.

“Thank you. I promise to cherish you forever. I’m not perfect in any way, so please, just come and talk to me if you ever feel neglected or need anything.”

She looks at me seductively. “Right now, I think my lips feel a little bit neglected…”

“Oh? Which ones?” I raise one of my brows playfully.

Cornelia moves her mouth closer to my ear to hide her embarrassment and whispers to it, “Both…”

I slide my hands from her waist down onto her plump butt and squeeze it gently.

“I like that answer.”

With another squeeze, Cornelia moans a little.

“Oh? Aren’t you quite sensitive already?”

She hits my chest with her fist. “And whose fault do you think it is? After you left me with that… that… thing… I’ve been imagining the real deal a lot.”

“So, you played with it?”

She squirms under my caresses.

“Of course I did! You knew pretty well I wouldn’t be able to hold back my curiosity! Mhhhnnn…”

I join our lips for a few quick kisses.

“How did you use it?”

“Wha—? Are you seriously asking that?” I nod at her with a smile and she turns almost completely crimson. “I… I… I turned it on with mana as you wrote in the instruction and then… I pressed it against… down there… Its buzzing felt really good…”

“That’s all?”

“I also sat on it horizontally and… rubbed myself over its length…”

“You didn’t try putting it in?”

Cornelia seems to not be able to handle it anymore as she hides her face in my collarbone before answering.

“I… I wanted yours to be the first thing to enter me…”

Holy fuck! Why are all the girls around me so fucking pure?!

A little laugh escapes my throat.

“Well then, what exactly do you want to enter you, hmm?”

She quivers in my embrace, most likely realizing that she has to properly say the names of things instead of avoiding them like she has been doing up until now.

“I’m not going to say, you idiot!”

“I see. You leave me no choice then.”

I snap my fingers and familiar, purple leather bindings tie up her hands and feet together and move the former above Cornelia’s head. She is now pretty much chained to the floor and the ceiling at the same time. She looks at the straps above and those below, trying to wriggle a little, but I left her barely any room for movements, making sure that I don’t overstretch her uncomfortably.

“Ummm… Al?”

Cornelia glances at me with an awkward smile.

“You came here to conduct some tests so we should get started with them.”

She chuckles nervously. “I already apologized and you said that you forgave me for that.”

“Yeah, I did. But I also said that we will work on that little stubbornness of yours together, didn’t I?”

Her eyes widen and she struggles in the restraints again. I pick her chin up with my hand and leave a gentle peck on her lips.

“You will not get to experience the real thing until you can voice out what you want properly. You are a grown girl, I know you can do it.”

With another kiss, I take a step back and leave her with a mischievous smile. I walk towards my desk and bring out a cubic box of not that big size, it easily fits in the palm of a hand. I move with it to the bed and make the chains swim through the air to arrive near it too. Cornelia glances at the box and then straight into my eyes. I can see a little bit of fear in hers.

I step closer to her and bring our faces closer. “Oh, come on. Do you think that I didn’t notice how much you enjoyed these chains last time we met alone? Maybe I’m wrong? Am I?”

Smiling, I wait for her answer just in case that I actually am, but it was pretty obvious thanks to our still not fully deepened Partners connection.

“What are you going to do to me?”

She does not correct me but inquiries about my plans. Looks like we are good to go.

“Oh, not much. I will just make you feel insanely good for as long as you won’t speak clearly about what you want me to do.”

Cornelia gulps audibly and begins blushing furiously again. Her eyes dart quickly between my hands, my crotch and my eyes.

“Okay, the safeword will be ‘post’. I assume you remember how to use it.”

I leave a small kiss on her cheek and calmly take off her glasses. I don’t want them to get damaged if they manage to fall off when she will be wriggling in all directions. She follows me with her eyes for the whole way to my desk where I place them, turning her head as far to the back as she can.

On the way back, I come to her from behind and embrace her, placing my hands on her smooth belly.

“Let me just say that you look gorgeous in this exquisite negligee. I can barely hold myself back with how alluring you are, my beautiful Ice Queen.”

I push my hips against her butt so she can discern that I’m not lying from how hard I am. I begin to pepper the nape of her neck with loving kisses while using one hand to graze under her navel and the other one above her belly, close to her breasts. Even though I do not approach either of the more intimate zones, her breathing slowly gets rougher. She keeps glancing at me over her shoulder while panting and releasing a muffled moan from time to time. I can feel her anticipation growing.

Moving my hands to her back, I carefully unpin the sexy bra and free her decently big peaks from their prison. I throw it onto the bed and start placing sensual kisses down her spine while my hands graze her sides. After arriving at her panties, I play with their edges a bit while staring in Cornelia’s eyes with a playful smile. I leave them be for the moment and move to her front. She glances at her bare chest and turns her head to the side shyly.

