Chapter 76: Fay Dunbar (R-18)
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Some of you might be wondering what is with this excessive amount of sex scenes these last few chapters. But this is a special I did way back on the thanksgiving holiday of 10 NSWF chapters for the five-day break. 

So expect this week and the next to be about Harry sleeping with different girls, if you don't like it please do come back the week after it has been finished. If you can't wait check out my [email protected] I am 25 chapters ahead. 

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!


Looking through the ceiling in the Great Hall, Harry saw that it was a pleasant morning today. The heavy clouds of pewter gray that swirled about overhead all last week was gone, now the sun was shining brightly in the sky and the clouds were pleasantly drifting about.

Harry, Neville, and Hermione double checked their homework as they silently ate their breakfast. A few seats along, Fred, George, and Lee Jordan were discussing magical methods of aging themselves and bluffing their way into the Triwizard Tournament.

"Today's not bad outside," Neville noted, while running his finger down his Herbology homework, to double check for any mistakes, or more like they were. He was the master when it came to magical plants and fungi, so they always deferred to his wisdom on the matter.

"We got Herbology with and Care of Magical Creatures with the Hufflepuffs. And arithmancy with the Ravenclaws. Pretty good," he said with a happy nod.

Of course he meant they did not have to deal with the Slytherins. Harry learned they weren't all bad, they might be a bit pretentious, but after meeting Daphne, Tracey, and Zabini he learned that there might be some actual decent folk in that house. But still, people like Draco and his ilk spread a bad image of the house, making most distance themselves or in his house share a deep enmity towards them all.

"Well then, let's head out," Harry said as he finished up the last of his meal. It wasn't as fancy as the stuff that Kreacher, but he made do with that he had. He had been after all living on his relative's scraps for over a decade, he never he imagined he would developed a fancy palate or anything.

Put food in front of him, and he would devour it.

"Ahh, Hermione," he said as he and Neville got up and were ready to head out, but the busy hair witch was in one of her distracted bouts that took her fancy whenever.

"Yes, yes," she said as she collected her books, "let's go."

Staring at her all day as they made it through their Herbology and then came to their Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid, Harry couldn't make heads or tails what was bothering her.

He knew something was, get to know someone for over years and you know when they are upset about something. But he didn't know what it was.

Paying attention to Hagrid for the moment as he brought in a Diricawl for the day.

The big man begin to talk about the bird like creature.

It was like plump prehistorical chicken more than anything with rainbow colored fluffy feathers.

"Dis bird is known as a Dodo ter de muggles. So'tiz a flightless magical bird dat can be mostly foun' in de island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. While the muggles believed dis bird ter be extinct, in reality, it existed an' 'ad de ability ter disappear an' reappear anywhere close at hand as a means av escapin' danger. An' as yer can note it is very similar ter apparition, that's cos we wizards invented de spell after watchin' an' learnin' from these magical creatures. So de next time yer see a Portkey, Vanishing Cabinet, or the Floo Network, you can thank these birds for existence of them all."

Nodding his head along as he listened to Hagrid go on about the creature with students taking down notes, Harry felt like giving himself a pat on the back. The big man was doing very well, as he took to heart all the avises he offered him, and brought his classes to a whole nother level from before. Now he looked very professional and scholarly as he had a clear goal in mind.

It wasn't that he didn't know the matters, to be honest Hagrid was the best Magizoology he knew of. But the man did need certain guidance here and there.

"Now," he continued, "De the International Confederation of Wizards 'ad not seen fit ter revayle dat de animal still existed, since it would have raised muggle awareness of the more magical."

Getting to his closing remarks, Hagrid slapped his hands together, "Alright, let's try ter get ter meet these creatures," he said as he brought along the one he had near by which he used to show as an example while leading them to a pen with a dozen of the magical creature caged inside.

"Make sure ter be extra careful wi' dees creatures, they are a bit frightful an'  any sudden movement yer show they 'ill flee. So approach dem very carefully an' slowly, hold out your hands like dis," he said as demonstrated holding out his open palm towards the Diricawl he had at hand which sniffed at it and turned around.

"If they see yer mean no 'arm den they 'ill not flee, and me job 'ill be all the more easier if I do not have to hunt dem down."

"Alright," he said as he opened up the pen, "partner up, an' try to tame one of them. Der goal is for yer al' ter at least pluck one feather from it. Then yer get a passin' grade.

Snacks are here," he said as he indicated to his right, "they love treats, so if you feed them some, yer 'ill be their best friend."

As everyone rushed about to get someone to partner up, a very familiar voice came from right behind him. "Would you like to partner up?"

