Chapter 45 – The First Night
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Back in the capital...

After we finish our little chat with Cornelia, I quickly head to my room to write a letter to Ross and inform him about the name we’ve chosen for the establishment. I still have no idea how we all have missed it completely. Like, no one ever asked about it, not a single person. A name is a key part of running a business, forgetting it seems kinda impossible, and yet, I somehow did it. I guess I was too focused on all the girls around.

I compose a short explanatory note and deliver it to the usual guest at the place on the other side of the road. I’m sure Ross’s contacts managed to do fine without having the name, but it should still be possible to alter a few things to have the rumours mention it. Well, it’s not like a lot can be done anyway. If people start hearing too amazing rumours about a place that hasn't even been opened yet, it will work in a completely opposite way from what we are trying to achieve. But, I believe they know what they are doing.

Meanwhile, we have to focus on our side of things. I might not be expecting crowds on the opening night, but it still is an opening night. It has to look good. We should host a small party. If no one shows up, it will still be a nice event for the girls. First, I should secure food. No better place to do that than at our little chef’s.

Naturally, Sirgia is exactly where you’d expect her to be at this time. After walking into her workshop, I knock loudly on the open door and wait for her to reach the point where she can take a little break. She soon lays off her drawing utensils, jumps down from the stool by her desk in the corner and trots up to me.

“How can I help you, Master?” She looks up with her hands cutely entwined behind her back.

I plop my hand onto her head and ruffle through her hair with a smile. “We’ll be having a small, celebratory party in three days during the opening night. I figured out that it’s best to ask our hardworking chef about some proper food for the occasion. Would you be up for the task to prepare it?”

She smiles faintly, enjoying my pats. “Of course, Master, whatever you need.”

Grabbing her under the armpits, I sit Sirgia on a nearby counter so that we can be at a similar height. I place a soft peck on her cheek. “Thank you. Any suggestions?”

“Hmmm… It should be more like a desert ball rather than a dinner, right? Then, I could prepare cakes and light snacks and such. I love making cakes. It’s so much like crafting artifacts. You first design the structure, prepare all materials, then slowly process them into required parts and—ah… I’m sorry…”

Sirgia gets filled with enthusiasm the moment she mentions cakes, starting to recount the whole process of making them, which in fact is quite close to her other beloved field of expertise. She notices her behaviour after her eyes land on my smiling face and averts her gaze while blushing slightly.

I chuckle a bit, pull her small chin back to me and give her a sweet kiss on the lips. “Don’t be. I’m happy to see you happy about the two things you love the most. It looks like I can leave this to you without worry. Please, make a list of ingredients you will need and we’ll fetch them tomorrow.”

“Uhn.” Siriga nods shyly. “Ummm… actually… there are three things now…”

Before I can ask about the third one, she leans forward to join our lips again. Sirgia is the one to take the initiative this time and she affectionately showers my mouth with gentle pecks. Most likely wanting to solidify her point even more without needing words, she meekly extends her tongue inside and it invites mine for a gentle dance. We exchange a few sloppy kisses before she backs away with crimson cheeks.

I chase after her lips to leave one more peck on them as the ending act. “If you keep spoiling me so much with how adorable you are, I will have a hard time not wanting more and more of you, you know?”

“Everything that I am and have already belongs to you, Master.” She giggles a little bit.

“Geez, I hope magic can cure diabetes in this world. Okay, I’ll be off then. Have fun with your work.”

Sirgia pulls herself closer to envelop me in a warm hug and jumps down off the counter after leaving one more kiss on my cheek.

Now that I think of it, doesn’t it actually help her more than just improving her mood a little bit? Craftsmanship’s skills should also partially depend on the person’s stats like the combat ones, and by getting lovey-dovey with me, she raises them by something like 25% if I recall correctly. I think that was the amount for a deeper kiss. Oh well, more the reason for me to shower my girls with affection.

Okay, I will need to restock the bar too. We can’t have an event without some nice alcohol. I’ll get to that tomorrow after Sirgia passes me her ingredient list. I haven’t been to Barren's place for some time, so it would be a good idea to visit him on the way too. We’ve only seen each other during deliveries.

I can sense Elea and a few other girls in the garden so I head there next. Teffith walks out from behind a corner while I’m on my way, wearing some casual clothes we’ve bought for her previously. She usually uses a t-shirt and long pants. It’s nice. It allows me to take a peek at her marvellous scales covering her arms.

She stops and clearly doesn’t know what to do with herself or what to say.