I chuckle at her. “I guess it wouldn’t be fair if you were the only one naked here, right?”

Not breaking the eye-contact for even a moment, I take off all my clothes in front of her, leaving only my shorts on. Cornelia’s eyes wander all over my chiselled body, landing on the visible bulge in the leftover material. She can’t stop staring at it. Walking closer, I pull her into my embrace again.

“Are you going to say it properly or do I have to move onto the next step?”

I move my lips closer and after a bit of hesitation, she pushes hers forward too. I leave only a soft kiss on them before backing off, making her follow after my mouth, expecting a more intimate connection. She realizes I only played on her emotions and assumes a pouting expression.

Taking no answer as a rejection, I begin brushing my fingers over her considerable mounds. Gently squeezing one, I’m met with quite a new sensation. Cornelia’s beautiful breasts are soft and my hands basically melt into them, but they are not as springy and bouncy as the slime’s ones.

This in no way makes them inferior or anything, it’s just almost a completely different experience. Besides Sirgia’s adorable chest which is on the smaller side, I haven’t had the chance to touch the breasts of this calibre, belonging to a more humanoid race.

Cornelia tries to hide her moans by biting on her lip so I move my face down and start affectionately swirling my tongue around the nipple of her other breast.


She squirms a bit and the blockade falters under the sudden change. I try to use whatever I have learned in the past about the human body and its erogenous zones to play with her skin gently and carefully but with enough lewdness to arouse her bit by bit. I have to tread with care if I want to make her ask for it.

After evoking some more moans and twists of her body, I get back up to her face. She is breathing much more roughly even though I only played with her chest a little.

“Onto the second phase then.”

I insert my fingers between the material of her panties and her skin and pull them down at a sensual pace. A wet spot is clearly visible on them. The material mysteriously passes through the magical bindings tying up Cornelia’s feet and I bring them up to spin them a few times around my fingers in front of her face.

Throwing them at the bed too, I slide my hand over her whole belly while gazing into her eyes filled with embarrassment but also some longing. She keeps awfully quiet the whole time. As I guessed, she must be really enjoying this type of play deep down. My fingers arrive at her secret spot and nudge the slightly moist crevice.

“Ahnnn… Mhnnnn…”

I rub her lower lips with the tips of my fingers, lovingly stroking around the entrance to her pussy. Placing one over the middle, I can feel how wet she already is. I graze over her labia, moving it to the sides and back, using my thumb to press the hidden, little, erotic orb in the front.

“Wait… Not there… Ahmmmn…”

Cornelia muscles tense a bit and she tries to pull herself up on the bindings, but she only manages to escape a centimetre at most. I keep affectionately massaging her delicate flower.

“Not where? I don’t know what you might mean. Can you explain it to me properly?”

“Ahhnn… I won’t! You know well what I mean! Don’t think that you can break me with just this!  Mhhnnn…”

I giggle a little. “Oh, you can rest assured, I have lots of cards I can play.”

As she glances at me curiously, I slide my index finger a bit inside her virgin lily, bending it slightly to scrape over the ceiling of the entrance to her hole.

“Ahhhh! You… Mhnnnnnn!”

She writhes in pleasure while trying to send angry glares at me. I smile and increase the intensity of my massage, quickly making her squirm and moan even more. Using my other hand, I play with her left breast while tickling the nipple of the right one with my tongue. 

About two minutes of increasingly louder moaning and more forceful trembling, Cornelia’s body approaches climax.

“Ahnnn… Mhhhhnnn… Stop… Ahhhhnnnnnn… I’m… Al… Eh?!”

Just as she is preparing herself for the upcoming orgasm, I swiftly pull my hands and mouth back, taking care not to overstimulate her sensitive spots with the sudden movements. She raises her brows questioningly at me while almost out of breath.

“Haaaah… Haaaah... why?”

“I told you, no real thing until you start naming things properly. So, you were what? I didn’t hear you say it.”

She struggles in her constraints. “You… you… you bully! You even tease me like this!”

“Hahaha, Cornelia, it really is simple. Just say ‘Please make me cum with your fingers rubbing my wet pussy’. It’s not that hard, isn’t it?”

As if she wasn’t already completely flushed, her face gets even redder.

“You are the worst!”

“I see, I see. Well, I guess I would be too merciless to edge you endlessly like this.” I move to the bed and bring up the box I previously placed on it. “It’s time to ask these little guys for help.”

Opening it, I pick up three small objects, around the size of a pinky finger or a small bean. Cornelia eyes the suspicious things in my hands. I was wondering when I would have the chance to test them in action after Sirgia finished the first batch long ago.

“What are these? Al?”

I show her a mischievous smile. “Since you want to come, I’ll let you come. I wonder how many times it will take for you to finally act honestly.”

