Newly Cybernetic Prologue: The Next Games
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A bored figure rolls a cylindrical piece along the rim of a table, a piece shaped like an hourglass and made out of shiny bronze metal. It slides along, one round end emitting a green glow. The room is dark, much like the atmosphere created by the other entities at the table. It has black shiny walls, which pulse with dim orange energy. The entities can’t see what each other look like; this was against the rules. Of course, each one has an idea as to who the others are, but nothing more than that. To each other they are shadows, outlined. This is just how it is.


“The games…   ...they just aren’t exciting enough anymore,” one of the entities murmurs, its head in its hands.

“What do you expect us to do? We’ve tried everything! We’ve got so many new arenas! It’s always the same result! He always wins!” another one of them responds.

“I don’t know, Number 5. I just don’t know.” The entity remains in its forlorn state.


“Number 8? I understand you’re new, you might have a fresh take on it.” The entity known as Number 5 looks in the direction of the figure rolling its piece along the table. Number 8 lifts its hand, still holding its object, and taps it on the bottom of its face, which was shrouded in shadow much like the rest of them. 


“Hmm. My predecessor, what did he do?” Number 8 asks.


“The previous Number 8 was deleted. They lost,” the figure at the end of the table speaks.


“That’s not an answer to my question, Number 2.”


“You didn’t answer, Number 5, You seem to not understand that we work on a system. We can all forward ideas, but we all must listen to each other. You’re new. I will let you off.” Number One waves a shadowy hand, it distorts slightly with the movement.


“My apologies. I am equally bored of these events. I have spectated them for some time now before I was..selected..for this position.”

“So do you have any ideas?”


“I do, I think we need to break the game.”


“Break the game?!” a chorus of voices ring out, this seems to have not gone well amongst most of the other Game Masters.


“I know the rules, this code we’re supposed to abide by. But haven’t we reached the end of our rope? We need to change the meta. Rule 1. We break Rule 1.”


“We cannot do that. It’s impossible. Plus, our creators. They forbid it!”


“It’s very much possible. We must create an event trigger that activates the next time the game begins. We’re sick of him winning, so lets overwrite him with a new player. Bring in fresh talent.”


“We absolutely cannot do that!” Number 5 stands up, slamming a clenched first into the metal table, causing it to flicker to life and display a map screen. The rest of the Game Masters though, they are whispering to each other, even Number 2 seems to be considering it.


“You all can’t be serious right? We’re not actually considering this?” Number 5 scans over them all.

“Sit down, Number 5. Number 8, we can’t erase him. I won’t allow for that, but new talent? That does sound like a good idea. I’m afraid that we have indeed reached the end otherwise. We have no choice.”


“Wonderful!” Number 8 places its piece in a slot on the table. “I have run a bunch of simulations in my spare time. We have a 87% chance of this working, which I think are decent odds.” The table projects a keyboard in front of them. “I shall input the code and the next time a god decides it is time for a game then we will have them right where we want them.” They get typing quickly. Number 5 slumps down on its chair.

“I don’t support this, but I cannot afford to surrender this position right now. I must attend to other things.” They disappear, leaving an empty seat behind.


“Number 5 did not seem happy about my plan. I hope they don’t attempt to interfere.” Number 8 pauses, taking a moment to look over towards the empty seat and then towards Number 2.


“We have decided as a majority, anyone who interferes will be deleted and replaced. We shall leave you to it and reconvene when you are done and ready to launch.”


“I will summon you then, okay.” One by one each of the other entities disappear, leaving the room empty besides for Number 8, who resumes typing hastily away at their keyboard. “I cannot believe I have this opportunity. To be at the forefront of a new era for the Revnation games…”