Chapter 85: Hunting Pt.3
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Mulling over it, they finally came within view of the Rogers family home. It was a nice Keep on top of a hill surrounded by vibrant trees all around. However what marred the beauty of the landscape was that the keep was under siege.

Staring at the three massive Manticores which had the place surrounded it while they besieged the defenders, Harry just could believe what he was seeing.

The others also didn't seem to believe what they were seeing as Riley swore, "What the fuck is going on? I thought we killed all these bastards!" No one replied in answer as they watched took in the siege with their own eyes.

"Well seeing is believing," Martin stated with narrowed eyes.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Kate asked with a shake of her head.

"It seem like we underestimated the creature," Harry noted. They must have circled around them once they left the Keep, and set upon them one of their brothers thinking he was more than enough to handle them.

Once again he had to note how very intelligent magical beasts are, this is something a regular animal would never come up with in its whole lifetime. Magical beasts intelligence can form complex thoughts like that of children and all the way up to adults, and for some rare species they are even wiser than men.

The Manticores were known for they sly cunning ways, just from the way they lured humans to them, you know they are shrewd.

To be smacked with this in his face with this fact, really didn't feel good. But it opened his eyes to the possibility.

"I don't care how smart they are," Ser Myers growled as he withdrew his wand. "They dare to besiege my home! I will make sure to wipe them all out to the last little mewling pup." 

Harry made no mention that they already did that for him, he could understand how angsty the man was. If his home got invaded he would be out for the blood of whoever dared to look on his home with malicious intentions.

"Men," Ser Myers shouted, "FORM UP! We charged at those creatures and show them what's what!"

"That would be foolish," Harry simply stated with a shake of his head. Seeing the man turn his angry eyes at him, Harry steadily looked on at him. "You would just get your men and yourself killed, Ser Myers. And you would be no help to your family or people if you are dead."

"Then what would you have me do, my lord?!" the man asked as he barely controlled himself from shouting, but he could also sense a hint of pleading in his tone. Even though he was proud enough not to beg of him to do something, he could still catch the desperation in his tone.

Harry knew his family was trapped in there, or even dead! It was no comfort to any soul to do nothing while all you hold dear was under assault my vicious and cruel creatures.

His gaze turned to the Keep, which its defense was clearly going poorly. Harry could see some portions of the giant shields which protected the Keep in times of war was badly damaged in portions, he could see cracks running along it and even see some gaping holes with his Magic Sight. The Manticores seem to be taking advantage of the battered magic shields as they let their scorpion tails sneak in and paralyze soldiers on the spot.

The place also had no proper leadership as the men on the walls were more like a mob trying and failing to keep the defense up.

"We need to think smart about this," Harry answered. They could easily gang up on a single Manticore and defeat it without breaking a sweat, however, to face three fully grown ones, there was the risk of having one of his officers downed just like Riley had been, and he did not want to take that risk.

Chewing over the thought, a wonderful plan came to him, it was very despicable, but it could get the job done!

"Listen up," Harry said as he got everyone to look up at him, once he got their full attention, he declared, "here is the plan." With that, he begin to outline his plan to them all, Ser Myers looked a bit shocked but he nodded his head as his face hardened up for what was about to be done.

Once he was finished giving his plan, everyone got to the gruesome task ahead of them.

Looking over at the Manticores besieging the Keep, Harry knew they would be in for the surprise of their lifetime.



A loud hunting horn noise blared throughout the whole landscape, the Manticores who were busy battering at the Keep's magical shield stopped what they were doing, and even the defenders took a moment to turned towards the direction the noise was coming from.

Walking out of the forest thicket they were heading in, Ser Myers stepped up all alone. "Hey, you misbegotten beasts," he shouted getting their full attention on him.

"What are you doing here in my land?" he asked as he had his wand directed at them. One of the Manticores roared at him, daring him to approach, and he swore he caught a sneer on the other were the third one looked on bored, but Ser Myers ignored it all, and did as he was told to do by him.

