Chapter 16
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The two days between Liu Yong’s dinner with Wang Ling were quieter than usual. An obvious gap had appeared between both men but Liu Yong couldn’t bring himself to ask why. When he noticed Zhou RenShu had woken up with swollen eyes he tried to ask about it but he was ignored. Most of the time during the day. Zhou RenShu spent practicing his reading and writing then once the sun had set, he would have a shower then crawl into bed.


On the night that Liu Yong was meeting Wang Ling and hopefully Wu Yun, he was hesitant in leaving. Today it was as if Zhou RenShu’s behaviour had done a 180 as he returned to his usual self. Though Liu Yong knew something was still wrong, when he was ushered out of the door by Zhou RenShu. “You’ll be late if you don’t leave now.”


Liu Yong couldn’t be moved by someone of Zhou RenShu’s size, so the pushing against his firm chest did nothing but confuse him more, when he placed his hand over Zhou RenShu’s head the pushing stopped immediately. “Take a break from studying today.”


After speaking Liu Yong left the room. Zhou RenShu quickly changed into something that wasn’t his pajamas. Since you want me to move on, I’ll find myself another handsome man. Zhou RenShu paced around the room nervously as he thought encouraging words to himself, everytime he went to open the door he would chicken out and back away only to walk forward with confident strides, only to freeze again.


On the tenth attempt Zhou RenShu pulled the door open, he almost ran to the elevator in fear he would turn back. When he got down to the lobby he didn’t know what to do. I have no ID, if i try to go to a bar i’ll be sent away. Zhou RenShu looked around nervously, he wanted to keep a focused mind since he didn’t want Liu Yong to find him. Maybe I should go somewhere outside of the hotel.


Zhou RenShu’s head was almost spinning on his way to the exit since he kept looking around for Liu Yong. He was almost outside when he walked into a man entering the hotel. Zhou RenShu rubbed his nose then looked up at the man. “S-Sorry sir.”


A warm smile beamed down at him. “Nothing to apologize for, you seem a little lost. Do you need help?”


Zhou RenShu didn’t know how to answer so he shyly nodded his head. The man chuckled and brought Zhou RenShu back into the lobby. “What do you need help with?”


To Zhou RenShu this man seemed nice, his face was warm and he was also willing to help a stranger. Zhou RenShu thought about it then decided to go after this man. “I wanted to go to the bar but I don’t have my ID.”


“Bar? You look a little young to be drinking.”


This was true, even with ID it would still make people wonder if it was a fake since Zhou RenShu looked like a 16 year old youth. Zhou RenShu had heard this countless times. “I’m really of age, I just look young. Everyone in my family does. It’s just good genetics I guess.”


The longer the two men stayed in the lobby the more nervous Zhou RenShu became and he rambled a little. The man standing in front of him rubbed Zhou RenShu’s short hair before sneaking his arm down to hang around the slim shoulder. “In that case I wouldn’t mind having a drink, we’ll go together.”


In the bar the staff had tried to ask about Zhou RenShu but once the man holding Zhou RenShu’s shoulder looked at them they walked away to bring back drinks. With a fruity cocktail being placed in front of Zhou RenShu, he quickly remembered. I don’t have money!


“Little one, what’s your name?” Zhou RenShu snapped back to attention and introduced himself, the drink was pushed closer to him and the man beside him picked his own glass up and clinked it with Zhou RenShu’s. “You can call me Uncle.”


Zhou RenShu picked his drink up and took a small sip that turned into a big gulp, the flavour was sweet. After his glass was empty another one replaced it before that was emptied too. The two men made small talk but Zhou RenShu couldn’t concentrate on the words they were saying. When he looked up at Uncle he felt a little different. His mind was floating and his body felt too warm. Uncle pushed a glass of water in front of them both then stopped Zhou RenShu from removing his shirt in public. “You should save that for the bedroom.”


“I don’t want to drink anymore.” Zhou RenShu leaned against the man beside him in a daze, it had been a while since he had drunk alcohol while it seemed as if Uncle had become accustomed to such drinks. Zhou RenShu rubbed himself closer to the man that felt cool, usually he would want to cuddle into someone that was warm but his body felt too hot. Uncle caressed the burning cheeks as his voice sounded worried. “You're burning up a little, should you go back to your room?”


