Chapter 28
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After his heavy scolding, Supervisor worked rather diligently to ensure Liu Yong and his little wife had the perfect ceremony. A large beautiful hall was booked with the view of a beautiful lake and blooming trees. A list of Zhou RenShu’s favourite foods and desserts were given to the Supervisor too as he looked for the best caterers.


Liu Yong had returned to work during this month of wedding planning, as he led another investigation for the head of the red light demon industry. While Liu Yong was working, Zhou RenShu would attend his art class and continue his tutoring. 


Zhou RenShu didn’t want to continue learning to read or write now that he had Liu Yong but the studying was forced upon him with the promise that if he could read a story of Liu Yong’s choice perfectly and write an essay about the same story then he could stop. With the goal in mind Zhou RenShu worked hard to improve his reading and writing skills. “RenShu, you’ve never worked so hard. What’s gotten into you?”


“Liu Yong said I could stop once I can read a story perfectly and write an essay.” The tutor's face darkened. You’re working so hard just so you can stop!? Zhou RenShu returned his large eyes to his workbook as he continued to trace characters and their meanings. After every character he would say it outloud along with the meaning before moving on to the next one.


By the end of the month Zhou RenShu’s skills had doubled. While taking the day off, Liu Yong took Zhou RenShu out so they could get the final fitting for their suits. The workers had them dress in separate rooms, hoping to keep some surprise for the big day. All though that was the plan Zhou RenShu had trouble changing into the suit. His hands had never done up so many buttons. The dress shirt alone had all the buttons done out of order.  He called out softly as he stood behind the curtain in nothing but the dress shirt.“I need help~”


Liu Yong heard a worker walk past his changing room, he quickly pulled the curtain back and touched the male worker on the shoulder. The man shyly stepped back as Liu Yong pulled the curtain aside, his nimble body slipping into the fitting room without any of the staff seeing a single peep of Zhou RenShu’s beautiful body. “You’re calling out for help when you look like this?”


“You wouldn’t know I needed help if I didn’t ask!” Zhou RenShu spread his arms out as Liu Yong undid then redid the buttons, he had yet to put his own suit on when Zhou RenShu had called out. He was standing in only his dark green suit pants, the upper half of his body completely bare. Once the dress shirt was done up properly, Liu Yong put the light grey vest on Zhou RenShu, buttoning the high quality buttons.


Before reaching for the suit jacket, Liu Yong helped Zhou RenShu into his light grey plaid pants, the pants fit perfectly around Zhou RenShu’s waist while hugging his slender legs nicely. Liu Yong handed the jacket to Zhou RenShu but didn’t help him put it on. “I need to finish dressing myself.”


It only took Liu Yong half the amount of time as he quickly dressed his top half. Once he was fully dressed he stepped out. The patient staff all gasped as they looked at the handsome man. His suit was a dark shade of green, if you didn’t look closely you would think it was black, his suit also had no tie as the first two buttons laid open. The suit hugged Liu Yong’s body in all the right places, framing his tall muscular body perfectly.


Liu Yong fixed the cuffs on his suit while looking in the mirror, after he straightened out the stiff material he removed the tie from his long wavy hair, letting it fall along his shoulders. Both the female and male staff gasped again as Liu Yong’s handsome face became even more good looking. Satisfied, Liu Yong softly called Zhou RenShu’s name. “RenShu, are you ready?”


En, I even put my shoes on.” Liu Yong pulled the curtain back, when he was helping Zhou RenShu he made sure to only look through the smallest gap in his eyes, wanting to see Zhou RenShu’s suit in its entirety. Zhou RenShu widened his eyes in shock as he stared at Liu Yong, the man in front of him staring back.


Zhou RenShu’s suit was a pale grey with thin plaid lines. The tone of the grey suited his pale skin tone while the dark green complimented Liu Yong. It took almost a full minute for Zhou RenShu to take Liu Yong’s outstretched hand and the couple walked out of the fitting room together. The rest of the staff in the building had crowded around to see the beautiful couple. They couldn’t help but squeal and clap as Liu Yong led Zhou RenShu out into the open space.


