Chapter 68 – Lust of the Tigress ❤❤❤
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Astrea’s lips pursue mine in a slightly worried and uncertain fashion at first, but she gains more confidence after realizing that I’ve done exactly what I said and laid myself bare in front of her, like a cornered prey waiting for the ferocious predator to strike.

She starts pecking my mouth more aggressively with each little rub, sometimes sneaking a gentle bite or pull with her sharp teeth, still having her eyes closed. She greedily assaults me while enjoying her position of power to the fullest, step by step growing more and more forceful, seemingly still not sure how far she can go. 

She must have been forced into the submissive role by most, if not all, of her previous mates, and still feels a little hesitant in the back of her mind. If I want her to properly embrace her desire to exert control over me, I’ll need to get rid of these worries.

I begin slowly backing away with my lips, subtly signalling to Astrea to end the kiss for a moment, without me being the one to stop her. She catches onto my intention and lazily opens her eyes after our mouths part.

“Would you like to officially become my Partner now?” I ask her with a soft smile.

I know asking that in the middle of things seems at least a bit intrusive and insensitive, but I haven’t done that just so we can enjoy the bonuses of my Class. I’m not such a capitalistic person to put numbers above feelings, wanting to get her into my system before we have sex. There’s a different reason behind that.

Fortunately, Astrea doesn’t seem to mind. At least on the outside. She nods at me from above and I send her the request. A moment later, the confirmation appears and I shove it away without even giving it a glance.

The moment our connection kicks in, I’m flooded with the intensity of Astrea’s desire. It’s so strong that I could easily mistake it with the level of shared thoughts and emotions I achieve after getting intimate with someone, but I know very well we are only barely connected, not yet bonded.

I can feel how badly she wants me. It’s honestly a bit overwhelming and makes me shiver a little, in both anticipation and fear. You could say I have a person-sized, scorching hot furnace sitting on my lap and the heat almost singes my skin, penetrating deep into my body. Heat. Hah.

I’m truly in awe. Even though I understand the principle behind her being drawn towards a strong male, it’s still unbelievable to me how much effect on somebody can their instincts have. She is literally burning with passion, but still, holding a little bit back, and it’s time to fully release the caged beast.

My hands reach towards Astrea’s body and one palm softly grazes her back while the other makes its way to her grey hair and adorable ears. I scratch one of the fluffy triangles and move my face past hers, towards that very shape.

“Now… Focus your mind for a moment… Can you feel it?” I whisper into her ear sensually.

I can feel Astrea calming down a little, which is a sign of her diving into her thoughts, and then her whole body trembles and freezes. A wide smile finds its way onto my lips as I back away from her ear to check her face which is covered with an expression of surprise, but I can sense the wild desire in her narrowed pupils, barely able to hold back anymore.

“Do you understand now? I. Am. All. Yours. For. The. Taking.”

For the first time since we met, I’m able to see her smile, and oh boy, it’s a purely feral one. It’s the face of a true predator, alpha and omega. If I didn’t know any better, I would think she is going to ferociously tear me into shreds bit by bit while relishing in the ecstatic feeling of mutilating her defenceless prey. My little trick of sending her my intentions to get dominated through our faint connection seems to have done its job.

Astrea grabs both of my wrists and pulls my arms to the side and behind the chair, while slowly licking her lips, still adorned with that ferocious grin. Holding my hands behind my back, she descends onto my face again, starting to lick it all over, relishing in the taste of me. Her body trembles just so slightly with each stroke of her tongue and so does mine.


Her trail of licking and pecking leads to my neck and I groan openly to the sensation of my flesh getting squeezed between her sharp teeth. After pulling on it a little, Astrea greedily licks the place all over, just to move to another one a moment later and repeating the action. In just a few minutes, my whole neck is covered with bloody hickeys.

She finally moves back, not stopping the fierce glare. I shiver again after seeing her lick her lips in a mischievous manner to scoop a bit of my blood left on them.

“I won’t be holding back then… You can only blame yourself now…”

Her usually quiet and soft voice is now dripping with lust and completely changed into a lascivious tone. I smirk back at her to match her predatory gaze and smile, fully enjoying this change of pace.

“Do your worst.”