“I don’t want to go back there, it’s lonely.” Zhou RenShu began to cry as he remembered the empty room Liu Yong left him in, Uncle consoled the small boy by running his hand along the length of his back. Soon the tears stopped and Uncle spoke again. “Do you want company?”


He could feel Zhou RenShu nod his head against his suit, with one arm around Zhou RenShu’s waist the man walked to the elevators. The whole way to Zhou RenShu’s room was spent with the boy mumbling incoherently. Once they arrived at the door, Uncle gently poked at Zhou RenShu’s forehead. “Where's your key, little one?”


“I-I don’t have one.” Like a switch Zhou RenShu started to cry again, a small click was heard and the crying boy was gently pulled into the room. Zhou RenShu looked around in a daze as he heard the door close behind him. “It was unlocked.”


Uncle gave Zhou RenShu some water from the fridge then both men sat on the edge of the bed, after drinking water and getting away from the harsh smell of alcohol seemed to have calmed Zhou RenShu down and he could think somewhat clearer. Uncle gently caressed Zhou RenShu’s still red cheeks with his cold hands. “Why do you cry so much?”


“I have to find someone else to like.” Uncle's hand slid down to the necklaces hanging around Zhou RenShu’s neck. The small boy must’ve been drunk still since he tried to rip the necklaces off but they wouldn’t budge. Uncle chuckled as he traced his fingers around the small neck. “Have you found someone yet?”


Zhou RenShu finished off the water in his bottle then turned to face the man beside him. You seem good! Uncle watched as Zhou RenShu gave a stern nod. Uncle laid back on the bed but Zhou RenShu didn’t lay back lest he fell asleep, instead he turned around and sat cross legged. He didn’t know what to talk about so he tried asking about work. “What do you do for a living?”


“I am part of a research company.” Zhou RenShu didn’t know what that was, while Uncle described his work his fingers slid across the blankets and glided along Zhou RenShu’s pants. The longer the man talked the higher the hand got, Zhou RenShu trembled as he felt the hand slide up and down his thighs, he quickly jumped up from the bed. “I-I need to pee.”


“Okay, take your time.”


Inside the bathroom Zhou RenShu ran the colder water and splashed multiple handfuls onto his red face. Just do it, you no longer need to think about Liu Yong. Even if you don’t like that man you can cultivate and kick him out! Now go! Zhou RenShu pumped his small fists as if it was encouraging him more and left the room. Uncle was still on the bed where Zhou RenShu had left him. With a new sense of determination Zhou RenShu crawled onto the bed, his flushed face hovering over the older man. From this angle he looked extremely seductive.


Even though he had given himself a stern talking to, Zhou RenShu didn’t move any closer. Uncle slid his hand to the back of Zhou RenShu’s head and pulled him down, their lips touching.


_ _ _ _ _ _


Liu Yong sat at the table in the hotel, his mind focused on Zhou RenShu throughout the entire appetizer. Wang Ling was rambling on about something when Liu Yong excused himself to the bathroom. Why hasn’t Wu Yun turned up yet? Liu Yong stood in a quiet corner of the lobby, peering at the people walking in and out. He was about to walk back to the restaurant when he saw Li Qing. Li Qing looked somewhat different from the last time they had met but Liu Yong still recognised her. She hadn’t noticed Liu Yong as she walked into the bar, she spoke to the bartender before walking out with a sly smile. Liu Yong’s heart buzzed with anxiety as he watched the woman leave the hotel. Once her silhouette had completely vanished he made his way to the elevator. Everything moved as if the world had been switched to slow motion, Liu Yong almost ran up the stairs thinking it would be faster.


His heart pounded in his ears as he ran out of the elevator and down the hallway, after shoving the door open with a loud thud as it hit the back wall, his eyes turned from worried to cold in less than a second. 


Zhou RenShu quickly removed his body from the man’s lap before he saw Liu Yong’s expression change, looking at the man beside him he saw a different face. “W-Wu Yun?”


