Chapter 213 – Portal
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"~I don't want to set the world on fire~"

Within the factory, Dream hummed himself a tune while sending mana through a section of the portal. He was in his cosmic form, and the mana around him was following his every command as if he were a king.

"~I just want to start, a flame in your heart~"


On the portal, a plate hiding some enchanted panels underneath was popped off. Dream proceeded to dig further into the structure of the portal.

"~In my heart, I have but one desire~"

[~And that one is you, no other will do~]

"I've lost all ambition, for worldly acclaim~"

[~I just want to be the one you love~]


Raising his hand, Dream called over a piece of metal which he formed into a small thin bar. Sophia then enchanted it, and he placed it on top of the other enchanted panels of the portal.

"~And with your admission, that you feel the same~"

[~I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of~]

"~Believe me...~"


Suddenly going quiet, Dream's hands froze in place. The mana in the vicinity ceased to move, as if time stopped.

"I know this is only the second time, but I can't say that I'm especially thrilled to see another absurdly powerful being suddenly appear. Do you mind at least giving me a name?"

Dream, who was still facing the portal, spoke to seemingly nobody. It was out of place considering this was his factory in space that nobody could just casually enter. 

However, the question actually garnered a response. The voice of a man came from behind him. 

"My name is Corvastch, and I mean no harm."

"Corvatsch... What are you, Russian?"

"Sorry, but I don't understand."

"It was a joke."

Saying that, Dream spun around on his chair and faced the man behind him. The man was bald, wore some humble robes, and had an amiable face like some kind of Asian monk. Dream didn't really care about that though. The fact that he could barely detect the man's existence was a huge red flag.

"Russians don't exist here, especially not ones who can casually enter this place undetected and evade my senses."

"I apologize for the intrusion. I have business with you, and this seemed like the easiest way to meet you."

"Well if easy was the goal, then this is indeed the way. Come with me. Let's talk about this business of yours."

Saying that, Dream suddenly disappeared. Moments later, he reappeared outside the cabin in the tree dome. He also reverted back to his human form. 

Right after he appeared, the bald man Corvatsch also appeared, clearly having followed using the same method. 

"Have a seat."

Dream motioned to a place on the grass, and a table with chairs appeared. Both men took a seat. As they did, Sophia spoke to Dream.

[Should I call the girls?]

'Absolutely not. Just let them be, and don't activate anything. Let me take care of this.' 

Dream responded, and then focused his attention on the man. This man was powerful, definitely more so than him. Thus, he would act without hostility and took things as they came.

"So, Corvatsch. What exactly is this business you have?"

Dream asked. At the same time, Aegis appeared in his armored form beside the table, and glasses appeared on the table. Aegis took up the position of butler and poured them both drinks from a bottle he also received from Dream's inventory. 

Taking the glass, both of them took a sip, and Corvatsch responded after setting the glass down.

"Thank you for the drink. My business with you involves transportation, and I've been ordered to provide this transportation from someone you're familiar with. You know him as the one behind your [Origin Seeker] title."


Dream's eyes went wide. That mysterious dude. The one who sent him to this world and gave him the foundation of his powers as well as his only title. He had only spoken with him once during a class advancement.

His thoughts were turbulent, but they quickly calmed down.

"So, he sent you here?"

"Indeed. He gave me these transportation orders a while ago, and today was the day for it to happen."

"...So you're transporting me somewhere?"

"Yes. Here. This is a letter from him."

Saying that, Corvatsch handed Dream an envelope. Opening it, he took out the parchment within. 

'This parchment...'

Seeing the paper, Dream quickly recognized it. This paper matched the one he received on his first day on this planet. It was the same  feeling, color, and had the same beautiful, artistic writing. 

He quickly read the contents. 

Hello, Dream!

When you receive this letter, you will have already defeated the demon threat and successfully saved the remnants of the native world population. I congratulate you on the fantastic performance. 

The person who will be giving you this letter is a very powerful man who works directly under myself. He has been tasked with moving you across worlds, as you are still incapable of doing so yourself. The place he will be transporting you to is Earth, the planet from which you came from...


Dream's eyes suddenly shot all the way open.

'Earth? I'm actually being taken back to Earth?!'

This time, Dream's turbulent mind wasn't hidden so well. The mana around him started fluctuating, and his breathing accelerated. Even his heartbeats sent small surges outward.

He kept reading...

Now, I know you might be speculative, but worry not. You will be going back to your home planet. The man in front of you is more than capable of taking you there. 