Astrea’s eyes flash with desire and her hands move to the linen shirt I’ve been wearing overnight. She rips it into two pieces in one single motion, uncovering my chiselled chest. She then throws the ruined material to the side and giggles almost maniacally after staring down my body from bottom to top. 

Her fingers reach towards it and graze my pecs and abs as she gazes deep into my eyes, shortening the distance between our faces with an unhurried pace. Just moments before our lips connect, she digs her nails deep into my skin and drags both of her hands down my chest, making me groan in surprise. She seals my open mouth instantly, interrupting my whimper midway, and begins greedily hunting for my tongue with her own muscle.

I keep my hands entwined behind my back where she left them, playing my role of a defenceless prey in the clutches of a merciless predator. She must have a lot of pent up frustration and desire stored deep inside her little heart, unable to express it over the many years. And I will be here for her to release it all.

After finishing her little game of cat and mouse with our tongues, she pulls her lips back while biting on my mouth. She begins raining down little pecks on my skin again, this time, moving further than just my neck, journeying far into the lands of my exposed chest.

With her slightly hunched on my lap, I can clearly observe her enchantingly dancing tail, almost luring me in to grab it and have a feel of it. But, from its almost agitated movements, I get a clear message that it’s a deliberate trap that will result in immediate punishment.

Feeling another bite on the flesh of my stomach, I release a pained and aroused moan which brings my attention back from Astrea’s tail. Looking down, I notice her staring at me from below with a knowing grin while pulling on my skin with her teeth. 

She clearly noticed my enamoured gaze. That bewitching spectacle with her tail was planned all along, just to make me lose focus and allow her to draw more pitiful moans from the unsuspecting me. I’m slowly starting to realize how little I thought of her due to Astrea’s slim and short figure. She is the boss here, not me. 

Satisfied with my reaction, her grin grows even wider and she switches back to sensually licking my sweat from all over my front, stopping here and there to place a wild kiss or nibble on my flesh, but in a way tamer fashion this time. She is perfectly balancing on the edge of pain and pleasure, not forgetting completely about my own satisfaction.

Finally, it seems she has enough of it, and with a long sniff that makes her whole body tremble, she drags her cheek across my whole chest, from the bottom of my abdomen to my very face. She licks her lips hungrily while staring at me. I wonder what’s next in her plans.

My question is answered a second later when Astrea grabs her own shirt and rips it in a similar fashion to what she did to mine. Her supple and beautiful breasts wobble in front of my eyes, drawn to them like something magnificent.

She giggles seeing my state and runs her fingers through my hair. “Suck them.”

Without even a chance to register her words, my face is strongly pulled towards her left nipple and my mouth meets with a marshmallowy sensation of pure bliss. Not wanting to disappoint my overbearing mate, I sheepishly begin to fulfil her order and start moving my tongue.


A faint moan reaches my ears. It’s like extremely gratuitous music that pushes me to work on the sweet hill even harder. My tongue tickles Astrea’s nipple repeatedly while my lips envelop her whole peak in repeated sucks whenever the muscle takes a brief break.

“Yeeeessss~♪ Bite it~♪ Nyaaaaaaaahnnnnnn!”

The moment my teeth close on her stiff point, Astrea’s body shivers and she releases a much louder moan. I think she came a little from this. I wouldn’t be surprised after the amount of time she had to wait since the moment she started working on my dick who knows how long ago.

She suddenly pushes my head to her other breast and I begin teasing it without a break. My efforts are rewarded with occasional moans, and most importantly, a very entrancing purring.

Yes. She purrs. Like a cat. With my face so close to her chest, I can hear it clearly, and even feel it a tiny bit in my lips. It’s an unexplainably satisfying feeling, making you feel truly appreciated.

After seemingly satisfied with my work, Astrea pulls my head back and leans in to connect our lips. This kiss feels more like a reward than her previous, feral assaults. Still, she strongly explores my mouth while purring. She definitely noticed how much I began to like it.

With our kiss finished, I pant heavily to gather my breath. Meanwhile, Astrea gives me another mysterious grin and stands up on the chair with her feet barely on the edges of the seating. My face ends up perfectly in front of her underbelly and I instantly realize what comes next after she shoves her fingers under the material of her shorts.

