Chapter 75: Tracey Davis (R-18)
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Waking up the next morning to a tangle of limbs and body parts. Harry groggily got up and looked around, the room was a total mess.

Ripped clothing laid everywhere, his seed and the girls' sexual fluid were all over the bed, the sheets, the floor, the table, the desk, and even the walls. Objects laid upturned, pillows were scattered about everywhere with feathers spilling out, all in all, it was a total mess.

They really went to work on the dorm, last night. Harry recalled the couch they laid in at the common room and was glad he cast a cleaning spell over it, to fix everything and get rid of the evidence. 

Stirring awake, his eye meet Amy, the first to wake up, she smiled at him coyly as they gazed at each other. "Good morning, champion," she said with a wicked grin. "How did you like your little congratulation reward last night."

"Mmm," he said as he softly caressed her cheeks with the back of his hand while she leaned into it. "I got to say then, I will need a bunch more congratulatory sexy rewards," he answered back. 

"Then do what you do," she said, "WIN!"

Chuckling softly, "you really make it sound so easy."

"Well isn't for you?" she asked as she snaked up to him and gave his ear a light sensual bite. 

"Well there aren't any quidditch games this season," he murmured, "so won't you guys feel very lonely without me."

"Mmm," she said as her hand snaked down to his crotch, "Already looking out for number one I see," she said as she begin to give his cock a few long, hard strokes. 

"I got to," he whispered to her as he begin to kiss along her neck, then finding it to his amusement, he started to suckle at her neck.

"I guess we could make up for all those past victories you had," she mused out loud, "like those quidditch games you won, the evil professor you defeated, the dangerous beast that you killed, and the criminal you got ride of and his dark jailors." 

"Man, that is a lot now that you mention it," Harry said distractedly as he softly bite her neck, getting a gasp out of her. 

"You deserve it," she moaned as his fingers found their way to her honey pot. "You deserve it all, O, great and magnificent hero," she joked. 

"I see that you guys are already at it," a voice interpreted them. 

Turning around they saw Lyra who was up and about, staring at them with a raised eyebrows and crossed arms. 

"What to join?" Harry asked with a knowing grin. 

"I do," a soft voice whispered from behind him. 

Feeling arms wrap around his neck and lips begin to kiss the small of his back, he already knew who it was, Hope.

"Yea, and get ruined some more? How am going to get to classes if I can't walk?" she asked, giving them each a look.  

"What, I already saw you limping," Amy giggled. 

"So what will happen to me if I continue?" she asked with raised arms. 

"Why don't you find out," Hope said, showing some semblance of an expression than her usual quietness. 

"Don't worry," Harry said, "We got the whole weekend to ourselves. No classes, no homework, no professors, no studying, just us and..."

"Some more sex," Amy finished for him as she begin to kiss her way down his body and towards his already erect shaft. 

"Why do I think this is a bad idea?" Lyra wondered to herself. Then letting out a long sigh as she glanced at his shlong sideways, to avoid any looks, which Amy was already administering with her tongue. She muttered, "Okay, just one session wouldn't hurt."

But they all knew it would be more than one small session, Harry wondered if they would even leave the bed this whole weekend. 

Now that would be a sex marathon that would go down for the ages!


Walking down the halls of Hogwarts with a contented sigh, Harry felt more than relaxed and ready to tackle the week of school ahead of him. 

After what went down the last two days, and Friday night, he was more than loosened up, if you would. He did miss out on his lordly duties that he usually likes to take care of on the weekend went where there is no classes waiting for him. But come on, who in their right mind wouldn't decide to skip on a weekend of boring meetings, reviews, and paperwork and just having great, awesome sex. 

Anyways, he had the capacity to reschedule them all, so who cares. 

With his Monday coming to an end as he finished up all his classes, Harry decided to get some studying in. 

"So want to go to the library?" Harry asked Hermione who was right besides him. 

She looked far off, as something seem to be distracting her, but when he addressed her, she immediately turned around o look at him with unfocused. "Huh?" she asked. 