“You don’t need to greet me every time we stumble on each other like I’m some Lord or something.”


“Weird, isn’t it? Well, I definitely am weird in the eyes of many. Anyway, since we are already here, are you fine with a spear for the time? I’ll have Sirgia cooperate with you to make a naginata sometime later,” I ask.

She nods her head. “Yes, of course. It will be more than enough.”

“Good. Do you maybe need anything?”

“No, thank you. I’ve been provided with a lot and honestly, I didn’t expect this much. I can’t even come up with what I could ask for if I had to.”

Moving past her, I pat Teffith’s shoulder. “Glad to hear that. Tell me if anything comes to your mind. Or others. We are a family here.”

“Quite a peculiar one.” She leaves with that comment.

As my senses told me, I find Elea, Filue and Leyne having some fun with the garden. The first one uses her Nature affinity to quicken the growth of flowers and bushes while the other two plant and stylize or trim them. The old, neglected garden is pretty much no more. Lively bushes and flowerbeds now surround the paths, and the bowers are decorated with beautiful vines.

Elea notices me first and quickly lets the other two know. They come almost running to me and make a slight bow.

“Master, welcome.” They all speak in unison.

“That’s some great work you’ve put into this. It’s amazing,” I praise them a little.

“It’s really nothing. Since I was gifted with the Nature affinity, I always tended to flowers during my free time and those two often helped me,” Elea explains.

“I see. Thanks for your hard work. I’m really happy to have you.”

The girls smile beautifully at me and bow again. We move to one of the bowers to sit down and touch onto the main topic. Elea takes place on the opposite of me while Filue and Leyne take spots on both of my sides. I can see their deep cleavages from my position since they are wearing tank-tops, barely containing their voluptuous bosoms. They seem to notice my gaze but it doesn’t faze them at all. I’m slowly getting used to how they don’t pay that much attention to being considerate of showing their bodies.

Ekhm… Well then, Elea, how are things going with our maid swimsuits project?” I refocus myself and ask the headmaid.

“We have received three sets of clothes that were ordered. I’m pretty sure another one won’t arrive before the opening night so that will be all for the time. The tailor says it’s really troublesome to work on so detailed attire while using the hydrophobic material,” she answers calmly.

I rub my chin. “It’s something at least. Better than having you go naked or in clothes that could get easily see-through. Did you ask others? Anyone willing to work in our bathing service?”

As our establishment doesn’t only focus on the good, old aspect of sexual services, we are naturally going to make use of other facilities we have at hand. And that’s why the water-resistant maid swimsuits. We plan to offer a pleasant bath time after, before, or even without needing to partake in lewd activities, where a person can pay to be accompanied by a beautiful girl to wash their body and hair. No snu-snu included. Just a pleasant relaxing time with an alluring girl by your side.

It’s another field where girls that won’t want to do sexual stuff can work at. Of course, if they don’t mind showing a little bit of skin here and there. The outfits are naturally quite sexy and seductive. But, they won’t have to do anything more as getting with it in the baths is forbidden. At least for the customers, heh. 

The chambers are quite spacious so why not have them function as a bathhouse too. No one said that we have to only do sex here and I definitely didn’t plan on limiting myself to it, not with such an impressive mansion with so many facilities.

Instead of Elea, Leyne answers this time. “I could work in the baths. Filue and Neira agreed too. I don’t think Cinra and Roseni would have anything against it anyway, but we haven’t asked them yet.”

“That’s right,” Filue confirms and they both smile at me from the sides.

“Thanks. You girls are really the best. I feel like I don’t deserve any of you, hell any of the girls that follow me.” I laugh a little.

“Did you forget who it was that saved us, Master?” Elea leans over the table in the center and scoops my hands into hers while looking me straight into the eyes. “We wouldn’t be here if not for our Saviour, so it’s natural that we will do what we can to repay you. Of course, you can rest easy, Master, nothing so far has been against our wishes and likes.”

The girls on my sides entangle their arms with mine and squeeze their impressive mountains against them, burying my arms in between the dark peaks of fluffy heaven while a range of chocolate hills peeks at me from the front due to Elea’s leaning position.

“The Princess is right, we wouldn’t do anything we hate,” Filue informs me.

“And so far, there hasn't been anything like that. Besides, Master always repeats that we are friends and friends help each other,” Leyne follows.

Noticing a slightly visible change in a certain part of my attire, the girls on the sides giggle mischievously and release me from their clutches. I mean, I can’t control that. Not with such beauties at every angle. 