In a very erotic manner, Astrea lazily draws her shorts and panties down at the same time. She shakes her hips from side to side with each short pull until the clothing reaches her ankles. Her face ends up in front of mine and she leaves a quick peck on my lips, with a cute giggle afterwards.

Getting rid of the garments, she stands up straight again and looks down at me. Even though it’s unimaginably hard not to stare at the perfect, dripping wet pussy in front of my face, I try my best to follow her with my eyes.

Keeping up the eye contact Astrea begins leaning back, effectively falling backwards. Before my mind registers it properly, she’s already far into the fall and I hastily jolt towards her. But, she suddenly stops her descent at around ninety degrees from her previous, standing position, as I have my hands reaching out towards her.

In the heat of the moment, I completely forgot that we are in front of my desk. She dropped herself back onto it and landed on her hands, switching to her elbows. Seeing me in the middle of coming to her rescue, Astrea smirks triumphantly. I’ve been had.

She uses her foot to push my back to lean against the chair again and then places both of her calves on my shoulders. With a quick and strong motion, she pulls me and the chair closer to the desk, and effectively, my mouth to her fragrant pussy. She rests her thighs around my neck and locks her legs behind it.

“Eat it. You can use your hands this time.”

She commands with a grin, lying between me and the desk like an angled plank. I get a full view of her body from this point, starting at her precious place, seeing her supple hills with stiff peaks further in the distance, and her slightly flushed face staring back at me in anticipation.

Having such an exquisite first-time meal in front of me, how can I say no? I slowly move my hands to her soft back and support her posture, grazing it sensually with my fingers. Leaning forward, I take a good whiff of her humid and sweet scent, inviting me to dig in with the promise of a mind-melting treat. I don’t think I’ve come across such an aromatic scent. It must be a Beastkin thing, perhaps enhanced by her being in heat.

Without further ado, I make a careful, long lick from the bottom to the top of her pink crevice, which results in a faint whimper and a little shiver. She did say that she had plenty of sex in the past with various other Beastkin, and I know they could be quite different in size down there, but the cute slit in front of me holds no hint of even being invaded. It again must be due to her race. I’ve read that they are extremely flexible and durable. 

In any way, all I can do right now is to worship this gift from the Goddess with my hot tongue and that’s exactly what I do. Astrea’s precious flower is already flooding with love juices due to our long teasing and her physical state, so I put my mouth against her delicate folds and begin caressing them.

“Nyaaahhnnn~♪ Go harder~♪ Nhhhnnnn~♪”

Answering her wishes, I begin sucking on her lower lips and nibbling on her sensitive, pink skin with my mouth, travelling all around Astrea’s yearning entrance. 

“Ahhhh! Nyyaaaaaahhhh~♪”

When I brush against her tiny orb, she trembles again. I don’t stop my caresses, instead, I bring them a step further, starting to move faster and more intensely, focusing on her precious pearl and the inside of her moist folds. Wet and lewd noises begin filling the chamber, accompanied by a myriad of erotic whimpers and cute moans.

“Mhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm~♪ More~♪ Is that all you can do?”

Ohohoho. You asked for it.


I shove my tongue deep into her dripping honeypot in one quick slide, bringing forth an amorous scream from her. She begins spasming while riding her orgasm and a wave of her love nectar sprays my face a little bit. 

Not giving Astrea’s body a chance to wind down, I begin greedily exploring the depths of her pussy with the tip of my tongue, playing with her hot and wet insides.

Her muscles tense involuntarily and her legs, entwined behind my neck, tighten too, pressing my mouth further and stronger into her warm folds, effectively locking me in place and cutting off any possibilities of backing away. But, it’s not like I intend to do so.

“Ahhh~♪ Ahhh~♪ Nyaaaaahnnn~♪ Yessss~♪ Nyaaahh~♪ Deeper~♪”

With her pushing me further into her fragrant mound, I tirelessly tickle her vaginal walls with the tip of my tongue while brushing against her clit with my lips. She squeezes my cheeks and neck with her tender thighs, almost to the point of squashing my head, but I can tell she is properly controlling her strength to not actually hurt me while still riding her pleasure drive.

