Ghoul Time and Resurreccion
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( South East  of Ame )

It was truly incredible to see so many Ghouls at once. They were moving like soldiers, and fought like soldiers too. They had to be the most trained Ghouls in all of history, at least Jonathan thought so when he watched them leave the village.

Now the army of 400 ghouls had arrived at their location. They had been sent to wipe out the army of Fang, Star and Moon country. So they had to face an army of easily a thirty thousands soldiers, however a ghoul could easily kill a hundred of those Non Ninja Nations' soldiers. They were weaker than even chunins and some were weaker than genins, so it was easy to see the difference in power. Plus those same soldiers were currently fighting against the forces of the Unknown Nations, and as such, were already losing to begin with.

So the ghouls weren't surprised when they entered the battlefield and saw that the soldiers from the Unknown Nations were slaughtering everything on their paths.

Now it was cool and all, but those little bloodthirsty demons wanted their part of the juicy cake too. And they quickly got to participate in this battle, when soldiers of the Non Ninja Nations bumbed into them as they tried to flee.

The Soldiers of the Unknown Nations were rather perplexed as they heard the pleas for help that followed this, and all found themselves frozen, when an army of red-eyed demons covered in blood and human meat appeared at the top of the hill.

They had gotten ready to go after the ones who were trying to escape by getting pass the hill, but it seemed like they wouldn't have to.

A primal cry was released and all hell was unleashed as the soldiers from the Non Ninja Nations all ran towards the ones from the Unknown Nations, it was a deeply deranging spectacle.

Those samurais who were ready to fight to their death against strong opponents were now faced with weeping and screaming soldiers who bumbed into them and tried to get past the wall that the Unknown Nations' forces had formed.

" Let us through ! We're all gonna die !" One of the ennemy soldier cried out, before a strange blue appendage wrapped around his throat and beheaded him.

" HAHAHAHA ! Where are you running ?! Why are you running ?!" The ghoul who had just beheaded the man laughed and jumped over the group of soldiers that were trying to get away. He then started to savagely rip them apart.

A few of them found their chance and tried to escape as the soldiers of the Unknown Nations broke their formation and some of them fell to the ground, this grotesque vision of hell being too hard for them to accept.

And it was indeed a lot to take in. The Ghouls had been so swift in dispatching the ennemies, that some of them were already engaging in the feast of their lives, throwing human meat in the air and devouring the once proud warriors. Blood splattered against the ground and painted everything red, be it the flowers, the grass or even the Ghouls' bodies.

Some Ghouls were even drawing on their faces with the blood of their victims, laughing merrily as if all of this was just one big joke. The samurais really hoped it was so, because they couldn't take it anymore. They were about to flee in fright before their general appeared.

" Men ! Go forth ! The ennemies have been destroyed ! We must push forward and aid our allies !" He yelled, before moving forward as the strongest warriors followed after him. Some soldiers were left wondering how those monsters could possibly need help, as they tried their best to ignore the ghouls who were getting entirely too close to them while playing with their 'food' and behaving like monkeys who were throwing a party...It looked like what you would find once you reached hell, but it was very much right in front of their eyes.

They still moved on, and in a few minutes, the ghouls were left alone with their food. They were enjoying it until a figure appeared and grabbed one of them by the strange tail-like appendage it had.

" YEOW !" The rather young ghoul exclaimed before she noticed who had grabbed her. The other Ghouls gasped and understood that they were going to get trouble quite fast.

" Seriously....You know what ? Just go back to the village, I won't even get angry at you all...But even WE don't act like animals as much as you do, you should learn to control yourself." The Arrancar said as the ghouls looked at the ground like children whose parents had just yelled at, and moved towards the village whilst not looking at the arrancar in the eyes.

Said arrancar sighed, before he looked in the distance and shook his head.

" I hope the two of you are alright, you dumbasses....I would hate it if you both died because you underestimated their leaders."


( With the Suna Group )

" MASTER KAZEKAGE !!!" A jonin of Suna, Reki, screamed as he and his comrades laid eyes on the what was left of their leader.

They didn't know what was happening. One minute they were surrounded by demons with blood red eyes and fangs, the other a big explosion occured and their leader changed into a puddle of meat and blood.

'What happened ?! What was this technique ?! Are those the Arrancars that Jonathan spoke about ?!' Orochimaru thought, a huge smile on his face as ideas of experiments he could carry on those two individuals flowed in his mind. They looked quite strong, and proved they were by killing a kage with one attack, though they did look a bit tired after unleashing it.