I smile at each of them after Elea also returns to her seat. “Got it. That’s great to hear. If there’s anything you want to have or do, just come to me when I’m free and we’ll see it done. Anything for my charming friends.” Just in case it was about what I think it was, I leave a small encouragement for them too.

After some more chatting, I let them return to their activities and go back to the mansion. Since I’m already having a talk with everyone, I should spend some time with my lovely slimes. If I’m not mistaken, they are in the underground and seem to be training or something. 

And that’s certainly true as after arriving there I see them having a go at each other. They hopped out of their uniforms to not damage them and they are currently having a bout while completely naked. But, that’s normal for them as their whole bodies are their weapons. 

I observe as they shift and reshape all the time, once striking with countless tendrils and at the other time trying to swallow each other in their own slime. In their humanoid forms, they shape their limbs into various weapons. It looks like they can achieve a decent level of sharpness with that.

They obviously sense my presence and stop immediately. As they run towards me, their whole jelly bodies bounce and wiggle with each step. It doesn’t have to be mentioned what a sight it is with them not having a single piece of clothing on. Safi’s sizable breasts sway in the air with considerate force while Emi’s a little smaller boobs wiggle up and down with a higher tempo.

The overjoyed green girl jumps at me as usual and pins me by the waist, slamming my back against the wall. She seems conscious of her actions as she shields my head from the impact with her jelly hands and instantly dives in for a deep kiss while latched onto me. After she doesn't stop her assault for a good minute, I forcefully tear her off my face to make space for Safi to receive some kisses and she leans in to get them.

[Master, Master! Is it time for more lessons?] Emi asks and nuzzles her face into my neck while Safi stands in the back with her iconic smile.

“Hahaha, no, not right now. I just came to see what you are doing here.” I give her some mana-pats and hugs.

[As Master saw, we are exercising control over our slime,] Safi explains their actions.

Emi doesn’t let go of me and just hangs there like a koala attached to a tree. Oh well, I’ll just let her be.

“Interesting. Getting any better?”

[I think we are almost at the breaking point to move onto the next stage and some exercise should allow us to reach it.]

“That's really good news! Not that much time has passed since you two advanced a stage.”

Safi grazes her belly with her hand and her core floats in circles near its surface. [I think it’s thanks to all the essence Master keeps giving us. It’s full of nutrients and mana.]

I chuckle. “Well, we certainly did it a lot. Happy to know that it helps you that way this quickly.”

Emi moves a bit to let me see her lips. [Yes! Master’s seed is really tasty and good for us! Please, keep giving more to Emi!]

“I will. Don’t worry. Are you going to be able to choose an upgrade or something, like the last time?” I turn to Safi.

She nods. [That should be so, Master. We already planned on trying to replicate proper vocal cords so that we can finally speak with you and the others.]

I reach out to brush the top of her head with some mana-pats too. “If there’s anything much more beneficial for you, don’t hesitate to pick it over that. We can communicate well enough and now you can also use our whispers skill.”

After Emi finally slides down off me, we sit near the wall and they snuggle to my arms. The chilly softness is really pleasant.

“So, how are you two doing? We are going to have the first working night soon.”

[Don’t worry, Master! You’ve taught us a lot! We will do our best!] Emi conveys with all her jiggliness.

[Certainly, we have learned a lot of techniques from Master. We definitely won’t let you down,] Safi also responds.

“Haha, I know, I know. I’m more worried about how you are feeling about everything as we are close to starting.” I try to bring them more onto the topic I have in mind.

They look at each other for a moment and then up at me with smiling faces. [We just have to make other Humans feel good the way they asked, right? It’s completely different from doing it with Master. They won’t be touching our cores. We are just going to use our slime as Master has taught us. I don’t see anything for Master to worry about here. Master doesn’t even force us to consume their fluids,] Safi slowly introduces her points.

[Safi is right! Master has nothing to worry about! Emi is really happy to be of use to Master! Emi can’t just keep getting spoiled all the time so Emi will work hard so that Master can praise Emi lots and lots!] The green girl supports her sister with all she has.

I chuckle again and shake my head a little. “Okay, okay, looks like we are good. I will reward you as much as you want, Emi. That goes for you too, Safi. Don’t forget.”

We enjoy some cuddles for a few more minutes and I escape before Emi starts assaulting me in a much more serious manner. Not that I wouldn’t like it, quite the opposite, but now it’s not the time for that and we have lots of fun during the evenings anyway. They get back to some more training with each other.