Turning around to face Fay Dunbar who was grinding at him. Harry shrugged his shoulders, "Yea, sure," he said.

She was a much taller girl nearing his height with brown hair that reached to her shoulder blades. She had sharp blue eyes, a long face with sharp features, a straight nose, full red lips, a toned athletic figure with all the right curves, and large breasts that fit perfectly.

She was the picture of a fine athletic young woman. Harry couldn't deny he found her attractive, they were housemates so they meet on several occasions and knew each other well.

Approaching one Diricawl who stood along near a tree, the creature turned to face them at their approach.

"Here, here," Harry said as he snapped his finger at it and held out a treat for it.

Looking at him with a tilted head as it looked up at him, then down at the treat, it took a hesitant step forward.

"Here you go," Harry said as he bent his waist down to be level with it.

Slowly plodding up to him, the rainbow colored bird finally came up to him and took a tentative bite of the snack he held out. Once it saw that nothing was wrong with it, it swallowed the rest of it whole.

"You are really good at this, huh," Fay noted.

"Yea, I dealt with a bunch of creatures over the summer," he answered with a grin. "The key to win them over is bribe, and belly rubs," he said as he begin to scratch behind the magical bird's ear.

Purring softly, he smiled down at the strange bird, as he softly plucked a loose feather from it. These things were of great use as it could be incorporated into a number of magical devices for teleportation use.

"Yeah," Fay said, "and we are already down without task."

"Mhm," he said as he pocketed the feather to bring to Hagrid. "What do you want to do for the rest of the time?" he asked as he was too far distracted with petting the creature.

"Oh, I know," the perfectly fit witch answered as he could detect a hint of mischief in her tone.

Suddenly he felt a hand reach into his robes very discreetly, and go for his boxers.

Looking over to face his partner with his widening in shock, the fit and strap young woman looked at him playfully. "Don't worry," she said as her fingers found their way to his already hardening erection. "I cast a notice-me-not charm, so its just the two of us, and this bird does a wonderful job blocking us off with the tree also right next to us."

Harry really didn't know how to feel about this, on the one hand he would like more than anything to go ahead with this rump. But on the other hand, he really didn't want to be caught in front of the whole class even with a notice-me-not charm protecting them and keeping them just on the edge of everyone's view.

Still it would have been better if they could go under his invisibility cloak, but them everyone would wonder where they went.

Nevertheless, the decision was made for him as Fay begin to stroke him. Her fingers were very soft and warm, and he was so taken back he let out a sharp intake of breath.

Looking around to see if anyone spotted him, he saw that everyone was busy with their bird.

Absently giving the Diricawl another snack as he was so focuses with the soft ministrations he was getting, Harry felt like blowing his load. Though as not to dirty his clothing, and leave a white patch on it, he held it in, and decided to enjoy her efforts.

Her hand pumped up and down his length as she went faster and faster to get him to release. Then to add to his growing pain, or should he say happy pains, she begin to bite his ear lobe, and then kiss along his jawline and neck.

"Mmm," she murmured into his ear, "are you very close, Sir~"

Giving her the look which said it all, Harry decided to return the favor, he might not be able to fuck her right here and nor, but he had other tools at hand.

This time it was her taking in a surprised breath as his hand went into her robes and started massaging her damp panties.

She was just waiting for his cock to find its way into her, and he would have loved to give it, but circumstance of course prevented him.

"How do you like being on the receiving end?" he asked her as she got a taste of her own medicine.

"A-ahh," she moaned as her eyes fluttered shut and close. He could tell she was really enjoying his soft massage as she tried to hold back anything louder than a scream, but it was really getting hard to do so.

Grinning, Harry decided to up the antics, as his fingers slipped past her panties and into her wet, wanton little honey pot.

She was ready dripping wet with want, as she quivered when two of his fingers went up her tunnels.

To silence her before she could begin to sing out loud, Harry's lips found their way into her own, and he begin to break into a passionate kiss with her.

Her lips were so soft and delicate, it was as if he was parting with soft clouds, and he got a real good taste for her as his tongue started massing with her own.

"Alright," a giant booming voice suddenly called, causing the two of them to suddenly break away from what they were doing.

"Pack up, class is over. Brin' de feateh yer collected ter me, and yer can al' be on yer way!"

Lining up as everyone presented the feather they were able to pluck from the Diricawl, Harry and Fay did their best to smooth their clothing over, and look as presentable as possible.