Since it’s pretty obvious that I won’t be released until I make her come like crazy, I decide to reach for a surefire method from my arsenal and condense mana on the tip of my tongue. This time, I try to faintly enhance my lips with it too and the effect is instantaneous.

“Aaaahhhhhhnnnyyyyyyaaaaaaa~♪ Whaaaaat’s thisssssssss? Ahhhhnnnn~♪”

Astrea’s back arches upwards from pleasure and she starts shaking. I don’t forget about her position and properly support her fine figure with my hands to prevent her from accidentally slipping down from the desk, and with how much she trembles, it could very well happen.

Expecting a big one, I redouble my efforts and mercilessly drill her perfect pussy with my tongue, swirling it around the scorching hot insides. Each stroke, she shivers again, and her muscles tense more. I can feel her high building up at a quick pace and I move my focus to her precious pearl. Astrea finally can’t take it anymore and explodes in a powerful orgasm.


I hold her body carefully as she trembles and wriggles around, relishing in the pleasure assaulting her mind. She finally stops spasming after a good minute and I pull Astrea to me, letting her lay and rest on my chest. She desperately gasps for air while faintly tracing her hands over my muscles and sneaking in a gentle lick on my neck.

I’m completely sure this is not the end, so I avoid getting too much in control, just waiting for her to regain enough strength to continue with her assault on this poor prey. And we haven’t partaken in the mating tradition she mentioned yet.

After a moment, Astrea takes a deep breath and pulls herself up, standing on her knees above my waist again and brushing my cheek with her fingers. She leans forward to give me a short kiss.

“How did you like the taste of my pussy?” she asks with a wide grin.

“It was exquisite. Nothing like I ever experienced.”

She giggles and covers my lips again, pushing further into my mouth. She doesn’t forget to drive her nails into my back this time and gets a jump on my tongue with hers after I wince a little from the sensation. Astrea’s relentless attacks quickly make me breathless and she releases me with a smile.

“Hold the chair.”

I do as instructed and grab the seating on its edges while Astrea slowly steps off me onto the ground. In the next moment, she yanks my pants along with my underwear off my legs like a magician pulling a sheet from under the tableware, making my eager erection spring into the open air. She waves my pants in the air teasingly and throws them away.

Astrea kneels down and glances at my towering cock from below. Still holding onto my seat, I impatiently wait for her to take any action against it, but for now, she only limits herself to taking short whiffs of my pulsing rod.

With a knowing gaze, she finally brings out her tongue and makes a long lick from the bottom to the top, sending shivers through my spine. Contradictory to my expectations, she doesn’t go for another round of playing with my dick but only covers it all around with her saliva, sucking a little on the tip to give me some more pleasure.

Done with what she wanted, Astrea spreads her legs over the chair and comes to stand above my waist. She lowers herself onto my thighs and joins her hands behind my neck. While staring me right into the eyes, she begins grinding her pussy against my erection.

“Hands to the back. Don’t you dare even think about touching me.” She commands and follows it with a quiet but scary growl.

I quickly comply and move my arms behind the backrest. She smiles and increases the pace of her hips.

“Do you want to go inside?”

“I do.”

“Do you want to mate with me?”

“I do.”

“Do you want to shove that thick dick into my small pussy and mess it up?”

“Yes, I do.”

Astrea giggles maniacally after her folds stop around my glans, teasing it mercilessly while on the verge of penetration. She relishes in my yearning expression, making me wait for her own amusement.

“Too bad. I’m the one in control here.” She grins devilishly and raises her hips a little, gradually releasing my tip from her hotness to my slight disappointment.

“And that’s why,” she licks her lips, “I’ll be the one doing the shoving! Nyaaahnnnnnnn~♪”

Without a warning, she slams her waist down, perfectly nailing her small entrance with my standing cock. In a blink, it pierces through her tight and scorching hot insides, reaching her furthest depths as Astrea’s plump butt hits against my thighs. She took it all in one swing. As she moans and throws her head to the back, I groan in surprise.

“Such a prime cock, nyaaaaaa… It feels like a perfect match… It rubs me so good…” 

Her gaze turns into a little bit more enamoured than predatory one for a brief moment and she savours the sensation of my penis invading her precious place. Astrea then pecks my lips and grabs the top of the backrest with her hands, returning to her feral look.

