Bonus – Narcissa Malfoy(R-18)
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Happy New Year! 

Wanted to do something a little special for you guys! I believe this was the most wanted bonus chapter, so I am making it available to everyone right now. 

I will be back on Monday! So before then, here is something to wet your appetite with!

I have more bonus chapters on Patreon and you can get access to all of them for just $2, and so much more. So if you are interested check it out, and it would be helping me do what I do!

Thanks, and I hope this year turns out better than the last!


Read Chapter 60 Before!

"You know you can tell a lot by someone's seed!"

"Oh really?" he asked with a grin as he was back up before he knew it, there was after all much he needed to explore.

"Yes," she answered with a sultry smile, "Like that you are ready for another round."

"Must say, you really do know your stuff, huh?" he joked as he picked her up with his strong powerful arms and pushed her against the wall.

"You are so right...."

Once again, Harry gives her exactly what she wants as he thrusts his big, fat cock without any foreplay as he wastes no more time in penetrating her needy little cunt, and proving once and for all just how big of a man he really was.

As Harry drives deep into her, Narcissa lets out a loud, wanton moan, clearly enjoying his tool being deep inside her tunnels. Harry then truly begins in earnest as he starts thrusting her, and he grins wickedly while he also grabs hold of the beautiful and dangerous woman's waist and goes at it.

Her boobs slicked with his pre-cum bounces and jiggle wildly as Harry fucks her against the wall. Her entire body ends up being jarred with every thrust into her deepest cores.

Harry could tell with how her eyes pop out a bit with each of his long and hard thrusts that Malfoy could never measure up to him in size nor in technique. The way he fucked her nonstop with every last inch of his cock, his hefty ball sack slapping up against her ass cheeks, and reaching all the hard places that no one has ever done or scrached.

It's nonstop fucking fun for the stacked blonde nobled woman, and she just couldn't stop cumming all over his cock as he showed her what real mind-blowing sex felt like.

"Ahhh how do you like it, bitch?" Harry asks with a grin that splits his face. "You never received such a good fucking huh? Did husband dearest not give you what you really needed. So, you had to come to me instead?"

Smiling up at him as she came out of her surprise at how Good he just felt inside of her, she replied with no hint of shame or anger, "I guess he never did with his little micro penis. And I must say," she whispered to him as she cupped his face, "of all the lovers I have taken over the years, you are truly the most filling of the lot in so much ways than one."

Looking at her, Harry knew she was dangerous, one of those women who would swallow you whole if they could. But he wasn't any old man, he was Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, and he was going to show this whore what was what.

With one single hard and brutal thrust, Harry was back on he road, and the move must have been such a shock to Narcissa who didn't expect him to move so hard that her eyes widened and then rolled back in her head as she came on the spot once more

"Fuck, you're so fucking tight.…" he grunted under his breath as he had nearly his whole prick up in her.

She cried out happily, her hips bouncing back against his cock and the rest of her frame spasming and shaking under him.

Eventually Narrics got a hold of herself as she found some semblance of control, but Harry didn't slow his pace at all as he railed into her with all the considerable force he could muster.

In no time at all, she was cumming yet again, whining as she looked back at Harry, completely in awe of just how manly the wizard was. Not wanting to be beaten into submission by him, Narcissa started to use her control over her pussy muscles that she developed with all the men lined up for her. The beautiful woman did her best to clench down all along Harry's thrusting shaft, biting her lower lip in concentration as she worked to milk his release from him.

Her insides clench and cling to him, right up until he breaks all control she tries to gain over him as he hits her cervix, at which point they go slack as her entire body spasms from the sudden contact, the unexpected yet expected burst of pleasure.

"Naughty, Naughty," he whispered to her as she was insensed with him banging up against her most sacred place, her womb. He would have loved for her to show him some of her tricks, but this was a battle of will. The person who lost would clearly be the slave in the relationship, and the one who won would be that Master.

And with how he was doing, he was clearly going to win.

His cockhead bursts through her weakened cervix after an uncountable number of thrusts, and Narcissa's reaction is certainly a side to behold as her mouth turns into an O and she screams her release to the high heavens.

Harry groans in unison, enjoying the feel of her insides growing all the tighter around him. By the time her extremely tight pussy finally milks him dry after he gets who knows how many orgasms out of her, the previously resistant noble woman has an extremely happy, fucked silly expression on her face.

Then as his seed begins to fills her womb, Narcissa's face only grows more joyful and her eyes roll back in her head and she experiences the biggest orgasm of her life. He cums and cums and cums, filling her cunt and womb with more of his seed than any man before and painting her walls white as fallen fresh snow.

Slowly pulling out of her, Harry leans down and runs a hand along Narcissa's neck and cheek.

"That's a good girl. You will make a wonderful fuck toy for daddy! I am so looking forward to breaking into next time, Cissy!"

Looking up at him with unfocused eyes, he grins at her as he lets her slide to the floor, "That's your new pet name, and for me its Master~ Understand?"

"Master," she whispers horsly as he got so many oud shouts from her throat had long ran dry.

"Good girl," he whispers to her like his lost little puppy. "Now," he said as he held out his wet gleaning tool, "I need my sheath cleaned up. Would you be a dear and do so?" he asks, though truly it was more of a demand.

In her dazed state, Narcissa offered up no resistance as Harry grabbed hold of her hair and unceremoniously shoved his dick right into her mouth.

The witch's pouty lips stretched wide around Harry's girth as he rammed it right down her throat. Letting her moan along his length that was only what he allowed her to do as he brutally took over from there.

With a tighter grip on her hair, Harry dominated her mouth with his massive member. In and out of her face hole he went, forcing his shaft down her throat and choking and gagging her on his length.

Narcissa's makeup and eyeshadow, that she worked so hard to put on or more likely a servant began to run down her face forming long tracks down her face.

At the same time, she was producing a rather large amount of slobber which was swiftly dribbling down her chin and onto her exposed chest. Her saliva mixed with all the sex juice and cum on Harry's cock and was dripping down into her cleavage.

Really all she could do was grab onto his legs, and try to weather through the brutal storm.

Harry was getting so deep inside of her esophagus with his thrusts now that she was routinely finding her nose buried in his pubic hair and his balls were constantly smacking against her slobber-covered chin.

His furious throat fucking was leaving her just barely conscious and as time went on Narcissa's eyes begin to shutter and he guessed that black was encroaching on her vision as she was getting really no air.

Right on the edge of unconsciousness, Narcissa was brought back to full awareness when Harry let out a shout and then began to cum.

The oxygen-deprived witch was in no way ready for Harry's massive cum shot. She really did try to swallow it all like she previously did like a true champ, but she was too out of her comfort zone as clearly she never got such a brutal face fucking.

In the end, she choking up on all cum and once her mouth was filled with his white hot seed, it ended up coming out of her nostrils and then spilling out all over her face.

Finally, though he pulled his cock free of her throat, and let her collapse to the floor as she choked and sputtered.

But at the same time Harry noticed more sexual juices leaking out of her cunt, someone she found that quite arousing.

Narcissa was utterly ruined by him, now she was truly nothing but his whore!