You Are Mine
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Don't stop, don't stop, I'm so close. Harry's hips, which were desperately trying to thrust forward, were pinned to the wall by long elegant fingers. Draco had come into the room with an agenda, shoving Harry against the wall, and sinking to his knees. Harry was no stranger to blowjobs, but nothing had ever come close to the sight of Draco Malfoy on his knees with cum on his lips. 

They were in Professor Loire's DADA classroom. She had chaperoned most of the student populace to Hogsmeade. Both boys had opted to stay out of the public eye and keep to the castle instead. Currently, Harry was supposed to be grading the 5th year's essays on boggarts. 

But he would have time for that later. 

He'd barely managed a locking charm and a silencing spell before Draco's teeth had nipped their way down his body and swallowed his freshly hardened cock. As the blonde's throat tightened around the head of Harry's cock they both moaned, and Harry felt it vibrate throughout his entire body. He crashed into a vision-blurring orgasm with Draco's name on his lips. When his eyes refocused he looked down to watch the boy licking off the last bit of cum before he stood to attack Harry with a heated kiss. Tasting himself on Draco's lips was one of the most addictive experiences Harry had ever lived through. 

When Draco pulled back he looked the picture of debauched. Harry could hardly breathe, the boy was so fucking beautiful. He leaned forward to suck a love mark onto Draco's neck while he unbuttoned the boys trousers. 

His post orgasm brain wasn't firing at the right speed, making him far too honest. Harry heard himself whisper, "I don't think I have ever been this happy." He slipped his hand around Draco's cock, "I never want to touch anyone else like this for the rest of my life."

Draco didn't freeze up in fear, or shove him angrily, he didn't even flinch. His only response was a smirk as he breathlessly said, "Grip harder you fucking Hufflepuff." Then he captured Harry's lips in a passionate kiss, and came all over Harry's hand. 

When Draco caught his breath he looked into Harry's eyes, and said, "To be clear," the arms looped around Harry's neck tightened, "you are mine. You have been for a long time, we just took awhile to figure it out." 

Harry's completely Hufflepuff response died in his throat when they both heard the door handle jiggling. Jumping into action they had enough time to zip up before the intruder cast Alohomora and the door opened. 

Delores Umbridge walked into the room and all three of them froze. 

Umbridge narrowed her eyes and turned her nose up at Harry as though he was beneath her. Harry imagined a herd of centaurs bursting through the castle to carry her away. 

"Mr. Malfoy," she said, "I'm horrified to see you are keeping company with this boy." 

"Yes," Draco replied, his face impassive, "we all seem capable of making changes to the company we keep." His words sounded calm, but Harry could see the bar of tension between his shoulder blades. 

She ignored his slight. "I'm here to do an inspection of the school, to see that all of the decrees I passed are being thoroughly enforced. I assumed the classrooms would be empty. What were you doing in here with the door locked?" Umbridge asked, her bulging eyes glancing around the room. 

"I was grading-" Harry started, only to be interrupted. 

"I did not ask you," Umbridge said, her tone clipped and frigid. "I know how keen you are to lie."

Anger rushed through Harry's body, the emotion crashing about, looking for a way out. He took a deep breath and didn't move or speak. 

"I am appalled to even have you at this school," Umbridge continued, mistaking Harry's silence for compliance. "You're only going to infect the other students with your lies and deviant sexual acts."

"What could you possibly know about any type of sexual act," the words came from Harry's mouth before he even completed the thought. He wasn't sorry though. 

Umbridge stalked over to Harry, attempting to get in his face, though she was nearly a foot shorter than him. Undeterred, she looked up at him and jabbed a pudgy finger into his chest, "You and the Dark Lord both should have died in that forest. The Wizarding World is better off without you and your kind."

"You vile harpy!" Draco shouted and every piece of glass in the room shattered at once. Several pieces fell from the ceiling where Loire had allowed Neville to hang his air plants, which were kept in glass balls. When the shards hit the floor there were spots of blood on more than one piece. 

Umbridge shrieked, a gloved hand covering the small cut on her cheek. "You tried to kill me!" she cried, now pointing her finger at Draco. "You're in league with him!" She was backing towards the door now, "I'm going to have you in Azkaban for this. Both of you!" 

Once she had stormed out, Harry pulled Draco close, checking his trembling body for cuts, "It's ok. The glass didn't cut deep. She can't get you into too much trouble," he tried to sound reassuring, but his voice was unsteady even to his own ears. 

"I didn't- I haven't had a magical outburst since I was seven," Draco said, his eyes panicked. "I have to go to McGonagall. I can't go to Azkaban because of that woman." 

"Come on, we'll go together," Harry took his hand and they rushed out of the classroom. He called out the password before they even reached the gargoyle. When the staircase appeared they could hear shouting coming from the Headmistress' office. Both boys took a step up as the staircase turned, leading them to what sounded like a battle.