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Origin Seeker
Origin Seeker
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4.2 (294 ratings)
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The pursuit of knowledge and the pursuit of happiness. That’s all Dream ever wanted. As he grew up though, his naivety vanished and he found that the world was nothing more than a prison that would allow neither of those things. However, after giving himself up to the endless abyss expecting to disappear, he found himself awoken in a new world!

Magic, skills, science, technology, and the secrets of the universe within his reach.

Dream found everything he ever needed and wanted, and he would go on to unintentionally dominate the lands with his unprecedented ability to fuse the world of the arcane with the world of science.

This is my first work. Take that for what its worth.
Check out my other works as well, such as my American Isekai Series (they're much more refined).
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Table of Contents
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    Giving promises like MC is origin seeker, thinker, philosophy geek but he is not actually. everything MC wants happens. very simplistic. there isnt challenge so far. Story keep strengthen MC out of nowhere, it is like a summary "He did this then did that, skill level upped, everything improved including feelings the sisters having for you, and when your skill evolving, god himself came and talked about your and sister's feelings so everything clear" Damn, let be a story at least in romance you know? Let sisters and MC have feelings with living themselfs, expriencing themselfs. If a god came out and says; "you love her, she loves him so... im done here, go make babies." then why would I read this? Its meaningless.


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    Status: c11

    Well, writing is actually ok and if not for how MC got his powers story could also be ok. Now into major issue.

    Having op powers on MC is fine as long as there's somehow plausible reason. But this story goes in absolutely opposite direction. We have MC that is maybe a bit over average in terms of studies, sports and stuff. Then MC kills himself and gets freaking title [Origin Seeker] for that (which includes things like mental control block and 6x xp) + some other totally op skills.

    And all this is somehow supposed to be reward for MC killing himself, I quote the author "<Announcement-- Individual: |Dream| has given the ultimate sacrifice for the pursuit of knowledge.>". He got all this for shooting himself in head >< It's just so cringe and stupid, if anything he should be penalized for giving up his pursuits.

    If MC got those skills and 6x xp just due to roll of dice or something that would be much better reason, while it would also be giving MC stuff for free, at least it makes sense even if it was over the top.

    Now if you made MC some genius that was experimenting on some groundbreaking stuff about creation of universe and experiment exploded on mc's face you could actually justify his title and skills.

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    26 Likes · Like
    Status: c1

    How the hell did this sh*t get 4 and a half stars?

    tl;dr: Don't read it, it's bad.


    The author has no clue about depression, yet still uses it as an inciting incident.

    There is no character development whatsoever and it reads more like a bad wish-fulfilment story. And my long review is quite salty and angry. But it is not meant for the author to stop writing and I merely hope that they evolve their craft and do some damn research.


    Let's start with the prologue: It starts with the author trying (and failing) to pass off misconceptions and surface-level understanding of the bible, and Christianity in general, as some great revelation about some universal truth, pushing the MC into depression.

    Then the MC goes through some (admittedly bad) stuff, which leads to him committing suicide, which somehow gets branded as "sacrifice for the pursuit of knowledge." This reveals that the author has no experience with depression or suicide and is at best negligent, bad and insulting, and at worst dangerous. At this point I was 1.: already sick of the story 2.: deeply offended. This was because I have been in psychological counselling for a few years now to get a grip on my depression while an acquaintance of mine has already tried to commit suicide three times and my best friend is currently on hard medication to control his depression.

    But, I decided to read the next chapter regardless. The next chapter started with the MC getting op skills for no reason, continues with him getting attacked and running away before ending with: Him summoning a f***ing gun out of nowhere,   without any explanation whatsoever, and shooting the wolf that attacked him.


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    19 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 62 – separated

    So the story started pretty nice and was rather intersting too see the mix between modern and fantasy. The characters were rather intersting even if the less important ones are rather rare to show up. But the story has a majoe nosedive that comes rather out of nowhere that just pulls out every fun of the story.

    Now Spoiler for background of the major characters other than MC.


    So he meets a family of a father and two daughters at the beginning and gets together with the two daughters who are half  fox. They have a special background and are getting searched by one of the leaders of a whole other continent who is one of the strongest person there. Still nice that nothing is too easy and they have to be carefull. Well then they get detected and the father decides, that MC cant be with them or he will be killed. MCs agrees and they get seperated. And thats it. That is STILL the status quo after 50 chapter and that just sucks. Why even start making connections if they are literally useless now. He has to be one of the strongest people on this f**king planet to save them so that will take a f**k ton of time and just NO you dont do that. Maybe for an arc or something but not for your f**king rest of the adventure on this planet. So just NO that was bad and not good for the story.


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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 16 – it’s a classic

    This is very cringy to me. MC gets op titles and skills very fast and shows off his Earth knowledge. Characters are very easy going and I wouldn't be surprised if there was some bad harem in there as well. Usually I'm not against harem, but I am when the guy gets the girls too fast just for showing up his powers...

    It feels like the main theme isn't to discover the truth of the universe, but simple wish fulfillment. If this is the kind of story you like, I would say go for it. 

    Note : I haven't read everything, so maybe the tone of the story will evolve later.