"I said do want to go to the library to get some studying in?" he repeated for her. "Professor McGonagall, sure gave us a lot to get done."

"Oh, no," she quickly answered, "I got somewhere else to be," she said. Then having him a wane smile, she headed off in a hurry. 

Looking at her disappear around a corner, Harry's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Do you know what's wrong with her?" he asked Neville who was on his left. 

"Girls," he said with a shrug, "you can never understand them."

"True that," he said with a nod, he didn't know why but he had the feeling all day that she had been avoiding him. Plus she had this distracting feel about her which he did not understand, Hermione was always the picture of perfectness. But now however.... he just couldn't put his hands on it. 

With a sigh, he waved goodbye to Neville, he wanted to go to the gardens to study some plants of course. 

Grabbing a snack from the kitchens before he headed off to the library, Harry walked down the hallways of the school. The hour was now getting late as supper approached and most students' classes were over, so the place was empty. 

Turning a corner as he stuffed the rest of his food into his mouth, someone grabbed a hold of his wrist. 

Moving on reflects more than anything, Harry unclasped his hand from whoever grabbed him, and pushed them up against the wall with his now free hand. Then with his other hand, he pulled out his wand, and pointed it at the assailant's face. 

Looking down at whoever he had up against the wall, his wand lowered as he uttered in surprise, "Tracey?! What? How!" he stammered out in confusion. 

"Let go of me?" she growled as she pushed up against him, but with the extra muscle he put on, she got nowhere. 

Letting go of her, the young woman tripped up forward as she nearly fell without his weight holding her up. Dusting herself up, as she glared up at him, she said nothing but sniff prettily.

"What are you doing?" Harry finally posed as confusion was posted all over his face. 

"Did you already forget what you promised?" she asked with a snort as she crossed her arms together. 

"Ahhh, that," he said as he recalled the promise he made to her after their little duel. 

"Well," he said with a dark chuckle, "are you sure you are up to it?" he asked as he faced her head on. "Are you sure you are willing to do anything I say to get Daphne's attention?"

"Yes," she answered begrudgingly. 

"Good, good," he said then grabbing hold of her, he lead her to an empty room after glancing about in the hallway to see if there was anyone about. 

Shutting the door behind him, Tracey looked at him with an unease growing inside of her. "What... are you doing?"

"Nothing," he said with a shrug, then using his glib tongue to good effect, he answered. "But didn't you say you would be willing to do anything to get Daphne?"

"Y-yes," she said hesitantly as the scowl she had was gone and it gave way to insecurity. 

"Well then, I am here to teach you all that," he said as he walked up to her and slowly brushes a few of her bangs free off of her face and begin to caress her cheeks. 

"What do you mean?" she asked. 

"What do I mean?" he repeated, "Well what are you going to do, if you win Daphne, huh? Do you even know what is required?"

"I... I...."

"Shhh," Harry said as he put his finger over her lips. "that is why I am here. I will help you with everything, okay?!"

"What are you doing?" she said as she watched him begin to strip in front of her. 

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Harry asked in confusion as he didn't pause in the least bit. Then turning to face her, he said, "If you don't just tell me. I can go away."

"I..." she once again stuttered. 

But Harry overruled her, giving her no time to think, "Remove your clothing," he commanded to which she followed through with it. 

Humans, you show them one thing or take the lead, they follow right behind you. 

Unfortunately, unlike so many other amazing reveals as his partner took their time to slowly and very sensually take off their clothes, Tracey's removal of her clothing didn't result in any of that.

She mechanically took off her school robes, revealing her undergarments underneath it. Sadly it was a boring thing which really belonged in the 18th century more than anything as it was barely more tantalizing than her robe.

"Come here," Harry said as he pointed his wand at her, and her clothing poofed away like it was never there to begin with.

Letting out a loud girlish scream as she covered herself with her hands and squatted on the floor.

Harry couldn't help it as she chuckled out loud, looking at him with a deep scowl that looked like she wanted to swallow him up. Harry grinned down at her, as he removed his boxers, "What are you going to scream and hide your assets when you get Daphne to bed?"

