Nuclear Hiatus
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I archived all my 10MinDisgrace art, with creator commentary. And when I say all, I mean AAAALL. Warning: NSFW.




As you can probably tell from the double length delay, I decided I won't be continuing - I find writing is like pulling teeth and is difficult to get back into when I take even the slightest of breaks. I genuinely hate doing it and the fact I needed art on each chapter in order to feel satisfied should have been a warning sign. I never feel this neurotic about just art.

10MinDisgrace art is going to be wiped from the Patreon (probably put up for free somewhere else), and what I'm actually up to will be posted instead. If you just like my storytelling I recommend checking that out!

I say "Nuclear Hiatus" because if I get back to this story, it'll probably be as a comic, so its not wholly "Cancelled For Realsies Sorry For Dying :/". we'll call it suspended.

If I have any news on continuation I'll post here. Thank you for your support and unfathomable patience.