She starts moving up and down on my shaft. “How does it feel… nyaaahnn… to be fucked… nhhhnnn… by a female… nyaaa… while being… mhhhhhnn... at her mercy?”

“Too fucking good, hooooh…”

She giggles to herself while jumping on my dick, pushing herself up from the ground using her feet on the sides, and then forcing her body down with her hands on the backrest. To let her enjoy the feeling of dominating me more, I let out a plethora of little moans and groans each time she descends on my cock, making it spear through her folds with might. From our slightly growing connection, I can tell she likes it a lot.

Astrea roughly grabs my hair with both of her hands and pulls my face to hers. She starts a sloppy and greedy kiss while still pleasuring herself with my penis like it’s her own fucktoy. It very well could be at this very moment. I’m content with having such a cute yet fiendish girl have her way with me. It’s just a little hard to keep my hands to myself.

With a prick of pain from a sudden bite, my mouth is left alone and she withdraws while licking her lips. I can feel a tiny trail of blood travel down my chin. Astrea notices it and begins sucking on the small streak until it heals by itself enough to stop bleeding. She purrs loudly into my ear and returns to sitting straight while impaling her pussy on my cock.

She moves her hands behind her to support herself on my thighs and switches all of her focus to my rod, increasing the pace again. With an accompaniment of the lewd sounds of flesh hitting against flesh and our erotic groans, I’m presented with a beautiful view of Astrea’s angled front, jiggling peaks and exposed pussy.

Clearly intent on giving me a good show this time, she locks her eyes with mine and signals down with them. Intending to enjoy her goodwill, I move my gaze to her beautiful lower lips adorned with a small bush of grey fur and take in the sight of this perverted mound descending on my pole.

As if waiting for that, Astrea starts adding more diverse movements to her repertoire. She begins impaling herself from different angles, making her pussy rub me in a completely new way with each slam, and when she runs out of possibilities, she drops her hips down for the last time and switches to grinding her pelvis in curricular motion.

“Nhhhhnnn~♪ Ahnnnn~♪ Do you like… nyaaahhnnn… what you see?”

“Very much... Ghnn…”

She giggles and leans onto my chest, still making my penis stir up her insides around.

“You can only cum… nyaaa… with me… nhhhhhnnn… got it?”


Astrea nods to herself with a wide smile and starts licking my neck. I can tell she is getting close. Her hands travel to my chest and her fingers begin scratching it according to the back and forth grinding motions she makes with her pelvis. Each time she digs her nails in, my dick twitches inside her.

After just a few moments, her prolonged moans change into quick and short ones and her actions turn up a gear or two. She hastily hugs me, squishing her soft breasts against my chest, and her fingers dig deep into my back. Her hips start moving the fastest yet, almost as strong as to rattle the chair, but I quickly tie it down to the floor with my Void Chains.

“Ahn~♪ Ah~♪ Ah~♪ Yes! Yes! Nya~♪ Nyah~♪ Cuuuuuminnnnnnnnggggnyyyaaaaaa!”

With the last, strongest shove, her pussy squeezes on my eager-to-release cock as her whole body shivers. Met with this intense sucking and stimulation, I explode into her tight passage with a flood of creamy liquid, quickly painting her insides white with a loud groan. Astrea keeps trembling on my dick for a good minute and each wave of seed shooting out of my cock makes her body shiver again.

While we are relishing in the postorgasmic bliss, I start feeling, faint, feeble licks on my neck, accompanied by rough gasping for air. It makes me chuckle openly. She really must love my taste a lot.

Sluggishly, Astrea pulls herself up to match my gaze and begins pecking my lips, gently this time.

“Thank you…”

A smile creeps onto my face while she is still peppering me with kisses. “What for?”

“For letting me do this.”

Taking her slightly less overbearing tone as permission to act on my own, I finally move my hands and place one palm on top of her head, stroking her adorable ear.

“I get that you are satisfied?”

“Uhn,” she nods faintly and begins rubbing her cheek against mine while purring affectionately.

“Good. I’m glad then. You were really pent up.”

She giggles apologetically. “Sorry. It was always me who was treated like a toy…”

I plant a passionate kiss on her soft lips after pulling her from my cheek to cheer her up a little.

