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Power Up!
Power Up!
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4.7 (127 ratings)
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Stephanie is just trying to get on with her life: studying, going to class and to her part-time job, and hopefully finding a girlfriend before long.

A phone call from her mother sets in motion a chain of events that changes everything.

ActionDramaGender BenderSci-fi
Female Protagonist Male to Female Monsters Reluctant Protagonist Saving the World Secret Identity Secrets Transformation Ability Transgender Twins
Table of Contents 31
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: episode twenty-three: the end

    Zoe manages to weave together a diverse cast of super interesting characters, each with their own incredible voice with a delightful and well thought out world. The action is well done, and the pacing is just right. It's an excellent piece of fiction by any measure.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: current

    Look any story that can intricately weave Princess Bride references in without it feeling forced is an instant 5 star from me. Seriously though. This story is amazing. The main character is relateable. There are mystery elements that consistently manage to draw me in.  Another amazing stort by OfficiallyZoe

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: epilogue: power up!

    Zoe is, without question, one of my absolute favorite authors on scribblehub, and this is the story that drew me into all of her others. I have cried, multiple times, over a power rangers parody series, jesus christ. Just read it. I'm about to start RE-reading it now. Please please please please please just give it a try.

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