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: prologue

    The MC is just cringe worthy. He believes he is the most intelligent person in the world. He isn't. You'd think the author did he purposely to show character development, he didn't. The loser MC gets rewarded for suicide. Even more cringe. Picture this, he is the seeker of knowledge yet he has mediocre grades to show. His 'pursuit of knowledge' gets him rewarded with an AI that does all the knowledge stuff for him. It's that dumb and lame. I think the author has self esteem issues and doesn't realize how hard intelligent people have to work. The dunning kuger effect is in full play with this story. Also  MC and family's dad just kills a bunch of people and walk away like it's nothing. The story is an insult to anyone with even a single brain cell. How this has 4 stars is beyond me.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 50 – practice

    It's a fun read, the MC is running around experimenting with magic and science, a chill story with nice character, blasting "Welcome to the jungle" at full volume in the middle of an isekai forest was a 10/10 move in my book. 

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    3 Likes · Like

    A nice read if it's to chill with good pacing and agreeable logic for a fantasy novel

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: Completed

    I really love this book and would give it a 5/5. The plot, the world building, the meme references, the lack of the usual bullsh*t handwavy explanations found in most Chinese xianxia novels were all a breath of  fresh air. I think the only novel I've read at the same level as this in terms of science and physics at a universal level is "Forty Millenniums of Cultivation" (which is a massive but utterly phenomenal read). There are however a few things I didn't like, such as:

    • The writing style at the beginning of the novel feels a bit childish and some of the humor was a bit forced, while the character's own growth is also a bit rushed. The reasoning for the MC being chosen as the origin seeker (although a certain someone had a hand in all the events that led up to his suicide), was a bit contrived. His state of mind and his life leading to that point doesn't seem substantial enough to make me believe that his is the kind of person that this title deserves. Perhaps his state of mind at the moment of his suicide made him wonder about the eternal why of the why the universe was the way it was, I'm more inclined to believe it was just the endless spiral of depression due  to his injury and the death of his gf. All that aside, I can recognize that the author improves his writing a lot over the course of the novel and he also acknowledges his own growth in general.
    • Part two of the novel seems way too rushed. I think the entire third arc (inner universe) could have had a ton more exploration and more involvement or interaction with other factions, but the MC reaches the end game super quick. Even if the way the power system works facilitates this (MC can effectively skip over a lot through inheritance and his understanding of the universe and concepts), I think it would have been more interesting if the plot and world building was explored. We see basically nothing of Heaven and Hell and not much of the Asura faction either. The Immortals literally aren't involved at all. This is one place it lacks compared to other xianxia epics, but I can understand the fatigue of writing something this massive (and the author also mentioned this in his afterword as well)
    • The events leading to the climax were, although well thought out and very conceptual, a bit tedious to read after a while. As mentioned above as well, it also felt so rushed that it made you wonder how we got to where we were so quickly. It was around this point the novel started to lose me because the amount of time spent in this pure conceptual portion was actually a pretty large chunk of the novel and I felt that this could have been mixed with more tangible substance like wars, exploration, interpersonal relationships, character growth etc. The resolution though was very satisfying and everything was wrapped up quite nicely. I guess one huge plus of having a "smaller" novel is that it becomes exceptionally easier to tie up loose endings.

    Overall though, if you have a little understanding of science and tech (basic compsci and grade 12 physics and chem knowledge at least) and wonder how the combination of science and magic might work, this is definitely a novel for you. Although a lot of assumptions and guesses were made about scientific and cosmic phenomena, everything was very believable and well though out. Another similar recommendation I have if you liked this is "Release that Witch".

    From what I understood from the Afterword, this is one of the author's first novels which is why I don't really mind a lot the pacing and other mistakes considering how much effort went into this. The author never gave up and actually gave us a sensical finished work with a great resolution. Really looking forward to reading the author's other works!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 73 – core

    As of right now (Chapter 73), there are a lot of plot holes that I don't want to go into because of spoilers. Be warned that there are a few and it will get you a bit aggravated. The story is a bit intriguing and the premise of the worlds and the "record" is a good idea. I just wish that the MC would have more meaningful classes and as he goes the class before just is completely erased and he focuses on something else completely different. Like they aren't connected AT ALL. Now, here is my biggest migraine of this story. PLEASE let the MC actually know what he's capable of,  


    As of chapter 73, he gets his 2nd class and has a big power boost, IN this power boost he gets his body upgraded and a bunch of abilities put into one. Now this isn't a problem, but the BIGGEST PROBLEM is that he constantly is being in situations where he needs an ability and his skill "Sophia" just says "Oh yea we have that. Oh that one? Yea we have that too, let me do all the work and keep your abilities secret and not explain what anything does and I'll tell you last second when you're in certain situations." And the MC has no problem with it, It feels like the MC is just baggage and the skill Sophia does all the work. She does an ability and the MC just says "Oh we have that too? Neat..... anyways blah blah blah" Its so f**king annoying.

    I'm giving this novel 3 stars because its a fun read but at the same time its annoying and there are plenty of faults within this story SO FAR, if the story gets better than I will gladly change my review and add more to it, and that's a big IF.

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