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Newly Cybernetic
Newly Cybernetic
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When James’ friend Benji buys an old video game off of the internet, the last thing he expected was to find himself absorbed into the video game as part of an enemy faction in an cybernetically enhanced female body. And she is their new secret weapon! Can the newly designated 4L1C3 reconnect with her friends in a world that is hell bent on making them fight on the track and in vehicular combat arenas? And is there actually a way out of this game?

I hope you enjoy my new story and please do check out my other story too. Unlife in a Paranormal World.

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMystery
Androids Appearance Changes Battle Competition Beastkin Body Swap Body Tempering Conflicting Loyalties Cruel Characters Depictions of Cruelty Disabilities Disfigurement Enemies Become Lovers Gamers Magical Technology Manipulative Characters Multiple Realms Multiple Transported Individuals Non-human Protagonist Scientists Transgender Transported into a Game World Unique Weapons World Hopping
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