Chapter 29
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As we look up there was a ball of light just floating there. I hear sirens in the distance I turn and tell them the cops are coming. As we leave "where do we go now, Esmond?" Let get to MID mom and dad are there. As we get to MID we pass through the illusion barrier to find it was incomplete destruction and a yellow light orb floating above it.

As we get inside it smelt of blood, and smoke and I can hear cries of sorrow and screams of pain all over the place. As we walk through the lobby it looks like a medical tent from a war movie. We need to split up and find mom "cant you three just sniff her out you are dogs right?" Look Mrs.James I know this all new to you but can you smell the air "yes it smells of smoke and different aromas."

Exactly now dial it up to a ten that is what we smell "oh I'm sorry" "it's all right mom" as she looks upset the intercom comes on. "Hello, I have a few things to announce first I'm the new temporary director. Second, the current director is in the medical wing in a comma. I'm sorry to all of you for the travesty and destruction that has happened here today."

"I would also like to thank all those who fought today to defend this place. I'm also sorry for the one we lost. In their memory, we will build a memorial wall for them in the lobby to honoring them. But on to more pressing matters, there are yellow orbs of light in the sky around the world and we don't know what they are for."

"Also effective immediately every monster around the world is allowed to fight any church member they see and if you come across an angel do not fight it run away you need to take it down as a group. That is all for today and again I'm sorry and thank you to all of you. On a side note Esmond Morrow, Hoshi Kimi, Jeffrey James, And Amber James please go to room 159 in the medical wing your mom is there."

As we stood there in confusion "how did he know we are here?" I have not a clue Hoshi any ideas? "I have a couple but let go there first and see your mom." As we head to the room mom was in the medical wing was even worse than the lobby. As we entered the room there was a large white dragon on the floor and next to it was my mom.

I ran up to her but she was not moving "don't worry Esmond she is in a coma but she is will be alright I promise you." As we look to see who was talking to us. What came through the door was a humanoid bird creature. "Holy shirt its Horus" Horus? What is that Hoshi "sorry to disappoint you little kitsune but I'm not that Horus I'm one of his tribe." "Oh, I thought that you are the God Horus." As she looks sad.

Why are you sad Hoshi "I have always admired the Egyptian Gods" as I looked away from Hoshi so what happened to my mom? "The church attacked us here with the angels help" we also got attacked in the park right before they turned into the orbs. "So that's where they went we just saw them disappear leaving their robes behind."

As we talked It was getting late and my dad still not here hey has anyone seen my dad I asked the director "I'm afraid he is missing as well" you don't think he turned into an orb do you "no I don't think we did not find his clothes anywhere." So he is still alive that's good "look I know you are worried but it's getting late you should get home" but "no buts remember you have a target on your back."

I know I'll head home as we leave I take one last look at mom "don't worry she is safe here now go you have school tomorrow." As we leave the sun was getting low Hoshi can you use teleport magic? I can but it is only short-range because I lost some power" can you get us home "I can get us closer" anything will do please "ok" as she pulls out four rectangular pieces of paper "please stand close" as we do she throws the paper in four directions

"Northern wind, Eastern sun, Western shadows, Southern waters I wish to move to the place I call home" as she chants the spell black balls of light fly around us. It got so dark you could not see a thing then it fades and we are on the corner of the street my house is on. Then Hoshi falls to the ground and turns into a little fox.

As Mrs.James picks her up "oh my she is just a little fluffy puppy! What happened?" That is what happens when we use too much power. If your a kitsune like her it happens to me as well. "I cant wait to see what you look like Esmond." As we make our way to my house.

As we enter it feels so empty with mom and dad not there as I head to the kitchen to make some dinner for us I break down thinking why is happening to us I never want any of this as dark thoughts started to creep in as I start to hear a voice.

"You know this is not your fault it's that fox's Hoshi." Hello, who is there "I have always been here Esmond" what do you want? "I'm here to help you don't you hate what she did to you and your life?" That is none of your business "oh but it is I've seen your heart and you want revenge on that angel."