Ch 27- Carpe Adamantium
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The same World map, once again:




She was good, but in the end, the match point had been won by me. She was sexy enough, but her techniques still had room for improvement.

“Phew. That wasn’t the stamina I expected out of a Tier 2. Hey, what are you smirking at?”

Was I? The retorts that I was about to use got stuck in my throat, as she cast a spell on us. My skin heated up a bit, and I could feel every part of me tingle for a second. It wasn’t the tingle of mana, though. I couldn’t feel that.

“It’s a simple spell to dry clothes, or sweat. It won’t really clean you, though. Now now, don’t make that face. You are already way stronger than your tier suggests; you would only do yourself a disservice if you were to split your time to dabble in magic. Yes, a mage can deal with 3 warriors at the same tier, but the same mage can’t easily deal with a single warrior of a higher tier.”

Either I was starting to lose control of my face, or she was starting to read me much more easily. Whichever the case might be, a change of topic was needed.

“That merchant of yours, how do you plan to contact him? How fast can he come?”

She squirmed on my right, as I felt her hands slowly inching down.

“Oh, don’t worry about him. It will be easy to send him a letter, but it will cost us one of your precious platinum coins. As for him coming here, it’s a bit more complicated. He has good ships, so it won’t take him more than a week to reach here after getting the letter. But the thing is, we need a dock for him unload his goods, so we will have to wait until we can set one up on the southern shores. Why do you ask?”

Her cold hands, which had reached their targets, were causing it to shrink up, rather than burst forth.

“The alchemist had a breakthrough. Apparently, mana cores react with nitric acid, kicking the Nitrogen out. After you filter out the Nitrogen, all that’s left is a new liquid, as the Alchemist calls it, ‘Mana acid’. Oh, can you pass me my pants?”

It was lying just below her feet, and after throwing it to me, rather than return to my side, she decided that her face was needed more near the cold hand of hers, which was still toying with my junior.

I took out a somewhat squishy black square from the pocket of my pants, about 3 cubic centimeters big.

“This is one of 2 things she managed to do with it for now. There is a lot we don’t know, so she has to find out by trial-error. This is what you get if you add animal fat to the mana acid. The acid isn’t used up by the process, but the fat changes its properties and becomes similar to vulcanized rubber.”

Her hot breath had managed to do what she wanted it to do, where the hands had failed. She took her eyes from the object of her curiosity for a moment, to ask her questions.

“So you want him to bring animals here, so we can open a farm? What are the uses of that ‘rubber’ for you to go so far?”

This world had a distinct gap in the list of domesticated animals, compared to ours. They had dogs, which could go up Tier 3, but were mostly Tier 2.  It was a similar case for the horses, or rather horse-like creatures. They also had a half-rabbit half-chicken omnivorous creature that was called ‘teror’, which was farmed for its Tier 1 core and meat. What they were lacking were the oxen. Of course, this world had similarly tanky creatures, but their Tier was higher, leaving the elves unable to domesticate them. Since the physical strength of individual farmers was higher, they weren’t missed much.

“Rubber and this new material are quite useful. There are many uses, but mainly, it will help with the machinery. You can make gaskets with them, which will allow more lax tolerances when building steam engines. With it, perhaps Brian can knock out one or two of the less efficient engines by the time spring comes. But for now, we don’t need that much rubber. The fat from the goblin corpses are more than enough. There is another reason why we need the animal farms; meat and cores.

Rather than give a rest to her now stretched jaw, she lifted her eyebrows and lowered her ears, signaling me to continue.

“As you know, many have tried to establish large farms, but have failed, all of them due to economics. But with the steam engines increasing the grain production in the future, the equations will change. Citizens’ eating more nutritious food, meat, of course will be good, but it won’t change things much. But what will have a big impact are the cores. I don’t have to tell you what will happen if a bigger proportion of the populace were to be higher tier, do I?

She closed her eyes for a second to think. Not long after, she pulled out, to take a deep breath.

“Master, you are showing the smug face again. You said that alchemist Larysa had found one more thing, right?”

I had left the most interesting part to the last. Perhaps I should wait till she finishes the job she had started.

“The mana acid has one more use that she has confirmed. Adamantium dissolves in the acid. Dump some adamantium rich soil into the liquid, filter it off, and boil the acid. All you will be left with is Adamantium.”

Indeed, her eyes widened and her ears stood erect for a second, after which she jumped up in shock.

“Wait! You mean she managed to make pure Adamantium?!”

“Of course not. If we had, I would have told you sooner. Even if I didn’t, Larysa would have. You see, the strength of the acid, and the purity of the adamantium it leaves behind is dependent on the mana core initially used to make the mana acid. If a Tier 1 core was used, then the purity will be 1%, 5% for a Tier 2 core, and 20% for Tier 3. This discovery has only made it faster and cheaper to make Adamantium, not better.

Also, you might have noticed that the way purity scales is similar to how a blacksmith can purify. It also doesn’t make sense that weaker acids can’t make it any purer, as the only effect a weaker acid should have is on the work speed. There is too much that we don’t know about how mana and magic works.”

Her eyes shifted around while she grumbled under her breath, digesting the information. A minute later, she came to herself, slumping back to my lap, much more tired. Yes, I should have waited until she finished her task, and not left me hanging like this.

“Still, this changes everything. We got a huge trump card now. One that can make us allies, or enemies to the entire world.”

It was a given that it would change the world. After all, making adamantium cheaper could start a new arms race, but I was not sure about the global political ramifications. It took some time for her to gather her thoughts, and after prodding her to continue, she explained the matter.

“The Empire is strong on this continent, and it was the biggest country in the world before the fiasco, but it was never the strongest. On the western continent, lays the Tamar Union, which is spearheaded by a Tier 7 warrior, the strongest man in the world. Couple of decades ago, he had the brilliant idea that the mages were too powerful to be left unsupervised, and any mage at or above Tier 3 had to work for the state. But with the help of Atalanta, most of them managed to escape his tyranny, which sparked a feud between them. This weakened the mage forces of Tamar, but they had never relied on them in the first place.”

She had started to toy with my dick using her hands once again, absentmindedly. 

“Atalanta might not have the population nor the military might of Tamar, but they have one thing they don’t, the Mage Union. Atalanta is a puppet state, controlled by a more meritocratic globalised organization. Even through the war has gone on for long, the borders have not shifted, since the Union would come out at full force to defend the fortress at the border.”

Being a high Tier Mage made one’s mind more flexible. One proof of that would be her actions right now. She had started to take a more involved approach to pleasuring me, and she was thinking about the ramifications of this new discovery while also telling me about global powers.

“There is also the Mithras kingdom. While they don’t involve themselves with the war, they are selling Mythril to Atalanta, while also selling Adamantium to Tamar, thanks to their extensive and abundant mineral reserves.

Now, if Tamar were to get news of this and manage to increase their Adamantium production, they could possibly win the war. This could make us enemy of the mages, worldwide. Although it would hardly be any different even if they don’t win.

Alternatively, we could inform the Mage Union about this, and get awarded for the contribution. But in this case, we would have to deal with the enmity of Tamar.”

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