Chapter 100: Sirius’s Trial Pt.2
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"Suprised to see me?" he asked as he held up his hands to either side with his cane in one. There was nothing to stop his obnoxious grin from spreading across his face.

All Harry could do was shake his head; though he had to give it to the man, he really knew how to make an entrance!

Then that was when the pandemonium started.

Everyone begin to talk all at once as some shouted in a fearful voice, "Call the Aurors back!"

While others were calling forth a battle to arms as if they were being besiged by a whole legion of angry bloodthirsty soldiers.

A few seem to remember the shield that was put up early today and they started shouted to Madam Longbottom, "Put the shield up, put the shield up!!!" As if their lives depended on it.

Most though were just screaming like little girls, Harry had to give it to one lord who really had some good pairs of lungs on him as he let out an ear-piercing girlish scream that could have cracked glass if he wanted.

Others decided to find shelter behind their servants and hanger-ons they brought with them, using them as a body shield.

Harry felt like bending over in laughter when he saw the Minster of Magic, Cornelius Fudge eyes begin to roll back in his head and he fainted on the spot. Umbridge tried to shake him awake but the man was long gone into unconsciousness.

There were still plenty of brave souls inside the chamber of the Wizengamot as they all had their wands out and at the ready.

Sirius took everything in with calm eyes though his grin was still on his face, "What has you all in a bunch, huh? Did you just get attacked by someone?!" he joked, but he had no idea how truly on the mark he was.

Seeing that nobody was laughing at his jokes, the black haired man shook his head and muttered to himself, "Talk about being a tough crowd."

In all the mayhem and noise going on, Madam was one of the few people that reminded calm and still in her seat. Speaking up, her voice must have been amplified and magically altered as it cut through the noise.

"What are you doing here?" she simply asked. As Sirius spoke up to answer, Harry did not miss the glances that the old woman sent his way. All Harry gave was a discrete nod of his head, and the elderly witch left him be for now.

"I am here for my trial!" Sirius answered with a shrug. Then looking around at the gathering of High Lords and Ladies, he asked, "This is what this is about right. If not, I can leave," he pointed to the fireplace.

A deep rumbling chuckle echoed across the chamber room as everyone turned to look at Lord Cyrus Greengrass who was seated calmly in his seat. "We are just surprised by your unannounced visit, that is all," he answered for the room at large.

"Well I can't miss my own trial can't I?" Sirius mused, "And there is some stuff I have to say about my crimes." Turning to the court crier, Sirius asked, "What did you say again that I did."

The poor man looked startled that he was being addressed from among everyone, and with the way his face whitened like a piece of parchment. He wasn't really feeling too good about gaining the scrutiny of Voldermort's so called right hand man.

"N- no... n-nothing Sir," the man squeaked out as he tried to make himself as small as possible.

Sighing, Sirius stared pointedly at the trembling man, "Good lord, man. I won't bite! Stand up straight, have a bit of spine. Just repeat the so called crimes I committed."

Looking around for help and seeing he wasn't getting any except blank stares, the man shuddered out, "Sirius Black, you are accused of betraying the Potters, murdering twelve Muggles, and murdering Order of Merlin, First Class Pettigrew Pettigrew."

"Well first of all I didn't betray the Potter, James and Lily were my best friend..."

"How dare you say their names," Kingsley Shacklebolt spat out with disgust in his eyes. "They treated you with respect and care..."

"Could I please finish," Sirius said with an exasperated sigh, "when I am done you can throw around all the insults you like."

Seeing that no one else was about to cut him off, of course, thanks to how fiendishly evil he looked with a scowl on his face. Sirius straightened his jacket and continued, "like I was saying. If there was any crime I am guilty of, is trusting those I shouldn't have like Pettigrew Pettigrew."

"What do you mean," Madam Longbottom asked as she narrowed her gaze at the man.

However before the Black family wizard could answer, Aurors started to pour in from the fireplace. They all had their wands raised and at the ready, then in a flash, they were surrounding Sirius who sat calmly on his chair.

Talk about awful timing, Harry thought, couldn't they come swooping in the last minute after Sirius got his name cleared.

The lead Auror stepped up and called out in a quiet tone, "Sirius Black, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, anything you do or say can be used against y-...."

"Wait," Amelia Bones shouted as she got up from her chair. "This man is about to stand trial."