Usually Zhou RenShu would be mistaken for Liu Yong’s son but while standing beside the handsome man in the pristine suit, he looked extremely mature and handsome. Both men walked to the large mirror, the whole time Zhou RenShu couldn’t take his eyes off of his husband. “You look like a handsome tree.”


In Zhou RenShu’s mind this was a compliment but to everyone else it was an insult to their craft as well as Liu Yong’s healthy skin tone. Liu Yong however understood Zhou RenShu’s mind and gave him a light kiss, Zhou RenShu took the opportunity to grab onto Liu Yong’s stunning hair. “You need to wear your hair down on the day of the ceremony! You look so handsome when your hair is down.”


“I’ll wear it like this then. Do you like your suit?” Zhou RenShu hadn’t taken any notice of his suit since his eyes had been glued to Liu Yong. Zhou RenShu faced himself in the mirror as he took a good look at himself. Just like Liu Yong, Zhou RenShu’s suit hugged his body perfectly, outlining the shape of his limbs. If he wasn’t standing beside Liu Yong he would have looked a lot taller than he actually is. “I like it.”


“I like it too.” Liu Yong whispered in Zhou RenShu’s ear as his fingers traced the delicate pattern on the suit jacket. After another look in the mirror, both men retired to their fitting rooms, Zhou RenShu picked his pile of clothes up and walked into the room where Liu Yong was changing. The small buy was not as nimble, so when he pulled the curtain back the small amount of staff that had stayed behind were shown the fit Liu Yong standing in nothing but his underwear.


All of their faces blushed as their eyes fell to the heavily stuffed fabric. Zhou RenShu allowed the staff to get a long show as he got tangled in the thick curtains, he was only able to make it inside once Liu Yong flung the curtain to the side then back around. The staff quickly tried to cool their burning cheeks with their hands.


Inside the fitting room, Zhou RenShu threw his clothes down from his arms as he started unbuttoning the many buttons on his suit. Liu Yong was already dressed and waiting by the time Zhou RenShu was trying to unbutton his dress shirt. With a huff, Zhou RenShu dropped his aching arms. “Why are there so many buttons? My fingers are aching and my arms hurt!”


“Come here, I’ll help.” Liu Yong was sitting on the bench where his clothes had been, Zhou RenShu stood in front of him while the zipper and clasp to his pants were undone. He hung the pants on the hanger before he pulled the small boy onto his lap. “You looked so sexy in your suit.”


Liu Yong kissed Zhou RenShu’s earlobe as his dark voice washed over the delicate skin. Liu Yong nibbled on the tender flesh as he continued to unbutton the dress shirt. His hair was still laying against his shoulders. Zhou RenShu held onto the long locks as he licked along the side of Liu Yong’s face. With the last of Zhou RenShu’s suit removed, the small boy sat in Liu Yong’ lap in only his underwear. Liu Yong leaned back as he gazed at the small boy. His voice was much lighter compared to a few seconds ago.


“I really love you. I love you so much.” Liu Yong traced over Zhou RenShu’s delicate features as he repeatedly whispered I love you. Zhou RenShu caught the large hand and pressed his cheek into the open palm, his eyes were closed as he clutched the large hand with both hands. Liu Yong used his other hand to hold Zhou RenShu’s jaw, his thumb rubbing over the tender lips.


With every rub over his lips, Zhou RenShu would kiss the calloused thumb before he turned his head and kissed the inside of Liu Yong’s palm. The couple sat inside the small fitting room. The warm air surrounding them made it seem as if time had slowed. Finally Zhou RenShu leaned down and hugged Liu Yong, his small head resting on the broad shoulders. “I love you too. I love you so much it scares me when I can’t see you. Even when you’re at work, I miss you.”


“I miss you too.” Liu Yong tenderly kissed Zhou RenShu’s head before he started dressing the small boy. The warm moment slowly passed as they returned to reality. Once the two exited the room, their suits were taken and placed inside protective bags.


_ _ _ _ _ _


The following week the big ceremony began. The whole precinct slowly filed into the large decorated hall after they gave their donation. Sweet music played softly in the background as the large room slowly filled. All of the workers from the precinct complimented the Supervisor on his great work. “Supervisor, who would have known you could pull off something so beautiful. I would have loved to attend your own wedding had I been born.”


