Chapter 74: Hogwarts Duelling Champion Pt.2 (R-18)
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Lyra looked absolutely out of her mind with pleasure, a fucked silly look on her face as she fell to the couch he was laying on before. She was nearly passed out, then and there as she was so exhausted. Harry bent down over her, and brushes a few of her bangs free off of her face.

"That's it, that's a good girl," he whispered to her as he caressed her cheeks, "You did well my dear, you did very well."

Getting up, Harry’s cock twitches, still exposed and hanging like a horse from his parted robes. The movement drew both girls to him as they glanced down and stared at his erect pillar. 

Then grinning at him wickedly, Amy reached down there and tucks his cock out, fixing up his clothing in moments before grabbing him by the hand and dragging him along to the couch.

“I so do need to be punished, Lord Potter?" she whispered to him, "I have been a bad, bad girl, look at what I have done to,” she purred as she gave his wet glistening cock a few hard strokes. 

"I guess you have been," he answered with a grin. Then grabbing her bubbly behind, he asked her, "So tell me where should I punish?"

Trapping his cock in between her nether region as she rolled her hips up and down, sliding her wet cunt all over his cock. "I think my bad little kitty needs to be punished."

Growling animalistically, he flipped her around until he had her back facing him, and her ass firmly on his lap. 

"Hope," he called out, "why don't you help us. The faster we finish off, the sooner you get your chance," he said with a wicked grin as he rubbed his cock against her wet, wanton pussy. 

Moaning as she performed a bit of a lap dance upon him, she ground and rubbed against his cock, just waiting for it to enter her and full her up. 

Hope comes forward and begins to lap up Amy's wet hungry cunt for him, and also sneaking in some long deep licks to his balls. 

Finally, Harry was ready, and he asked her too, "Are you ready?"

"Yes," she moaned, "give it to me. GIVE it to be real good."

"Then your wish is my command," Harry said as he begin to slowly inch some of his length into her. Harry continued to fed inch after inch of his huge schlong into her cunt. His cock slowly but surely disappeared inside, until finally Amy could feel his cock all the way inside pressed up against her cervix, and knew that somehow.

In the end, Harry had managed to get all of that amazing shaft inside of her.

Panting heavily through her cute pouty lips, Amy looked back over her shoulder at where they were joined, trying to make sense of what she was feeling and what she was seeing.

“H-Harry… you’re so b-big,” she whimpered as she got filled up like never before.

Reaching out, Harry grabbed hold of her hair, and pulled her head around, giving her a deep, searing, passion-filled kiss before leaning back and smirking at her.

"Tell me something I do not know," he said as he begin to slowly pull out of her. 

Then once he is half way out, he thrusts into her with one single motion. The result of this, of Harry impaling her the rest of the way with his whole length, was that Amy's eyes widening up like that of a started kitten. Then she of course followed it with a loud, pleasure-filled scream as she orgasmed all over on his dick, right then and there, climaxing on the spot.

Harry grinned up at that, while the cheerleader fell onto him with the back of her head resting on his open shoulder. She breathed in heavily for a moment, but Harry didn't plan to let up on her, not in the slightest bit.

With a growl, he thrusts upwards again… and again and again, all the while continuing to stroke counter-clockwise circles into her hips with his thumbs. Amy tosses her head back up,  and squeaked and squealed, unable to get herself under control and unable to quiet her voice in the least bit.

It was like she was a siren, going off all day long, he was glad for the hundredth really, that he had sound proofing spells.  

Amy was a real beauty, with her perky ass, and wonderful boobs, she really could give the most beautiful women he ran into a run for their money, properly contend with them. And Harry was happy to show the blonde-haired cheerleader her own beauty as he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her some more.

Until he was utterly focused on one thing and one thing alone; fucking the ever living hell out of Amy's cunt and bringing her to kingdom cum! His thrusts sped up and quite swiftly so, her insides were just that heavenly so!

Her walls were as smooth as silk and could grip him in ways that he didn't think were possible. He tried to keep his eye from twitching with every stroke, but it was damn near impossible. He had been inside a lot of females, young and old, and he could safely say that Amy had the finest pussy he had ever had.

He quickly wondered if Hope would feel the same. Looking at her as she eat out of them like a real champ, using her tongue to get effect. He knew he would have to reward her well for her services.

The scent of her pussy was driving him wild! His thrusts became faster until their nether regions were clapping loudly, drowning out their cries of passion. He could feel her on another brink, about to tip over the edge.

When she finally did, and her second orgams arrived, she came like never before.