"What do you mean," Lucius Malfoy sneered, "arrest him and toss him into the deepest hellhole you can find. One that he can not escape from."

For a moment there Harry could have sworn he caught worry on the pompous ass's face. And really he should be distressed, after all he did invade the Black family lands and estates and tried to make their wealth his own.

"Let's put an end to this charade," Fudge said as he puffed himself up. The idiot seem to have been wakened up by his Undersecretary at long last. O, how Harry wished he stayed like that as he listened to him continue to prattle on like the buffon he was.

"Since he has decided to fall into our laps, arrest him. And toss him back into Azkaban, but make sure you put on Anti-Animagus runes on him so that he can not escape again."

"This man... no this Great Lord has never had a trial before until today for the accusations laid before him," Amelia growled.

"Are you telling me he has been tossed to Azkaban without even a trial at all?" Lord Cyrus asked as he rubbed his goatee in contemplation.

"I must say that is setting a dangerous precedent," Harry played along as he put on a false concerned expression on his face. "Forget a common man, but for a Lord, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. For his basic rights to be waved away like that..." Harry shook his head, putting a sad expression on his face.

"What will happen tomorrow, will we be thrown into Azkaban without any due process, at the whim of whoever is in charge."

Loud muttering was heard throughout the chamber as lords and ladies angrily and suspiciously murmur to each other as they all clearly agreed with him. Forget the basic rights of a person there was no way that a noble pure-blood would want to give up his special rights and the high rank they were held up in.

If this was true... then this would set up a very bad example who knew when someone one could look back on this date and take an example from out of history.

"I still does not matter," Fudge said, not realizing the way the room was swinging. Anyways that wasn't the point, what was that a scion of a Great house got put into Azkaban without legal proceedings where he could defend himself.

"He is still convict of those crimes. I remember well that day we surrounded him, after all I was the one leading it. I know without a shadow of a doubt he killed those poor muggles and obliterated fine young Pettigrew Pettigrew! And everyone knows that he was working for Voldermort on the inside acting as his most loyal servant because after all what can you expect from a Black, huh?!"

"Are you done, Minster?" Harry asked, just listening to the man made him want to ripe out his ears. Harry could see why he was so against all this, his arrest of Sirius is after all what brought him to stardom and lead him to the Mister of Magic post.

If it came out that the thing that defined him was all false then it would be all over for him. The press would have a field day with him, and people would start to about the validity of him being in the most powerful office in the land, and of course that let to one thing.

The one thing that all politicians feared, dismissal from office.

"Anyways why do you care what happens to him?" Lord Rosier asked all of the sudden, he seem to finally collect himself as he wasn't a wild mess anymore. "Isn't he the one who betrayed your parents to the Dark Lord?"

Only a Death Eater would call Voldermort the dark lord not daring to use his name or not as fearful as the average wizard folk who called him - you know who. The man knew as he did, Sirius was no betrayer.

"It doesn't matter what I think, or feel," Harry answered as he put on a serine expression. "even at a young age, I know how to set aside my anger and see the bigger picture. Something I wish I could say about you, my lord," Harry smiled at the man.

"You little brat," the androgynous man shouted as he got up from his chair with his eyes blazing over.

"Please be seated," Madam Longbottom spoke up, "this is a gathering of the most esteemed and powerful people in this land. Not a playground yard where you can sling mud at each other."

"My apologies, Chief Warlock," Harry bowed his head, though he wasn't sorry one bit. Putting Death Eaters was after all one of his favorites after times.

Sniffing daintily like a little girl the man turned his head away not saying a word.

Ignoring the older man who was acting like the child instead of the other way around, Madam Longbottom waved her hand at the Auror forcing them all to take a step back.

Sirius brushed at his jacket wiping any some imaginary dust while he winked at the retreating Aurors.

"Is this true, Amelia?" Madam Longbottom asked as she did not take her eyes off of Sirius for a moment. Her gaze was narrowed at him as if she was contemplating something.

"Yes, Ma'am. I too couldn't believe this so I checked all the court's records, and nothing... There is no file on Sirius or the minutes of his trial."

"Maybe you didn't have the right clearance," Malfoy snorted as his eyes darted looking for anything to delay this.

Chuckling softly as Amelia showed a rare moment of mirth, the woman looked down at the man. "They are a public record, Lucius, anyone could view the court minutes."

