Chapter 67
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Lynx stared at the monsters with utter shock. Mammon and Beelzebub had withstood his attacks so well even though he was holding back. In truth they were all bark no bite, they looked bigger than they really were but it was for a reason.

Lynx was bored.

He power scaled the sins and noticed that they were the weakest of the bunch. Lushan was easily the strongest, second to him was Asmodeus and Belphegor's strength was growing just by him sleeping whilst standing up. Whilst these two when combined still couldn't match either of them.

Lynx predicted that neither could he. If Beelzebub and Mammon even when in their black forms couldn't match against Belphegor when he was in his base form and was the weakest then there was no merit in winning. All he could do was stall for time and he was indeed very bored with the fight and was trying to make it more fun.

He gave himself a goal to strive towards or he would just burn them up straight away which was understanding how these forms operated. Until then and he receives support he decided to give an oscar worthy display of acting to the three demons in the audience.

Beelzebub and Mammon both split and attacked Lynx from opposite sides. He pretended he couldn't react and firmed two heavy blows against his elbows. He felt they wanted to break his arm with that so he dislocated his arm faster than they could see.

They backed off and laughed at Lynx who's forearms were swaying comfortably 'broken' in the wind.

"Ha!" Mammon started "One blow and your arm is already destroyed. I wonder how many you can take"

"Maybe 20 if he really pushes himself but by then he will be a corpse" Beelzebub noted

Lynx was struggling to hold in his laughter since this was too funny for him. Their blows were indeed heavy but to him it was like he blocked the attack and took basically no damage.

Lushan and Asmodeus started to crack their necks as they watched the fight.

Lynx released four large fireballs at the demons which burned them but they plowed straight through. He started weaving and dodging until he managed to get the two demons to crash into each other. From there he sent the separated fireballs down onto the demons.

Smoke rose up from their charred bodies. Mammon had lost an arm and his forearm of the other whilst Beelzebub's instincts helped him weave a way out losing only his left hand.

The harder the challenge for the two the further their strength grew.

"How.. does this.. power.. work" Lynx panted heavily

"No reason to tell a walking corpse. Don't think you won because you managed this" Beelzebub explained

"If I'm going to die, I at least want to know what killed me" Lynx continued

"Why not, closure is important after all" Mammon decided "This is the ability of sin. All of us who bare a sin are affected by this. When we act on our sins heavily our strength increases, there are two levels; red and black. The red is accessible by general demons with the help of us whilst only a sin or something equivalent can turn black but very few can equal us"

Lynx took the enlightenment to heart. He needed to explain this to the others.

"I have the sin of gluttony, my strength increases the more I hunger for something. Mammon has the sin of greed, his strength grows the more he wishes control and keep" Beelzebub explained "The rest work similarly"

Lynx remembered what happened what happened to Leviathan and realised it is mainly caused mentally, which is the cause of sin. Your brain thinks of sin and chooses whether it wishes to act it out so it makes sense for this to be the outcome but Lynx was confused. Most of the sins were gathered in front of him. He knew Leviathan was most likely dead so his presence not being here made sense but Satan wasn't her either, technically lucifer wasn't either.

The being he deemed as the strongest had a face that looked like a mix between lucifer and satan. But if that wasn't worse he could feel the presence of  Leviathan within him. None of the other demons were similar in this regard only the one named Lushan.

Beelzebub were preparing to attack with Mammon again but...

"Enough" Lushan sighed

Belphegor woke up suddenly and the sins all stopped moving.

"Gonna tell them already" Belphegor yawned whilst stretching his arms

"This man named Lynx isn't trying. I believe he knows any one of us could take him out if he beats you two so he is trying to prolong the fight to save his own death. If he tried he could easily burn you up. Luckily you cou-" Asmodeus explained before he was rudely interrupted


"Why else would I stop the fight" Lushan sighed "When you 'broke' his arm, he just dislocated it faster than your eyes could see, or maybe he did it in the moment you guys blunk but we all saw it, that speed matched Belphegor's"

"But.. a mere human.. that's impossible" Beelzebub questioned

This was so heavy on Beelzebub he started questioning the meaning of life.

"Didn't the blow seem weird? Like extremely hard at the start but out of nowhere your arms suddenly went past where his skin was?" Asmodeus asked

The question was a bit vague but they understood what they were trying to say. It was like pushing a car when you can only push 30kg and you're struggling to move it even a little but suddenly it feels like you're pen.

The three previously dormant sins passed Mammon on Beelzebub who were now on the floor looking like their brains turned to fudge.

"Stand down. WE will take it from here" Lushan smiled wickedly "For your honours we will turn the act into the real thing"