“It’s all in the past. I’ll be always happy to let you have your way with me. I enjoyed it a lot. Your fierce bites too.”

She shows a truly loving expression and gets back to actively rubbing her cheeks against mine. I guess that’s how her kind shows pure affection towards someone. It is quite pleasant to be on the receiving end.

After a short while of these snuggles, Astrea pulls herself back. A gentle smile found its way back onto her lips, although I expected her to turn into a bit less expressive person again after we got finished.

She carefully lifts herself up, releasing my still hard rod from the clutches of her hot cavern, not without a cute moan, and steps off my lap. She stumbles a little but quickly grabs the desk to find balance, giggling adorably.

I start standing up to help her, but she shakes her head with a mysterious smile. In the next moment, she turns around to face the desk and lifts her right leg, placing it on the wooden top almost at a perfect, right angle. The gates of her secret dungeon open up a little bit and a trickle of her love nectar drips out of it along with some of my creamy seed.

She leans forward onto the cold surface and uses the fingers of one of her hands to spread her pussy even more from below while giving me a hungry gaze again, a little more reserved this time, but I can feel her desire much clearer now after we have bonded.

“I think it’s your turn now. You’ve earned it, um… Master?” she speaks a little hesitant while tracing circles around her labia.

I chuckle to myself and start walking closer. “You don’t need to call me that.”

I arrive in front of her butt and hang down over her pretty back, leaning forward to peck her lips. She grabs my cock with her petite hand in the meantime and begins stroking it back and forth while we kiss, bringing it closer to her entrance.

“Then… Alastair… Please, enjoy my body. It’s your right as my mate. You can be rough if you want. I’m used to it.”

“I would rather,” I keep raining kisses on her dainty lips, “be whatever you want.”

With one hand enjoying her tender thigh and the other massaging her supple breast, I slowly slide inside her vagina again. The further I enter, the stronger Astrea’s purring into my lips during our kiss gets, until I bury my whole length inside her.

“I’ve never had it so gentle before…”

It pains me a little to hear that. She notices my feelings and rubs her cheek into mine.

“It’s okay. For Beastkin, it’s normal to do it rough and hard to satiate the burning desire. I don’t dislike it that way, it’s just a first for me.”

“Then we can consider it your real first time.”

She smiles faintly and begins to affectionately lick my lips. I can feel her appreciation flowing into me. She notices my penis twitch while embraced by her warm walls and stops the caresses to smile at me.

“Do me. Maybe a little harder than gentler…”

I chuckle and withdraw my hips just to push them forward again, bringing out a cute moan from her. I start a trail of small kisses from Astrea’s lips towards her neck and then the back, slowly thrusting my rod into her comfortable embrace with an increasing tempo.

She supports herself on her elbows which allows me to easily reach her charming breasts. While showering her slender back with a myriad of kisses, I rub her peaks with my fingers, timing each thrust to a squeeze of her erect nipples. Each turn evokes another adorable whimper.

“Nya~♪ Nyah~♪ Nyaa~♪ Faster, please…”

I lean even more onto her body and turn my pistoning up a notch. Her slender waist jolts up over the surface of the desk with each slap of my pelvis against her bottom. My penis drills through her wet pussy with fervour, finally allowed to freely explore her depths on its own.

“Yes~♪ Like this~♪ Nhhhhnn~♪”

Seems like I accidentally stumbled on a good spot while I was fixing my posture. Thanks to that, Astrea begins literally melting under me. I move my face to the side of hers to let her rub against me and she does so instantly. Hunched over my pretty mate, I keep poking that one spot she found very enjoyable, of course, not forgetting about her soft chest.

At one point, she shivers, but it’s a different one than the usual trembles during waves of pleasure. Astrea grabs my hands which are on her breasts and stops rubbing her cheek against mine.

“Ahh~♪ Wait! Nhhnnn~♪ Flip me! Flip me! Alastair! Nyaa~♪” she calls to me desperately.

While pulling back my hips and leaving the tip of my cock barely inside her snug tunnel, I do as she requests and lift her body a little to skillfully flip her. Even though she was expecting it, she still yelps in surprise. I catch her properly and lay Astrea down onto the desk again, driving my cock into her tight canal again and resuming my motions.

