Chapter 47 – Two Hundred Years of Abstinence ❤❤
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I walk through the streets with our potential new resident by my side. Now, that we both are standing straight and our perspectives are at a proper height, I can easily confirm that she is somewhat as tall as Emi, or perhaps close to her, I’m not sure if more or less yet. The part I’m certain of is that the catgirl following me is about one hundred and fifty-something centimetres tall.

As we stroll through the town, she takes careful and attentive glances around, following different people that come from ahead of us, with her eyes. From the slightly jumping top part of the hood she has on, I can clearly deduce that she is being really wary of everything around us.

Beastkin senses are much sharper than your usual Human’s or other races'. Especially their ears and nose are developed to the extent where they can hear over unimaginable to others distances and discern faint scents even in a huge downpour.

That also depends on which type of Beastkin they are. In our case, Astrea is what is called a half-blood Beastkin. It can be determined by her almost completely human-like appearance, but with an addition of beast-like ears, tail and eyes. 

And, differently from the usual images of catgirls back in my homeworld, she doesn’t have two pairs of ears. There is only one pair, the cute rounded triangles on top of her head, currently hidden under the piece of material. If I were to move part of her hair on the side of her head, I would be met with a flat and empty surface of her skin. Some may find that disturbing, but for me, it always felt right and natural.

But, back to the whole Beastkin thing, the other part of their race consists of pure-blood Beastkin. They look similar to the male slave I’ve met weeks ago after leaving the shrine during the Class reveal ceremony. If I were to explain it in simple words, they are like werewolves from various fantasy works. Or furries, scalies and whatever other names of individuals completely covered in fur or other things are, with their heads, hands and feet being almost exactly like their beast counterparts.

Those people obviously trump with their senses over the half-bloods. Where those two sides of Beastkin come from and why is it like that? Well, if the inhabitants of this world were aware of those things called genes, then that would be the proper explanation. It’s actually quite simple to explain without having to delve deep into that topic.

At first, there was only one type of Beastkin, the pure-blood ones. They were a closed community, huddled up together in one of the other continents. But, at some point in time, long, long ago, they came in contact with other races. And again, sometime later, they stopped being so wary of others and began opening their community. Naturally, that led to interracial relationships too. And that was the emergence of half-blood Beastkin. Let’s recount every possibility right now. 

Basically, when two pure-blood Beastkin, male and female, elope together, their child will obviously be pure-blood too. Then, if a pure-blood male gets together with a female of another race, the child will end up either half-blood Beastkin or completely whatever the mother’s race is, let’s say an Elf. If we take a female pure-blood with a male of another race, the result will always be half-blood.

Then, the half-bloods enter the equation. For a half-blood and another race, the result of their relationships will be either a half-blood or a member of the mother’s or father’s race in this case. And for two half-bloods getting together, they end up with a half-blood kid obviously. Then when we get to pure- and half-blood combinations. In both scenarios, either pure-blood male or female, there's a chance for their children to be born pure- or half-blood. That chance is supposedly higher when the mother is pure-blood.

Pretty simple and logical. To some extent at least. You could question many different parts of those combinations and ask why it’s exactly like this and not some other way, but that’s just how it works in this world. Some will just say ‘magic’, others that it’s just how the Beastkin lineage is. I bet there are some researchers interested in the topic, but with the current state of things around the realm, they most likely aren’t working with that many other races. And definitely not with Humans. Not like those relationships now happen that much in this continent. Maybe there are Humans living amongst Beastkin in their homeland.

Anyway, Astrea is a half-blood in the end. I’m pretty sure she is an escaped slave or something in those lines. It’s obvious that she survived on the streets for quite some time. I wonder why she didn’t try to sneak out of the capital. Maybe she did and she failed or she is afraid of getting caught. If she decides to stay, I hope to learn more about her with time. I would need to gain her trust first and that most likely won’t be as easy as with Safi and Emi.