Staring wide eyed with her mouth partially hanging open, Tracey took in the full glory of his erect pillar. 

"Is this your first time seeing a man's dick?" he asked with a grin.

"Shut up," she answered, humiliation and embarrassment clear on her face, and she turned her head around.

"Don't worry," he said as he laced his fingers through her hair while inadvertently bringing her closer to his tool so that she got a full taste of his musk. "It won't bite!"

But he didn't add, it would penetrate. 

"Now," he said as he pointed his man to a few desks and transformed them into a bed. It was a decrepit thing since the material wasn't the best but it would do. 

Getting on the bed, he waved her over, "Come on, let me teach you how to pleasure your partner. Or else she wouldn't find your presence suitable," he added, "and might find pleasure elsewhere."

The grey eyed witch walked closer to him, the way her arms continued to flinch betraying her lack of familiarity with the process, something that became very apparent when she fumbled to get on the bed.

"Come here," he ordered, "yeah bring your little button here," he said as he got her in a 69 sex position. 

"Good," he finally said as her listing pussy was right in front of him. 

She on the other hand was face to face with his throbbing shaft, and stared open mouth at it while her eyes danced up and down.

Another chuckle escaped his mouth, and Harry asked, "Isn't it magnificent up close and personal?"

"Shut up," Tracey repeated again in a murmur, but it did little against the blush that was determined to spread across her face. She avoided trying to look back at him, her eyes singularly stuck on his size.

Without even a command from him, her hand reached to his shaft, but just as her fingers caressed his skin she seem to come back to herself. Then glanced back at him, unsure, "It's okay," Harry said with a soft smile, "You can touch it if you want, and then some..."

Grabbing his cock as she wrapping her hands around his shaft, her fingers barely able to touch around his girth. Nevertheless, Harry took in a sharp intake of breath, "Not to hard," he advised as she held in in a vise grip. Letting up as a giggle escaped her lips, Harry got a taste of his own medicine per say. 

"Okay," he said as he put her through the step by step process. "Start stocking it. Yea, like that. Good, very good," he complimented her as she got the hang of it. 

Sticking his tongue out, Harry also got started with his own work, as he begin to treat her pussy to his magical tongue.

Moaning loudly with his cock still in his hands, he smirked as he too increased his pace which got even a louder moan from her.

Feeling competitive, the lesbian witch tried to up the antics as she started moving in a surprisingly enjoyable rhythm, showing what a quick learner she was as she putting all her skills to good use and moved up and down at an evolving rhythm, sending waves of pleasure through his body.

He was rather surprised and said in a nonchalant manner as she continued to deliver her treatment. "Not bad. Not bad at all." Her other hand joined the fray immediately, working the bottom half of his shaft, occasionally drifting down to his balls.

Harry had to admit, the treatment was exquisite for a beginner that saw a cock for the first time, it was like magic itself built her for this, to handle cocks instead of pussies, he thought with a chuckle. 

Saying nothing more on the matter, he used one of his favorite tricks, he licked to use on a woman he was eating out of. Sticking his tongue deep inside her cunt he started speaking in a language that wasn't human at all, but one of the serpents, Parseltongue.

Going wide eyes, she had no chance at all as she squirted some sexual juices. Her whimpers and her whines and her cries turn into purely wanton and lewd moans. 

Harry wasn't down with her in the least bit. He goes further still, and all he gets is more enthusiastic moans. Increasing his speed, soon he had her moaning out loud like a banshee as she all but forgot about his cock in her hands.

The grey eyed witch squirmed on top of him as he could feel a release close at hand, carrying on. Then Tracey cums and she cums hard, as her head tilts back across one of his shoulders. 

She was racked by shivers as her essence left her in a flood, her mouth open to let out a scream but nothing escaped at all as the bliss was too much that it left her silent.

Getting up, and letting her drop to his side, all Harry sees was an insensate, twitching mess. Even though she was a quick study, she was still new at it all, and couldn't even handle the lightest touches of his. 

It was obvious they needed to finish up their lessons later.