Supervisor wiped his sweaty brow as he smiled stiffly, he could feel the cold hawk eyes from his wife pierce into his soul. The small office worker happily skipped away to join her friends. “Hehe, my dear, don’t listen to that person. I had help to pull this ceremony off. Back the-”


“I would have loved to attend such a beautiful wedding all those years ago too.” The Supervisor’s wife glared at her husband coldly while the squeamish man dabbed at his sweaty head again. Once all the guests arrived, the ceremony officially started. The long aisle was coated with petals as the handsome couple entered the room.


The guests all erupted into a loud applause as their eyes feasted on the warm faced Liu Yong, an expression they had never seen before in their whole career of knowing the cold man. Liu Yong is so handsome when he isn’t curdling our blood, his hair is more luscious than mine too! Zhou RenShu is a lucky boy to have bagged such a strong man, I pray for his little bottom tonight. Supervisor stood proudly at the end of the aisle with his own thoughts racing around his mind.


My Xiao Yong has grown up, his little wife is also extremely beautiful today. Oh, when I heard his strangled lusty cries I couldn’t help but become infatuated with this small boy. My dear wife, forgive my wandering eyes, this boy is just too seductive! The Supervisor was still suffering internally by the time the couple stood in front of him. He quickly cleared his throat before the long speeches and vowels started. His old eye’s resting on Zhou RenShu’s beautiful face.


Zhou RenShu held Liu Yong’s hand through the whole series of words, the Supervisors words and voice droned on in an old yet monotone voice almost lulling him to sleep. If it hadn’t been for Liu Yong’s constant pokes on his cheeks then he would have fallen asleep more than twice. Liu Yong was also becoming impatient as the old man talked on and on about the delights of marriage. 


“To have such a strong connection with one person is too wonderful for words, the countless hours and years you spend together will be filled with many emotions both good and bad. But even in the bad times your love must persist and come out even stronger!”


Liu Yong’s eyes slowly shifted from warm love as he gazed upon Zhou RenShu’s sleepy face to anger as he whispered to the Supervisor. His voice was only low enough for the two men to hear, even Zhou RenShu who was standing right beside Liu Yong didn’t hear. “Hurry the fuck up and stop squabbling on, if you speak any longer I’ll tell your wife about the phone call form earlier, you dirty pervert!”


“This however will be left for the youthful couple to find out on their own journey. I think I have talked long enough so without any more talk, from today on, Liu Yong and Zhou RenShu will be seen as one union!” Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. The crowd behind the newly weds chanted as they clapped in time with their words. Zhou RenShu didn’t need to be told as he tried to pull Liu Yong’s head down so he could reach his lips. Liu Yong however couldn’t be moved so easily and he crouched down a little, grabbing Zhou RenShu around the waist, the small boy was lifted up so both men were eye to eye. Liu Yong gently pressed their lips together while Zhou RenShu held the back of Liu Yong’s head tightly.


The crowd cheered and clapped before the awkwardness set in, Zhou RenShu kept a hold of Liu Yong as his tongue very visibly plunged down into Liu Yong’s mouth, some people looked away while others peeked through closed fingers. Liu Yong humored Zhou RenShu and kissed back just as passionately before spanking the boys behind. After putting him back on the ground he whispered in Zhou RenShu’s ear. “Keep that energy for later.”


Cheers erupted again once Liu Yong took the microphone from the red faced Supervisor. His low voice ringing across the large hall. “Thank you everyone for coming, let’s eat and drink our fill in celebration. Enjoy.”


No more words were given as the music changed and food was placed along one long wall. Supervisor wanted to give his congratulations to Zhou RenShu but his wife was by his side before Liu Yong had even put the microphone down. “My dear wife, are you hungry we should eat.”


Supervisor hurriedly pulled his beloved away from Liu Yong before any unnecessary words could come out. Zhou RenShu was also pulled away to a table set up for the couple. He waited patiently while Liu Yong brought back plates of cake for him. “Don’t eat too much sweets, make sure to have some proper food too.”