When we reach the mansion, she stops in front of the gate for a moment and glances all over the incredible building and the path leading to it. She hesitates. I can feel the uncertainty from her wary gaze. I kneel in front of her to take a better look at her face inside the hood from below.

“I promise that nothing will happen to you and no one will approach you without your permission. In turn, I ask you to not hurt my friends if they accidentally offend or surprise you, okay? I’ve already informed them about you with my skill, something like telepathy,” I speak calmly, trying to show a soft smile.

She squints her eyes at me, most likely because of the last part, but nods lightly.

“You can keep your distance from me, staying close to the entrance if you are still suspicious. I don’t blame you. It’s natural.”

After adding that part, I begin walking the path to the mansion. Astrea follows a few meters behind me as I suggested. While we were walking through the streets, I asked all the girls mentally to come to the main lobby, if they could of course. I wouldn’t drag them out of something important or perhaps the middle of a bath.

I go through the front door and leave it open for the catgirl to come in after me. Most of the girls did gather in the main hall. Safi, Emi, Sirgia and Cornelia are sitting by one of the tables on the side and the elves took a different one on the opposite part of the room. Besides Neira and Cinra, they are all there. I can feel those two in the former’s studio when I expand my senses. Teffith is leaning on a wall with her back and arms crossed over her chest, with her spear lodged inside that hold, and closed eyes.

It looks like they even got into their uniforms and prepared some light snacks and drinks. Sirgia stands up from her sofa and trots to me. I plop my hand on her head and brush through her hair.

“Was this your idea?” I ask.

“Uhn.” She nods with a very faint smile.

I can’t let her go unrewarded so I lean forward to give her a gentle peck on those petite lips. She dives in for one more after I start backing away, so I let her leave a few more little kisses on my mouth before finally departing. I keep patting the head of my adorable dwarf while the other girls start coming closer and saying their welcomes.

“So… is that her?” Cornelia asks and we all turn towards the entrance.

A figure of a short girl completely covered in a cloak stands literally in the middle of the doorstep. Her glinting eyes wander around the interiors and pass over every person present in the room. She stops for the longest on the slimes and then the dragonewt. Teffith lazily opens one eye after sensing a not-so-friendly gaze on herself. Our little friend shudders a bit.

“Yeah… That’s Astrea. As you all can see, she is quite wary of us, so please, be understanding.” I look at each of my girls and they nod. Then, I turn to the catgirl again. “Well then. This cute dwarf here, Sirgia, decided to prepare all this food for you, so don’t be shy and dig in. You don’t need to hold back. I’m sure that you didn’t get full with just a piece of bread,” I speak to her while patting Sirgia’s head.

Astrea moves her gaze to the tables with various simple dishes and jugs. I think I can spot a little trail of saliva leaking from the corner of her mouth as she stares intently at all the delicious food. She should be able to get a good whiff of the aroma from that distance with her keen nose. Finally getting out of her daze, she looks back at me. I gesture towards the table with my hand and nod at her.

While she is hesitating, Sirgia escapes my caresses and begins slowly walking towards her. Astrea instantly locks her wary eyes onto the approaching dwarf, observing her carefully. My little artificer, or rather my little maid at this moment, stops at a comfortable distance from her. I’m not sure what is Sirgia’s expression since I can only see her back, but I can tell that she is doing her best to look friendly.

“You don’t need to be so suspicious. Master is not a bad person. He saved me when I was in a really bad state and also gave me food, clothes and a home. Just like he is trying to give them to you,” she softly speaks to the slightly taller girl.

I didn’t expect Sirgia to take the initiative. She is always so withdrawn and a bit shy around others. But, I guess she wasn’t always completely like that. I mean, in the past she lived amongst her kin and even travelled a bit. She might finally be regaining some of her courage, and Astrea is a Beastkin, so it should be easier for Sirgia to interact with her than with Humans. I do feel like she always was distant and timid, but surely, the things she went through added another layer on top of that, which is now slowly melting away.