The explosive climax soon had her eyes nearly popping out of her head, her mouth opening wide as if she wanted to let out a silent scream but couldn't, and her ass muscles clenching down harder than ever before around Harry’s thrusting member.

Her inner walls become so tight like a vice grip, even with his ever so constant ramming, and his incessant pistoning. She gripped his cock, squeezing it as if to suck the life from it.

In the end though, Harry really couldn't hold out against this, it was obvious what she wanted, and so did he of course. It takes a while, as he thrusts into her once, twice, and a third time, then Harry finally gives up to the call of his inner base nature. 

With a roar, the young Lord thrusts forward into the cheerleader's vice like cunt, her hot wet insides massaging his length rhythmically as it finally gives up the chase and releases her prize deep within her.

He paints her womb white with his cum, and this time Amy's eyes roll back in her head, her back arching as this happens. Her mouth is wide open as well with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, and a loud and constant moan leaving her throat as she takes every last drop of his sticky white seed up inside of her.

Finally it over as Harry finish letting lose rope after rope of cum into her,and Amy's womb has been filled with cum, and then some. Harry could clearly see the slight bulge in her belly, as she looked pregnant with his child. 

Leaning over her over-sized titties, Harry takes the young witch's lips, zeroing in on her pink lipstick like a homing missile as he captures her mouth with his own and kisses her deeply. The blonde-haired beauty is happy to reciprocate, their tongues dancing with one another as they begin to make out right then and there.

Harry's fingers dig into Amy's cum-covered titties as they kiss, and his cock, still buried in her cunt, twitches here and there, ready and willing to go again whenever he wants. 

She lay atop him limply, like a sex toy rather than a real woman as he fucked her real good and hard, just like he wanted while he continued to groped her tits and give her a passion kiss.

Finally though all good things must come to an end, and Harry broke away from the kiss, letting go of her breasts in turn, then finally popping out of her. 

Immediately his seed begin to spill out of her, but Hope was there to the rescue as she begin to lap it all up. 

Letting her slide off of him, Harry sat back on his couch like a king, surveying all that belonged to him. 

"Why don't you both clean my up before I continue," he advised, but they both knew what he wanted went. 

Coming over to his cock, the two cheerleaders did their best to work together, while he lay there lazily, half-napping as two beautiful women serviced his huge schlong on either side of him.

Amy and Hope were both sprawled out on the soft rugged floor, laying prone. Their breasts jiggled nicely for him was an entertaining thing to watch while they leaned in together to give him a double blowjob.

Amy's tongue worked at his left side with Hope worked at his right, and sometimes they met in the middle, licking at his shaft and inadvertently kissing each other. After that they would break into small kissing sessions which really had him hard on as he enjoyed seeing them smack lips together. 

Petting them softly as he stroked their lush manes, Harry lounged like that and simply enjoyed the spoils of triumphant conquest, while the two beauties happily licking and lapping at his dick.

Sighing back in his seat, this was really the life. 

Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lyra stirring up from her insensed state he put her in. 

"Ahhh, I see you are awake form your beauty sleep," Harry said with a wicked grin. 

Looking around dumbly for a moment, she looked up at him then at her friends who were busy at work. 

"Want to join? Harry asked as he indicated the spot in between the two cheerleaders. "I always say, the more the merrier!"

Stretching languidly as she got all the kinks out of her body, Lyra mused, "I guess this is much tamer than what you had me do."

"But you did enjoy it, huh?" he asked with a dark chuckle. "You face said it all."

"I might have," she said as she crawled up them, "but my poor bum," she sighed, "you totally ruined it."

Sinking to her knees between Harry’s legs, Lyra seemed unable to resist going for a taste, taking up her own position at the south facing side of the largest piece of man meat she had of course ever seen.

"I am going to need to punish this little beauty," she murmured in between licks and laps of her tongue. "It really is a thing of pure savagery and.... manliness," she allowed.

Both Amy and Hope gave the other cheerleader side long glances, but neither of them stopped their worship of Harry’s giant schlong. He was so big that all three women were able to lick and lap and nuzzle at his length without touching each other the majority of the time, though of course there were times where their lips met and they would kiss around the sides of his dick.

"Alright," Harry said after a while of lazying around. "I think it's Hope's turn now," he said as he turned to face the dark haired witch. 

"What do you say?" he asked with a grin. 

Without a word, the dark haired cheerleader was up and about ready to go, he regarded her with a cocky grin, already seeing the lust and arousal growing in their eyes.

"Time to get your reward," he said as he begin to take her to town with his cock. 


