Chapter 69
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Lynx managed to buy enough time but he was aware he couldn't drop his guard. He absorbed the rest of the flames and as he did the orb turned black.

"This is not good" Asmodeus sighed

"DUCK!" Lynx shouted

The three girls followed his advice. So did the demons but since they didn't know how the attack worked they were unaware that meant nothing.

Lynx had spent basically all of his spiritual energy. The remainder he used to propel the orb forwards. He threw the orb and his remaining fire sped it up. It shot past the girls and was a few metres away from the demons.

Now Lynx dropped to his knees from exhaustion and at the same time the orb stopped moving. The girls helped Lynx up whilst the demons stared at the orb.

"Seems we were scared for nothing. If we were any closer it would've hit" Belphegor deducted

Out of pure interest Lushan put hovered his hands under and on top of the orb.

"Nothing weird it seems" Lushan deducted

Lynx was constantly forcing any fire that the orb was releasing to be used to power up the orb. The longer it stayed their dormant the more dangerous it became.

"Break the castle wall... leave" Lynx whispered

"Why? We still need to destroy the rocket. And Kami is still there" Tama asked

"Oh F-" Lynx started but it was too late

As he said that Lushan poked the orb with his index finger. The attack Lynx released didn't need to stop. He made it stop. This was his strongest attack. He named it 'The End'. It had enough power to blow up half of the planet but it had been concentrated to only destroy what was in the castle. This included Kami who was unmoving nearby.

The girls managed to heed him and broke through the wall but everything else wasn't as lucky.

With a bang that was rupturing the eardrums of people on the other side of the planet and a huge mushroom visible through a telescope on the other side of the planet, Spajainia was no more.

The attack was concentrated in the courtyard but the remainder wasn't. Usually Lynx would force whatever leaks from his attacks after he releases it back to where he wanted it but he was too weak to do so. The most he could manage in the weakened state he was in was forcing the fire away from him and his friends. The smoke which turned into blue flames easily burned up the entire continent.

The state of all the demons was unknown. The rocket was easily no more and Kami was probably near death.

The fire raged even on the sea burning it for a full weak. Their mission was successful but Kami was MIA. This was not good in the slightest.

By the end of the week the four managed to float away to a nearby land. They had no clue where they were. The only thing they knew for sure was that they were lucky to be alive.

As they washed up on the shore of the large island everyone coughed up water onto the sand as they breathed heavily from fatigue.

"That was too much, My strongest attack could stop the main attack but I'm not sure about the leakage" Liliana coughed

"I agree" Pyria and Tama said in unison

Lynx admitted it in his head. He wasn't ready to use that attack yet. It drained him too much. He went into a deep state of thought as he began thinking about a different way to use it as well as if he should try destroying his spiritual reserves again to make it easier to do.

"Mission complete but Kami..." Liliana noted

"Yes there is no way the rocket wasn't turned to dust by that attack" Tama admitted

"Right now we have two major problems; one, where is Kami and two, where are we. Kami is alive, I don't believe Lynx could kill him even when he is weakened" Pyria argued

"Oh yeah he has that barrier thing. The second he received major damage it probably activated and defended him" Liliana noted

"That's one problem. So... where are we" Tama said looking around

There conversation continued for a good ten minutes until Lynx spoke up.

"We have no leader and I'm injured. We also don't know where we are so why don't we focus on what we can do for now and worry later?" Lynx asked

"Go on" Pyria probed

"This island hasn't been explored by us. I'm sure there is something related to our location here" Lynx continued "And if there isn't we need to set up and find resources to survive"

They all agreed and decided for now there goal should be to explore the island they were on.