Sirgia extends her hand towards the catgirl and waits. Astrea keeps intently staring into her eyes as if judging the dwarf’s true personality. After a moment, she finally decides to move her worries aside and grabs the arm of the smaller girl in front of her.

She is then slowly led to one of the sofas and both of them sit down. Sirgia encourages her to take whatever she wants and pours some apple juice into a glass, passing it to her. Astrea takes a careful sip and then gulps down the whole thing at once, releasing a pleased sigh afterwards.

It looks like this was enough as Astrea takes down her hood and reveals her short, grey hair and cute animal ears. She then starts wolfing down all the offerings prepared for her. I can see Sirgia smiling a little as she watches her consume everything so greedily.

Roseni and Leyne step closer to me. “We will go prepare a bath for our guest, Master,” the latter speaks and they leave towards the stairs.

“And I will check for some clothes for her,” Leyne soon passes by me too, nodding her head courteously.

I turn to Elea. “Will you accompany her there later? Just please, let’s not barrage her with information like in Teffith’s case, okay?”

She giggles while covering her mouth and giving me an innocent look. Well, it doesn’t work as well as she intends as due to her quite sharp and mature face ends up looking more seductive than pure-hearted.

“As you wish, Master. I’ll try my best.” After answering me, she moves to sit on the other side of the feasting catgirl.

“I think it should be fine to leave the new girl in their hands. It’s not like you have to watch over every newcomer twenty-four-seven,” Cornelia appears by my side and suggests.

“Right. On one hand, it’s a huge relief having others help out, but on the other hand, I just can’t shake off the feeling that she may get the wrong idea about me if I don’t specifically explain everything myself. It’s just something that always accompanied me, no matter where and about what. Haaaaaaaah…” I share some of my troubles with her.

She pats my back. “There, there. I know you like to be in control of most things, but you should also be aware that it will get much harder with more people around. You also need to trust others.” She moves to my front and gives me a little pep talk while gazing into my eyes.

I brush over the side of her face and slowly lean for a kiss. As my mouth gets close to her lips, Cornelia closes her eyes and waits for the connection. But, just before it happens, I move my face a little up and leave a small peck on her forehead.

“Thanks for cheering me up,” I say with a smile.

She rolls her eyes after opening them and sighs heavily. “Seriously?” But she chuckles right after and pulls me into a proper kiss. After a few seconds of loving caresses, we separate. “Why did I even admit enjoying this…”

I chuckle this time. “Because I love honest girls.” I give her a quick nibble on her ear as I whisper to it.

Emi informs me that she wants to help too so she will stay with the girls. I naturally let her do that. Even if she can’t speak, her joyful and easygoing nature is so strong that she doesn’t need words to affect others.

With Cornelia and Safi by my side, I move to my chamber where we discuss the events that transpired when I was out. Both of them support my decision saying that it was a correct one and that I shouldn’t think that deeply about it as they know that I will only bring back girls that truly don’t mind being here. We again touch on the topic that I can’t save every single slave in the Human continent and Cornelia brings up the argument that sex for pleasure is a common thing for many races and I won’t be in any way lowering the self-worth of them by having them work if they explicitly agree.

I guess she mentions that because of one conversation we had in the past where she was curious about the society back in my world and I shared with her the usual situation around. But, I assure both of them that I’ve never viewed things like sex or prostitution as impairing a person’s dignity or such and I’m completely fine with that fact. 

I’m sure that they knew this much up to this point but still were somehow worried about me. I just need to get over that feeling I get while seeing enslaved demi-humans. I can’t change the world overnight. I need to think about the bigger picture way more. I’m already much better than in the beginning. And it’s thanks to all of the amazing girls around me.

They promise to fill others in on our little talk and we move onto some aspects connected to our brothel, mostly me and Cornelia. Safi offers her lap with a charming, kind smile and I have a hard time rejecting her offer so I end up on her thighs, while she sits on a chair by my desk, and being pampered as I converse with my Ice Queen. 