Zhou RenShu bounced on his seat happily in time with the upbeat music, he ate and laughed while he watched the large crowd dance around the middle of the room. Liu Yong sat back too with a drink in his hand while being fed occasionally by Zhou RenShu. His heart had never felt so warm before. His hand gently swept over Zhou RenShu’’s thigh as he planted a small kiss on the stuffed cheek. “I love you, did you enjoy today?”


En, it’s the first wedding I’ve been to.Your Supervisor talks a lot too. I’ve never heard so many words spoken by one person before. The cake is yummy though.” More cake was stuffed into Zhou RenShu’s mouth. Liu Yong wiped the crumbs away with his lips before warning his small lover. “Stay away from him okay? He’s married but a weird pervert too. You can’t trust him!”


“Okay.” Zhou RenShu agreed easily as he finished off the last of the cake. After wiping his mouth he grabbed Liu Yong’s hands excitedly. “I want to dance, let’s go dance.”


Liu Yong wasn’t much of a dancer but seeing how much Zhou RenShu wanted to, he couldn’t say no and slowly stood up. Zhou RenShu jumped his way to the middle of the dance floor happily. His small body swayed and moved along with the sultry music while Liu Yong lightly swayed his hips, holding Zhou RenShu close to his body. Even if Zhou RenShu had been a bad dancer his movements would have looked sexy to Liu Yong.


Zhou RenShu was surprisingly good though, with every song change his body would switch up it’s rhythm, staying in time with every new beat. Liu Yong's movements stayed the same as he kept the dancing boy close to his front, every few minutes his mouth would attach itself to Zhou RenShu’s body in some way. 


The couple switched between eating, drinking and dancing for the rest of the ceremony. By the time the night was becoming older Zhou RenShu’s body felt exhausted. He had removed most of his suit and was only dancing in his dress shirt and pants. Liu Yong had also removed his jacket and undone another button, revealing his strong tanned chest. Zhou RenShu jumped and grooved to one last song before he leaned on Liu Yong tiredly. “I’m tired~”


“Should we go now?” Zhou RenShu rubbed his body over Liu Yong’s in time with the slow song playing while nodding his head. A lot of the other guests had also taken their leave, staying in the hotel beside the hall. Liu Yong and Zhou RenShu put their vests and jackets on before bidding farewell to the stray guest still drinking and dancing. Liu Yong thought they could get away without speaking another word to the Supervisor when the short man jumped out in front of them at the exit.


“Xiao Yong, you almost left without your money. I took the liberty of placing it onto a card during your dancing session, that way you won’t have to carry around multiple bags of cash.” Liu Yong grabbed the card and handed it over to Zhou RenShu. He wanted to walk straight past the man before he could set his eyes on Zhou RenShu but it was too late. “Xiao RenShu, you have to take good care of Liu Yong. I’ve known this kid for a long time and he’s only ever clung to one other man. Wu Yun. But now he has you, which is better.”


Liu Yong wanted to shove the short sweaty man down the concrete steps but the Supervisor’s wife beat him to it. Her cold hands pinched her husband's ear fiercely before she opened her mouth, revealing her white gritted teeth. “Why is it, everytime I turn away, you sneak off to peek at Liu Yong. Am I not beautiful enough or am I lacking something between my legs?”


“Ow,Ow. My dearest wife, it’s not like that! I was only handing over their wedding money from the guests.” The Supervisor tried to pry the woman's slender fingers from his ear but he couldn’t since his hands were too sweaty after seeing Zhou RenShu. “It’s not like that? You don’t think I know that you touched yourself during a phone call with Liu Yong. Your assistant heard your old voice gasping out and immediately told me!”


Liu Yong laughed heartily as he escorted a confused Zhou RenShu out, the couple were still bickering by the time they had made it back to their suite next door. Once alone in the room the buzz from the party lessened as their energy picked up. Liu Yong guided Zhou RenShu to the kitchen before giving him a glass of water to combat the small amount of alcohol, his eyes set on the bobbing Adam's apple.


“You really are sexy, RenShu.”