Chapter 149: Might
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Sasuke was speechless, but Madara didn't give him time to gather his thoughts, and Madara's Susanoo which started to appear smashed against Sasuke's Susanoo.

Sasuke's Susanoo blocked it with his arm, but the impact shook Sasuke and Eiji who was next to him, despite Sasuke's Susanoo being fully materialized while Madara's not.

But before Madara could follow up his attack, a white expanding cube flew towards him.

Madara dodged it, but someone seemed to expect his path and there was a sudden explosion.

"Tsk...because of reckless youths who play around with forbidden techniques I can't even rest properly and have to do my duty as Mizukage..." - Gengetsu appeared on his clam and Mu flew to his side.

Those two rivals, now that they were free from the control and could act as they want, knew that Madara would be a huge danger to their respective villages and decided to their duties.

" tell the truth, I don't think we will be able to win, but since we can keep regenerating we don't have to preserve our strength..." - Mu

"Hmph, did all the weaklings decide to group up now?" - Madara said that while blocking Jiraiya's hair needles with his Susanoo, who suddenly appeared from under the bridge with Gamabunta.

"Now it seems like I"ll have at least some fun!" - Madara's eyes seemed to lighten a bit since he felt that it would be at least a bit challenging for him now.

Only Hanzo and Orochimaru weren't joining, because both of them had nothing to gain from it.

Orochimaru still didn't give up on getting Sasuke, so he waited for a chance while Hanzo would be glad if Madara made the 5 great villages suffer.

"Don't do anything Zetsu, you will just get in my way!" - Madara said that when he saw how Zetsu was about to help him, so Zetsu just nodded and disappeared into the ground.

Then Madara dodged another dust release, but his Susanoo's started now to have tendons and would be soon fully formed, so he didn't need to dodge everything else except Mu's dust release.

"This defense will be a huge pain in the ass...hey little Uchiha, can't you do something against it?" - Gengetsu shouted towards Sasuke.

But Sasuke couldn't do much besides occasionally firing a Susanoo arrow since he was defending Eiji.

'Maybe with all gathered here, perhaps there is a chance to defeat Madara while he is nerfed?' - Eiji tried to get his spirit up, but when he saw how Madara summoned 3 shadow clones, he was brought back to reality.

Jiraiya who had the highest firepower of all here used withGamabunta the Toad Oil Flame Bullet, but the shadow clowns used Susanoo as well.


Gengetsu whistled when he saw that while Sasuke stared with wide eyes.

This should be possible to his understanding!

"I can't effort to play me some time to enter Sage-Mode!" - Jiraiya said to Gamabunta.

Meanwhile, at the Konoha force, Naruto said: "Sorry, but I can't do that."


"If this is the case...then I will quit being a shinobi..." - Naruto

"You..." - Yamato wanted to say something, but then he saw Naruto's determination - he wasn't joking.

"Sakura, take Naru-"

"Sorry, but I will go with Naruto...Kakashi-sensei once said that in the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandoned their comrades are worse than trash...Sasuke is right here fighting and we are supposed to run?" - Sakura followed Naruto.

'Kakashi, huh...' - Yamato sighed and ordered the uninjured Anbu to join the battle with him.


"If you can't even take care of my shadow clones, then it honestly would be better to cower in fear like the brat there." - Madara's arm was now fully regenerated and he crossed them arrogantly.

But then a blue explosion engulfed one of his clones.

Naruto used the risky Uzumaki Bomb again, but the force was enough to crush the generating Susanoo, and then when the clone was without guard, Sakura smashed the clone into the ground where it disappeared with a smoke.

"The Jinchuriki now too? This will save me the trouble of catching you..."

Sasuke had a mysterious expression when Naruto and Sakura appeared after their surprise attack next to him.

"Hihihi...looks like Team 7 is reunited again..." - Naruto happily touched his nose.

But Sakura still remembered how Sasuke tried to kill them moments ago, so she had her doubts if they could fight as a team like they used to.

"You shouldn't have come, you'll just get in the both are too weak." - Sasuke

"Sasuke...I may be weaker than you, but this doesn't mean that I will run from fights...and just you wait, I will surpass you quicker than you can imagine!" - Naruto

It was the usual hyper-optimistic remark from Naruto, but for the first time, Eiji was glad about it.

Since Naruto's words are able to uplift and touch many characters, it seemed like it worked on Eiji who these words even weren't directed to, too.

' think the day a cheater like me would turn into a to defeat Madara? I already died once, so why am I even afraid? Fuck this...this was embarrassing how I acted until least if I die I should go out in style...' - Eiji bit on his lips and got up.

"Sorry, Sasuke...that was a shameful display from your boss... let's beat that old man up..." - Eiji got up and stood between Sasuke and Naruto like he was part of Team 7.

"WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ACT SO COOL FOR, YOU PERVERT!!" - Sakura screamed and punched the butt-naked Eiji away.

"...uhm...I don't think this is the right time for fighting him, Sak-" - Naruto stopped when Sakura turned to glance at him.

"..." - Sasuke didn't understand why he was always surrounded by weirdos.


A woeful cry could be heard, which was louder than all the other nearby cries.

Amidst the rumble, the Raikage cried while punching the ground under him.

Because of the unique location, Pain's Shinra Tensei was even more devastating to Kumogakure compared to how it was in the original timeline to Konoha.

Civilians who didn't die from the shockwave fell to their death or were crushed from mountain pieces.

The attack came so suddenly that A couldn't even defend his village as the Raikage.

After the initial confusion, he searched for the enemy, but the Deva Path had already left.

"WHICH BASTARD DID IT!!! I WILL RIP YOU TO PIECES!!! AAAAAAAARGH!!!" - he cried but he knew that as the Raikage he should calm himself down and assess the situation.

But the damage his village suffered was unmeasurable and even his long-time enemies would feel pity for A.

"...Lord Raikage...I gathered some surviving shinobis to assess the situation, but it's impossible to know the casualties currently..." - C who was shaking came to report.


"...a surviving Shinobi who was on guard duty reported how he saw a figure in a black coat floating above the village before the attack...I suspect it was the Akatsuki..." C


"...we don't know...since after the attack no one saw him...but there is another problem...Yugito and B are both missing..." - C

When he heard that, A was in such a pitiful state that he couldn't even cry and howled instead.

C who saw and wasn't sure if A would be able to keep his sanity.

He couldn't control his emotions anymore and started to cry as well.


"Is this all? I'm starting to get bored..." - Madara's main body had now a fully humanoid Susanoo.

None of the attacks went through the Shadow-Clone Susanoo so that even more the case for the main body.

He and his clones didn't even attack and were just taking all hits.


Because he could.

The time window where the Susanoo just started to appear and is at the weakest was already over.

Only techniques with high firepower would work, but Jiraiya was gathering natural energy while Eiji still needed time to prepare Byakko.

'Just a bit more...'- Jiraiya gritted his teeth.

But Madara didn't want to wait any longer and with his Susanoo made three hand seals - he was using Tengai Shinsei.

' you don't have a choice other than to come out, Kyubi...' - a slight grin formed on Madara's face while his enemies were full of shock and fear when they saw the huge meteorite descending towards them.



This double-length chapter was the first one of the 3. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be the same, so it should equal to 6 chapters which are the chapters I missed, I believed.

P.S. I don't know if the Kumo scene was a bit too depressing...even I felt bad for A while writing this...