A fluffy strand suddenly starts repeatedly swatting my cheek and I notice her anxious gaze amidst the flushed expression and lewd moans. It’s not hard to guess her message. We’ve almost forgotten about that part.

I open my mouth and she leads her dancing tail through my lips, which close over the furry rope very gently. The moment I do so, an immense shiver travels from the point where I squeezed, into her body, making it quiver so hard she bounces off the desk’s surface like a rotor.



Astrea’s inner walls tighten like never before, squeezing my cock as if aiming to milk it, making it much harder to move inside her precious hole. She starts flailing her arms at me amidst all the moaning and sounds of our lovemaking, finally succeeding in grabbing my neck and pulling me close.

Her legs lock behind my waist and her arms hug me tightly as she begins pulling her own hips into mine shortly before I thrust into her leaking honeypot, increasing our sensations even further. Understanding what she is aiming for, I tilt my head to give her easier access to the side of my face and I instantly feel her tongue on my earlobe.

Strongly slamming into her slim frame, which in turn loudly hits the wooden desk, I bring the both of us to the edge of another peak. 

“Mhhhnnn~♪ Together! Nyaaa~♪ Bite... when we come... Uhhmmmm~♪”

Easier said than done. She isn’t the one with a sensitive strand of precious fur in her mouth, already doing everything she can not to accidentally close her teeth over it from all the pleasure coming from an amazingly tight, wriggling pussy. And how hard am I supposed to bite it? How hard is too hard and how hard is enough? We should have discussed it beforehand.

Sensing my indecisiveness, she kisses my ear. “Mhhhmmm~♪ Don’t worry… Just… nyaaa… give it a good squeeze!”

She is a tough one. I shouldn’t worry about simple things like these. And that’s why I embrace her whole posture even harder and hammer her expectant pussy just as she desires for it. Astrea sings me a beautiful song of countless seductive moans straight into my ear. I just hope Cornelia is not in her room because we are making the desk pound against the wall like crazy. I'm not sure if the silencing ward covers that too.

Finally, we both reach our limit at the same time, thanks to a little trickery of holding back on my side. Astrea trembles all over and digs her nails into my flesh like usual as a sign of getting overwhelmed by her orgasm. The moment I feel her pussy constrict on my member and her fingers tear my skin, I bite on her tail as instructed, at the same time, experiencing a hard nibble on my earlobe.

Both my groans and her cries are muffled due to our mouths being busy and we ride our high in a distorted accompaniment of weird noises. I fill her cosy tunnel with my milky seed again as her body shivers in response to each shot of creamy delicacy travelling further inside.

She shakes for around two minutes this time. Tail nibbling must have brought her way past the usual pleasure thresholds. I pet her fluffy ears in the meantime, enjoying the pleasant squeezes her inner walls give to my rod.

Finally, Astrea’s orgasm fades down and we both stare at each other while panting heavily. I let go of her tail, now lying cutely on her side. I reach towards it with my fingers and tickle it very gently.

She giggles from my touch and pushes her face up to peck my lips. “Don’t tickle me… I just came so hard…”

“Hahaha, sorry. I just can’t resist. I was dreaming about touching it for so long.”

“It’s a bit too sensitive after all of this, but… You can touch it as much as you want later.”

“I’ll definitely hold you onto that,” I joke and lean closer to let her rub herself against me.

We rest on the desk for a while longer. I savour the blissful feeling of Astrea snuggling to me and purring affectionately. After she regains enough strength, I lift her up and walk with her to the bath. 

The moment we leave my room, we both notice Elea standing by the door with a knowing smile. Fortunately, Astrea doesn’t seem to mind being seen naked in my arms too much. She just snuggles her face more into my neck.

Elea raises her brow a little after noticing all the scratches, bruises, bites and other marks over my chest, back and neck, but only sighs after seeing my wry smile. She tells us to enjoy the bath while she takes care of my room. I get a feeling she was waiting just to do that, right after we finish.

To avoid running into anyone else, I quickly make my way there. We wash each other on the side of the pool with care and then jump into the hot water to take a relaxing dip. Astrea rests on my chest with a big, satisfied smile, purring bewitchingly.


That was one hell of a ride ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  


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