Going red in the face, there were a few loud laughs at the pretentious fool account including Harry of course while the other in the chamber barely held it back, even the Aurors let out awkward coughs.

The only person who seem unaffected was Madam Longbottom who continued, "if that is true then give the man his trial."

Harry did not know that this had been weighing him as much until he heard those words, it was like a massive weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

"Bring out the Veritaserum would you, so that there is no doubt what I say" Sirius uttered, "I will be willing to lower my defenses."

"You heard him," Madam Longbottom said, "bring out the Truth Potion!:

Doing as commanded someone came in from the fireplace carrying a tray, the person quickly administered the potion into Sirius as his eyes started to gloss over.

"First question, who are you," Madam Longbottom asked.

"Sirius Black, the new Lord of House Black."

Muttering fulling the chamber, as the truth as been verified, Sirius was indeed a Lord of a Noble and Most Ancient House."

"Were you loyal to Voldermort, or working for him in any sort of fashion?"

"That old fucking snake, ha, as if. There might be some Death Eaters here with you all, but I am not one nor shall I ever be."

"That a load of hogwash," Lord Flint cried out, "you were the Dark Lord's most loyal..."

"Enough," Madam Longbottom said as she glared down at the Death Eater, "I am running these procedures, not you Lord Flint. If you interrupt me again, you shall be taking the first Floo out of here. Am I understood?" she asked, daring him to say otherwise.

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered as his eyes narrowed at the older woman.

"Now where was I?!" she said. "So you didn't betray the Potters. You are saying Peter the now dead man did it?" she asked with a raised eyebrow, clearly not buying it.

"Ha, that rat is more than alive," Sirius growled. Then turning back to the older woman, "I can understand why you wouldn't believe me, so I have proof," he said as he withdrew an old battery parchment from the fold of his pockets.

It was the one and only Marauder's Map, Harry handed it over to Sirius since he said he would have some use for it.

He made sure to be extra careful as the Aurors suddenly pointed their wands at him and he held it up to the older woman.

"What is it?" she asked as glanced over at it then back up at him.

"This is an enchanted map that me and my friends made back in the day. It plots out Hogwarts clearly for you."

"And what use does it have for me?" the old woman shook her head.

"This," Sirius said as he brought out his wand which immediately had the Aurors on the alert, but he just ignored them as he swirled his wand over the parchment. "The map as an interesting feature were you can go back, so now that you can see this," he said.

Nodding her head to the Head Auror who walked up to Sirius carefully, the man took the map from him and started casting some spell looking for some traps. Once he was satisfied with his thorough check-up, he finally handed it over to the Chief Warlock.

On it of course was Peter Pettigrew's name right next to Ronald Weasley and the other boys he shared his dorm with.

"Wait," Madam Longbottom said as she spotted her grandson's name nearby. "You are saying he was hiding in the Gryffindor boy's dormitory."

"Of course in his Animagus form as a rat," Sirius bowed his head.

"What does that prove," Malfoy snorted, "for all we can know you could have falsified this. I will have you know we will not fall for it!" the man said as if he was the most righteous individual in this room fighting against evil.

Grinning at the man, Sirius said nothing but took out something else from his pocket a tuft of rat hair. "If you want my lord," he said as if the word was an insult, "you can check for yourself. This is hair from Peter that I plucked off of him when I had him cornered. I believe a simple ritual would do."

Greedily taking it with a wave of his hand, Harry could read the asswipe like an open book. It was obvious the man would purge the evidence which could prove that Peter was still alive and well.

Still with his smile on his face, Sirius continued, "of course I do have some more, which I would like to submit to his court. I did make sure to take a rather large bit out of him," he said as he showed teeth, making him look very feral.

Watching as Lucius's face fell and then he threw away the hairs which he seem to treasure a few moments ago in disgust, Harry chuckled deep inside.

"Still," Madam Longbottom said, "even if this does prove that Peter is still alive. You are still the one who is credited for betraying the Potters."

"And who said that?" Sirius asked as he leaned in his seat.

"Dumbledore," the old lady simply answered.

"What if I said he speaks lies," Sirius stated, "after all he was the one who made the Fidelius Charm and should know better than anyone who the Secret Keeper was."

Loud gasps echoed in the chamber at the wizard's accusations.


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