Chapter 4
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“I’m getting pretty tired of kicking your butt,” I said with a fake yawn, as I was rolling my shoulders. “You’ve only won, three more times than me,” he said pushing me slightly and standing up to stretching.

I bet Riley five games to two. We played “Smash Sisters” It’s a fighting game. I’m pretty great at it if I do say so myself. “Turn that thing off we’ve got class, you cheater.”

“You are just jealous that I won,” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“You’re right and now I’m going to take a huge crap in your toilet.” he said running for my bathroom before I had a chance to get up. he’d had already shut the bathroom door, and was doing who knows in there.

oh, barf.

I started turning the Zbox off and tv and got up. I wonder if they put anything in the fridge. I started making my way towards it.

I opened the fridge door and took a look inside.

“Oh crap..”

It was completely packed. Fruits and veggies were at the bottom. That was just the stuff I could make out. There were all types of foods in there. I couldn’t wait to try everything. Just then I heard a faraway ringing noise coming from my room.

I ran to my room to see who it was before they went to voicemail. I barely managed to pick it up on the last ring.

“I thought I told you to call when you got there. Topher is freaking out!” Nick yelled the lasted part at me. He was breathing a little too hard Topher must be driving him crazy. Before I could say anything Nick started talking again.

“Do you know how many conspiracy theory’s I’ve had to listen too. There was even one about a chicken, taking you as his wife. I don’t even know where that one came from.” He let out a sigh.

“I know I’m so sorry.” I Apologized, I really was I forgot how Topher gets when we don’t call in every couple of hours, having me this far away must be making him lose it.

“It’s fine. I get it, you’re probably just getting used to your new environment and making new friends and what not.” Nick said, “So, how’s living at school? I know you’ve only been there for like a day, but how are your classes and teachers? what’s your dorm like? What’s your roommate like? Is she terrible?” Nick asked laughing at the last question.

“School is fine, it’s just like normal school, only I don’t go home. it’s like a sleepover kind of but at school. Wait? What do you mean she?!” I yelled the last part. This is an all male school.

Wait? Did they not look up this school?

“Nick, please tell me, you knew guys knew this was an all boys school.” I sighed into the phone.

“WHAT!” He shouted. I guess that answers my question. I like free as much as the next person, but one of us really should have looked up this school before going in blindly.

“You mean to tell me your in an all boys boarding school!” Nick is pissed.

“Who are you rooming with? If that asshole so much as touches you, I’ll kill him.” I should probably try to calm him down before he tries to come and get me or something crazy.

“I have my own suite actually and it’s pretty awesome! When I finish this call I’ll send you guys a video.” I said, trying to lighten the dead mood.

“Can I talk to Topher?” I asked as nicely as I could. Talking to Nick wasn’t really going to anywhere now. He’d probably just yell out threats and things.

Nick lets out a deep breath before saying “Sure” and he hangs up on me.

What the? How could he just hang up on me? There was still so much to talk about?

After awhile Riley, comes out of my bathroom looking grossly satisfied, I don’t even want to think about what he could’ve been doing. “I hear voices.” He said.

“You hear voices. Oh so you can talk to the dead now, is that it?” I said with a laugh.

He slightly pulls and grabs an apple out of my refrigerator, before taking a bite out of it he says “I meant I heard voices, you dork”

“Hey don’t blame me, because you can’t talk right.” He let’s out a laugh. ” We gotta go, class remember” he grabs more fruit and leave my room.

Shit, I totally forgot about class. I thought about skipping, but it’s still one of my first days here.

I quickly shot a text to both of my brothers and ran out of the dorm.


My phone has been ringing again pretty much out through the school day, only this time it’s a facetime call. Oh, so that’s it. He wanted to talk to me face to face.

I answer it to see Nick and Topher looking over his shoulder to see me. It was good to see these losers again. I opened my mouth to say something, but I was cut off by Topher. “Hey, Ash-bear!” He said waving at me and smiling.

“What’s this about you being in an all boys school? Did you get lost again? You were never good with instructions. Have you tried calling uncle and asking him for a map or something.” He sounded really worried about me, however, who cares about that right now. I didn’t get lost that much. I knew how to get to point a to point b. How dare he doubt me.

“Ash, you got lost walking home from the mall,” Nick explained, looking at me weirdly. Topher was just grinning at me.

“Did I say that out loud?” I asked blushing slightly.

Topher let out a light laugh, “Yep.” nodding his head.

“Show us your suite,” Nick ordered me, looking at me like I could possibly be hiding something from them. Which I wasn’t, I hadn’t even pulled a prank or done anything disappointing. I started smiling

“It’s honestly so cute. If I didn’t have to go to school, this would be the perfect place to live.” I switched the front facing camera to the back one.

“This is my bedroom,” I said showing them the room. my super cute bed and closet.

“That door right there is connected to the bathroom, I’ll show you it in a minute. that’s my closet. This is my luggage I haven’t had the chance to unpack yet.” I said pointing to everything in my room.

“I’m not at all surprised you haven’t unpacked yet, I mean you are still wearing the same getup, you left here in,” Topher said, I switched the camera back on me for a second.

“Hey, I was in the nurse’s office. You get hit in the stomach with a ball and live to tell about.” I yelled at him, however, he was right I should probably take a shower and put on my uniform.

“You were put in the nurse’s office on the first day of school!” Nick shouted at me. I winced a little.

“How does that even happen? Who actually has school on the first day? You probably weren’t even dressed. Were you dressed for the gym? I’m calling your school.” and with that Nick walked away from the camera, shouting things and I was left with Topher.

“You okay?” He asked me after Nick’s dramatic exit.

“Yeah,” I said a little speechless.

“Good, because when Nick get’s back he’ll probably kill you.” He said in a matter of fact tone.

“I’ll call back in a couple of minutes. Take a shower, you stink.” He said.

“YOU CAN’T EVEN SMELL ME!” I yelled before hanging up on him.