I snap my fingers and a few more straps appear from the ceiling and the floor. Her arms, which were tied above her head, are now moved behind her back towards the ground. Her feet get separated and the new bindings bring Cornelia’s knees closer to her body, placing her in a position similar to squatting with legs slightly open to the sides and bent towards her torso. She hangs in the air with her private parts completely exposed to me. I can see a little bit of love juices dripping down onto the floor.

Cornelia looks all over herself in this new, utterly embarrassing position. I walk closer to her and decide to reward her with an aggressive kiss for enduring the first part of the teasing. She greedily entwines her tongue with mine and we are joined in a wild dance. I can feel that she is almost on the verge of giving up. She really is a stubborn girl. I’ll have to make lots of love to her after she finally voices her thoughts properly.

Breaking our passionate kiss, I place two of the beans by her nipples and one just above her clitoris and imbue a bit of mana into them. The little objects stick to these places like magnets but don’t inconvenience the wearer in any way. It’s like they are weightless. 

I step back and snap my fingers again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhn! What?!”

Cornelia’s eyes shot wide and she stares at the devices in shock and disbelief. When I snapped my fingers, they all began buzzing similarly to the vibrator I’ve presented her in the past. 

“Hnnnnnnnnn! This is cheating! Ahnnnnnn…”

She begins squirming as the little beans stimulate three of her precious spots. It doesn’t take long before she orgasms for the first time. She was already on the verge of cumming a moment ago.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnn! Haaaaaah… Wait?! They don’t stop? Mhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Even after she finally comes, the devices keep mercilessly vibrating, evoking even more pleasure in her fresh, post-orgasmic state. Cornelia starts rocking around in the purple straps, trying to shake off the thingies, but to no avail.

“Al! Mhnnnnnnnnn… Ahhnnnnn… Make them stop!”

I chuckle while staring at the spasming woman in front of my eyes. I’m slowly growing a little restless with all this. I finally slide down my shorts and my fully erect rod is revealed to the world.

Cornelia naturally notices the appearance of my penis and her gaze instantly gets glued to it. I walk closer to her, to the point where our bodies almost touch, and keep stroking my penis with one hand.

“Ahnnnnnn! So… Haaaahnnnnn… you finally can’t hold… back! Uhhmmmn! Hahahah! I guess it’s my win! Mhnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

A triumphant smile appears on Cornelia’s face amidst all the panting, gasping and moans. She spasms again and a bit of love juices gushes out of her sopping wet pussy. But, instead of doing what she thinks I am planning to, I snap my fingers again and the rotors increase the strength of their vibrations.

“EHHHHHHHHHHHHH?! Ahhhhhh! Wait! Mhnnnnnnnnnn!”

“I’m fine with just watching, you know? Having such an alluring woman orgasming in front of my eyes is enough to satisfy me.”

“What?! You are just going to… to…”

“To what?”

She bites on her lower lip and makes another long moan as another orgasm envelops her shaking body. I just keep slowly pumping my meat rod in front of her pink flower, faking the expression of great pleasure with my mouth open.

“Haaaaah… Haaaaahnnnnnnnnnnnn… You can’t just stroke your… your...”

I increase the power just a tiny bit more and Cornelia throws her head back in pleasure. She then tries to focus on me again with a pleading gaze. Her lips start trembling too. Just some more time and she’ll be approaching another orgasm soon. I take a slow step back.


As she cums for like the fifth time, Cornelia finally admits her defeat and speaks her mind properly while enveloped in shivers. I gradually decrease the power of the beans until they completely turn off and I step closer to the heavily panting girl. I pull her into a hug and she rests her head on my shoulder.

“You jerk… Haaaah...”

I lift her face up by her chin to match my eyes. Still panting a bit, Cornelia joins our lips together in a rough kiss. She giggles after we separate.

“Can we finally do it for real? I’ve come so many times. I really can’t wait any longer. Haaaaaah… You are really the worst, making me say such obscene things…”

I chuckle. “Aren’t you a scholar? Why are you so embarrassed by just some words?”

“It’s… it’s completely different when near the person you love…”

I steal her lips again. For a moment, I feel bad for making her go through all this teasing, but I also know that she enjoyed all of it. The playtime is over. I brush over her cheek lovingly.

“Let’s get you out of those straps and give you what you came here for.”

Moving more to the side, I position my arms around her so that she lands in my hands after I release the Void Chains. As I hug her closer, I hear a faint whisper coming from her lowered face.

“Can we… do it like this?”

She averts her gaze in embarrassment. I smile knowingly and move back to her front.

“What exactly can we do like this?”

Cornelia glances at me longingly and sighs, realizing that I’m not going to let go.

“I want you to sho━━MHNNNNNNN?!”

