Chapter 105: Problematic
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"You know...compared to Sasuke, isn't he a bit weak?" - Ukon said with a dark expression

"That's because this isn't the real Itachi." - Eiji

"You keep sayin' that, but- wait...who's that?" - Ukon

"Told ya so." - Eiji shrugged his shoulders: "Anyway, let's just continue to follow them."


After defeating "Itachi", Team Kakashi and Chiyo hurried to get to Gaara before Akatsuki finished extracting the Shukaku. But it was getting late, so they decided to camp for the night.

Chiyo sat in front of the campfire and thought about her past, especially her grandson Sasori, when Kakashi came to her.

"Let's finish our break soon, but before that, I'll be out for a bit." - Kakashi

"Out for a bit, eh?" - Chiyo

Kakashi's expression turned serious and get got closer and said in a low voice: "For some time now, I had the feeling that we're followed. I want to confirm if it's true."

"!" - Chiyo nodded imperceptibly and continued to gaze at the bonfire, but she was alert and ready if something happened.


On a tree, Eiji was laying in a bed made of summoned snakes, while Ukon stared at him with envy.

"Can't you make me one too?" - Ukon

"Nope, need to conserve my chakra in case something happens." - Eiji

"Then why did you make one for you?" - Ukon

"To shield me from surprise attacks, or did you think this is supposed to be a bed?" - Eiji

"You fuckin-" - he stopped because Eiji suddenly got up with a serious expression.

"Looks like we've been found out." - Eiji made his snake-bed disappear while thinking: 'Was it Neji with his Byakugan? No, Team Kakashi should only meet up with Team Guy the next day, so he couldn't be in range...'

Suddenly a kunai flew towards Eiji, but since he was alert he dodged it.

"I thought it was Akatsuki who followed us but to think it was the "Lost Hokage" and a henchman of Orochimaru." - a figure showed itself and got into a battle-ready stance.

"So it's you did you found out? I'm sure we stayed out of detection-range." - Eiji smiled amused, but moved with his hand the wealthy kimono, to reveal his sword.

" you have two choices, either you surrender or will have to face me." - Kakashi

"Intuition, huh? That's Kakashi for you...I'm honored that the famous Kakashi Hatake wants to fight me, but don't you think your priorities are wrong? Shouldn't you chase after Akatsuki instead?" - Eiji

"Since I don't know what your plans are or why you're following us, it would be too dangerous to just ignore you two." - Kakashi

"You want to know why we're following you?" - Eiji took out a scroll and threw it towards Kakashi.

"As you can see, we are with the Shiki Ryuu. We won't interfere with your Akatsuki business, we are just here to collect information." - Eiji

"Shiki Ryuu? Even if it's true, you are both wanted by Konoha, so I can't just ign-"

"HIAHAHAHA!!! FINALLY, I CAN HAVE SOME FUN!! I WAS GETTING BORED JUST WATCHING FIGHTS!!!" - Ukon who had a crazy expression charged at Kakashi while activating his level 1 curse mark.

"NO! UKON STOP!!" - Eiji bit gritted his teeth.

'This crazy bastard...' - he knew now, that a fight was unavoidable.

"Sigh...I guess we do the usual then?" - Eiji summoned a small snake and threw it towards Ukon, who was already attacking Kakashi with taijutsu.

'What is he planning?' - Kakashi was wary of the snake and made sure to stay out of range.

Ukon stopped his attacks to catch the snake, but Kakashi wouldn't let a chance like that go to waste and charged with a Chidori at Ukon and pierced through his chest.

"It's over." - Kakashi looked at Ukon and with his Sharingan, it looked like Kakashi could peer into Ukon's very soul at that moment.

"Sigh, I really don't wanna do this...can we still somehow talk this out, Kakashi?" - even though he said that Eiji shot a wind bullet from his finger to get Kakashi away from Ukon.

After Kakashi had to dodge the wind bullet, Ukon looked at the hole in his chest area.

"!" - Kakashi knew something was wrong.

Instead of having an expression like someone about to die, Ukon instead had a crazy smile.

And then he saw it, the chest area of Ukon visible regenerated at an unbelievable speed!

'This will be a bit problematic...' - Kakashi looked first at Ukon, then at Eiji who was still only watching.


Hello, it's me. Procrastinating the mass release until the last moment made me try to write it in 1 to 2 days. Caffeine intake was through the roof, my eyes bloodshot and my sleep times are completely fucked because of this. 10/10 would do this again.

Anyway, I decided that today will be only one chapter because grinding that many chapters in only a few days, depleted my energy more than I thought. So my plan is instead, to take a break for 2 days, and then start daily chapters as usual. And I'll try to do double chapters in between to make up for all these days I didn't upload. Another reason is that the cliffhanger opportunity in this chapter is just too great, hehehehe