Continuing with his taunts, "You idiot beasts, while you have been wasting yourselves on my wall, I have been cleaning out your filthy dens!" Coming out of the thickets to stand behind him were his men, and in each of their arms they held the beheaded bloody skulls of the Manticores they slew in the cavern.

He brought the body of the creatures with him and stored it in his lordship ring for later use such as in experiments or potions, but now was a good enough time to bring them out to lure the creatures to where he wanted.

Just as he expected, the vicious beasts did not react well in the least bit, one of them had his jaw hanging in an oh so familiar expression of surprise that you would expect from a regular human. Another one was spitting in rage as its powerful claws dig deep into the earth, the third... the third one had no reaction at all.

It stood still in the center of the group as it stared Ser Myers, immediately Harry knew that Manticore would be trouble. It was much bigger than its other male counterparts as it stood at 10 meters tall with large bulging muscles, and scars running criss-cross across its body.

"What no reaction?!" Ser Myers teased, "you should have been there to hear their screams of pain and agony, to see the light go out of their eyes, and be brutalized by me and my men!"

Seeing it was their turn, Ser Myers let out loud bloodthirsty roars into the air as they held up the dead Manticores bloody heads.

Their taunts seemed too much for adult male Manticores, plus their crimes as well, as they rushed at Ser Myers and his men. Seeing that their task was done, they all turned around at once and hightailed it deep into the forest.

The beasts followed with loud angry roars, from his hiding spot far away Harry could see that the lead Manticore stared at Ser Myers and his men's retreating back, but it finally moved and gave chase. This must be answered after all, and no matter how much it suspected their intentions, it needed to exact revenge!

Setting his Omnioculars back down, Harry nodded to his officers who were also in the top branches of the trees with him. "It's time," he simply said.

Without needing to be told twice, they each disappeared into the forest ready to hunt down the pursuing Manticores.

This was the best plan he could come up with in such a short span of time, he knew showing the adult males Manticores their dead mates and children would drive them into a rage, one so great that they wouldn't even think about the fact they were walking into a trap.

Coming up on the first Manticore which was focused solely on Ser Myers, Harry threw a dark spell at it which caused it to trip up and roll around in the ground. 

Before the beast could even get up Alex was on it with his saber shinning in the setting sun. Then to distract it Kate dashed up to it, striking at one of its weak points, and causing it roar in pain. 

Shutting it up Martin swung his hammer down on its snout and the crack of bones echoed throughout the forest. 

Before long the best was in its final throes of death, signaling with his hands, they were out, hunting down the other two last Manticores. 

It wasn't long before they came upon the other Manticore, it was busy feasting on the flesh of the two men of House Rogers. They knew the risks in the operations, and although they did not make a good showing before as they were busy screaming like little girls, now they more than made up for their failings. 

"Kill it," Harry commanded telepathically to his officers. Jumping out of the branches and leaves they went into the task of dismembering the vicious creature. 

However things did not go as smoothly as before, quickly he noticed a dark silhouette hiding in the deep recesses of the forest. Immediately it jumped out, pounding at his men, however Harry was ready for it as he sent a dark stream at it which strick the large Manticore. 

Harry did not want a repeat of last time, so he was on the ready for ambushes and surprise attacks. Plus he was warily this Alpha, it has shown to be much more smarter than its other counterparts, and he had his eyes out for it especially. 

Once the stream of dark mist struck at the creature it was like its strength and energy was being sapped away, which in this case it was. The beast begin to slow and then come to a crawl, before long it collapsed to the ground. 

Its eyes were fixed on him as he maintained the spell, and he could feel the spell in turn begin to drained his mental faculties and make him bone tired. 

Soon then he just couldn't maintain it anymore as he had already fallen to his knees with sweat pouring down his forehead. However, he didn't need to as his men killed the second adult Manticore, leaving the Alpha Manticore the only one remaining. 