Oh, and don't worry about your lovely little ladies. They will also be going with you. As for all your belongings, Corvatsch has been given instructions on what to do. 

So, since you are now aware of your plans, go on and prepare yourself. On the back of this parchment, you will be presented with a task from me, but you will only be able to read it upon returning to Earth. For now, focus on your return. There is more business to be taken care of than you think. 

May good fortune and luck be with you!

With that, the letter ended. Flipping the paper over, Dream saw some more writing. However, he couldn't read it as it was blurred.

Shrugging inwardly, Dream put the paper into his inventory and got a hold of his chaotic mind. After processing everything for a bit, he looked back at Corvatsch.

"So you're taking me to Earth."


"When do we leave?"

"We shall begin your return today. However, you mustn't worry about being rushed. Allow me to explain how we will go about your transportation, if you would follow me."


Nodding, Dream stood up from the chair along with the Corvatsch. His body was then enveloped by power, and they both disappeared.


The next moment, the two appeared in open space. Dream could see his huge factory a couple miles away.

"The way we will be transporting you and your 'belongings' is simple. I will open a portal to the space outside Earth. The portal will be open for a month, and in that time you will be allowed to transport anything you wish through it."

Corvatsch's voice was transmitted to Dream. Hearing the man, Dream nodded. His thoughts also spun.

'So if it's going to be open for that long, I'll be able to move plenty of items. Maybe I'll be able to move resources and bots. Though, that depends on how big the portal is going to be...'

Dream came to this question, however, as if reading his mind, Corvatsch spoke. 

"As for the size of the portal, here, why don't I just show you."

Smiling, Corvatsch put his hand up in front of him. Dream could feel an explosion of power the next moment as massive amounts of Aether and mana streamed from his body. 

Then, the power formed a small ring in space. The ring then grew wider in diameter.

1 foot, 1 meter, 100 meters, 1000 meters, 10000 meters.

The ring expanded exponentially, and Dream's heart palpated at the amazing display of power. After only 20 seconds, the portal had grown to over 50 kilometers in width and height. 

Dream looked through the portal. Through it, he could actually see it. His home planet.


His mind became even more turbulent. There it was. The planet he came from. From what he saw, the portal led to the space outside the atmosphere. The planet and all its glory was in full view.

"This portal will maintain this size for one month. There are no restrictions as to what you can bring through it, and seeing your large factory, I'm sure you have many things that you would like to bring with you."


"Very well then. The rest is up to you. I've been told not to interfere in your migration."

"W-wait, are you leaving?"

Hearing him, Dream suddenly spoke up. He shook his head though. 

"No. I will be monitoring everything from the side. If there is anything you would like to ask, I will be with the portal."

"...Thank you."

"Of course. Now go on. I'm sure you have many plans to make."

"Right. See you later."

After going up to Corvatsch, Dream gave him a handshake as thanks. He then disappeared, and Corvatsch took up a seat next to the portal.



"Luna! Iris! Get over here!"

"What! What happened?!"

After going back to the cabin, Dream immediately called for the girls. Both soon teleported to him, urgently wondering what happened that caused him to be so hectic.

"I... You guys... We're going..."

"Hey, slow down. What is it?"

Luna came up to him worriedly as he stumbled on his words. He was obviously very emotional, much more than they've seen from him in a long time. 

Calming himself, Dream gathered his thoughts and spoke.

"You two... How would you like to go to my home planet."

"Your home planet? Earth? What do you mean?"

"I mean it as I say it. You guys, things are going to change. Here."

Not bothering to explain anymore, Dream quickly wrote some universal language script in the air and sent it into their minds. Both girls accepted it, and they were quickly shown some of his memories and what the situation was.

"What?! That's actually possible?!"

Iris shouted as she understood. Luna's eyes were also shaking. They realized the gravity of the situation. 

"The portal is literally right outside. It leads straight to Earth. Earth is only several miles from here. The three of us could enter that portal right now and go to my home."

Dream spoke emotionally. Even he was still coming to terms with the sudden change. It was so out of nowhere and came with an upheaval. 

After thinking for a while, Luna spoke.

"We'll go to your home. We can get mom and dad right now and go."

"Yea! I really want to see another planet!"

"Hold on guys. Remember, we have a month, and we can move anything we want. The family is a given, but I've also already got plans in my head to move all of my bots, resources, and infrastructure. There's no reason I'm going to leave anything here. However, there's one thing I think I should consult you, Luna, on."

