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/ Series / I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
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4.5 (257 ratings)
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A duke’s daughter wanted nothing in her life but the sweet nothingness of death, as she felt like her life served no purpose. Her wish was granted when she was killed in an unfortunate accident, yet in a sudden turn of events, she was forced to reincarnate.

As fate has it, she was reborn in her original world, but not directly after her death. As she is living her new life, she tries to forget the pain of her old life. But, what exactly is behind her reincarnation? Will she be able to live her new life to the fullest?

I finally died! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
Goodbye terrible life, goodbye family that didn’t want me in the first place.
Welcome, sweet nothingness of death!

…Wait a minute.
Why is god forcing someone like me to reincarnate? After all, I didn’t accomplish anything before my death.
And, was I reborn in the same world again? Well for now, let’s just see how my life goes, this time!

-by: This Novel’s Main Character-


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ComedyDramaFantasyPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Academy Age Progression Character Growth Child Protagonist Cute Children Cute Protagonist Cute Story Doting Parents Familial Love Family Fantasy World Female Protagonist Friendship Heartwarming Magic Multiple POV Nobles Past Plays a Big Role Past Trauma Reincarnation Siblings Slow Romance Special Abilities Sword And Magic Twins
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      Status: chapter 89 – introduction
      Apr 1, 2020

      Bears all the hallmarks of a series in which the writer lost their direction and ran out of good ideas. As of chapter 89, the MC faced only 1 real threat which was resolved in the space of a few chapters. It started off strong and interesting, but all of the interesting concepts were gradually abandoned. The series seemed to promise the possibility the MC's parents were onto her reincarnated nature and trying to figure it out, but that never went anywhere.  It got us excited for the idea the MC might actually reveal it and it could create a real interesting dynamic, but that was when the MC was 4 and now she's 8 so it doesn't look like that will ever happen.

      With that plot-line abandoned, and the previous threat having quietly disappeared with nothing else significant coming up, the story gradually started to slip down hill as the writer seemed to run out of good ideas and seemed unwilling to actually capitalize on any of the interesting plot points from the earlier chapters. However, the story REALLY fell flat on it's face once the twins were introduced. It became real clear the artist suddenly became hell bent on making the twins the main characters of the story and take the spot-light away from the actual MC. It was like they ran out of ideas and just stopped liking their original MC, so they just gushed on and on and on about those twins. I found it unbearable and just had to drop the series.

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      10 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 72 – my [nephew]’s sixth...
      Jul 7, 2019

      Cute and well written.

      Definitely one of the better stories on this platform. I hope that Lyra gets more character development past her obsession with her former family though I understand the process will take time.

      My biggest annoyance with the story is that the Isekai genre doesn't apply to this story. Isekai translate to "another world" but she is reincarnated into the same world only 7 years later.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c101
      Jan 13, 2020

      I forgot to leave a review, but this is without a doubt one of my favorite light novel, sure the world itself is not 100% believable but it makes up for it with really cute characters, and heart-warming moments (lots of them).  The cute parts are really cute, the engaging parts are thrilling, and the sad parts made me despair. I really love it when a story can give me mixed feelings of emotions for a character.

      Overall a great read that doesn't trend with regular isekais, well its not even an isekai in the first place XD. Give it a try.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 51 – an unexpected storm
      Apr 12, 2019

      This story is really good!

      I think this is a well balanced story, there's some heartwarming scenes, sad part, ofcourse some conflicts, name it! That's why it's not boring.

       Idk what to say anymore, this is just one of my favorite!

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 100 – werebeasts
      Jan 5, 2020

      Really cute novel to read. Love it so far and hope it gets a lot of readers that stay till the end. 

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c86
      Sep 5, 2019

      I loved this story, it's super cool to read, I recommend it to everyone who wants something new to read.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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