It looks… emasculating. But why in hell would I care about that. This situation gives Cornelia a few chances to poke fun at me so it’s even better that she gets her turn to tease me a bit. We all have fun and pleasant time.

Later in the evening, I take a dip in the male bath, just in case Astrea would be in the mixed one with Elea for whatever reason. You gotta avoid the cliche situations if you can. I relax while submerged in hot water and with my arms spread to the sides over the edge of the pool.

At some point, I begin hearing soft plops of someone’s feet on the flooring. And they are clearly heading towards my position from behind. I decide against prodding the area with my senses and wait for the person to reveal themselves.

A shadow finally drops onto me from above me and I tilt my head to the back to glance up. The first thing my eyes land on is an enticing pink slit in between two juicy, chocolate thighs, adorned by a patch of violetish hair above the front. Then, much higher, two utterly impressive peaks stand to attention proudly, hiding the face of their owner behind the impressive mountain range.

I don’t need to see it to know who is standing almost right above my face. Elea moves her hand and squashes her bountiful breasts to her chest while leaning forwards to glance at me with a smile.

I also smile at her and sigh while shaking my head lightly and then taking my arms off the edge to sink myself a bit more into the bath. Elea giggles and soon, her legs appear on the sides of my face, descending slowly into the water. A moment later, I’m surrounded by her juicy thighs and the back of my head rests on her underbelly. She moves her hands onto my head and begins massaging it with her fingers.

After a few minutes, I finally speak up. “So… what brings you here, Elea?”

“I’ve finished bathing our new friend as you requested, Master. Then, after sensing your presence in the other bath, I decided to come and join you. Am I making you uncomfortable perhaps, Master?" she explains in her usual, calm and slightly royal tone.

“I would shake my head to show my answer, but it’s currently locked in between those two very beautiful thighs.” She giggles at my compliment. “You are not inconveniencing me in any way. You are always welcome to join if you want. Well, that’s if that part doesn’t bother you.”

And that part is, of course, my quite hard rod. I don’t have any towel covering my lower half or anything, and obviously, such sight would result in an adequate reaction.

“Of course not. Why would it? That’s just how our bodies work. I’m actually glad to know that you find my body alluring, Master,” she answers.

“There’s no way I wouldn’t. With such a beautiful and amazing body you would be called a world-class sex bomb back in my realm, that’s how bewitching it is. No offence.”

“None taken. It’s just as you say. I do look quite sinful for a priestess, don’t you think? Fufufufu~.” 

Looks like she enjoys this sexy talk. I laugh alongside her.

“Truly, you do. I’m not surprised that the guy who pursued you fell for you so hard as to resort to such shameful and evil tactics. If the prejudice against non-humans was non-existent, many would fight over this body… and face.”

Elea smiles as she has fun listening to my playful flirting until I mention the last thing, what makes her show a bit of surprise.

“Because while this tempting figure of yours certainly plays a big part in the whole picture, I personally think that your noble-looking face with those lady-like, sharp angles and eyes, make it actually complete and have such a strong effect. It’s just… I don’t know… perfect?”

She stops her massage somewhere in the middle of my monologue and stays unmoving.

“Ummm… Elea?”

I try to find an angle that would allow me to glance at her face but it’s impossible from my position. She soon spreads her legs and moves one of them over my head to sit by the side of my ear on the pool’s edge. A moment later, she lowers herself into the water next to me and I finally get a proper view of her.

And what I see on her dark-skinned cheeks can be called a dignified blush. Quite different from the usual, mischievous or teasing ones she sometimes shows. By no means did she suddenly turn all shy, but it looks like my statement did come out as unexpected. 

Elea’s hand makes its way to my thigh as she smiles at me. “Say… Master…”

I don’t need special skills or abilities to read the mood here. Looks like it’s most likely time to take responsibility for my carefree and flirtatious words. But before that…

“Isn’t a Princess supposed to stay pure?” I also smile at her and ask while placing my hand over hers.