Rest of the day passes uneventfully with everyone doing their own things and me still checking around and speaking to them. Sirgia joins me for a relaxing dip in the bath before going to sleep and we wash each other thoroughly. I really enjoy helping with her hair and she also likes when I do it. She doesn’t come with me to my room so I guess it’s not her turn today.

I slip into my comfy bed and wait. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. Fifteen minutes pass. I start wondering if perhaps I missed something or maybe they decided to leave me alone for the night. That hasn’t happened since like forever. Well, it’s not like I mind in any way. I might have gotten a little used to having someone by my side, but this is nice too.

While I’m still pondering over it, the door to Cornelia’s room barely opens, most likely enough for her to peek inside. The person in question soon increases the gap and sneaks inside as quietly as she can. My tsun magician dressed in her lovely negligee glances around and softly walks to the side of the bed without locking her gaze with mine. She hastily dives under the sheets and lies down with her back to me.

I chuckle to myself. This explains a lot. It’s the first time we would sleep together like this after our quite passionate night. I should have figured this out much earlier. Well, anyway, I scoot myself closer to her and gently envelop Cornelia in a hug from behind, pulling her into a little spoon. She jerks a bit in surprise but doesn’t run away.

Snuggling myself up to her, I brush my face against her hair and take a deep breath. My hands lovingly brush her belly without any illicit intent. My nostrils get filled with an extremely pleasant lavender fragrance.

“I love this amazing scent of yours, my beautiful Ice Queen,” I whisper to her ear.

A few moments pass and nothing happens. As I’m considering just drifting off with her in my arms like this, Cornelia actually turns around to face me and goes for a small kiss on the lips. We stare at each other. A slightly embarrassed but happy smile paints her face.

“I love yours much more,” she whispers back and embraces me with her arms too.

Cornelia rests her head on my collarbone and finds herself a comfortable position. I move one of my hands to the back of her head and stroke it gently. 

“I actually… was really looking forward to this…” she says.

“And yet you pretended to just lie down and sleep?” I ask her teasingly. Even in the low light, I can see a visible blush creeping onto her cheeks. “Hahaha, I know you are doing your best, don’t worry. I’ll be more proactive where you can’t. Anyway, how are you recently?”

Cornelia giggles and lifts her face to plant a quick peck on my chin from below. “Is it my turn for the daily interview now?”

I laugh a little too. “I guess so. I might have asked this question to everyone.”

“I’m great. I’m a little bit excited. Never expected to start something like this, ever. And I’m really happy to be doing it with you by my side.”

“Hey, that should be my line.”

She giggles again. “We both can use it. Anyway, I’m pretty much done with my preparations and stuff. I wonder how it will go. I haven’t heard about a place that offers sex, alcohol, bath and social interactions in their menu in the whole Human continent. And as you may know, I’m all in for new things.”

“We have a chance to go big. Or completely miss the mark. In any case, the priorities stay the same. I’d like to not stay under the King’s care, but if that will be required to keep helping others then nothing much can be done. After we open, I’ll need to focus way more on finding people who could work in the main field.”

She lovingly brushes my chest. “They will come in time. I know you will find a way to do that without being forceful. Also, I think the elves wouldn’t mind, at least some of them. Have you talked about it with them already?”

“I planned to do so soon. I had a similar feeling with how carefree they are. Especially today. We shall see.”

We try to get rid of our worries and have a pleasant time together. I doze off with Cornelia snuggled to my chest. In the morning I wake up with her still in my arms, but not embracing me hard enough to not allow me to leave without inconveniencing her. With a soft good morning kiss, I move out and let her sleep for a little bit longer.

Roseni and Cinra are already in the kitchen and they prepare a quick breakfast for me. I thank them and enjoy the short meal before heading out. Sirgia anticipated this and left her list on the counter for me so that I don’t have to disturb her sleep. She needs lots of it.

I get myself in the butler outfit and head out. First, I go to the Noble District to look for some good quality wine and stuff. It doesn’t take long. There are countless shops and stores catering to such needs. It was quite obvious after seeing how nobles usually party.

After acquiring a fulfilling number of bottles of different beverages, I move onto the next target, which is Barren’s humble abode. He should be open already. Whatever he won’t have, I’ll get from the market.

With a ring of a hanging bell above the door, I enter the shop. The muscular shopkeeper hastily raises himself from behind the counter, where he was taking care of something below. He instantly recognizes me and smiles widely while extending his arms to the sides.

