Chapter 35
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"Esmond?" Yes, Jeff "why are we in the middle of the woods?" I don't know "oh that was us" hello who’s there? As the voice pops up behind us "hi" "JESUS CHRIST!!!" AWW!! where the hell did you come from? "Oh, this is our realm" and who are you exactly? "We're demgods I'm a daughter of Abnoba you can all me Ahelia and this is a son of Artemis his name is Nyton. "Ok, but what do you want with us?" "That's easy we want to hunt you two."

Wait I understand why you want me but why jeff? "It's not every day you get to hunt a Fenrir it just sad that you are still young." "Why because you don't hunt young monsters?" "Hahahaha no you are weak and not threatening its boring." "Well, I'm sorry you don't find me fun so fuck you then."

"Well that was not nice and here I thought we were having a nice conversation anyway its time for the rules for the hunt." Rules? "Yes, we can't just kill you its more fun if there's a way for you to win." So how does this work do we pick or you?

"Hmmm, I think I'll let you two pick I hope the pray pick something good." "Why did you call us pray just now?" "Oh, I'm just getting into the mood that's all so what do you want?" Give us a minute so jeff what should we do?" I don't know Ahelia is there a limit to the reward?" "That's a good question you might be smarter than I thought you are but if I would say immortality is off the table."

"Ok, so no immortality anything else?" "I can't think of anything else Nyton do you have anything?" As he opens his mouth for the first time it was a whisper "they should not get unlimited powers." "Oh, that's a good idea good job." What was that as I feel the fur on my back stand on end.

"He is a son of the hunt it only natural for the beast to feel fear in his presence." "It felt like my fur was crawling as if he could be right on top of you and you couldn't see him." "Leave it to a Fenrir to have a better sixth sense than this mutt." You know you're very rude for a demigod. "I know and don't care can we get on with this."

Fine so jeff anything "how about the power the teleport or flying" what are you ten years old "look you ask I answered it's not like you have any ideas." As he gets a little growl in his voice ok sorry as an idea pops into my head I whisper to him "that is a great idea, Esmond." "So what do you want if you win?"

If we win you grant us one power from any mythical creature we choose. "Deal now here are the rules first you must make it three months in here "what three months" "hold all questions till the end second you will need to hunt yourself for food and water and don't worry we have shifted the forest so even we don't know where anything is."

"The last and final one is no fires." Ok but three months we need to do stuff outside of here "oh I forgot to tell you three months in here is equal to a week on the human planet." "That's good but way no fire?" "And here I thought we were smart if it starts a forest fire we can't put it out and it will give away your position."

"So it's like a game of hind and seek?" "Yes if in the end, you die then yes it is." So how does this start? "Ok, I'm going to teleport you two somewhere in the forest, and Nyton will hunt you." "So you don't hunt?" "Of course not he hunts and I provide the atmosphere now three, two, one go."

The next thing I know they vanished and we fall into the woods as we land in a tree. Are you ok jeff? "Yes, how about you?" I'm good they could of at least put us on the ground. "When I find them I'm going to tear them a new ass hole for this I mean how do they expect me to get down." Can't you just telekinesis your way out? "Yes, but it's still humiliating to be hanging in a tree."

As we get out of the tree a creepy silent "it's quite Esmond" yes it feels ominous like something is watching us. "Can you not I'm not a fan of horror movies and be in the woods doesn't help." I'm sorry as I tucked my tail and flatten my ears "no don't give me that sad puppy face."