She chuckles. “That’s true, but… my service has ended at the moment we pledged our loyalty to this place. And well… I’ve already been pretty close to reaching my limit if I had to be honest with myself. While I have been guarding my purity for almost two hundred years, most of my attendants were able to enjoy the taste of a man many times as they didn’t have to follow such a rule.”

Elea shows a bit wry, reminiscing expression.

“At the beginning, I thought nothing of that, but with time it began to be… frustrating. The number of times I saw one of my attendants consummating their relationship quite close to the temple is… impressive at least. Plenty of times I got myself off to the sounds. It was impossible to ignore in the long term. But… fingers and such are not the same as the real thing. And then I understood why almost every Princess mentioned in our history requested their dismissal before reaching the last day of their service. Including my predecessor,” she finished her short story about the past with a chuckle.

“I see. I certainly can imagine how hard it would be to keep abstinence for so long with many stimuli around. You are really strong, Elea,” I express my admiration for her resolve.

“Yes, it was hard. But I believed that one day I would be rewarded by the Goddess with a man of my dreams. Someone I would be able to dedicate the next part of my life to, as I previously did to her. Someone like you, my Saviour.” 

She rotates her hand and grasps mine into a gentle hold while smiling at me beautifully.

Damn… how am I supposed to react to her basically putting me on par with a god? Well… there’s only one answer here.

I escape her fingers, grab her by the wrist and slowly guide her hand along my thigh, towards my towering boner, stopping just short of it. Her eyes stare at the gap between her fingers and my rod expectantly.

“The reward is yours for the taking then, my Princess,” I say in a seductive tone, leaving the last step to her.

Elea stares the underwater Leaning Tower of Lust down and hesitates for a moment. After taking one more glance at my smiling face, she finally reaches out and her fingers close around my shaft gently. She gives my cock a few weak squeezes before releasing it again and starting to brush all over it. The monument sways under her curious pokes.

After a while, she stops caressing it and stands up. I watch as she crosses over my body and descends into the water again, sitting on my stretched out legs, very close to me, with her underbelly almost touching the horny pole standing tall. She then moves both of her hands down and uses one to stroke my dick up and down while tickling my balls with the other.

I throw my head back and my arms over the edge of the pool again and sigh as pleasure from this erotic massage spreads through my body. Elea curiously examines my penis to satiate her desires that were locked for hundreds of years. She might have the knowledge, but it’s the practical experience that gives the most satisfaction here.

At some point, she grabs my forearm and guides my right hand to her voluptuous breast. I return my gaze to her when my fingers sink into the soft and hot flesh of her impressive, dark brown mountains. A fervent blush and an impish smile paint her face.

“Mhnnn… I can’t be the only one feeling good,” she explains her motion while still having fun with my cock in her other hand.

I raise my brows at her and chuckle. “What do you mean by ‘I can’t be the only one feeling good’? As far as I am concerned, I’m the one receiving a heavenly handjob from a gorgeous woman.”

She chuckles too. “Just touching your manly thing makes me feel good, so please, enjoy my body too.”

Well… how else am I supposed to respond to this besides starting to give her juicy breast some good squeezes? I don’t know and that’s why I do exactly that. She recalls her hand back down to my member and continues to stimulate it with one now rubbing the glans while the other pumps the shaft with irregular squeezes.

To fulfil her request, I reach for her other breast too and playfully stroke both of them with my fingers. I graze all over those unimaginable valleys, making swift circles around the areolas at the peaks and nudging them from time to time with my thumb.

“Nhhhnnn… It feels so good having them touched.” Elea starts releasing some more moans and sighs.

“You stole that line straight from my lips.”

Her smile grows wider and she increases the massage on my precious jewels. I’m pretty sure she wants to make me feel good enough to cum, so I stop holding it back completely and let the pleasure build the climax up.


Another soundly moan gets released into the air after I lean forward and give Elea’s left nipple a few licks and nibbles. I can feel myself getting close so I increase my teasing too.

