Chapter 45
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AN: Well exams are over. I will try and pump out one chapter a week. More if I finish some extra chapters. Enjoy

(19 BBY)

We haven’t made any large flashy movements as of yet. We will soon have to make our presence known to the wider galaxy., but until then we hide our hand.

This doesn’t mean we were totally inactive during these months. Our Ghost forces and other operatives have been raising hell throughout the galaxy from the shadows. Carrying out assassinations on key administrative and military figures on both sides at a low to medium level in the bureaucratic ladder. We also targeted some hardline supporters of the old prune. On other occasions, we instigate rebellions and revolutions on different planets. The aim is to cause as much damage to both sides as possible.

But everything doesn’t always go according to your plans. After the initial few months of an uninterrupted slew of successful missions, we started hitting some rough patches. The Republic Intelligence agency and even the Separatists intelligence agency had started to sniff around quite persistently. As a result, we scaled back operations quite a bit. Now it was down to the occasional assassination happening around the Galaxy. The main reason was to buy as much time as to get things in place.

Another divergence that happened was that Dooku has become more hands-free with the governing of the Confederacy. Well compared to before he wasn't as overbearing. It seemed like he genuinely wanted to cause as much damage before his time was up. He knew he had dug himself too deep a hole to climb out off. And with everything I had given him he was determined to give Palpatine a bloody nose and go down fighting. And eventually, I will grant him his wish.

For now, the republic is on its back foot, at least by a small margin. The CIS stopped pulling punches. The droids outnumbered the Clones. As a result, clone production has been ramped up. And the demand for Mandalorian and mercenary trainers have also risen. But even that wasn’t enough. As such the republic has started small scale recruitment drive as well. If done properly on a large scale Coruscant alone can provide billions of troops. But at present, the clones outnumber the ‘normies’.

While all this was happening, we were fortifying all the chock points and preparing for the big reveal that is to happen pretty soon. The beauty of the Unknown regions is the very high gravitational density and anomalies that make traversing the region quite difficult. Unlike the rest of the galaxy, the available hyperlanes were limited. This makes creating checkpoints quite an easy thing to do. And we are almost ready.

(Time Skip)
(POV Cargo freighter Captain)

This damn war has put a damper on my profits. We had to skirt around occupied territories to avoid battlefields and this makes us easy picking for pirates. And the solution we Trade captains came up with was to form convoys. There was at least moderate safety in numbers.

At least it was supposed to be that way. Now I and my moderately sized convoy of trade ships are being chased by a group of pirates. Why must I have such sour luck? SIGH.

Vibrations from laser shots raking my ship could be felt as we try and escape.

“My fellow captains our only choice is to make an emergency jump towards the Arquata system,” I said over the coms to my fellow captains. We would be safe if we were able to jump along the Rima trade route or at least back towards Corellia. But the pirates were arranged in such a way that we could only jump in the opposite direction of Corellia along the Corellian trade spine.

“Yes, but they can just follow us there. That system has become unoccupied since the war intensified” stated one of my fellow captains.

“Whatever we do we have to do we must do it now. My shields are almost down” yelled another captain.

“We have no other choice. It’s either take your chances jumping to Arquata or staying here and dying. I choose to at least try and escape” I said passionately through coms “We jump in ten seconds” said one of them. The others soon agreed.

Soon enough all of us entered hyperspace and I am sure the pirates did the same. Our only hope is that their hyperdrives aren’t faster than ours.

After about an hour we drop into real space, with all trade ships accounted for. Unluckily for us, the Pirates dropped out of hyperspace not far from us as well.

There was a slight pause before their assault started again. We had to make it across the system before we could jump to safety. Plus, our hyperdrives were on cool down. We were feeling utter despair. We can’t run. Fighting back was useless. And I am certain surrendering will be useless as well. We were losing hope by the second.

That is when it happened. A group of frigates came out of nowhere accompanied by an assortment of heavy fighters. They unleashed a torrent of laser and turbo laser fire easily decimating the pirate forces within minutes. We were surprised, to say the least. The ships looked Separatists in nature at least superficially, but they were not. The general shapes might have been somewhat similar but just a glance would be enough to see the difference. They had been modified in such a way that it looked like a totally new ship. Plus the color scheme and Sigils were different. That is when we got the message.

“You have entered Mandalorian Federation controlled space. Please send your identification and ship documents or be prepared to be boarded” the message played in a loop three times.

We immediately sent them the requested documents. What was puzzling is the fact that they are Mandalorians. I thought they were all killed by some freak space phenomenon.

“Your papers check out. We have forwarded a map of our borders as well. Make sure you don’t trespass. It can prove quite hazardous. Farewell” said the voice, over coms.

Their ships then left to the center of the system. When our sights followed them what we saw was quite startling. An entire fleet was accompanied by colossal battle stations. What caught our attention most was a colossal space station of proportions that have seldom been seen. I mean that thing was at least a hundred kilometers long. We chose to leave without causing trouble. It’s for the greater good. Our greater Good. No profits could be found in death.

(Time Skip- A few days later)
(Jedi Temple Coruscant)
(POV Ahsoka)

These past few months have been quite tense. It felt as if the war so far was on easy difficulty and suddenly it got turned up to hard mode. SIGH. Now we have even started recruiting from the populace.

