Chapter 42
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AN: This is a short chapter. I couldn't find anything appropriate that would go along with these scenes. Will post another one sooner though.


It’s been a few months We didn’t show ourselves after the Zygerrian debacle. We just hid and watched.

The conquest of the unknown regions has reached the final stages. We are not fortifying and locking down our holdings. We are also Preparing Border security forces to make sure no one can sneak into our territory, at least not without a fight.

But manning every possible star system is not logical or possible. So, we have multiple stealthed reconnaissance satellites per system, spread through the unknown regions. This will give us eyes and ears throughout our space. And if anyone does sneak in, we will know. This is how we remained hidden so far. When we spot some unwelcome guests, we first block all communications then make them ‘disappear’. We even made small fleets from both the Republic and the Separatists disappear. And because of an ever-intensifying war, both sides couldn’t spare excessive resources investigating the reason for the disappearances.

Meanwhile, the galactic civil war version 1.0 is picking up heat. The peace talks never happened like canon because of the intervention of a certain Mandalorian. Me giving people evidence and advising them on the best possible strategies had the desired effect. For example, the Bonteri family never pushed for peace talks. I just proved to her the whole war is a scam and convinced her the best strategy is to wait and bid your time. I convinced them speaking out now will only paint a target on their family. In the future, I guaranteed that an opportunity will present to her. Convincing that stubborn woman to wait a few decades was tough. But pointing out that the wellbeing of her family will be uncertain pushed her in the right direction, especially with a new kid coming. She and her faction slowly withdrew from the Separatist political scene.

Both sides have started fighting more ferociously. But the Separatists are on a backfoot. It was just an all-out brawl now and the republic had the bigger fist. But the Separatists weren’t pulling punches either. With Grievous gone, more competent generals took the rein of their forces and were giving the republic a fight of its lifetime. It's not that Grievous was incompetent but more than often he would let his thirst for vengeance and his emotions lead him astray. It would have been a stalemate if I hadn’t played my cards right. Me intervening in different battles was a calculated move. I place both sides within striking range of each other’s jugulars without them noticing. This will cause them to bleed resources while at the same time gaining victories.

Although I didn’t leave with the fleet. I had ghost squads moving around the galaxy mucking up things. An example would be my squad helping insurgencies grow and fester against both sides. We would just train a few insurgent cells and provide gear and equipment for the initially. We would also connect them to different smuggler organizations I have links with. They would handle the rest.

Sigh. But everything never goes the way you want it. Today I am waiting in my office for a very unexpected guest. The doors open and in comes guest.

“Hidden well you have. If the force didn't guide me, found your secret I wouldn't have. Yes, hrrmmm” said the little green goblin himself. Our observation satellites picked him up heading our way. And I knew from where.

“Have you found the answers you were looking for at the origin and Korriban?” I asked the Jedi grandmaster. He wasn't surprised by my knowledge of his journey.

“Some answers I found. But even more questions. Me here then they led” explained Master Yoda “Good to finally see your face it is, Nomad,” he said smiling.

“You would have eventually. But, let me introduce myself properly. I am Thrunn Straxon. I am Mand’alor the Immortal. I am an anomaly birthed by cosmic forces” I introduce myself, to which he nods sagely Like he already knew “I shall answer your questions and even offer you something else, but I have a condition. You will not reveal my secret to anyone and when we finally reveal ourselves to the wider galaxy you will prevent the Jedi from turning against us. Because all I want is my people's survival away from the constant conflicts between the Jedi and Sith” I said.

He chuckles “Lie you did not. That much I can sense. Acceptable your conditions are. Seen stranger things in my travel I have,” he said.

I also smiled “Good. Ask away. I will answer what I know” I said.

“Hrrmmm. Will you help the republic?” asked Yoda.

“No, it’s too bloated with corruption that its death knells have been rung long ago. I will not join the war on either side. The wars between the Jedi and Sith have devastated no only the galaxy. My people too were brought to the brink of destruction by your spats. We will remain neutral and play the mercenary role I have been playing till now” I explained.

“Understandable it is,” he said.

“Know the truth, do you? Hrrmmm” he asked.

Then I proceed to show him data and evidence to prove that they were kriffed no matter what. After hearing my explanation, he just sat there in silent contemplation. We didn’t talk for quite a while.

“Hrrmmm. Thank you for confirming the visions. Yrsssss” he finally said solemnly. I am sure he had resigned to the fate of the Jedi already.