“Al! What a surprise! I thought you had forgotten about this place!” He jumps over the desk and walks up to me to envelop me in a bear hug. “What brings you here today?”

Doing my best to not get crushed, I try to somehow answer the question. “Umph… opening night… party… cake… air!”

Barren chuckles and finally releases me, who desperately catches their breath. He slams my shoulder. “Hahaha, you’ve lasted quite long. Getting stronger?”

“Haaaah… yeah, you can say that… anyway, here’s a list of stuff I need.” I hand him the paper and we begin chatting while he collects the stuff he has in stock.

He seems to be doing fine. Life is slow and kinda boring. Not much he has to do in his small shop. He enjoys the time with Sirgia during the deliveries as they often talk about food and stuff so that’s nice. He also noticed that my staff grew a little and I fill him in on the new arrivals. Barren asks to keep him up to date as he will also try to sneak a word or two to his customers from time to time. He doesn’t take no as an answer. What a great guy.

Actually… Was it fine to openly advertise this kind of business? I need to check that again. If yes, then why not make some nice posters for the common noticeboards, of course not the one with tasks and requests. It’s a thing for later, but a decent idea I would say.

He has a delivery to make soon so I don’t bother him for too long. While heading back, I take a stroll through the market to pick up the last required ingredients for Sirgia. Then, for the day, I help her with Roseni and Cinra with baking and preparing all the dishes. 

Finally, the big day arrives and we finish everything we can before. We’ll be opening in the evening and it’s just an hour or two before that. Cornelia got into her beautiful dress she showed to me recently and all the other girls are in their maid uniforms. Not all of them will be in sight all the time obviously. They all look amazing though.

We make a short recount of everything and take the last glance around. The tables on the bottom floor are filled with lots of dishes and desserts and beverages. The stronger ones are available at the bar above which will be manned by someone when necessary. I know that everything for the baths and rooms is prepared too. 

Sirgia, Cinra and Roseni disappear into the kitchen where they will spend most of the time by choice. The slimes and rest of the elves want to stay in the main hall to entertain guests. My dark-skinned girls have been taking Common classes behind my back for this reason. Not all of them managed to get that much communicative, but Elea was and is quite decent with it while Filue and Leyne can have a simple chat now.

We sit down on the sofas and enjoy the feast while we wait. Neira walks to the upper floor so that she can let us know if someone will be heading towards the entrance. Two hours pass and not that much happens. Quite as expected.

Then, at the third hour, Neira leans over the railing and starts waving at us before running back to the stairs. We get up and take our positions. I stand on the right of the reception while Teffith takes the left side, dressed in her suit and with a spear in hand.

Safi, Emi, Neira, Filue and Leyne make two rows on the sides of the carpet from the door to the main desk and await the guest. The door opens and a tall man walks inside.

“Welcome to Utopia, honoured traveller!” All girls, the ones that can, speak in unison and make a courteous bow, staying in it for a moment.

The man visibly laughs and starts heading towards the reception while glancing at the girls on the sides. I shake my head with a smile. I had a hunch he would be the first one to show up. The mysterious first guest approaching me and Cornelia is no one else than the muscular and tall Barren.

He whistles in amusement and rests his hands on his hips after reaching us. “It’s my first time seeing this side of the mansion and man, it is awe-inspiring. Same can be said about all the beauties here. I’m starting to regret my choice of career a little.” He laughs wholeheartedly.

I step closer and enter a manly handshake with him. “Welcome. Happy to hear that. The first part of course, hahaha. Not only are you our first supplier but also now the first customer. That’s if I didn’t assume wrongly.”

He slaps my shoulder with his other hand a few times. “Ha! You bet your ass you didn’t! I was curious since the beginning so I obviously couldn’t miss the first day! I’ve also heard a few decent things about the place already.”

“Oh? I’m curious what those were.” I show a grin.

“Well, even though the business is just opening, people are talking about some group of pros in this field being invited by you to check the quality beforehand. They supposedly travel all around the nation and rate the establishments. And from what I’ve heard, they had quite the good impressions of the place even though it deals only in non-humans right now and Slime girls are the only option for some serious fun. Although, the other facilities, including baths and social, were rated top of the top. They only complained about the lack of choice so far, but this is something that can be easily solved with time as everything else is top-notch."

I try my best to not explode into a laugh at how familiar his description of the rumours looks to a certain story I remember reading back in the day. Damn, are all of the King’s people men of culture even though they don’t even know stuff like that exists?