Unfortunately, she is wrong. Just as she begins speaking, I place my hands on her thighs and gently slide my penis inside her already drenched pussy, slowly moving deeper and deeper and pushing through her purity seal. At the same time, I join our lips in a passionate kiss. Thanks to all the action before, and a bit of my saliva, I’m sure that she doesn’t feel any discomfort.

My whole shaft soon gets swallowed by her lewd virgin hole, up to the very root. Insanely hot insides of her vagina squeeze me a bit and coil around my meat. Cornelia’s body shakes a little. After inserting my whole length inside, I break off the kiss.


Just one long sigh-curse escapes her lips. I’m not yet moving, just leaning my forehead against hers. She stares me straight into the eyes with an enamoured smile.

“Both felt neglected, right?”

I chuckle at her and she pushes forward for a quick kiss again.

“It’s so big and hot… Finally… Haaaaah… Please, slam your cock into my pussy and make a mess out of it. Let’s both feel good.”

“Now, that’s how a grown-up woman talks. As you wish, my Queen.”

Without any further ado, I begin moving my cock back and forth, crashing my pelvis against her hips. Heavily obscene sounds are created when our bodies hit each other due to all the love juices accumulated from Cornelia’s previous orgasms. I modify the restraints a bit so that she can move her hands and she throws them around my neck, pulling herself closer while I fuck her needy hole senseless.

Just like that, suspended in the air, her majestic, squatting figure battles against my own standing one. Using all my strength, I pull her thighs as hard as I can, which results in some really powerful thrusts and slams.

“Yes! Mhnnnnnnnnn! Ahhhnnnn! Ahnnn! So deep!”

Cornelia moans sensually just near my ear. Her soft breasts press against my chest with each slam more.

“Fuck! Cooooooominnnnnnnnnnnnnnng! Mhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Just about thirty seconds into the fun, Cornelia already begins spasming, but I don’t stop my fierce assault. Even as her whole body convulses, my dick fiercely scrapes over her insides. I actually start focusing more on a few spots, grazing the uneven ceiling of her pussy.

“OHHHH! There! Fuck me there! Ahhhhhhaaaaannnnnn!”

Just as she wishes, I switch my attention to that certain spot and angle her body a bit to the back so I can reach it more easily. As I drop her down onto my cock repeatedly, she leans back a bit and begins kissing me passionately. I push both my penis and my tongue into both of her perverted caves. I can feel her approaching another orgasm so I decide to allow my twitching member to release the long-held-back load of creamy liquid.

I shove my dick as deep as I can while aggressively sucking on her lips and waves of white delicacy flood Cornelia’s baby chamber as she also reaches another height. I can feel her back arching in pleasure and she digs her nails into my own behind.


A muffled moan barely escapes our mouths sealed tightly together. I push my penis a few more times according to the release rate of my seed. In a few seconds, the frenzy slowly fades out and just our rough breathing can be heard in the room. I release the bindings and walk with Cornelia in my arms, with my penis still in her pussy, towards the bed, and sit down on the edge of it. She moves her legs behind my back and encloses me in her affectionate hold.

“Haaaah… no wonder… they can’t stop thinking about you…” She slowly calms her breathing.

“Hahaha. I really hope this isn’t the sole reason.”

Cornelia chuckles and pulls back enough to position our faces in front of each other.

“It’s not. I can guarantee you. This? It’s just a bonus. A really fucking good bonus.”

“I’m honoured by your praise, my Queen.” I give Cornelia one more soft kiss.

“You are having too much fun with this.” She smiles adorably.

“Do you dislike it?”

“Of course not, you dummy! I love when you are so flirtatious. And also… I might have enjoyed those more than I would want to admit…”

I laugh gleefully at her slightly embarrassed upwards glance.

“Trust me, if you think that this makes you weird, then you haven’t yet learned the definition of it.”

“Then… I hope we can try this again sometime.”

I lovingly graze over her back with my hands. “Whenever you want. I have countless positions and setups in mind. We would never run out of fresh ideas.”

Her eyes sparkle a bit. “Now you made me curious. Do you know the price of such an offence?”

She wriggles her butt around, rubbing her pussy’s walls over my still erect penis inside her vagina, evoking a little moan from me.

“I’m afraid you have to teach me about it.” I wink at her playfully.

Cornelia pecks my lips and pushes me back onto the bed. She straightens her figure while straddling me and sensually stretches her arms upwards. While glancing at me mischievously, she reaches behind her head and removes the accessory that is holding her hair into a bun. She shakes her head around, freeing all of the hazelnut threads. With moonlight falling directly onto her back, it looks incredibly beautiful and seductive.

“I have no mercy for criminals.”

She then begins to grind her pussy all around my pelvis, but in the end, she actually shows mercy because she brings herself to the climax quicker than she manages to make me cum, due to her being way more sensitive after all the previous stimulation. She falls onto my chest and I shoot one more load into her precious flower. We cuddle a bit more before falling asleep together.


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