“I can guess what it must feel like. Watching everything you built up crumble around you. It’s one of my worst fears. But all is not lost for the Jedi. If you want, I have a proposition” I said.

“hrrmmm. Listening I am” he said.

I brought up the holo of a planet. “The world of Ahch-To. One of the founding worlds, if not the world from which Jedi originated. It’s within my territory. I can make a select few Jedi disappear along with a select number of initiates and youngling. I could also set up a temple for them there. Plus, if you can give my access, I can even provide means to secretly transfer the knowledge in your archives to the newly built temple” I offered.

“You won't do it for free I know. The price what is? Yrsssss” he asked.

“Nothing much. I want any and all Mandalorian artifacts in your vault. They belong to my people. And lastly, I want a few masters to train force sensitives within my ranks. Not as Jedi, but to use their given skills and not go crazy. They will forever be Mandalorians and not Jedi. I will give you a list of candidates. You just have to give the permission and I will make them disappear from the galactic stage” I said “Finally, it’s not a condition but more of a suggestion. Do you now know why the order stands on the precipice of disaster?” I asked.

“The wrong path we chose. Practiced the suppression of emotions we should not have. But the control over them. Yrsssss” he answered.

“Exactly. So, my suggestion was to convince the Jedi on the list for possible extraction to follow the old code and not the flawed new one. Or at least follow one which is not as flawed as the current” I said.

We sit there and discuss matters of importance for about an hour. After which Yoda had to return to his precious Jedi.

“Meditate on this I must. My leave I will take. I will contact you with an answer. Yes, hrrmmm” he said as he got up to wobble back to his ship. He had to get back to the temple before things got too out of hand.

“Wait. Take this with you” I handed him a secure holo communicator and a data chip “May your path be right and your judgments be wise” I bid him farewell. He nodded and went his way. Soon I got a report saying his little ship has jumped away. (AN: I tried looking for something more Mando. But all I got was gibberish)

I spent another hour sending messages and notifying relevant offices to expedite the progress of all projects and tasks across the board.

Now that’s done and over with I head to the hospital. Sigh. Hope I am not too late. I soon reach the delivery ward and as I enter the waiting area, I can see my uncle and Satine are still here.

“Done with your meeting? What was so urgent you had to rush over to your office?” asked Satine. I got notified of Yoda’s arrival while waiting here and I had rushed off without informing them.

“Well, when the Grandmaster of the Jedi order comes knocking, I had to play host,” I said with a cheeky smile.

“WAIT! WHAT?” shouted Satine.

“Shhh…... quiet,” said my uncle to Satine” then he turned to me “Why didn’t you tell us?” he asked.

“This wasn’t planned. I knew he was out soul searching, but I didn’t know he will come here” I defended.

“What did he want? And will he rat us out?” asked Satine.

“Apparently the force guided him here. He was searching for answers and as compensation for satiating his curiosity, he vowed not to reveal our presence. And of all the people I know, he is one of the few that will keep his word” I explained, only to receive skeptical looks “Well I did offer him to save a select few Jedi and younglings when shit hits the fan. Plus, I already notified everyone to keep an eye out and to expedite progress across the board” hearing this Satine finally sighs.

Just then a doctor comes out and walks towards us.

“Mand’alor. Your wife has given birth to three healthy baby boys. She is waiting for you, please go ahead” said the doctor. I didn’t wait any longer. I just nodded towards uncle and Satine before speeding off towards the room.

I enter to see Satine holding two kids while the third was in the hands of the nurse finishing up a diagnosis. She then hands over the baby to me. As I look at the baby, I contemplate my life choices. But I regret nothing and I will not change my plans now. I head to Bo’s bedside.

“Good of you to finally show. Where were you? I heard you ran off just before I went into labor” asked Bo.

“Master Yoda decided to pay a visit” I explained.

She looks at me with concern “Trouble?” she inquired.

“It’s handled” I assured her “Now back to the babies. I had some names already chosen when I found out they were triplets. Thrugg Straxon, Thrax Straxon, and Troda Straxon. You ok with that?” I asked. She ponders on them for a while.

“They will do. But if we have a girl in the future, I am naming her” said Bo.

“By all means,” I said with a chuckle.

Bo-Katan and the babies stayed at the hospital for that day. On the very next day, we got them discharged and back at home. Lucky for me I had already made custom nanny droids. Their only purpose to nurture and protect the babies and to an extent Bo.

Well, I daddy Mand’alor will have to return to work soon. But in the meantime, I will happily play the role of father and husband.