Slide on, girl…
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Blog is up and running!  I would appreciate if you guys were to test it out and notify me if you find any issues.  If no issues crop up, I will start advanced chapters in a couple of days!  For now, enjoy the new chapter!

…Aaand action!

"Now, my little slut, let's plug that dirty hole of yours!"

As I say so, I bring my hand behind her back and push the plug lightly between her asscheeks.  The plug is somewhat dry again and rubs against her skin, causing her to move her body forward, which, since she is still on her side in my arms, pushes her pussy against my erect cock.

"Ngh… daddy…"

I ignore her words and keep pushing slowly but inexorably the plug in between her round asscheeks while I keep looking her face, savoring the expression of discomfort that I see.

"Come, now, kitten.  If you can't handle a dry plug, what will you do when dead will stick his cock deep in your asshole?  Endure it, princess, and not a peep out of you!"

"Y-yes, dad…"

My baby girl struggles valiantly against making any sound as the plug slides slowly toward her puckered hole, until the silicone tip finally rests in contact with her opening.  I stop moving my hand and look at her, her face scrounged as she tries to contain her whimpers, then gently I move my head forward and capture her lips.  Ella is surprised by my action but accepts it readily, giving in to my kiss and closing her eyes.  Mine, however, are wide open…

While kissing and looking at her, I push the plug inside her forcefully in one go, causing her whole body to tense.  Her eyes spring open and a scream tries to escape from her mouth, blocked however by my lips.  I keep looking at her, enjoying her expression of pain, fear and confusion, while I keep pushing the buttplug until the flange is flat on her cheeks. Then I let the plug go and grasp a handful of ass and squeeze.  Her scream has turned into whimpers, so it is now safe to let her mouth go.

"D-daddy… you hurt me…"

I chuckle and kiss her nose,

"I did tell you earlier that I would punish you like a bad girl, kitten, or did you think that dad would forget your questioning me?"

"S-sorry dad…"

I lightly slap her ass,

"It's alright, honey.  Once punishment is given, the sin is forgiven.  Now, hop on and let's see if you can make your dad cum.  Do your best, baby girl, your pussy is at stake… actually, don't, daddy really wants to fuck you today, so it is better if you lose."

An impish grin appears on her face,

"Oh, really, daddy?  Well, if you want your daughter's innocent virgin pussy, then you better do your best as well…"

Damn, I swear that I almost came just a little at her words…

I lie on my back, and my little girl straddle me and puts her hot juicy pussy in contact with the shaft of my cock.  Instead of moving immediately she stays still and looks at me.  When she is sure that my attention is on her, she grabs her tits with both hands and starts squeezing and groping them.  Daaaamn!

"Do you enjoy it, daddy?  Do you like to see your innocent baby girl straddling you and rubbing on your cock while she plays with her tits?  I bet you wish you had more than one cock right now daddy…" 

As she talks, she starts sliding slowly along the length of my dick, her pussy juices providing more than enough lubrication to make the journey slick.  She starts moaning softly while still playing with her tits, her head thrown back slightly as she murmurs, "Daddy… daddy…" all over again.

My cock has become stiffer than steel.  What started as a game to tease my daughter brought to the fore a side of her personality which is incredibly arousing.  I am forced to gather all of my willpower to avoid grabbing her and slamming my cock inside her soaked pussy.  my hands grab the sides of the seat tightly as I try to control myself, while my little baby horny girl continues her arousing performance.  Damn, I should have stuck a camera in the car as well…

Time to make things difficult for her.  I grab the butt plug's remote, and turn it on directly to middle speed.  Ella reacts as if electrocuted, spasming for a second on my cock, before she gathers herself and throws a nasty look at me.

"That was not nice, daddy!"

I smirk at her expression.  I cannot help it, she is too cute when she is angry.

"Oh?  I told you before we begun that I would use the vibrator on you.  it is not my fault if you got so horny playing with yourself that forgot all about it."

Ella blushes at my words.  She really got so much in her own pleasure that forgot the game for a minute.  I could have turned the vibrator to maximum intensity and make her cum in a second, but that would not be fun.  Better wait until I am almost at the edge.  When Ella is sure that the game is hers, then I will make her cum!  Hehe…  What should I ask in stead of her pussy?  hmmm, how about a roleplay session with me, Rose and Tina, where Tina gets to spank her while she chokes on my cock?  Tina will love it, and I am pretty sure that Ella will as well.  And when we are done, and when Tina or Rose try to "play" with her afterward, I get to punish them as well, for playing with each other without daddy's consent.  That might curb the excessive lust they have for each other…

I turn my attention to Ella again,

"Well, princess?  Is that all?  Are you sure you don't want to surrender now?  Do so and daddy promises to be gentle when he takes your virginity…"