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/ Series / A Lonely Dungeon
A Lonely Dungeon
A Lonely Dungeon
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4.8 (130 ratings)
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When a new dungeon is born, it wants nothing more than to have the most vicious monsters, the most cunning traps and the most shiny of loot. There is only one problem, but it's a rather big one; it finished its first floor years ago, but it still hasn't been visited by any adventurers! In order to find someone or something to explore its floors, or perhaps just to find someone to talk to, this dungeon will have to go way off script. But it soon discovers that going off script brings problems of its own, and that adventurers are not the only thing this world is missing.

A shortish story about a dungeon's journey of exploration and self-discovery in a devastated world. Cover made (poorly) with POV-Ray.

Published here, royal road and amazon.

Character Growth Crafting Curious Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Dungeons Fantasy World Game Elements Lost Civilizations Magic Non-humanoid Protagonist Post-apocalyptic
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Table of Contents
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    Status: Updated to 2nd Side story

    Update at sidestory 2: First, it is good and the score doesn't change.  Everyone should read it...

    However, I have comments for your next great work.  As a short story the ending was quite rushed... Maybe slow it down a bit more as you wrap up, but it still delivered a good ending overall.  I do criticize some of the decisions made at the end as 1) she should have thought about it more, or we were told about how she thought about it and 2) for us to truly understand the decision we need to know the system better... But as just a light introspective short story it was good.

    Original review

    This review might be a little early as I generally review after 20+ chapters, but it is a very promising start and I want others to find it.

    Pros: A fun story about a dungeon core breaking the rules and being naughty ;)

    I am loving the adventure and the exploration.  Although I do think other characters will eventually need to be added to add better depth and that will be tricky with the current flow... But seeing the authors work so far I am very encouraged.  (I have not loved a dungeon story this much since I found Blue Core... Maybe that is why I kinda hope it fixes the land and makes sudo-friends)

    Cons: it is not 100 chapters longer...

    Suggestions: I know the dungeon is still learning how to think and it was fun hearing about instinct and being naughty.... but really thinking through things it doesn't know about, even if it is circles, for longer describing the uncertainty helps us grow more attached.

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    Status: epilogue: no longer just a...

    Melancholy is what I might think the Dungeon feels initially after realizing there is no life to take their purpose is impossible well some Dungeon Core equivalent anyways.


    Then it ends with the Dungeon Core becoming Earth Mother administrator of the system that governs life and denies them the ability to even consider malicious actions towards one another.


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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c19

    It is short but deligghtful story, which all people of dungeon core genre would enjoy.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: epilogue

    On the whole, a pretty good read.  It is a bit short, which is fine as not all stories need to be long, and there is a followup story that has been promised to be released sometime after this review. 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: side story 2: a lonely slime

    So sad. It was a sad story but was a good read. 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: side story 2: a lonely slime

    This story (well, it’s sequel) was what pushed me to finally create an account on Scribble Hub to keep track of updates. I would call it a post-apocalyptic fantasy novel. It was a little lonely, with only one sentient character, but that fits the theme. Its - her - motivation made a lot of sense, although the fact that she was consistently working towards a single goal made the world building a little lacklustre. The grammar and word choice wasn’t super polished, but nothing that interfered with my understanding or enjoyment and still a solid 4/5. I skimmed the last battle and honestly, while it felt like the author had put a lot of effort into describing the strategy, it felt very mechanical. 


    I wish there was a clearer explanation of what happens to the freed souls or how new ones are created, since that was a pretty important part of the whole plot.



    The summary of the ark project and how and why the system was created was an expository info dump. There was a little bit of foreshadowing, but it would have been great if there had been more to throughout the story instead of only at the end.


    The overall ending was very satisfying, with the creation of a new world, and I’m super excited to see how that world plays out in the sequel story.

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