Chapter 1 [The Prince]
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In the beginning, there was nothing, contrary to what the priests in your local area preached every day. There was absolutely nothing, and yet this claim was not baseless. According to the research done by explorers, scholars, linguists, and many others that studied the Archaic; they have concluded that before there was existence, there was nothing, not even the abyss. Now whether the question of our Goddess exists or not, was not mentioned in any of the Archaic' scriptures.

However, how was the existence came to be was repeated constantly, they spoke of a great explosion; bigger and massive than any of us, mortal, can comprehend. It is so hot that it can melt anything that it came in contact with, shatter any stronghold that man can make with its sound wave alone, and destroy anything and everything.


This great explosion was only short-lived, what was left underneath from that devastating outburst was dust. Yes! Dust, your common ordinary dust, that sat on your fireplace mantle if one forget to clean or was too tired from working those fields. The Archaic explained that from dust becomes rock, and rocks crash into one another, and together, becoming more massive until one could finally sustain life on its own, yet not all rock was able to support life, some become a giant ball of fire, while others maintained its dust form; creating a ball of dust that collect other dust, while some few remained small and travel around and around in the sky.

'Nonsense' is what you may think right now, but this truth is what was said in those Archaic' scriptures. It may go against what we the ‘Frozehaven’ people believed and taught since we were a little kindling, and one could say that this book is a blasphemy against our beloved Goddess; Gidona the true. However, no matter what people may say, we are not here to question the Goddess, we are merely exploring the origin of her creations.

Now, let us continue back to the explosion, to the beginning.

Two knocks echoed from the other side of the double finely crafted door, the fair-skinned boy quickly hides the book under one of the fluffiest pillows around him. The door opened slightly, and peeking behind is a beautiful white-haired woman wearing a beautifully crafted dress with gold linings of extravagant design and a thick fur cloak rested on her shoulders and draped to her feet.

"Victor? Why haven't you gone to sleep yet?" Her soft voice reached the boy's ears.

The boy fixed his out of place blonde locks and smiled brightly, "I wanted to stay up a bit and read some of the books I found in the library."

"Oh, Victor," the woman sighed as she makes her way to the boy and slowly brought herself down to her knees to caress the boy's cheeks. "My sweet boy, Victor. You know you shouldn't stay up so late because you might get sick, and someone of your stature, a Prince, shouldn't get sick or it will cause the people to get worried, or even worse, your father might get worried if anything happens to you."

"Father? I doubt that" the prince brushed his nose with a half-smirk.

"Don't say it like that, you know your father is a busy person. Besides, no matter how busy he is, he still loves you more than you ever think," the woman tapped his nose lightly.

It's actually hard for Victor to believe his mother's words, but no matter how much he denies it, the way she said it alone is enough to convince him otherwise. He half-heartedly smiled and nodded. Her mother responded with a soft smile and caressed the top of his head.

"Shall we?" her mother gestured toward the royal bed.

"Fine…" the Prince grumpily stood up with a pouting lip and make his way to the bed.

After Victor reached his bed, the queen stood still while gazing at the clouds of pillows beside her. The Prince widened his eyes when he saw the corner of the book he had, peeking out from under the pillow.

"Mom, wait!" Victor called out to his mother to stop, but she ignored her son's plea and revealed the book underneath.

The queen grabbed the book off the floor, and shook her head in disappointment, "Victor, how many times should I tell you that you can't just take any book you want from the forbidden section."

It’s bad enough that he stayed way past his bedtime, it’s another thing to steal a book from the forbidden section of the royal library. He closed both eyes and covered himself with the thick blanket in an effort to hide from his very angry mother. Victor's heart thumped louder as he felt the shifting weight on his bed.

The queen took out a napkin and covered her lips before letting out a few coughs. Those coughs alone caused Victor to remove his blanket and looked at his mother with a worried gaze.

“Are you okay, mom?”

Her mom removed the napkin and smiled gently at her loving son. “A cough, that it’s all. Nothing to get worked up about.” She put the book on the end table right next to the bed and rested her hand on the boy’s hand, she sighed, “I can’t stop you. Your curiosity has always been my favorite. Always trying to learn new things, discovering buried secrets, and exploring the vast unknown.”

“Is it wrong to accumulate knowledge?”

“No, it isn't, my sweet boy.” The Queen’s gaze rested on the book, and back to her son. “Promise me, no matter how far you’ll go…” She took the book and placed it on her son’s chest. “Always remember your home.”

"I wonder if I spoiled you way too much, despite being 16-year-old, you still acted like a kid."

"I'm more lovable that way."

"Indeed, you are."

Victor felt the soft touch of her mother’s hand just before she stood up and walked out of his room. The boy stared at the forbidden book, questioning himself whether her mother gave him the blessing to read such a dangerous book. If she forbid him then why did she left the book on him? So the answer must be that his mother just gave her permission.

A flash of white light flooded the room, blinding the prince temporarily. After the prince gathered his sight again, he looked at his bedroom window where the source of such an immense light came. Victor removed the book off him and slowly make his way to the same window. Looking through the glass pane, he saw a glimmer of white light past the stone wall of the edge of the city on the field of barren snow.

The view flew through that glass window, passed through the edge of the city, fighting against the cold wind and arrived at the field where the noise of galloping horses overwhelmed the sound of crunching snow beneath its hoof. Knights clad with not plates of steel, but thick and tough fabric filled with animal furs, they called it gambeson and a cape made from animal pelts. The only part where there are steels is their elbows, knees, legs, and head.

These knights circled the sparkling light and stopped when the commanding officer raised his hand. The commanding officer removed his helmet and huffed out a breath of steam. Bald and bearded at the same time, this rough-looking man has seen enough battle that nothing would surprise him, and yet this hovering light in front of him baffled him.

"Sir, what is it?" The rider next to him asked.

"Let's find out, shall we?" The old knight took out his steel sword and slowly make his way toward the light.

The light suddenly flickers in and out of existence as if it was unstable, the moment the old knight saw the rising drop of snow, he quickly leaped away and lay on his chest before yelling; "Take COVER!!!"

The light burst, its force alone enough to push the thick layer of snow away from its center leaving only a dark barren ground, and scaring the horses and cause them to launch the riders off their back, while some managed to hold on but others were not. It was quick and it was pretty harmless except for the blinding light, as the knight gathered their sight and hearing, one of them helped the commanding officer back up.

"What did just happened, Sir?"

"I haven't had the slightest clue," the old knight turned around and his eyes widened as his gaze passed through the thin dust cloud and at the center of a small crater.

"H-How?" The young knight stuttered as his sight joined his commanding officer's.

"Sir, what should we tell them?"


The old knight finally snapped back to reality,
It was a girl, the type he had never seen,
Snow-white hair and pearlescent skin,
Both of which glittered with a mysterious sheen,
A complete body, free of deformities,
Unconscious and--naked in the middle of the crater.

"Tell them, that we found--a girl."