“Mhnnnnn… Amazing… Your tongue is so tingly… Ahnnn… I love it… Alastair… Ah!” 

She calls my name and then jumps a little in realization. I quickly dive in for a kiss before she has a chance to apologize for not calling me Master. Elea lets my tongue invade her mouth almost instantly and it starts lewdly exploring the insides of it while we are joined in a passionate exchange. 

“No need… to call me Master… I would love for you… to use my name…” I speak during the moments we gasp for some air.

While we kiss each other, I reach my limit and shoot out a few waves of white liquid into the hot pool, creating a surreal, three-dimensional piece of modern art.

She separates our lips and looks down at the floating serpents of sperm. “Such a waste…”

I give her one more quick peck. “Don’t worry. There’s a lot of it in the store. I can promise you that it won’t run out until you get your deserved fill.”

Elea hangs her arms over my shoulders and hugs me tightly. Her soft boobs press against my chest and her erect nipples graze it aggressively.

“I’ll take you up on the offer then, Alastair. I’ve been suffering from its deficiency for a reaaaaaaaaaaaally long time and I was hoping that your manly cock would help heal my condition,” she whispers to my ear.

“With pleasure. Let’s get you ready for the first dose then,” I answer and stand up with her latched to my waist, sitting Elea down on the edge of the pool.

The spot we are in has its ledge low enough for my dick to end up right in front of Elea’s untouched, virgin flower when I stand in front of her sitting down on it. But, I first kneel down and move my face towards her secret place.

“There’s no need. I’m already prepared and we’ve been in the water too,” she tries to convince me to dick her down straight away.

“No can do. It’s still your first time so just let me take care of you properly. Water is much worse lubricant than you’d think.” I give her a smile from below and land a kiss on those alluring lips in front of me.

Elea surrenders and pulls her legs up from the water, placing her feet on the sides, and showing me her pussy in its full glory as her legs make an M-shape. It opens invitingly to me a little, flashing more of the pink crevice. There certainly are some fluids different from water slowly dripping out due to her arousal. She got this much into it just from stroking my cock.

Without further ado, I start grazing around her labia with my index finger while looking intently at her face. Every time I get close to the inner layer, she tries to move her hips to make me cross the border and brush the sensitive flesh. When I gently rub the little hood on the top, Elea releases a prolonged sigh and bites on her lip.

I finally take the next step and use both hands to spread her lower lips a bit to the sides, giving the pink entrance to her virgin hole a good, long lick from bottom up.


Just from this, her knees bang together above my head, encasing it between her plump thighs. I begin peppering her wet pussy with little kisses and licks all around, nudging the precious orb carefully with my tongue.

“Mhnnn… Yeeessss… Please… More…”

She shivers a little whenever I nibble over it with my lips. I do as she says and focus my attention on her clit, playfully sucking around it. I time sneaking the tip of my finger into her fleshy cavern to the moment when she just finishes a sensual moan, increasing the pleasure just as she is out of breath. Elea’s mouth opens agape and her eyes widen a little when I invade her secret place.

“Ohhhh! Your finger is inside! Mhnnnnnnn~!”

I know that she is looking forward to the real thing, so I do my best to bring her to orgasm soon. While I twirl my finger inside her vagina and suck on the shy hood above it, Elea starts to fondle her own breasts as her breathing grows more and more ragged.

“Ahhhh… Ahhhhaa… Nhhhhnnn… I’m close… Ahhhnnn… It’s so different… from when I do it… I’m… Aahhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~!”

Elea throws her head back and her massive breasts start jiggling along with her spasming body. Her inner walls constrict a little over my finger and her thighs push my mouth into her virgin lily, not letting me go until the shivers are over.

“Haaaah… Haaaah… Just a finger… and this much…” she says in between her panting.

Released from my quite enjoyable imprisonment, I stand up and lean over Elea’s body, supporting myself with my hands on the floor by her sides. She assaults my lips with a ferocious kiss, inviting my tongue for a round of lively dance.