“Master, why do you think the council has summoned us?” I asked Obiwan. The council summoned me and Mater Obiwan to the council chambers, but not Anakin. Something seems to be happening which the Masters can’t trust Skyguy with.

“Your guess is as good as mine Ahsoka. It might have to do with the rising scale of the war. Or with how planets on both sides are joining sides with the peace faction allowing us to push for peace” he explained.

We soon arrive at the council chambers. Only master Yoda and a few others were present. Even master Windu was deployed right now and had to join over holocom.

“Good, here you are. Yes, hrrmmm” said master Yoda “Hrrmmm. Been reported in different star systems large defense formations have. Been sighted in Illum entire battle fleets and defense stations have. The Utegetu nebula, Celdaru systems, the Reecee, the Batorine systems, also become fully occupied the Kokash system and even the Arquata system have. Occupied everything outside colonized space including the unknown regions this new faction has. These newcomers I need you to accompany me and to the Kokash system to meet. Yes, hrrmmm” he finished with a sagely nod and floating at a set of datapads towards us.

I was shocked to see what was written on it. It was reports from different trade convoys stating that a new faction has sprung up out of nowhere and laid claim to the vast un occupies regions of the galaxy. The most surprising fact though was the fact that they call themselves the Mandalorian Federation.

“Master I get the feeling you know who they are” stated Obiwan.

“Them in one way or the other we all know” said master Yoda chuckling. Who could they be “We will accompany senator Padme. She will act as the ambassador. Better ties with Satine Kryze especially since she has. Yrsssss”. Now I know why they didn’t invite Anakin. He is too thickheaded for diplomacy.

“When do we leave master?” I asked.

“In two days we leave. Yrsssss” replied Master Yoda.

“What about Anakin master?” asked Obiwan.

“He will cause issues. Suit him negotiations of this level do not. Passed orders for him to teach the younglings for the next two weeks I have. Hmm” said master Yoda with a smile and a chuckle. I can imagine how he will be complaining about the ‘unjust’ treatment all throughout this assignment. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

(POV Dooku)

I had started getting reports of a hidden faction that has appeared out of nowhere. They have claimed a large portion of the galaxy and have cordoned it off.

After the initial confusion, came the shock. The Mandalorians have returned from the shadows. Stronger than ever before. And by the force, I have my suspicions on who is behind it.

“Are the reports accurate count Dooku?” asked one of the most politically savvy ladies I know, Mina Bonteri. Even though she withdrew from major separatist politics, she still has her uses. Especially as a part of the peace faction which is growing in strength recently. She is the ideal candidate to send to negotiate terms into the maw of that monster.

“Yes. The information has been corroborated by our intelligence agencies and by our agents within the republic. Your task is to test the waters with the Mandalorians and get them on our side. If not at least make sure they remain neutral. And if I am being honest here, they will remain neutral” I explained to her.

“Very well. I shall depart in a few days” she said.

Now, all we have to do is wait and see what happens.

(POV Palpatine)

This past year has been nothing but setbacks. A large swath of my agents have died or have gone missing. The war has gotten out of hand and planets are switching sides like they are changing underwear. SIGH.

And now here comes the Mandalorians out of nowhere taking over a large swath of unoccupied space and the entirety of unknown space. And I have a strong suspicion which Kath hound sonoffa Kriff is behind it. SIGH.

At least I know he will remain neutral. I will deal with him after I have secured my power. Write know I have to deal with this snooty bitch. SIGH.

“Are you ok Chancellor? You have been sighing a lot” asked Padme.

“Ofcourse. The job is getting tougher as the war drags on” I said with a melancholic look.

“I know what you mean. If only we could sue for peace. All this unnecessary bloodshed could be avoided,” she said with a sigh. You know nothing bitch. SIGH. All this anger, not good for my complexion. It wouldn’t do me any good going full dark side with the Jedi still running around like the muppets they are.

“I need you to go to meet the Mandalorians. You have to make sure they either join us or remain neutral for now. No matter what, they shouldn’t join the Separatists” I said handing her a few datapads “Master Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Padawan Tano will be accompanying you. They are dead set on not taking Anakin for some reason” yes just leave him here. I will have all the time to fuck with his mind.

“That is understandable. He isn’t cut out for such a level of delicate negotiations” said Padme with a sagely nod.

“Very well then. I hope you return with positive news” I said bidding her farewell.

(General POV)

“This is Gina Parker for the GNN news network. The past year has been one of utter turmoil. The war has picked up a notch. Planets burn and millions dead or displaced.

But today's news got even weirder. The faction though long lost to a freak anomaly has returned stronger and tougher than ever before. That’s right folks the Mandalorians have returned and they have taken the form of the Mandalorian federation. Occupying a large swath of space.

What are their goals? Why hide till now? Will the ever so legendary Mandalorian warriors join the war? Whose side if will they choose if they do? These are the questions everyone’s asking. So far, no statements have been made. But worry not you will have your answers soon enough.

All we can say is that both factions will be sending ambassadors and me as a representative of the media have been given exclusive access. So, stay tuned for more on the topic.

After the commercial, we will have some experts in the studio to discuss this in great detail.

Be right back …….”