POV Hoshi part 2
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"I don't want to fight you over a misunderstanding that happened centuries ago." It may have been centuries but the evidence of what you creatures did to get passed down to every leader so when they find a kitsune we can get revenge for the pass so now prepare to die." "If you really want to fight" as I see lady Boido lift her clawed hand and snapped her fingers.

As the front of all five witch shirts turns red they look down at their midsection as a hole the size of an apple was cut through them they looked up with a look of confusion then dropped dead. "Well, that's over with I'm sorry you had to see that" "you just killed them with a snap of your finger."

"Yes little wolf and if you don't stop hurting Hoshi over.....wait what are you fighting about?" We are fighting over Esmond master "what! Have you found love after all these centuries?" No, it's not like that. "You can't hide your feelings from me Hoshi dear." But "no buts I think it's good for you and top it all of you found a love rival." "Excuse me miss Boido" "that's lady Boido little wolf."

"Oh sorry but Esmond is in that room" as she points to the third window up it was shattered as we look at the window people surrounded us. "What is the meaning of this fighting on MID ground is strictly prohibited." She started it as we said at the same time well point at each other as we looked at each other and growled at each other "you two are so cute I can't wait to see this friendship build."

We are not here for your petty love fight I'm talking about the five dead witches?" "Oh that was me and I wouldn't call it a fight." "Then what was it?" "Clearing up a misunderstanding" "Ahhhhhhhhh" as we look to see who was screaming it was Esmond's mom.

"Leader no who did this?" "Oh, that was me, little human, who are you to them?" "I'm the second in command of the coven you just killed." As she walks over to the bodies. "Well, I would hate to leave a job unfinished" as she was about to snap her fingers again master stop that's Esmond's mother!

"Is that right well then it's nice to meet Mrs.Morrow I'm sorry about them but they started the fight." "You did have to kill them" "what you didn't know?" "Know what?" "They were never alive" master what are you talking about? "Not now Hoshi the real fight is about to start" as she grabs Mr.Morrow and pulls her away with her tail.

"Well, it looks like the cats out of the bag" as we look over the dead leader she starts to stand up. "It has been a while hasn't it lady Boido." "Violet Luna the necromancer I thought you dead ages ago. "Oh I did but you know me can't keep a good necromancer down." "It seems that way who are going betray this time the elves or lizard men?"

"Is the little doggy still sad from our last meeting if only I had a treat for you, oh well I guess these four will have to be your play toy!" As the four bodies of the other witches start to rise the MID security stepped forward "Violet Luna you are under arrest for necromancy, murder, and for 1692 witch massacre."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" As we look over at Mrs.Morrow "hahaha oh my sweet little Iris I was the one who let the humans in that night then I made the whole story about the kitsune." "But why?" "That's easy if I can't use them they are nothing to me speak of which you are going to die here with them but don't worry I'll use your body to kill your son with hahaha."

As the MID people moved in to grab her a skeleton hand came out of their chests holding their still-beating hearts as they drop to the ground. "Oh my God, how did that happen" as Jade walks over to me. "Jady was it" "yes Mrs.Boido?" "I need you to keep those two safe well I deal with this rotten corpse." "Ok, I won't let you down."