Chapter 3
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Tons of pain.

My stomach hurts.

That’s what I woke up too. A whole lot of pain. I was currently laying down on a bed in the nurse office, how I got here was a question I wasn’t going to ask. The nurse was gone, she was a nice older lady about 65, wore reading glasses. A light blue vest and white pants.

She seemed pretty nice, I mean all she said to me was ’Stay, I’ll go get more pillows” then left I mean she went to get me pillows she must be pretty nice. I tried to say thank you but she was gone, in a flash, not a scary flash like a ghost or anything. Just really fast for a 65-year old I mean I can’t even get up to turn the channel.

Really, I was watching ‘21 jump street’ then it went off and I was stuck watching some nature show about lions, so many dead animals. Talk about king of the Jungle.

I never want to watch something with that much eating or killing animals again.

Once at the park, there was this fat cat and it was looking straight at me and I didn’t think anything of it then the next day I saw the same cat just looking at me. I think at was the first time I was stalked by an animal. I still don’t know what the cat wanted.

I was still daydreaming when the nurse came back. She put her hand on my forehead to check me out. She then said something under her breath I didn’t catch it. She started to give me more pillows and a blanket even though I already had one.

She stated I should stay here until tomorrow, For being 65 she was pretty strong. She was looking in my eyes, with her seriously dark blue eyes.

“Stay in bed, get some rest” she looked at me blankly. I nodded my head and smiled a little.

Just as she was about to leave she opened her mouth and said repeated: “stay in bed.” Then left the room without another word.

I started to reflect on my time being here so far. As in the classes, I’m taking and new friends I’ve made, first there’s Matt who I met in my English class that we both have for 2nd period.

Then there’s Riley who is in three of my classes, math, art, and history. He’s pretty chill, and last but not least Max. He just doesn’t care, like at all. I first meet him, when he fell out a window. I mean the dude was walking, zoning out for sure, he processed to trip and go through the window.

(Classes she’s taking, Math, English, History, Art, Gym, and science.)

Hours later...

It’s 3 am and I really really have to pee. I know she said to stay in bed but I’ve gotta go soo bad I can’t hold it until the morning.

This so sucks, I mean not only do I have to pee but I’m covered in pillows and blankets. It’s like an oven under all this madness. I tried to sit up but how is one to do that, when buried in all of this...

It took about 15 minutes to get out of the mess of blankets and pillows. I got out of the bed and slowly opened the door and slipped into the hallway. Looking for a bathroom. Where was that map when you needed it. I’m wondering the halls as I pass a plant a tall plant I could use to pee in. The plant was looking too good to be true. My bladder was telling me to use the plant as my bathroom. But my brain keeps telling me to keep moving. I bit my lip, I really had to go.

Suddenly, I heard something behind me.

“Please tell me you are not really about to pee in a plant” the voice called out. I turned so fast I’m surprised I didn’t get dizzy. But no one was there, the halls empty with only me of course. “Didn’t know girls peed in plants?” the voice said I opened my mouth to say something but my bladder was killing me. My legs were killing me, shaking and all.

“Wow, you must really have to go” the voice paused “the restroom is, on your right and straight down the hall.” I nodded ‘thanks,’ running to the bathrooms as fast as I could.

I barely locked the door.

*minutes later*

I’m on my way back to the nurse office. I jump in bed and begin to cover myself in pillows and blankets again. So comfy. Way too good to be true.

I feel asleep pretty fast, I have to say the best sleep of my life.

Riley was showing me, where my dorm was. We got into an elevator, My room is on the fourth floor. The elevator was of medium size and was playing some song I’ve never heard of, I was staring at the floor looking at the white and silver color pattern when I felt Riley’s eye’s on me. I looked up, into his hazel eyes and smiled.

This was just a nice silence. There was a ding, and the elevator doors opened to reveal a long hallway, there was a single blue door at the end of it, with light brown walls around it. Riley gave me a little push.


“This is your suite, I was told they gave you your own room because you’re a girl and they didn’t want anything wrong or weird to happen.” He said, walking to the door and pulling out a rose gold key. “This is the key to everything in your room.” He showed it to me before turning towards the door and unlocking it. He opened the door, revealing a little apartment.

Woah, this awesome!

“Milady,” Riley said bowing his head at me and letting me go in first. I was still in shock, I looked around the room a little, before turning to him. “This is all mine?” I asked gesturing to everything near me. He closed the door when he came in. “Yep!” He said and then he grabbed my hand. “Let me give you the grand tour.” He started pulling me along, first the living room. It had a big tv with a dark brown couch in front of it. It came with a Zbox. That’s cool.

He processed to bypass the kitchen which was cute. It had a little stove and microwave, with a pink fridge, There was a little table that sat four in there too. He pushed me in front of a white door. “This is the best part. Open it.” He was practically jumping. I swing the door open, only to be a really suprised.

“It’s a bathroom.” I looked at him, strangely. Why? was he so happy for this. He stopped smiling at me, and he’s mouth popped open for a second like he couldn’t believe how I wasn’t as a happy as him.

“I don’t get it,” I told him. closing the door again and leaning on it, looking at him. “It’s your own bathroom. Like you don’t have to share with anyone. You, yourself will probably be the only one to use it.”

“I guess. That’s pretty cool.”

“You guess.” He looked at me with disbelief, “That door right there is your bedroom.” he pointed to another white door that was only a few feet from this one, before walking away from me. saying under his breath something like “I don’t believe this.” heading to go lay down on the couch I shrugged my shoulder at him and headed to my room.

I opened the door and was shocked it was breathtaking. I loved it. There was a big bed, a dresser, a closet, and another door connecting to the bathroom. My bags were placed near the door. I looked at the room once more, before closing the door. I went to the living room to see how Riley was doing.

“It’s awesome!” I said jumping on the couch and landing on his legs, close to his feet. He got up a little and was leaning on elbows he gave me a little smile.

“Glad you like it.”

“So, what was going on with Pete and Max earlier?” I asked,

“It was so weird. I mean just for a cookie/brownie too.” Riley smile dropped a little.

“There really good, notice how when Pete and Max were taken away, one of the professors jacked them saying ‘they were needed for clues.’ even the teachers know how good they are. I can’t believe I didn’t even get one.” he said falling back on his back with a whine.

“You! I’m pretty sure. The nurse gave them to Pete, so he’d give them to me. their rightful owner.” I said with a laugh,

Riley and I spent the next couple of minutes, playing Zbox. Until class started in an hour.