" Are you sure we had to do this ? I mean I know what the other paranoid said, but still. A kage is supposed to be strong, but this one looked like he could be killed by our swords alone." The female arrancar said. The male one chuckled a bit as he unleashed a barrage of bala at the incoming chunins, while the ghouls lunged at the weakest ninjas of the group.

" Apparently Rasa isn't really a defensive kind of guy, he could easily get killed by any of our attacks, but his techniques would also easily kill us. With him, you better attack first and unleash everything, or else you're dead. It's already great we didn't have to stay in our resurreccion form to fight him, we get tired so easily in it." He said. She nodded, albeit reluctantly and followed his line of sight when she saw him gasp slightly.

She then had her smile widen when she laid out her eyes on a snake looking man, and two children who were fighting better than their much older comrades.

" I take the Snake !" She yelled before he could speak, and he groaned before disappearing.

He reappeared in front of the children just as a volley of energy arrows landed on the Ninjas and a salvo of bullets was unleashed. The arrancar looked behind him and saw that the Marine Gunners and Quincies had finally started firing, and smiled.

" Well, looks like this will be a relatively easy battle. Surprise attack, far more advanced guns that you don't even know how to defend yourself against and finally some strange monsters with terrifyingly powerful appendages you can't fight against. Wouldn't you agree with me, when I say that you've already lost, huh kids ?" He asked as Temari and Kankuro , the children of the now deceased Kazekage glared at him.

He ignored the two's screams of indignations at the fact that he had killed their father, and looked at their weapons. One had a giant fan and the other was manipulating a puppet, just like a small group of the Suna Army who had just been exterminated since they were deemed too dangerous and annoying by the ghouls.

"Hmm....This may be interesting. Well I play with you kids, and teach you what power truly is. Though I must be quick, your comrades are proving to be much more difficult to deal with than we thought." He said while glancing at his right, and seeing that the ghouls were actually getting pushed back, and the Marine Gunners had to hide lest they get burned by Katon Jutsus.

Temari looked at her brother, before they both went into position. The arrancar quickly blocked the attack that came his way, but still groaned a bit as he received it.

"Dai Kamaitachi no Jutsu"

The blades of wind had actually been strong enough to slightly cut the arms of the Arrancar, and caused a big smile to appear on his usually stern face.

" My, my.....You two are stronger than I expected. This will be great, now-"

"Futon: Kazekiri !"

The Arrancar had to use sonido to dodge once again, as another wave of wind blades were thrown at him. He did frown though when he saw a group of three Anbus of Suna get in front of the two children, and act as a wall.

" What are you doing ?!" Temari exclaimed as she tried to move one of them around, but he kept his ground, as all three of them executed a set of handsigns.

" We are protecting our future leaders." The Anbu said, just before the attacks were unleashed and the Arrancar protected himself using his hierro.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu !"

Three water dragons were thrown at the Arrancar who took the full strengh behind the attacks head on.  He then wiped the water off his face and moved away his long and wet locks of black hair before getting some water out of his ears.

" You just had to do it....Fuck....Emponzonar, vibora* !" The arrancar screamed as a strange green liquid was expulsed from his body and landed on a Chunin who was fighting a ghoul a few meters away.

" AARRRGHHH!!!" The chunin as he started to scratch all the areas of his body that weren't protected by his outfit. His skin started to turn white, his eyes let out rivers of blood and his words died out in his throat before he dropped dead, and the ghoul who was fighting him laughed and took his corpse just after letting out a 'thank you, Boss !' for the arrancar.

The two children gulped as they took in the new appearence of the Arrancar. He didn't change much, though his  hollow mask had now turned into some sort of white masquerade mask and small bits or scale-like armor had appeared on his arms, his legs and the sides of his abs. He discarded his top as his tongue left his mouth and scared the living hell of the two children with how long it was. A strange snake-like sound left his mouth before the same liquid started to drip from his extended tongue.

" It's time to die, you little dipshits ! Escupir* !"

A glob of venom was sent towards Temari just as the Anbu moved to stop it, but it travelled too quickly for them to protect Temari. The girl just had the time to close her eyes and resign herself, but.....

" Huh...K.....KANKURO ?!!!"


*Poison them, Viper.

* Spit