Letting the spell go, Harry flopped to his belly and only could maintain his grip on his wand through pure force of will. The rest would be up to his men, he was out for the round, by the time he recovered from the adverse effects of the spell the fight would be long over. 

Still, his job was over, he had absolute trust in his legionary officers that they would be able to handle this vain Manticore. 

With that his eyes begin to slowly close shut, he didn't know just how tired he was until now. He felt so sleepy...

Then before long, he was out like a light bulb!


Walking up with a start, Harry looked around the place and that it was his room in the Potter Manor....

He knew the place like the back of his hand, but it couldn't be, he was out hunting for a beast that plagued his vassal, Ser Myers land. Then...

Just then the door to his room opened and in walked Rem with fresh linen. 

"Master," she shouted as she saw that he was awake. 

"Hey, Rem," he replied back to his ever faithful maid. 

"How are you feeling?" she asked as she came to the side of his bed. He could see the worry on her face as her hands gripped her skirt hem with a death grip. 

"I am fine," he answered as not to worry her. He still felt a bit tired, and wondered why. 

"What happened?" he asked, "why am I here?"

"Did you forget that you defeated a whole pack of Manticores?" she asked in confusion. "There body were all set in the courtyards, the household staff members are already processing it, and Tobry is looking to make the Alpha Manticore into a hunting trophy to hang in the Great Hall or your study."

Suddenly it came back to him in a wave, the Manticore that tried to ambush them on the road, the den they found, the eggs they destroyed, and the siege followed up with leading the besiegers on a merry chase into the forest.

"Did you forget sis?" a voice which was very familiar asked. Looking up he saw Ram who held a plate of dishes. 

"Oh," Rem simply said.

"What is there something wrong with me?" Harry asked. 

"No," Rem shook her head, "your godfather or should I say adoptive father now came into check up on you. He said the spell you used ate away at your mental energy, instead of your magic. So that's why use collapsed when you usually could handle doing very intensive and powerful magics."

"He said you would be alright," Ram finished for her sister as she set the tray down on his bed side. "But you may experience some disorientation or short term memory loss when you walk up."

"Well I am alright," he said so as to reassure them. "I remember everything that happened until I collapsed. Do you guys want to fill me in on the rest?" he asked as he first drained the cup of juice set aside him, he was feeling very parched after that spell.

Doing so, they told of how his officers brought him back after of course defeating the lead male Manticore. Then Sirius came by to check up on him and see his situation. It had been only an afternoon after the day of the hunt, and now was right into the middle of the night. 

He felt touched even if he knew it was in their directory to care for him as they stood up all night to care for him. It was one that deserved some special reward...

"So how is Ser Myers and his family?" he asked as he licked clean the final morsel of food on his plate.

"They're fine," Ram answered, "Ser Myers writes to you many letters of thanks, and sent countless gifts. They would be a loyal lot for two generations doubtlessly. Ser Myers is in your debt, and his son sees you as his idol."

After spending such a long time with his maids, he got to learn that Ram is much wiser in matters concerning lordly duties. She had a really beautiful rational mind, and could partial out for him the best course of action and read a person to him clear like the back of her hand. 

"Good to know," he said with a nod of his head. 

"You should rest, Master, you have to be tired after fighting all those frightful beasts," Rem said. Harry also noticed his blue haired maid was much better with people on a more personal matter, as she was always loving and supportive of him. She didn't concern herself with politics and all that, but just his well being. 

"I am fine," he said, then breaking into more of a wicked grin. "You know what, I have a brilliant idea, why don't you girls tire me out so that I can get back to sleep!?"

"Of course you would come up with such an idea," Ram muttered under her breath. 

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Rem said joyfully as she begin to slip out of her maid uniform. "I really had missed you," she pouted as she slipped up to him, "and this," she added as she grabbed his little brother who was rearing up for some action.

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