Chapter 31
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"Esmond you have Space-Time Manipulation too" yes Mrs.Soany I do but I have not practiced it at all so it wouldn't be useful "well I have it to so come here I'll teach you" "how are you going to do that us kitsune spend centuries just to manipulate a few hours." "Well little fox, unlike your kind we only get two powers one is dragons breath the other is random so we have more time to train them."

"So dragons only get two powers and..." "we still overpower you every time now come here Esmond we need to get this over with before class starts." As I walk over to her she puts her hand on my head "this will be a little disorienting" as information starts to fill my head I feel dizzy and lightheaded.

As she takes her hand off my head "there just let it settle down and you should be fine" as the bells we get to class I could not focus on the lesson. As the day went on my head was killing me the bell rang for lunch as I get in there it was so loud it was like someone driving a nail in my skull. As I go my food and sat down with Hoshi and Jeffrey why is it so loud in here.

"What are you talking about men it's not that loud." "It could just be from the information thing Mrs.Soany did damn dragon they should not mess with people's heads." But don't kitsune do the same thing? "No, we only share information it up to you to train in it but it seems she did that for you as well wait why is it quiet?" "yes, it is very quiet all of a sudden."

As I stand up to look everyone was looking in one direction as I made my way through the gathering crowd in the middle of the circle was a small three-headed lizard "it's a hydra" I look over at Hoshi you know what it is "yes it a dragon but I never seen a child one before"

"Oh my God, it's a monster" as it looks around in fear one of the heads starts to talk "it's me I'm your friend I'm not going to hurt you." As someone throws something "you damn monsters we will never trust you" the crowd starts to get angry and throw things at her. As tears fall from her three heads "I just want to be friends with you please stop."

As I start to chant the Space-Time Manipulation spell I froze time and walk to her I pick her up and take her to a classroom. I undo the spell "please stop...wait where am I?" Hello, are you ok? "who are you? what do you want with me?" I'm just here to help. "How did I get here?" I use a spell to move you here "wait you're not human?"

No, I'm not as I undo my illusion her three heads look at me all around me "your werewolf?" "no, a fox" "no he has more than one tail" as the three head pulled back and talk to each other. I'm a werefox but still, are you ok? As the three heads look at me and nodded at me Hoshi and Jeff come in.

"Esmond there you are you know what it's like to sniff you out with the illusion up." Sorry, I should have come back but I was talking to her. As I was talking to them a feeling of doom comes over us. As we look at the door it opens to a very angry Mrs.Soany "you are all useless!" "but Mrs.Soany we got her out" "be quiet little puppy now." As Jeff backs away "You're a scary dragon" "not now kitsune I'm not in the mood for you."

Hoshi just grinds "Esmond I told you to get them out immediately but you hesitated and now everyone is freaking out" I'm sorry "that's not good enough" "it's our fault for not getting out of there Mrs.Soany." As the three heads look down in shame.

"I don't blame you three it's them I'm mad at" as we are talking the fire alarms goes off "all students please evacuate the building" "fuck now what" as I put my illusion up I head to the door as people start running by screaming I stop someone and asked them what is going? "There monster in the school we are evacuating the school the police are coming."

As he runs off I look at the hydra we have to go Hoshi can you do something for her? "I can but I have never done a hydra before so can you three put your heads closer together please." As they do as Hoshi asked I turn to Jeff " we need to find out if anyone else's illusion has come down. "I'm right behind you Esmond"

As we make our way through the school we find some students with makeshift weapons "we are not scared of monsters right!......right!" there was the smell of fear on all of them. As Jeff and I went back around the corner in the hallway "Esmond why do they all have the same scent?" It's the scent of fear I bet they will bolt if they see us.

"Why do we have to do that to them?" Because the gym is down there and if they are here then "the monsters are in the gym" yes so let do this. As we take down our illusion we go back around growling. Grrrrrrr! "what that sound?" "holy shit look" as the rest of them turn around to look at us.

The look on their faces was pure terror and hopelessness some ran into the classrooms some pissed themselves and just passed out. As we make our way through them one hits me with a yardstick. "Take that monster I bet you think .....I'm sorry." As I turn towards him if we wanted to hurt you, humans, then you wouldn't be still here as he just slumps to the floor with fear in his eyes.

As we make it to the gym there was a group of monsters huddled in the corner of the room. "Are you guys all right?" As we move closer we see humans on the ground with wounds on them. "Who are you?" "my name is Oris and this is Kage we are here to help what happened here?" As I looked around the room I see the claw marks on the floor.

"There was another monster in here with us but it went crazy and attacked us we drove it off but these people got hurt." I turn to the group we cleared the hallway take them and let's get out of here. "Kage I smell something" I smell it too let get moving as we make it to the door there is movement behind us.

As I close the door a clawed hand grabs the door and try to push it open as everyone runs to the door we shut it on the hand as it pulls back into the room. As we make it out we are meet with the police "freeze don't move!" these people need help I yell at them "put your hand or whatever you have up now" as we set the humans down we move away from them the roof of the school gym blows off.

"What the hell was that a bomb" as a head comes out of the hole followed by a long body. "Sir what is that?" I hear the police talk to each other "I don't know but get everyone back now" "it looks like Chinese dragon sir" "a what lieutenant" "It's a myth creature from Chinese mythology they are said to have the power of one of the elements."