Chapter 16 –Recovery
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At the Diving Arena, the Olympic Diving pool was drained of all water. 

Instead, they were filled with mountains of bodies. It was decided for health reasons and to prevent attracting more zombies to the Olympic Village after they cleared the place, that all dead bodies be dumped in one place, away from the other common areas.

Some of them were bodies of zombies that were killed by the athletes.

There were also a hill of bodies of humans killed by the zombies. 

Surprisingly a newer hill of bodies were that of humans. 

The males all had a single bullet hole at the temple, while the female bodies were all naked and looked to be badly abused. 

Many of them were bleeding from their lower orifices and from their faces, they died miserable deaths. One girl still had half a baseball bat stuck inside her sex. 

A naked man with half his head blown off was thrown into the pool, landing on the pile of naked females.

He landed face first onto the pile of bodies. His left eye was blown off together with half his face. When he landed in the pool, his remaining right eye popped out of its socket, dangling only by the optic nerve. 

What once was a handsome young man's face, it was so badly blown off that most of the dead zombies nearby looked more human in comparison. 

The man that threw him in the pool wiped his hand on the bathrobe that he took from the dead man and then threw it into the pool unceremoniously. 

"Why the hell am I always on body disposal duty? I must talk to Karl to get me a better role. I bet the rest are already fucking those new girls" the man complained as he walked out of the stadium.

If he stuck around a little while longer, he would see the naked man, Tommy's body start twitching a few minutes later. 

From a mild twitching, Tommy's limbs started trembling before they all started moving violently in an uncontrollable manner. 

His arms flapped and slapped, while his legs started kicking the female bodies he was lying on, making slapping sounds as he slapped and kicked naked breasts, faces, asses and other parts of the many naked females he was lying on. 

He started getting what was called a death erection as his hips started moving up and down uncontrollably, looking as if he was trying to fuck something, banging his erection on miscellaneous body parts of various girls. 

Finally, his erect penis pierced a pretty girl's face, puncturing her eyeball and fucking her eye socket. It got stuck deep inside her skull as he continued banging as the girl's head bounced up and down as it was stuck to his groin. 

His face bounced up and down a woman's ass and his drooping mouth drooled all over between her asscheeks as his jaw gnawed on the woman's ass leaving teethmarks on her. 

As Tommy's head started healing at a rapid pace, the remainder of his brains that could be seen in his open skull started regrowing within his skull as his skull started closing up.

Random memories started coming back to his unconscious mind as his brain healed. 

He remembered tasting his mother's breast milk the very day he was born, and ge remembered crying because he pooped his diaper.

He remembered shooting his father in the face with a stream of pee as his father tried to change his diaper.

He remembered crawling for the first time. Falling down when he just started walking. Being scared and crying when he first stepped on grass. 

Other things started coming back to his mind. His first words were "Mama" and how happy his parents were when he went to the potty for the first time. 

He remembered his first time meeting another toddler, crying when the boy took his teddy. 

He remembered punching a little girl and taking her bottle because he was hungry, being scared of his neighbor's dog.

He remembered his first day in school, getting into his first fight, his first time in detention. 

He remembered his father bringing him to his first gun show, buying him his first gun, his first time on the gun range. 

He remembered practicing tricks, being praised for his aim at shooting and his speed. He remembered getting praise and awards at gun shows, winning his first competition, eventually being state champion. 

He remembered the first time he masturbated, his first crush Theresa White, the first time he watched porn in his best friend Andrew's house. 

He remembered getting to first base with Amanda Thomson, the girl with the biggest tits in junior high, his first blowjob from Catherine Willow where she accidentally bit him, finger fucking Camie Johnson for the first time. 

He remembered the pastor's daughter Amy Tinder, who offered her anal sex because she wanted to remain a virgin, but how she screamed when only his tip entered her and they stopped when her father came to investigate the scream and they had to scramble to get dressed and pretend to do homework. 

He remembered his journey to the Olympics, going all the way to win the nationals, barely making it to the 2020 games, only to be disappointed that it was initially cancelled because of COVID19. He remembered the joy when he got the call that the games was resuming, but in a year later. 

He remembered his journey to Japan, his quarantine experience, the first day of competition where all his teammates were killed. He remembered his anticipation at Angela's invitation for sex, her death and his experiences when all hell broke loose. 

He remembered his first experience meeting Akane, fucking her, fighting side by side with her. He remembered his crazy experience with Morgana, as well as what he experienced with Selene. 

He suddenly twisted his body to face upwards and sat up, remembering how he was betrayed. 

"Dat bon of a sitch! Fothermucker!" he yelled as he garbled his words. 

By now his right eye has refit itself snugly into his eyesocket and his left eye had already regrown. 

As his vision became clear, he noticed that there was a girl's head seemingly stuck to his groin. 

He tried to get her off, but his hands and legs were moving around randomly. Although he could feel the sensations in his limbs, he couldn't control them. 

Unable to do anything, he lay back down and waited as his brain healed up some more. 

A while later, he sat up again and used his hands to pull off the girl's head from his groin. 

The head popped off and a liquid gel like substance formed a thin string from the girl's eyesocket to the tip of his cock, covering his cock in slime together with blood. 

Tommy was shocked to recognize the girl as one of the Spanish gymnasts Isabella Garcia whom he met at the opening ceremony. 

"Fuckers!" he gritted his teeth as he stood up, now finally being able to control his body.

"Sorry Isabella" he said as he gently laid her down and tried to close her eyes.  

He looked around and saw all the dead bodies. Besides the zombies and those killed by zombies, he realized that the other men had one bullet hole in their temples while the women were all naked and looked badly sexually abused. 

He looked at the girl with the baseball bat stuck inside her. Her abdomen was badly distended as the top of the bat could be seen poking out of her belly at an angle. He recognized her as a sexy beach volley ball player from Brazil that he met, Giselle Hermanes.

He pulled the baseball bat out slowly. As the bat was pulled out, the girl's distended belly expelled blood and other mashed organs from her sex making a vacuous sucking sound. 

"Giselle, I will avenge you" he said grimly as he closed her eyes. 

With a single leap, he jumped out of the deep pool armed with a bloody baseball bat.

"I will avenge you all" he said as he exited the Diving Arena