Being the last people to came up to Hagrid, Harry gave him the feather he was able to collect. "Ahhh, Harry," he said as she stopped him in his tracks. For a moment, Harry thought he was able to pierce their small veil and catch what they were doing.

"Do yer 'av class after dis?"

"No," Harry answered with a shake of his head as did Fay. "Just Arithmancy later in the evening."

"Good, very good," he said, "then could yer help me recapture de Diricawl that apparated away. I 'ill toss in extra credit for yer," he added with a wink.

"Yea, sure," Harry said with a sigh of relief more than the idea of looking forward to extra credit.

"You too, little lady," he added towards Fay.

"it would be my pleasure," Fay answered.

"Alright," he said, "I will head in that direction. Yer go there, let's meet back in a hour or two."

"That's plenty of time," Fay said as he noticed a wicked look in her eyes. He could tell what she had in mind to pass the time.

"Good," the gentle half giant said as he trotted off, leaving the two of them standing there.


Grabbing her by her arm, Harry dragged Fay off of to a stand of trees and onto her knees with one hand, while pulling out his cock free from his robes with the other. There was no way he could stop himself now, his prick was throbbing hard and it was honestly getting a little painful trying to keep his erection within the confines of his pants.

He knew what his little brother wanted, and he was ready to give it to it.

It's immensely pleasurable to smack his fat cock down onto Fay's upturned face and watch her eyes go crossed while her pupils dilate, and her nostrils flare as she stares at his dick hungrily.

Now that she got to get a good look at his cock instead of just a feel, she got treated to the full glory of it. Anytime a woman saw his massive, massiveness they were shocked into silence and awe.

It really was a magnificent, all 10 inches of it with veining veins, a massive egg sized cockhead, and ball sacks the size of tennis ball, filled to the brim with virile seed ready to impregnate any women's womb it enter.

In an instant, she took him into her mouth, before Harry can even react or do the honors himself. He grunted as she bobbed up and down his length, her blue eyes never once leaving his face, and he groaned as her tongue did some very interesting things along the underside of his cock.

Panting hard as he could feel his eyes turn red with want, Harry stares down at Fay with a dark animalistic gaze.

"So this is what you really wanted, you horny little slut. This is what you were looking for, huh?" he asked in a harsh tone. His baser nature was taking over as he soon had his fingers grabbing a bunch of her hair.

Soon, the fit and perfect witch was gagging on his dick, though from the hazy look of pleasure in her eyes, she doesn't mind it one bit.

"Ack! Ack! Ack!"

As she choked on his cock and gagged along his member with her drool and saliva and slobber slowly slide down along his balls,Fay Dunbar looked undeniably happy as he shoved his cock deeper into her esophagus.

He honestly can't get enough of it as he face fucked her with all his might, ruining her pretty face in turn.

Harry didn't let up for a single moment as he plowed away at his partner's throat.

"You need to be taught a lesson! Once and for all!" he panted out as the feel of her hot wet mouth felt just perfect, it was like she found a sauna for his dick.

"Mmm," she moaned, sending vibrations along his length.

Getting more and more into it, Harry grabbed one of her hanging boobs and begin to maul at it with his fingers sending red marks all over it.

However it was his release that caught him by surprise. He was so lost in his own lust that he did even feel it coming, before suddenly, he's just outright unloading down fay's throat.

Just as he didn't see it coming, neither did Fay herself as her eyes go wide in surprise, her nostrils flare, and then his cum is exploding out of her nose and the sides of her mouth as she chokes and gags on his white, hot jizz. It makes an utter mess of her, and leaves her looking dazed and glazed over, even as Harry pulls out of her throat finally.

"Clean yourself up. We're not done yet," he said with a wicked grin.

Fay was a total mess as she had saliva and his cum running down her face and on to her breasts. Her lips were puffed up by his brutal face fucking, and her eyes looked glazed over.

She did as she was told, while Harry watched her, stroking his member with one hand. Bringing her hands up to her face, Fay begins to scoop dollops of his seed off of her cheeks and chin, even as she licks at her upper lip, slurping up his cum. She cleans off her fingers afterwards, and then some, continuing on until her face is pristine.

Flushed with arousal, looking up at him with a smoky look and fuck me eyes, Fay gives a coy smile, despite the face fucking she'd just received.

He couldn't deny it, that it gave him a real hard on.

Chuckling darkly, Harry whispers to her, "Naughty girls like you deserve one thing and one thing alone. To get FUCKED!"

With that, Harry was upon her like a big bad wolf, he already had so many wicked things in mind, plus the time to spare as well.

It was only after 6 whole hours that they came back to Hagrid, with nothing in hand!