Wu Yun wiped his mouth with a cold smirk then buttoned his open shirt and pants. Zhou RenShu backed away from the man until he had fallen off the bed. Even with a loud thud, the two men ignored Zhou RenShu. Liu Yong’s fists were clenched so tight his skin had turned white and he lunged at Wu Yun. Punches and kicks landed on the strong body but Wu Yun didn’t cry out in pain.


When the fight looked like it was about to get worse, Liu Yong dragged Wu Yun out of the room and slammed the door, leaving Zhou RenShu inside alone. In the hallway Liu Yong shoved Wu Yun against the wall while he leaned against the door. “What are you doing?”


“What? Jealous. You’ve been with him for so long yet you haven’t fucked or dual cultivated. That’s just letting him go to waste.” Liu Yong threw his heavy body at Wu Yun and rained more punches down on the man but it was worth nothing since once his hands stopped, there wasn’t even one drop of blood shed. Wu Yun chuckled then walked to the elevator. “I have a room one floor below, coming?”


He didn’t need to ask since Liu Yong was close on his heels. Liu Yong was filled with so much anger his body had turned pale and his blood was cold, the man beside him however was enjoying the little prank and acted as if Liu Yong was an old friend rather than a lover turned enemy.


Inside Wu Yun’s room Liu Yong had cooled off a little but he was still angry. He had a lot of questions but he knew it wouldn’t be easy getting answers from Wu Yun. The man tried to hand Liu Yong a bottle of water but it was ignored. “How long have you been staying here? I should’ve been able to feel your presence.”


“Silly Liu Yong, you think that since your cultivation is so high no one can match it or even surpass it? I’ve been following you for a while and that woman Wang Ling also works for me. Though, I’m sure you guessed that already.”


“And Li Qing?” Liu Yong glared at Wu Yun opposite him, his eyes were so cold he could bring winter to the main city early. Wu Yun shrugged his shoulders boredly. “She calls me Master but we both know how that turned out for the previous guy.”


“How do you know about Fan Lei?” Wu Yun sat at the table with Liu Yong sitting opposite him. “I asked and she told me, I was pretty surprised at first. I was only taking the life essence from any demon with Yin energy but after she told me about the snake demons, let’s just say I was a changed man.”


“Tell me, is your cultivation so high you can hide your energy. Not only that but you can also hide other people's energy.” Wu Yun touched his nose, telling Liu Yong he had guessed right. Wu Yun stood up from his chair and stood beside Liu Yong, an odd mix of anger and obsession mixed in his eyes. He slowly stepped over Liu Yongs thigh and sat down. If Liu Yong had wanted he could have pushed the man away but he didn’t.


“Do you want to know what he tastes like? I know you milked him but his glands have started filling again.” Liu Yong turned his face away in disgust. Wu Yun lifted his hand, the sound of metal clinking sounded beside Liu Yong’s ear. “What about these, do you want them back?”


Liu Yong saw both of Zhou RenShu’s necklaces he had given him were hanging loosely from Wu Yun’s hand. He didn’t try and snatch them since he was now aware of their power difference. Liu Yong smirked and held Wu Yun’s hips with his hands, grinding his hips upwards. His mouth trailed along the straight jawline until he met Wu Yun’s ear, he suckled on the soft earlobe and Wu Yun stiffened.


“Wu Yun~” Liu Yong breathed out over the wet lobe before sucking on the other ear, Wu Yun gripped onto Liu Yong’s shoulders as he shivered but his fantasy was short lived as Liu Yong pushed him off, only then did he notice his hand was empty. He scoffed coldly. “You’re so cold to me.”


“I’m sorry.” Liu Yong turned around to leave the room, there was no use talking to Wu Yun since they were on different levels. However before he could turn the handle, Wu Yun forced his body around and pried open his jaw. If he had used any more strength Liu Yong’s jaw would have dislocated. The scent of sweet flowers filled the room before Liu Yong’s mouth was filled with a hot tongue and ice cold liquid. Liu Yong’s eyes turned red as the venom was forced down his throat.


Once their mouths were empty Wu Yun pulled away, shaking the vial that once held Zhou RenShu’s venom. There seemed to be no effect on Wu Yun but the whole of Liu Yong’s body burned while his head was dizzy. Wu Yun opened the door with a cold face and pushed Liu Yong out. “Have fun with that snake. I hope he can handle a cold hearted man like you.”