Walking up in the middle of the night, Hermione looked a the watch near her bed stand; 4:13.

She always prided herself on being the first to wake up in the school, and be the last one to go to sleep.

Top grades and perfect test scores did not just come out of nowhere, she always trying to better herself and become the perfect witch she could be. 

And now more than ever, she needed to do better, after the loss against that Royal bitch, Pansy Parkinson. She knew she had a lot more to learn, she was perfect academically, but on the more practical side of magic she knew she could use some work. 

Hurrying along with refreshing herself up, she made sure to be extra quiet for her friends that shared dorms with her. Packing up her school supplies, she wanted to head down to the library to get some extra study hours in. 

Walking down the stairs of the girls' dormitory, Hermione came to the common room. Many students laid about as they were too wasted after the party last night. 

She still couldn't believe how powerful harry had gotten over the summer. It was like he was a new and different person, no more was their that little boy she met on Hogwarts express towards their first year at Hogwarts. 

Now there was a powerful and confident man in his place, and.... a very handsome one as well. 

She had never known what a charmer he would be, without his glasses no more you could feel the full effect of those wonderful emerald green eyes upon you. With just a look, he already had so many girls blushing over him, plus she had been able to get a feel for him and she noticed how strong he had gotten. 

She couldn't deny she was attracted to him, before it was a small crush she had on him thanks to him always been there for him , and becoming her first best friend, and risking his life to save her on so many occasions like a knight in shining armor. 

But now that he was a full on prince charming, she couldn't deny that crush became something more. 

Avoiding the bodies of the students laid about, Hermione caught some motions up ahead. 

Freezing in place, she saw bodies coalesce together and move in sensual manners. It was dark in her with no lights on, so she couldn't make out who they were, and it really wasn't her business who it was. 

She could easily pass through and get to the portrait of the fat lady, however curiosity kept her rooted to the spot.

She looked at her feet slowly inch forward, and frowned at herself. What was she doing? This wasn’t like her. Her heart pounded in her chest, and her breaths grew sharp and she finally came within seeing distance. 

She squinted into the dimness of the couch area, and gasped at what she saw.
Hope, the Gryffindor Quidditch team cheerleader went up and down, her slender and yet very well toned arms wrapping around the neck of someone. 

Looking down, she saw that the older girl rode the biggest cock Hermione had ever seen. Okay, to be honest, she had never seen a cock, but it wasn't like she was clueless, Lavender always went about the perfect slab of man meat. And this.... this was way beyond that into true magnificence. 

The cheerleader's bubble butt lurched up and down, striking ferociously at the tennis ball sized sacks. She was nearly half drooping over the edge of the person she grabbed on to tightly as she wildly jiggled on the man's lap.

The noise they were making was intense, and Hermione wondered how no one was waking up to this, then she connected the dots. They had sound proofing spells of course. 

Unable to tear her eyes away, Hermione watched as Hope's tits bouncing wildly and she shuddered and crooned with her back in pleasure.
“Y-Yes!” the slutty cheerleader cried, then pitched forwards and kissed her lover deeply.

Her breath caught in her mouth as she saw who it was....

Harry, Harry Potter!

She couldn't believe what she was seeing, then from the corner of her eyes she caught the form of two other women kissing passionately. 

He had three women.... she shouted inside of her head.

Then Hermione looked down and realized her left hand was between her thighs, and she saw that she was subtly rubbing her needy pussy through the fabric of her black panties.

Immediately removing her hands from her panties which were damp to the touch, Hermione just couldn't believe what she had been doing. That was a total loss of control on her part, and looking over at Harry, her best friend and secret crush. She blamed it on him!

This was unfair, how could she resist that.... monstrous thing between his leg. 

Suddenly, Hope let out a loud scream as she clearly orgasmed on his cock. Harry also seem to cum as he grunted out like a beast and unloaded his seed into her. 

Did they not even think about protecting themselves, she wondered. But she recalled a hundred different spells that prevented pregnancies, and even more that helped it along. 

However now that they were finished, she had no time to waste, they might spot her any time. Thus dropping silently to the round, Hermione did her best to ease her beating heart. 

"Look at the time," Harry said.

"What are you finished," one of the cheerleaders asked, the blonde one Hermione noted. 

"Why don't we take this up to our room?" a dark skinned woman asked.

"Sure," Harry said with a shrug, "thanks Siri-... I mean my uncle that I know how to bypass the wards that protect the girls' dormitory.

Listening to them as they heading up to their room to continue their lovemaking, Hermione didn't know what to make of this. 

Her best friend really had changed over the summer.