Stifling my chuckles, I smile at him. “That’s certainly nice to hear. Yeah, we’ll have to deal with the employee shortage with time.”

“Definitely! There were some other rumours but whatever! It will be better when another source of good words appears, right? So, what do we have here?” He shows a knowing grin.

I step aside and make a courteous bow while pointing with my hands at Cornelia behind the main counter. He slams my back once more and turns to the charming Madame. She skillfully introduces him to some basic rules and how the whole establishment works, presenting him with the menu of services for each department. Barren naturally accepts the rules without any issues.

After the short introduction, he turns to me. “Aight. I may not have much experience with places like this, but I can honestly say that all this looks damn cool. Guess I’ll jump into the bath first, then leave myself in the hands of one of your beauties and take a short dip after too so that I can spend some time here later without looking like a miner after a day of work, haha!”

“Great, since this is your first visit, I’ll throw the second dip for free and the rest will be with a 30% discount.”

He waves his finger at me threateningly. “Oh, no, no, no, my little friend. I saved some spare coin just for this occasion and I’m paying full. You don’t need to lure me in like others.”

I shake my head and smile. “Fine. I won’t be able to change your mind.” 

I raise my hand and snap my fingers. All the girls willing to help with the bath line up on our left, and those up for some sexy time, all two of them, stand on our right.

“Choose your beauty from these charming elves and your partner from my cute slimes.”

Barren glances around, making an acted thinking expression for a moment. His gaze first stops at Safi and she smiles enchantingly at him. 

“Safi, was it? I’ll be in your care then.” 

She makes a little bow and he looks to the other side. Barren extends his hand towards the girl with long, black hair, which is Leyne, and she takes him under her arm. She nods at me and starts escorting our first guest towards the bath.

Cornelia leans over the counter and looks at me. “He seems like a good guy. Wouldn’t it be nice if all people were like him?”

“Yeah, but that’s just wishful thinking. We’ll see with time.”

While they are gone, I have one more talk with Safi, but she assures me to not worry so much. After I get a Whisper from Leyne saying that they are done, I send my sapphire slime to one of the rooms on the upper floor and instruct the elf to lead Barren there.

During the busy time, no one else comes in. Neira reports that she saw a few people circling around the open gate, but they didn’t decide for it in the end. Hopefully, with some more confirmed rumours and time, their curiosity will win over the most likely hesitancy over the demi-human aspect. After they finish in around twenty minutes, Safi leads Barren to the baths again as he requested and he stays there for a solo dip this time while the slime girl comes back to us.

I instantly approach her. “So? How are you feeling? Anything unpleasant?”

She gently hugs me and places a light kiss on my cheek before stepping away. [I’m fine, Master. We told you not to worry so much. There wasn’t any foul taste or sensation like from the bad people in the past. I think I did a good job. Your friend was really happy. I might have been a little too… forceful, as he almost fainted for a moment, but he asked for it, so… it was okay, right?]

She shows a little bit of concern, but I smile at her and shower her in lots of mana-pats. “Yes, of course. I’m really relieved to hear that. Hahaha, really, what did you do to make such a huge man almost faint. Ah, you don’t need to answer, I’m just speaking my mind out loud.”

Well, hopefully, the thing from the past works as we suspect it and Slimes can sense someone’s bad intentions towards them through direct contact, so it shouldn’t be back for as long as no one gets any weird ideas. And I’ll make sure to be wary of any suspicious people.

Barren soon joins us in the main hall and we sit together around one of the tables. Neira and Leyne casually take his sides while most of the other girls lean all over me. I have a feeling that they are showing who is the boss here much more than it’s necessary.

He praises Leyne and Safi a lot, also sharing an idea with us. He suggests that we could also offer massages and such since he noticed a few of those wavy, stone structures where you can lie or sit down, alongside the usual benches. I certainly thought about that before and we may introduce it later.

We spend some time chatting. Mostly it’s him assuring us that he might come once in a while even just for a pleasant dip as public baths or even his own small bathroom can’t compare to this. I was hoping for someone else to arrive tonight too, but it doesn’t look like it. Before he leaves, we inform Barren that we are planning to be open each other night currently, to have some more time to work on increasing the roster and introducing new services.

The closing time comes and Neira reports around eight silhouettes wandering around the entrance in total during the whole period. Anyway, time for a quick rest and then back to work. With most of the things completed and tested, it’s time to focus more on the people aspect. Selina’s might be a decent choice now.


So, we finally reached that point in time. Now, let's just hope that everything goes well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It's time to start expanding the roster.


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