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4.5 (157 ratings)
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A supersoldier from future earth, after a mission gone wrong, is betrayed and hunted by the people he once fought for. However, through a freak twist of events involving a stolen classified portal and some odd serums, he ends up getting dragged along by a psychopathic criminal through this portal, never to be seen again.

Until he woke up to the sound of... crying?

A super-soldier is reincarnated as a child in another world, one full of new people, places, and opportunities. This time, he's dead set on living it in a brighter, happier way, thinking he's finally gotten a life away and safe from the Earth and its dark, manipulative hands. However unfortunately, destiny has other plans in store...

Disclosure: There is cursing and descriptive combat, though nothing excessive.
Releases: Hiatus
Image artist: G-host Lee
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Alternate World Artificial Intelligence Body Tempering Calm Protagonist Dungeons Elemental Magic Fantasy World Game Elements Genetic Modifications Hard-Working Protagonist Human Weapon Magic Transported into Another World
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      Status: C65 – Darkness

      Edit: Well the story has become really rushed. Insanely so, I wold have been happy with 50 more chapters of family interaction. You know taking time of so that the MC can grow out of his robotic self. But no lets go dungeon diving, Lets forget the lifetime of training and cheats to have to fight kids seriously. Lets forget the former lore, the dungeon loses and all that we need fighting!!! The world building has been abandoned or so it seems so far.

      But what mostly threw me of the story is the stupid school actions.


      There is this really nice teacher, helps students with all his heart, steals potions for them and so on. This gets mentioned in the story, and is accepted by the school. The school ignores the danger such actions can cause till it happens then they all go and tear of his arm. Like this is more the schools fault for not stopping him before. And what gets me really mad is that the teacher can't really think straight with his elements influence. It feels like the whole world banded together to punish a mentally handicapped person that know he did bad and was repenting.


      Am really disappointed with the way the story is going.

      End of edit.

      So far we are still in the introductory phase of the novel with nothing really happening, but it is greatly done! In so many of stories like this the authors forget the background of there own MC and start going on with wish fulfillment, BUT NOT IN THIS ONE!!!

      The MC stays true to his background and you become exited to watch his small changes and growths.

      And I think he is CUTE!!!

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      8 Likes · Like
      Status: c10 – supernatural

      Loved everything so far, from the prologue up until now. Hopefully we keep the pacing as is and get him to the academy in a quick but detailed fashion. Very much looking forward to how the story develops from now. 

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: c33 – semi-finals

      The story is interesting but the world is very shallow; The tournament arc makes several deficiencies in the world really stand out. The MC is overconfident due to bottom-of-well syndrome while having absolutely no idea what magic is capable of - thing is though, why does anyone want to go to the academy at all if the potential power is never shown to anyone?

      Additionally, the world seems to lack cause and effect. Perhaps I've missed it, but a fairly large focus is placed on deaths in the dungeon, yet it seems as though 5th years have the same student count as first years.

      Between the separation of families at 12 years and the wuxia-esque complete segregation of power levels before and after the academy, as well as the pseudo-wuxia snobishness instilled by the Academy (No where near as bad, but similar enough), the world feels... bland and thrown together while slowly drowning out the personalities of the interesting side characters into a homogeneous mess.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: c0

      Every now and then you come across a story so good you just can't put it down. For me. This is that type of story.

      I eagerly await each new installment. It's a joy to read.

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      4 Likes · Like

      So far, it's a very good story. The characters are enjoyable and I especially like the MC. He isn't what you'd call mentally in the best of states since he was basically a weapon but he isn't a psychopath which I can appreciate. I am slightly worried about the romance tag and I hope it won't become too dominant but only time can tell.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: c33 – semi-finals

      As of now this story develops into the perfection. I have nothing negative to say about the current state. Serum shows amazing potential, and might become THE best novel I have ever read.

      However I'm afraid of the novel changing from it's current slow development (in a good way slow, but not snail pace), into the fast pace battle-royale action like novel. The reason for my concern is only lack of romance tag which its lack concerns me towards the future. However nothing in the novel itself indicates such change.

      Time will tell.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: c118

      This is becoming one of my fav web novels. Currently reading the Pandora story arc and am enjoying it a lot. Dirk and her have great chemistry. Hope they end up together.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: c90

      It's been like 10 chapters of hell. Hell more for me because the writing quality of this arc is so sh*t. And even if it was done well, which it isn't, it would still be annoying and nobody would want to read about it. From reading chapter titles it seems like this arc will be over soon.

      Besides this arc idk 3 stars. Power fantasy on the level of the worst of wuxias and... other power fantasies, but the MC's stoic and social inept personality is consistent and justified. In other words zero stakes from minute one, but it never really pretends like there is any either. A few mildly interesting side characters... Most characters, similar to the MC, are very flawed people and that aspect is written very well. They're just not interesting or deep, but that's also because the MC isn't interested in getting to know them.

      First 3 chapters were also awful.

      Villains are just really poorly written. Mustache swirling angsty teenagers that somehow run the underworld.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: c68

      Just an amazing story, starts off really great and nearly everything makes sense. Loved the fact that it doesn't focus too much on romance, the author doesn't just rush it and really take their time on developing the relationships. At the start it did lack abit of interaction with his other siblings except his youngest older sister. Starts slow but not Super slow like some novels. Interesting take on elements, like elements having branches out of the main elements, like lightning branching out of fire, or metal branching out of earth. Will be reading this till the end! 

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