While at it, I lift her up and carry Elea towards one of those angled, wavy bench-chairs1Basically, this, but out of stone.. With her being even taller than me, having Elea latched to my waist requires me to turn my head upwards by a lot as it’s almost on the level of her impressive tits. She doesn’t stop kissing me for even a moment.

After I lay her down on it, she quickly pulls me towards herself and swiftly switches our positions. In a flash, I land on my back over the angled surface and with her straddling my waist while turned towards me. The bench is a bit wider than our bodies so our legs are spread to the sides as they fall over the edges and rest on the floor. Elea’s pussy touches my balls and erect rod, fully eager to help with getting rid of her centuries-old virginity.

“I’ve already received plenty. It’s my turn to give now.” She leans into me, pressing her boobs against my chest and squashing my expectant cock with her slit. “I may be inexperienced, but I’m not uneducated. Let me show you how passionate a Dark Elf can be.”

She then gives me a kiss and rests one of her elbows on the side of my shoulders, making sure that I get a perfect view of not only her seductive mountains but also my penis being led into her dripping wet entrance. After it gets lodged against her folds, she moves the other hand to rest it on the elbow too.

“Mhnnnnnnnnn… Hooooooot…”

She sighs right into my face, clearly intentionally, showing an ecstatic expression as my rock-hard dick slowly makes its way into the unexplored dungeon. It finally reaches the seal placed there by its creator. Elea bites on her lip really hard while she moves her hips around, rubbing the head of my cock against it just not strong enough to break her hymen. It’s such an unimaginable sensation for me and I sigh in pleasure at her too.

“Finally… After soooooo many cursed years… A real… hard… hot… manly dick will ravage my sacred pussy… Uhmmmmmmnnn…” 

She stares me right into the eyes while expressing her yearning. I’ve never seen this much lust in the gaze of any of the girls I’ve been with up till now. It’s like the hundreds of years of pent up desires are going to be unleashed instantly after the gate holding them back gets breached. And it finally happens.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuucckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss…”

Elea almost screams into the air as her body trembles while breaking her hymen and bit by bit descends lower and lower onto my cock, which mercilessly spreads the constricting walls of her untouched pussy. She swallows me whole, up to the very root, and throws her head back with a loud moan. I can see a trickle of blood running down from the place where we are connected.

She completely rests her body on mine for a few moments, giving me sweet kisses on the cheek while she recovers from the insertion. I brush through her violet hair with one hand and graze her back with another. Elea raises herself a little and guides the latter one to her butt, forcing me to squeeze the soft flesh as she shows me a wide smile.

“Shall we begin then? Feel free to play with my tits. Men love them big right?” 

She says invitingly while straightening herself fully and arching her back a bit to push those enormous melons more towards me. Elea begins to move her hips up and down, supporting herself with her hands behind her on the further part of the bench.

I move my fingers to her nipples and give them a few weak pinches. “It’s not the size that matters, but the owner. Although, I’ll gladly enjoy these.” I flash her a grin and begin to fondle her boobs. My fingers sink into the dark-coloured Valley of Dreams.

“Ahhnnn… Ahannnn… Mhnnnn… Goood… Do what you like… ahhhh… while I borrow this incredible cock for a moment… Mhnnnnnnnnn~! By the Goddess~!”

Pretty soon, she starts to rain her hips faster and faster onto my rock-hard dick, slapping her pussy against my pelvis ferociously. The glans of my penis assault her vagina without mercy, stroking her insides and spreading her fleshy walls with joy. The hot and moist folds caress my whole cock as it goes in and out of the lewd, elf pussy.

“Ohhhh… I so needed this… Fuuuuck… Ahn… Ahn… Ahnnnnn…”

Her massive tits bounce up and down while I play with them. Elea bites on her lower lip again, signalling getting close to her peak. I try my best to time mine to it too and when I notice her lips beginning to part, I quickly move my hands from her nipples to her ass and slam it down onto my dick as hard as I can while also thrusting my hips upwards.


