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Origin Seeker
Origin Seeker
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An 18-year-old boy named Dream had always been curious about the universe since little. But as he grew up, he realized that the world was nothing more than a prison of ignorance. One day, as a result of his hopelessness and intense yearning for enlightenment, he gave himself to the endless abyss, expecting to disappear. Until he actually awakened in a world of fantasy!

With new abilities and the path to strength in front of him, Dream will finally be able to find the answers he wants, and unravel the greatest secrets of the universe.

Ability Steal Accelerated Growth Alternate World Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Curious Protagonist Fantasy World Game Elements Gunfighters Handsome Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Level System Magic Magical Technology Mercenaries Modern Knowledge Reincarnation Ruthless Protagonist Skill Assimilation Skill Creation Weak to Strong
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      New Centinel
      Status: chapter 62 – separated
      Nov 19, 2020

      So the story started pretty nice and was rather intersting too see the mix between modern and fantasy. The characters were rather intersting even if the less important ones are rather rare to show up. But the story has a majoe nosedive that comes rather out of nowhere that just pulls out every fun of the story.

      Now Spoiler for background of the major characters other than MC.


      So he meets a family of a father and two daughters at the beginning and gets together with the two daughters who are half  fox. They have a special background and are getting searched by one of the leaders of a whole other continent who is one of the strongest person there. Still nice that nothing is too easy and they have to be carefull. Well then they get detected and the father decides, that MC cant be with them or he will be killed. MCs agrees and they get seperated. And thats it. That is STILL the status quo after 50 chapter and that just sucks. Why even start making connections if they are literally useless now. He has to be one of the strongest people on this f**king planet to save them so that will take a f**k ton of time and just NO you dont do that. Maybe for an arc or something but not for your f**king rest of the adventure on this planet. So just NO that was bad and not good for the story.


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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 16 – it’s a classic
      Jul 24, 2020

      This is very cringy to me. MC gets op titles and skills very fast and shows off his Earth knowledge. Characters are very easy going and I wouldn't be surprised if there was some bad harem in there as well. Usually I'm not against harem, but I am when the guy gets the girls too fast just for showing up his powers...

      It feels like the main theme isn't to discover the truth of the universe, but simple wish fulfillment. If this is the kind of story you like, I would say go for it. 

      Note : I haven't read everything, so maybe the tone of the story will evolve later.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: --
      Aug 19, 2020

      Giving promises like MC is origin seeker, thinker, philosophy geek but he is not actually. everything MC wants happens. very simplistic. there isnt challenge so far. Story keep strengthen MC out of nowhere, it is like a summary "He did this then did that, skill level upped, everything improved including feelings the sisters having for you, and when your skill evolving, god himself came and talked about your and sister's feelings so everything clear" Damn, let be a story at least in romance you know? Let sisters and MC have feelings with living themselfs, expriencing themselfs. If a god came out and says; "you love her, she loves him so... im done here, go make babies." then why would I read this? Its meaningless.


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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 50 – practice
      Aug 21, 2020

      It's a fun read, the MC is running around experimenting with magic and science, a chill story with nice character, blasting "Welcome to the jungle" at full volume in the middle of an isekai forest was a 10/10 move in my book. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: all
      Jul 22, 2020

      A nice read if it's to chill with good pacing and agreeable logic for a fantasy novel

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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