"What is it?"

"The Haven."

"The Haven? Wait..."

Luna's eyes suddenly went wide.

"You want to move the Haven?!"

"Maybe. I'm not sure. It's definitely possible. Finding a plot of land and building a city would be simple."

"...I mean, the Haven is doing fine. Everything has mostly stabilized and people are prospering."

"That's true, but once we leave, there's no coming back. The reason I'm thinking I should bring the haven along is so the people will have a new place to thrive. I've done a lot of damage to this place, as have the demons. The remaining populations would have a hard time recovering, especially without our help. It would be horrible to just suddenly leave."

"...You're right."

Hearing him, Luna nodded. The people only numbered 300 million, and everything they knew had been decimated. If Dream, their only source of stability and livelihood, suddenly left them to fend for themselves, they would descend into anarchy. It would ruin everything they had done up until this point. 

If Dream said that it would be simple to move them all into another city, then Luna felt that they should. While it would mean yet another jostle in the people's way of life, it would provide them with a home that wasn't decimated by the demons. It would also mean a place where they could finally, once and for all, settle down. 

"If you can do it, then you should."


"Yes. There will be many things to take care of though, and we should utilize all the time we have. I'll head down to the Haven and talk to all the leaders, letting them know what's going on. You start to make preparations with your machines."


"Then let's get started. The sooner we finish, the sooner we can go and visit your home. And you know..."

Luna smiled as she thought about something.

"I'm starting to look forward to meeting your parents. Have you told them about anything between us?"

"I haven't talked to them in a long time, so no."

"Hmm, then that's going to be a fun development. Anyway, I should go. I've got a lot of stuff to do."

Saying that, Luna disappeared using Iris's portal skill, heading down to the planet. Iris and Dream were left alone.

"Hey Dream, I have a question."

"Yes, there are enemies for you to fight on Earth."


"Demons also appeared there, so when we go, that's one of the first things I'm going to take care of. Unfortunately for you, the demons haven't reached the level they did here."


"Of course, I can leave some to you. Nothing's going to happen for a while though, so don't get too pent up. I'll only let you roam around when we've established ourselves. Until then, I suggest you go and say your goodbyes to this planet. In one month, you're never going to see it again."


Nodding, Iris assented. She then turned and disappeared herself, off to go to who knows where. 

"Okay then. Time to get down to business."

Saying that, Dream exited the tree dome and appeared in open space. In front of him was the huge portal, and behind him was the factory. A list was quickly made in his head.


[Awaitig orders.]

"Prepare everything for migration. The factory, the moon miners, the orbital railguns, all my satellites, and all my bots. Start sending ships down to the Haven, enough to move everyone there. Send manpower there as well, and prepare it for disassembly. We'll move the tree and all the buildings, but there's no way we're moving it as one piece so it'll need to come apart."

[Giving orders.]

"Thanks. Also, look through America on Earth and find a place for the city. We'll have to start building it before moving people, and preferably we should make it similar if not identical to the Haven here. I want people to be able to settle in as fast as possible."

[Hmm... That might be difficult. The Haven takes up a huge amount of space, so unless you're planning to put it underground, finding a single plot of land that big that has no people on it will be difficult. I have a suggestion though. We could split the city in 5, making one central city hub and 4 districts around it, separating but connecting them with transportation systems. That'll give us more wiggle room and allow us to handle the earthlings better when they come knocking on the door.]

"Interesting. Alright. We can do that. I feel bad for the people in the Haven since they just started getting settled, but oh well. It's for their own good. Hehe, though I wonder how Earth will react. I mean, these people are straight out of myths and legends. It's going to be nothing short of shocking and paradigm-shifting."

[That's something we'll have to deal with later. Assimilating is going to be a long process.]

"True. Anyway, let's start moving stuff. Tell me what I need to do."

[Here's the list.]

Sophia sent Dream data, and he nodded when he processed it all. There actually wasn't much he needed to do as all his bots could take care of themselves and laborious tasks. The main place he was needed was the Haven where he would have to deal with the Tree. 

However, before flying off to take care of things, Dream turned and headed toward the portal. Specifically, toward Corvatsch who was still sitting there.


"Hello again, Dream. What's on your mind?"

"The portal. It's a two way street, right?"

"Indeed. There is no division between the space here and the space across the portal. It can be freely traversed both ways."

"Got it. Just wanted to make sure."

"Of course."

With that, Dream left once again to begin taking care of business. The expectation in his mind was already exploding.