The sudden change breaks her swearing in the middle and we both climax. I keep nailing her thirsty pussy while shooting a full load of creamy liquid into her womb as my cock pushes its head against the furthest depths in Elea’s vagina.

I then hug her tightly to prevent Elea from falling as she spasms and shivers in pleasure. After fifteen seconds it finally calms down and she pants heavily while in my embrace.

“Haaah… Amazing… Haaaaah… Your dick… is so fierce… I love it… Haaah…” She brushes my cheek and pecks my lips, still breathing roughly. “I kinda want more, but… you already came twice so… ehhhh?”

She gasps in surprise after realizing that my penis inside her pussy is as hard as before. I chuckle and give her a kiss too.

“I told you that it won’t end until you get your fill. We have plenty of years worth of frustration to get rid of.”

Elea’s eyes show even more lust in her almost hazy and completely enamoured gaze. She stands up, releasing my cock from her clutches with a soundly plop, and turns around, leaning forward onto the other side of the wavy bench.

Now, I’m met with the full view of her beautiful back and spread out pussy which rests on the surface of our uneven chair as her legs hang down on the sides. She glances at me over her shoulder and spreads her precious flower with her fingers even more, letting some of my creamy seed to spill out. The pink hole surrounded by chocolate flesh lures my eyes in.

“Fuck my neglected pussy with that beastly cock of yours~,” she speaks in a tone literally dripping with lust and seduction.

I do as she asks and instantly shove it into her needy hole.

“Mhhhnnnnnnnnnn~. It’s sooooo different in this position~.”

Leaning over her back, I begin pistoning that recently deflowered pussy with all I have, sneaking my hands under her soft breasts squashed on the surface of the bench. My pelvis slams against her ass with enough force to make her jump up a bit with each slap.

“Ah! Ah! Ahn! Yes! Ahn! Ahn! Fuck it harder! Ah! They always! Ah! Fucked like rabbits! Ahhnn! In front of me! Ah! Ah!”

She turns her head even more and I seal her lips with a kiss. We sloppily brush our mouths, gasping for air together as I keep hammering this sexually ungratified elf’s pussy. I move one of my hands to her clit from the front and begin softly flicking the swollen orb.


It’s met with an instant reaction. Elea breaks our kiss to bring her face back to the front and moan loudly while in pure ecstasy. She again assaults her lower lip with her teeth as her eyes lose focus. I just hope she doesn’t injure her delightful mouth with how often she does this.


Her pussy’s walls begin constricting even more, making it hard for me to pierce the tight insides, almost sucking me like a vacuum and not letting go. Figuring out that she is very close, I raise the tempo as much as I possibly can right now, and decide to go for something that may or may not be a great idea.


As she reaches her orgasm, I naturally let my cock send ferocious waves of indecent delicacy into her scorching hot pussy, but what drives Elea completely crazy, is my unexpected bite on her long, sensitive ear. I keep nibbling on the sexy shape, sending her into unthinkable heaven of pleasure. Her pussy constricts so hard it basically tries to milk me dry, increasing my own high too.

I wait for her to finally stop shaking, shivering and literally jerking up and down in this intense orgasm, the biggest one she most likely ever had, and I had ever seen. Note to self, nibble on elf ears during sex.

It finally dies down. She still is a steaming and panting mess though. I help Elea rotate herself and I rest on her soft body, using those bountiful breasts as a pillow. She starts brushing through my hair while gasping for air.

“I think… haaaah... I fell even more… for you… my Saviour... Haaaaah…”

I chuckle, making her boobs jiggle. “You sure you didn’t fall for my dick instead?”

She giggles too. “That may be so, but it’s the owner that matters, right?” 

We both laugh until she drags me up for a kiss. After resting for a few minutes. I princess-carry my Princess back to the bath where we wash each other thoroughly. She ends up washing a certain part of my body with her mouth though. I just can’t say no when Elea gazes at me pleadingly.


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